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Chapter 6 : Engiron and a new threat.
Engiron appeared in the crater before Aero. Aero couldn't believe his eyes.. He finally saw a wild zenith and the one that he likes. Engiron is a fire/flying type and is really fast. Engiron was wrapped in Flame Armor trying to protect itself from the D-A people.

The D-A helicopter lowered 3 rope lines and out came 3 people. One of the people sent out a Badgearth, another person sent out a Vladepes, and the 3rd guy didn't send out anything. "Grab that Engiron now!!!" The guy who didn't have a monster out ordered. Badgearth tackled Engiron but then bounced off, inflicted by Engiron's Flame Armor. Vladepes used Barrier Break, breaking Engiron's Flame Armor and sending it into the ground.

Aero looked at what was happening and didn't think too gladly about it. He wanted to take care of that Engiron and protect it but these people would play unfairly. "Simoly, Fightengu, use double Super Beam!!!!" Aero yelled. Fightengu and Simoly shot 2 super beams from their wings, making them merge together into 1 beam and knocked back Badgearth and Vladepes.

"Hey! Who are you kid?! What do you think your doing?!?!" One of the guys yelled. "HyDevil, use Darkness Ball on Simoly and Fightengu please." The 3rd guy said but no1 saw a HyDevil. After the command, a roar came from the helicopter as a HyDevil jumped down and used Darkness Ball on both Simoly and Fightengu. They were both knocked back, making it seem like HyDevil was really strong. The HyDevil was a little bigger than normal ones and was a lot scarier.

The guy that commanded HyDevil walked over towards Aero. He then bowed down and introduced himself. "Hello. I am Orboknown but you can call me NegativeZero. I am the leader of Dark Aura. I will catch zeniths and legendaries to turn them all into dark monsters under my control. You are probably wondering why my HyDevil is bigger, stronger, and scarier than normals. Want to know why? Well because it has been thoroughly enhanced mentally and physically. My scientists have created a potion for it to grow stronger. If you would like to have some, devote your life to Dark Aura and join me. You would be a good enough rank in my company. Anyways, do not try and get into my business. That Engiron will be mine and will be evil."

Aero looked at the man but then shook his head. "No thanks, I'm not interested in people who try to make monsters evil. I'm going to save that Engiron! If you want it, you'll have to get past me!! :<"

"You have made your decision. Thank you for your honesty, now perish." NegativeZero said.

-Zero's HyDevil stood over Aero and formed a Darkness Ball in it's hand. HyDevil rose it's arm up and slammed it into Aero's chest but was then blocked by Simoly. Simoly took the hit and fell backwards. It stopped breathing and looked fainted. The Darkness Ball entered it's chest and Simoly's body turned darker than normal. Simoly stood up and looked at Aero. It then used Sky Slash on Aero, creating a slash mark on his shirt. Aero looked at Simoly and backed away slowly.

Engiron stood up and used Burning Breath on Badgearth and Vladepes. Fightengu got up and looked at Simoly. Engiron rushed over using Giga Charge and sent HyDevil back towards the helicopter. HyDevil stopped in mid-air and drop kicked Engiron but Engiron used Flame Armor for protection which lit HyDevil on fire. Fightengu looked around it's surroundings then saw a slash mark on Aero. He got angry and looked at HyDevil. "It wasn't HyDevil Fightengu!!! Well, it sorta was but.. It was Simoly!! Simoly turned evil and slashed me!!!" Aero screamed. Simoly moved in for another attack but was then blocked by a Jekyllight!!
Engiron was rapped in Flame Armor trying to protect itself from the D-A people.
Engiron was wrapped in Flame Armor trying to protect itself from the D-A people.

Constantly dying yet never dead
#3 evil lol.nice job dei
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