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Bellow is a screen capture of a glitch that happens when you type <<<v with any letter. For example I tried to fallow someone who posted <<< pro and typed <<<veteran as a joke, and it happened. Also this happened on v1 but it did not happen when you used the method above, at some point it was fixed though. Also I would like to suggest the chat be moved to maybe it's own tab or be allowed to be popped out of the window to a new window, might help eliminate that glitch, all in my opinion.

Many players have also had this glitch happen to them, just no one knew why and could not report, until now.

Chat Glitch v2 Screen Cap
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Really strange
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Yep, I can confirm this on demand. Type "<" and follow it with any character, as long as there is no space between them, and the glitch occurs.
I sent a pm to cef about it , happened to me too.
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