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Contests/Events Guidelines
If a user would like to host a contest here in our forum, please send a private message to one of the moderators : Deidara, Orboknown, ItsHowIRoll, Dark_Flamez, Guider456, Rain127, or Nitz_X.

As long as they are active.

There will be some contests that we will not approve and there will be some that we do approve.

The host of the contest must send a pm to a moderator, not to CeFurkan, with the winners of the event and rewards.

Do not use another account. We will know.

What the pm must contain :
  • Explicit Details explaining the actions of what has to be done.
  • Non-Greedy rewards.
  • What type of contest it is.
  • How will the winners be decided.
  • If it requires a screenshot.

Users are limited to hosting 3 events at different times.

If you do not provide the promised reward, there will be definite consequences. Make sure that it is not a scam.

If the contest is a scam, you will be banned temporarily.

Thank you and have a pleasant day. Smile

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