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Crusader Rabbit Profile Glitch?
Yeah, so I just noticed this was happening each time I clicked on crusader rabbit's profile, and I don't think it's supposed to...

(the show profile button for him takes me to the "search player" page instead of his profile, this vid shows what I mean.)

Henrie identified the problem for me, this can be closed.

I had been in route 1 for a while, and when rabbit got off, the sprite simply remained there on my screen when it wasn't actually there, which caused the glitch.
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May not be a glitch,

Current theory:

Rabbit was inactive for a long period of time and no longer online.  However, Bee was on the map at the time the server removed Rabbit from the game.  So when Bee clicked the 'link' to Rabbit's profile, it was 'broken' (to the server, Rabbit's sprite was no longer there) and redirected Bee to the search page.

At least that's the theory.  Tongue
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this happens even if some1 is online i tried this once when i was going together  with another player

and yeah it happened once to me when i was with rabbit when i searched he was offline for the past 6 hours
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I'mma close this and see if there's a 'quick fix' for the linking issue.  It's not a game-breaker, so if fixing it would take more than ten minutes...  well, it might remain sorta broken until V3.  *chuckle*  Player search always works, and you can always use the chat links.  So it's not entirely awful.
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thanks for reporting

fixed the problem

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