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hey everybody..

i heard that the canines guild is starting up again and i kinda wanted to be a part of it so im back.. anyway, i remember this monster that i had on my dream team that i had fully tped and leveled up. id given it a great moveset and everything.. that mon wast cornimy. basically the yellow version of unimy except it was a pegasus instead of a unicorn. that mon was on my dream team because it was a horse and im obsessed with horses.. anyway.. it got switched to "eldrag" apparently and i kinda feel ripped off of my own monster.. so like.. i wanted to know if we could possibly bring that monster back because i loved it and yeah.. idk

im not saying replace eldrag.. because i think eldrag looks kinda cool as well.. but im willing to going through the process of getting another cornimy, tping it, leveling it, and making it a moveset just because i loved it so much..

please support bringing back this adorable monster <3

[Image: 971-Cornimy.png][Image: 971-Eledrag.png]
Cornimy                                             Eldrag
Co-Leader of the Canines
Måîdęñ Øf Thê Whįtė Høršē
Neigh, mothatrucka'
It's certainly possible, although I think the easiest way for any Monster design to come back is with a redraw.  A few Mons come back as brand new Monsters, but they're almost always Zenith class or higher.  Not sure how you feel about that, really.   While they're certainly cooler as Zeniths, to get one that's got the right stats and abilities, you almost HAVE to pay for it.

And I do believe we have plenty of expensive horses already (Granted, that's what horses are in real life - expensive, lol) so I'm a bit biased towards shuffling Monster designs around instead.  When tournament-mode becomes a thing and the potential for an uber-free (Leegends, Ancients) environment exists, there will be a need for cool Emmys anyway.

TL;DR : Yeah, we can do this.  Heck, horses can be fun to draw, and it'd be nice to draw one that has a head.  But Corinmy won't be added back into the game without either A: new art, or B: a drop down to Superior or Regular status.  Since you're the one kinda pushing for this little pony, make your call, lol.

[Image: 354-Cycie.png][Image: 355-Colstlor.png][Image: 356-Raibow.png]
These guys are pretty legit for a switch - Light type/Electric hybrid.
[Image: MightyenaSig.png]
Henrie very right

if they get redrawn we can add them as a new monster Big Grin

or even replace them back as long as better artwork than what they are now

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