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Chapter 7 : The Stranger
Someone's Jekyllight stopped Aero's Simoly's attack. The Jekyllight stood there, mightily and strong. Aero looked at it amazingly and for some reason.. It looked really familiar. "Jekyllight, use Shadow Purge on Simoly. Take it away from that darkness!" Someone commanded. Jekyllight's hand lit up a light ball and moved it into Simoly's chest. The dark color on Simoly's skin faded away. Simoly looked at the slash mark on Aero's stomach and apologized sincerely. "Heh it's alright Simoly. I know you didn't mean to do it. Anyways look!! It doesn't even hurt me that much!!!" Aero said trying to hide his clinging. A roar emanated from the other direction. Engiron was trapped by Badgearth and Vladepes!! Fightengu tried desperately in freeing it from their grasp but HyDevil kept knocking it backwards.

"Simoly, we have to go help Fightengu and Engiron!!! Cmon!!" Aero said, rushing towards the battle but then he was stopped by a man. The man wouldn't let him pass as his Jekyllight jumped over and drop kicked the HyDevil. Jekyllight then used Force Field and focused it on Engiron. Engiron was protected by Jekyllight. Badgearth and Vladepes tried to break the force field but they found no luck so they aimed at Jekyllight. Badgearth and Vladepes rushed over to tackle Jekyllight but Jekyllight was too powerful. It easily pushed Badgearth and Vladepes back a few feet.

HyDevil stood up and looked at it's natural born arch nemesis. Jekyllight looked at HyDevil and smirked. HyDevil sneered at Jekyllight's presence and jumped back into the D-A helicopter. NegativeZero looked at the unknown man and "hmphed" jumping back into his helicopter. Badgearth and Vladepes disappeared into their monster boxes and the 2 D-A goons crawled up their ropes and into the helicopter as it flew away from their location. Jekyllight picked up Fightengu and walked it back towards Aero and it's trainer. Simoly hugged Aero and disappeared into it's monster box without being called. The man turned towards Aero and put his hand on his shoulder. "That was an amazing attempt to saving that Engiron. I thank you for saving a monster in need, it's the best action I have ever seen in my life and I hope that others will be the same and learn something from you. As a gift, I reward you with this Ultimate Box. The Ultimate Box captures any monster, even a legendary, without fail. Good luck on your journey, young one!!" The man said before disappearing with his Jekyllight.

Aero looked at the Ultimate Box and decided that this wasn't the time to use it. He wanted to first check on the Engiron to see if it was alright from the damage it took. He walked over with Fightengu by his side and confronted the Engiron. "Hey, are you okay?" He asked it. Engiron nodded and stared at Aero. Fightengu looked at Engiron and smiled as it knew what Engiron wanted. Engiron wanted a trainer that respects monsters, no matter what and treats them as a family. Engiron backed away a good enough distance for a battle and Fightengu understood everything. It entered the battle and nodded at Aero who was still trying to figure out everything. "Ohh I gotcha now Fightengu!!! Engiron wants me to battle it right?" Aero asked it and the 2 monsters both nodded in unison. "Alright then!! Let's get this show on the road!!! Fightengu use Iron Wing!!!" Fightengu took flight and sped towards Engiron raising it's wing that transformed into Iron.

Engiron dodged the attack easily and then used Flame Twister to surround Fightengu. Fightengu dodged the attack almost being ensnared into it but was then hit by Engiron's Super Beam!! Fightengu immediately reflected the attack with it's own Super Beam. Engiron staggered a bit but then flew up high in the sky. Fightengu looked at it but then lost sight because it disappeared into the sun. Fightengu turned around and looked at Aero but Aero pointed at the direction that Engiron flew in. "Watch out Fightengu!!!" Aero yelled. Engiron came down like a meteor speeding towards Fightengu and it was called Sky Dive. It thrashed right into Fightengu, sending it straight into the ground creating a pit hole. Fightengu fainted but Engiron took recoil damage as it also hit the ground hard. Aero looked at this as a chance to catch it so Aero looked into his bag and saw the Ultimate Box. He decided to use the Dragon Box to catch Engiron.

Aero threw the Dragon Box at Engiron, hitting it on the head and absorbing it into the box. The box twisted and rotated like a rubix cube until it came to a conclusion. It stopped moving and the light on it disappeared. Engiron was caught!! Aero jumped up excitedly and celebrated his catch of a new comrade!! He finally got a zenith and now he is a step closer to catching up to Tavi! He recalled Fightengu back into its box and picked up Engiron's box.

Aero rushed over to the Monster Center to have the nurse heal all of his monsters. 10 minutes went by before the nurse returned with his monsters. "They are all healed to perfection and you are one lucky trainer. You caught a zenith monster, those are really hard to find. You better take care of it, give it lots of love. Zeniths are hard to control so remember that." The nurse told him.

"Thanks nurse (I don't have a name for the nurse sooo..) I will take care of it. I think of Engiron and my monsters as a family. I love monsters. Anyways thanks for everything. I need to do some training and finally get my Ancient Gem." Aero said with excitement. Aero headed towards the next town but before he reached the forest, he saw Tavi feeding his monsters. He saw Gampha and.. an Emperno. He never saw Tavi's other monster. Aero walked up to Tavi and smiled. "Hey Tavi! Got a minute?"

"What is it Aero?" Tavi asked. "I want you to see my new monster. I just caught it over there. Didn't you see the explosion and helicopter?" Aero asked him. "No, I didn't. I was in a telepathic world with Gampha, we were training mentally. Anyways, what monster did you get? I bet its not a zenith. If its not a zenith, you won't catch up to me ): I guess I'll have to help you." Tavi said unfortunately. "Dude, what's with you? You've been giving me a bad look ever since that battle yesterday. Why are you so mean all of a sudden? We haven't seen each other for a long while man, can't you be happier?" Aero questioned.

"Nothing man, I'm sorry. Anyways show me your monster." Tavi said. "Fine then." Aero threw out the dragon box and out came Engiron, shining brightly in the sunlight. "An Engiron.. Whoa!! I wanted to catch an Engiron! How did you get it? But before you answer that question, I want to test it's strength. If you win, we'll travel together. I'll help you out. After all, we are friends." Tavi said confidently.

"Fine then. I promise you, I will become stronger." Aero said.
well written dei.i wanna see tavi battle
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
(2011-06-19, 04:52 AM)orboknown Wrote: well written dei.i wanna see tavi battle

Lol thanks. Your the only one commenting :/

You shall get all 5 of my rep points today.
thank ye very much.i always check all the forum posts,plus i like the story and wanna find out whats happening next.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.

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