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Starter monsters are the first monsters you will ever have. Each player begins the game with the choice of one starter. The experience gain of starter monsters is normal, and they are generally considered around the same range as emmisaries.
Regular monsters are the easiest to catch in the game. With very basic stats and an ultra fast experience gain. These monsters are a great addition to your team for players who just started playing the game.
Superior monsters are also pretty easy to catch, they got slightly higher stats than regular monsters. They have a fast experience gain. Pretty good at earlier maps to use in PvE. They arent that great in early PvP tho.
Emissary monsters are more difficult to catch, while it will not take long to find them, it does require some patience. They have good stats and are great for PvE. There are also a few emissaries suitable for PvP.
Zenith monsters are hard to find, they come with great stats and great move-sets. They do very well in PvE and PvP. Appearance rate differs per map, and can be a pain to find and actually catch one.
Legendary monsters are extremely hard to find, these monsters are one of the best, they come with extremely high stats and damaging moves.  They serve you well in both PvE and PvP. Its  highly recommended not to run away when encountering one as they appearance rate is extremely low. Their stats will be boosted when encountered in the wild and it will be pretty difficult to actually catch one.
Ancient monsters are the hardest monsters to find in the wild. They have the greatest stats and moves available in the game. They serve you perfectly in PvE and PvP. they have the highest stats ranging from 800 to 999. However the encounter rate is the lowest of all the classes in the game and if you eventually find one their stats are boosted so high you will have very difficult time to try and catch it.
Well thats it as far as it concerns the different classes.
stay tuned for more informational guides by me.
Thank you for your guides. It helps me to train geometry dash subzero as well as have more strategies to apply.
We appreciate your guides. It helps me train my word finder and gives me more ways to use it.
Your instructions are very detailed and dino game easy to understand. Thanks a lot!
I realy liked that, this archive utility mac guide really helped me out, it's a treasure for a beginner.

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