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Chapter One: The Beginning
*We find ourselves in a middle of a fight*
"Qualiforna is unable to battle! Hydragon wins! And the victory goes to...Jared, and he is still the Ultimate Champion!
"That was a good fight, Falcon, but I believe you need more training." Jared says to Falcon, depressed on his loss.
MC: "Alright folks! Until next time in, Averium Isles Battle Channel!"
*It was revealed to be just Ryan, watching his dad win once again against a challenger.*
"Alright! I must start off my own adventure tomorrow and be an Ultimate Champion like dad!"Ryan excitedly said
*The next day...*
“Alright! Let’s go and start our journey today! It’s only...WHAT!!?? 9:00 a.m.!!!I’m late!!”
Ryan quickly rushes to Prof. Ben’s Laboratory, in his pajamas, he haven't ate breakfast and has only one sock on. He was surprised to see Max, his childhood friend, outside the lab.
“Wow you’re just getting your starter Monster too?” Ryan asked.
Max disagrees and said "Nope. I’m on my way to Central Plains to test my new Larvitle. Well, gotta rush! seeya!"
Ryan was even more worried, what if all the monsters are taken? He eventually got to Prof. Ben’s Lab.
“Alright! There’s still one Monster Left! I must get it!” Ryan rushed to Prof. Ben and aked him which Monster’s inside the last Monster Box.
“OK then, sport! This Monster is not actually a starter monster, but it’s the only one left. It’s called a Floatorm. Well this guy is a Water-Type Monster.”
“Alright! I’ll take it!” Ryan said while hoping it would like him
*Floatorm pecks Ryan lightly on his leg*
“Ok! Today, I will go and begin my journey!” Ryan says carrying his Floatorm in his arm
Ryan says “Ok Floatorm get in the Monster Box now.” But Floatorm refuses.
“Well then Ryan, perhaps you should just walk with him. It will make your friendship bond stronger, and you will know how your Floatorm feels. And before I forget, here are some things you might need:
1. Monster Dex use this to see the details on monsters you see on your journeys.
2. 10 Monster Boxes use these to capture Monsters.
3. And...5 Minor Potions. Just In case you will need to heal your Monsters. Remember, Monsters are weak at start!
You better catch up to Max, he already started his journey. By the way have you learned about Ancient Arenas? These are the Temples scattered around Averium Isles. There are Trainers there and an Ancient Leader. If you beat one, you will get an Ancient Gem and if you got 9 of them, you’ll be qualifying for the Averium League...or not!” Prof. Ben said.
”Sure, I’ll try. Alright Floatorm Let’s go!”
And So...Ryan walks to the outside of Prof. Ben's lab and goes to his house, bids farewell, and walks down Central Plains to begin his journey.

-End of Chapter-
Tell me any errors and stuff (:
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