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Chapter 9 : The First Ancient Leader
Aero and Tavi finally set out on their journey to the championship league. They were on their way to achieving their first Ancient Gem to finally become qualified for the championship. "Man I'm tired.. Got anything to drink Aero?" "Nope. I only bought potions, revives, and monster boxes from the mart. Sorry man" "Ugghhhh... I need a drink. If only there was a river or something.. I don't even have a water typed monster!!!" Tavi complained. "Dude stop your complaining. If I'm looking at this guide right, I say we'll be at the next town in about 10 minutes." Aero informed. "WHAAT!!! 10 minutes!!! Are you kidding me?!?!" Tavi exaggerated. "Nope. I'm telling all honesty ^_^" Aero smiled.

"Can we at least fly there?" Tavi asked. "Dude you are so lazy. Walking is good for you. Get your own flying monster." Aero said. "You have three flying monsters!!!! Actually, all your monsters can fly!!!! C'mon man!!!!" Tavi kept complaining.

"Engiron and Simoly come on out." Aero gave up. "Can you 2 fly us to the next town please?" Aero asked hopefully. Engiron and Simoly rolled their eyes and disappeared back into their monster boxes. "..." "..."

"Aero.. train your monsters right." Tavi said annoyed. "Nah their good. They heard the whole conversation. Just walk." Aero said. "If only we had a bike.." Tavi was about to complain again but then Aero went "Oh yea!!!".

"I have 2 bike vouchers. We can get a free bike!! Hopefully there is a bike mart in the next town." Aero said helpfully. "YEEAAA!!!! Let's hurry up and look!!!" Tavi used superspeed and ran towards the next town. "... Tavi.." Aero said unbelievably. "Engiron, fly me to the next town please. Tavi isn't here." Aero asked. Engiron appeared out of it's box and let Aero on it's back and zoomed to the next town. Engiron and Aero flew over Tavi and laughed. "Hahaha cya at the next town Tavi. You know, I might just get my Ancient Gem." teased Aero.

"That's not right dude.. Give me a lift. Now." said Tavi angrily. "Dude you just used the famous human move, SuperSpeed of Excitement. Keep using it Big GrinTongueBig Grin" Aero kept teasing.

"So hateful.." Tavi said.

10 minutes later in the new town. Aero and Tavi looked at the sign and read in unision "Welcome to Cynderstop City. The home of rock-friendly people." "What in the world is that.." Aero said confused. "I don't know but I guess it's a rock type arena." guessed Tavi.

"This is perfect for my Fightengu. Fightengu is a fighting type so it'll destroy this arena!!" Aero said confidently. "Uhm.. Dufus remember that Fightengu is also a flying type. Even if it's a fighting type, it only has a 50% of winning." Tavi told Aero in a dumb expression. "I know that but rock types are slow. My Fightengu has speed so it'll be a blast!" Aero said until he saw Derek walking out of the Arena. "Hey Derek. Did you lose?" Aero asked smirking. "Ugh there's trash here too. That arena is nothing. My Dragrove easily got my Ancient Gem. Too easy even for someone of your level. Cya loser." Derek said in his all-the-time attitude.

"What's up with him?" Tavi asked. "Nothing, don't worry about it. He's my rival who is a really.. mean person." Aero said.

The Ancient Arena Leader walked out of the arena and locked it. "Why are you locking it?!?! We need our Ancient Gem!!!" Aero yelled at the man.

"Well your not getting one today. That kid's Dragrove destroyed my whole arena! I'm going to go train. It even destroyed the rest of my Ancient Gems!! I'll have to order a whole new ship load of them and they don't come in 24 hours. They'll be here next week. Go to the next Ancient Arena!" The man yelled angrily and stormed off.

"What a bummer.. Well this day sucks." Tavi sighed and turned towards the mart. "That Derek... he ruined this." Aero said angrily. "Don't worry man, we'll get this gem sooner or later. Anyways lets go get those bikes! I saw someone advertising a bike shop!" Tavi yelled. "Whatever." Aero sighed.
i like how derek just effed over the duos plans lol.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
Wow. Derek is a real pain in the booty. I can't believe I wrote this.

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