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Character Maker - Darksora03
Character- Ashley Blazer

Description (Its alot, warning)- A trainer that has been rival with Jack along time, he has been living with his parents till He was 14. He is 16 years old right now, he trains in alot of areas such as Pallet Town. He travels the world to find many Pokemons and to max out all the indigo region/Kanto Region. He is a silent boys that trains when he is alone and bored, dreaming to become the Pokemon Master was almost everyones dream, besides one... Jack is wanting to be the Kanto Elite Four Champion to train his pokemon harder then anyone else. Ashley has came across 4 gyms and half of his pokemons are evolved form. Have not been moving around since he found the perfect place to train his pokemons.

Age- 16 (He was 14 when he started his journey)

Pokemons that he owns:

Gengar(Level 42)-
Once this pokemon was a haunter when Ashley caught him, he evolved it when he was in a rough situation.
He got the 4th badge by defeating 3 pokemon at once without fainting!! He faced many strong pokemons and is still standing. Winning the Gengar when he was a Haunter was pretty impossible, Ashley Blazer says. Gengar is Ashley's favorite pokemon and is the highest level so far out of his pokemons.

Mean Look
Shadow Ball
Night Daze

Gender- Male

Blastoise(Level 37)-
Was his 2nd favorite pokemon and his first one, this one was given from Professor Oak in Pallet Town. This pokemon won the 2nd badge when it was a Wartortle. Now that this pokemon is grown Professor Oak finally gave Ashley a Pokedex now that he was strong enough. Blastoise Hydro Pump was replaced with Water Gun. Blastoise also found a Master Ball once and Ashley still has it.

Hydro Pump
Skull Bash

Gender- Male

Ralts(Level 24)-
Once Ashley was battling this pokemon and caught it with a Great Ball. Ralts used many Psychic moves to survive, but Blastoise was able to take care of Ralts with its Hydro Pump. Enough of that move the pokemon was finally caught!
Ralts Psychic attack is its strongest one which makes his Psychic Power Real powerful.


Gender- Female

Thats all the Pokemon Ashley has. But his Rival has more then he does...
Ill make more once im done searching what pokemon he should get, also write about it, Bye-Bye!!
What's the point of this, to be exact?
Is this for your FanFiction or something?
Constantly dying yet never dead
Moving to FanFiction/subforum thereof
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If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
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