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Hello users,

Today due to the increasing demand to create or be in a team, we have made a new board for those purposes, have fun and enjoy it.

On another note, we do not have a clan system but soon enough a new system will be implemented and you will be able to maintain fights with your teams/clans!

The current teams are just for fun as we do not have the facilities needed for clan competitions. Please be patient, all at its time.

We're constantly looking in the Ideas & Suggestions section and whenever we have time and the idea is good, we implement it, whenever the time is opportune. Therefore, if you have any suggestions regarding teams/clans organization, system, etc, please create topic(s) and discuss in them with the others solutions for those purposes.

-Rock Gyo
[Image: ngynt3.png]
Let's rock! team team! Great news.
Hmm...thinks about being more active in team...
well thats cool Big Grin
Team Jdm Kidz
is taht your team hello ???
yes nichoooo wanna join?
i dont think so i dont play the game that much but ill thik about it
forced to join Ghost Unit lol no I joined myself.I kinda love Ghost-types
Constantly dying yet never dead
well i dont i like ice types Big Grin

Team Chrono FTW.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]

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