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Chewbacca Monster giveaway(hosted by Galliant)
Unfortunately A great player will leave, but since that doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing, we came up with a great idea.

Hosted by Galliant

It's kind of Easy, you gonna PM me @Galliant , further details follow below.

How and what to do ?

Well, it's easy. 
I will come up with specific things(probably a number from x-y).
You gonna PM me the answer in the subject of the PM.
[Image: 21o51d5.png]

For each thing you got unlimited guesses, but only one per PM.
If you by any chance been lucky enough to guess right, you will be able to tell me another number. Those numbers were preselected and assigned randomly to one of the monsters.
(note : i may change the requirements depending if i get a sudden stroke of motiviation Tongue Wink

Prizes : 

Note : Prizes may vary depending on Chewbacca

This giveaway starts whenever i get the reply from Chewbacca
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
What??? chewy is quitting Huh that's really sad i still want him to say 

plz stay chewy!! plz
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]

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