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Chillin Nillin
Before I RP,I will put the Requirements to register:
Character Name
Character Age
Character Attitude
Weapons(U may make up weapons)(Up to 5)
Tools(U may make them up(Up to 5)
AND then roleplay.Based on population of your RP stories gives u RP pts enabling RP Titles in this thread only!!!\
RP Moderator(Can delete RP's of other Chillin Nillin particapaters.Can ban particepaters 15 min-30 min.):50-350 pts.
RP Super Moderator(Can delete RP's of other RP Mods/Regular RPers of this thread.Can banRPers of the thread 30 min-1 hr.SM>CM)
RP Admin Moderator(Can delete RP's of RP SM's/Regular Mods w/ a Ban Duration of 1 hr-1 hr 30 min.AM>SM>Moderator)
RP Admin(Me and NO ONE else here.Can ban permanently from RP thread.Admin>AM>SM>Moderator)
I will RP later.
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)
RP SM:351-3000 pts.
RP AM:3001+ pts.
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)

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