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Chapter 2: A New Rival Emerges!
((Okay before I start the story, I just want to make a request of everyone. I haven't yet come up with a title for the fanfic, so could you guys do it? I'll give credit to whoever's I choose. @.@))

Four years after Jack's disappearance, and Jack's parents finally move away, Evan has been working hard to become the greatest in Palladium. He has beaten countless trainers, and has won lots of money from assorted contests. His current team over the years is Skiarf, Geshi, and a new Barnacold he recently won. He is currently training the Barnacold. "Come on Barnacold, use Ice Storm on that training dummy!" he shouts to his new friend. Barnacold isn't yet used to Evan, so it launches a snowball at him. Evan ducks it. "Hey, that was rude." he says to it. Barnacold shrugs and begins walking away. Evan returns it to it's box and sends out Geshi. "Alright, come on Geshi, throw that thing high into the air!" Geshi raises her little arms to the sky. "GESHI!" she shouts and sends the dummy flying from it's post into the side of a rock several hundred yards away. "Whoa," Evan says in disbelief, "that was amazing!" He walks up to Geshi, picks her up and hugs her tightly. "You're gonna be so strong!" he tells her. She smiles and hugs him back. He returns her to her box and begins walking back to the house.

When Evan arrives at the house, a car he's never seen before is in the driveway. That's weird he thinks. He walks into the house and sees a pretty girl sitting at the table. "Um...Hello." he says to her, "Who might you be?" She looks away towards his mom. His mom sees him. "Oh, Evan!" she says, "I didn't think you'd be back so early. This is Sapphira, her family just moved into town." she turns to face Sapphira. "This is my son, Evan, he's a trainer as well." Evan is rather stuck on the words "as well". Is this girl a trainer? he thinks, She doesn't seem the type. He waves to her, to which she waves back. Evan's mom continues talking to Sapphira, so he heads upstairs. He lies down on his bed, with Skiarf sitting next to him. "So buddy," he says to Skiarf, "What do you think of us having a new rival. She's probably a weakling." Evan laughs. Evan looks at a photo on his bedside table. It shows a picture of a younger him and Jack. Evan thinks of that night, four years ago, and the promise he made to his friend. "Skiarf, I think it's time we set out to find Jack." Skiarf nods in agreement. "But we need to get some more team members. I hear that some competitions make you have 6 monsters. So just the three of you guys won't work. Let's go out and find some new team members!"

Evan and Skiarf have made their way into the forest. After battling countless monsters, and finding nothing that quite yet sparked Evan's interest, they move to where the old haunted house is. Skiarf grows worried upon approaching the big, rundown house. Evan smiles and pats Skiarf. "Calm down buddy," he says as he tries to comfort his little friend, "it just looks scary, it's not really haunted." As Evan looks up at the house, he spies a purple face smiling down from a second story window. He falls down out of fear, and when he looks up again, the face is gone. Though Evan acts calm he has cold sweat pouring out of his body. "I-i-it's o-o-okay, b-buddy" he attempts to say to Skiarf, "n-n-n-nothin' to w-worry ab-b-bout." Skiarf is less than comforted by his words. Evan finally walks up to the door and tries the handle, the door has been left cracked open and what sounds like a cackling laugh is heard from upstairs. Just then, a hard gust of wind pushes Evan further into the door, and it slams shut behind him. Evan lets out a very girlish "eep" before allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once his eyes adjust, Evan sees what appears to be a cat sitting at the top of the stairs. Evan walks up the stairs and crouches down next to it. "Poor little guy," he says to it, "you must be lost." As he says this, it gets up, turns around, and glares at him with it's evil eyes. Evan has just ran into a Whispon! Evan is so frightened by this, he stumbles backwards and falls all the way down to the stairs and is knocked unconscious.

When Evan comes to, he's sitting in the front yard of the house, leaning on a old tree. He looks up and sees a girl standing over him with a bucket of water. "Oh good, you're awake." she says to him, "You took quite the fall in there." As she's talking to him, the Whispon from earlier is slowly creeping up behind her. Evan raises his finger and points. "B-b-behind you!" he whispers. She turns around. "Oh, Whispon," she says to the creature, "did you give this poor boy a scare?" The Whispon let's out a little "meow" as the girl pets it under it's chin. "Hey, I'm not a boy!" Evan shouts as he gets up, "Where do you get off callin' me a- Wait..." he says with a slight point of his finger, "You're that girl that was at my house earlier...Sapphira. What are you doin' here!?" he asks, "And with that thing!?!?" Sapphira pets Whispon. "Whispon's not a thing." she says and continues petting it, "You hurt her feelings. Now apologize." Evan gets angry, "I'm not apologizing for anything! Your stupid ghost cat scared me half to death!" Sapphira gets a mean look in her eyes. "How dare you call Whispon stupid! I challenge you to a battle, one monster each. If I win, you apologize, if you win, I'll walk away." Evan gets out his monsterbox, "Hahah, a weakling like you? Let's go! Come on out Geshi!" He tosses his box, Geshi pops out with a smile on her face. "Hmm, Geshi huh?" Sapphira says, "Then come on out, Pandamic!" She tosses her box and out pops a huge creature, with muscles that could crush Geshi quite easily. "Whoa, that's a big guy." Evan says, "But the bigger they are, the harder they fall! Geshi use Mind Strike!" As he calls out to his monster, Sapphira calls out to hers. "Now Pandamic, use Wild Rush!" Before Geshi can use her abilities, she's surrounded by electrical energy and faints. "Geshi!" Evan shouts and rushes to his monster. He picks her up and cradles her in his arms. "You did good." He returns her to her box. He gets up and walks over to Sapphira and Whispon. "Well?" she asks. "I'm...I'm sorry." he says with a bow of his head, "You're really strong. Would you like to accompany me on my quest? I want to become the best and help save my friend, he...he was kidnapped four years ago." They stood there for a long time, finally Sapphira speaks up. "You seem good, you have a lot of heart. Perhaps you may become strong yet. But I'm not going to accompany you. I'm on my own quest. I want to get all the ancient gems and become the World Champion. Good luck on your quest Evan, perhaps we'll meet again." Without a word, Sapphira walks off into the woods on her journey.

Evan goes back to his house and changes his clothes. After a long hot shower, he lies on his bed with Skiarf and thinks about what happened that day. "So she's on her own quest too? Looks like we have our work cut out for us, buddy." He pets Skiarf, turns off the light, and goes to bed. "Night buddy."

Okay, that was the second chapter. Hope you guys liked it. Anyway, leave a comment below, and give me a few ideas for a title. ^_^
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Finally 2nd chapter :<

You know.. I thought the purple face and the kitty were Cheshirbel ;-;
Shut up Dei, I'm not creative!

And sorry Cheshirbel is epic indeed, but it's not on Sapphira's team. @.@
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(2011-06-18, 12:00 PM)Grey Wrote: Shush Dei, I'm not creative!

And sorry Cheshirbel is epic indeed, but it's not on Sapphira's team. @.@

U so mean Dodgy

Geshi failed horribly Angry
(2011-06-18, 12:04 PM)Deidara Wrote:
(2011-06-18, 12:00 PM)Grey Wrote: Shush Dei, I'm not creative!

And sorry Cheshirbel is epic indeed, but it's not on Sapphira's team. @.@

U so mean Dodgy

Geshi failed horribly Angry


Geshi is still weak, remember. She'll beat Pandamic later in the fanfic, you can count on that. :3
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Grey, you do know there are sites you can post this on >.>

Perhaps that would be a better use of your time than posting it all over the forums.

It would keep things in order better.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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Do whaa?? @.@
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Instead of putting these chapters on the forum, Put them on a site like fanfiction or something. I can see if we can get our own category.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]
(2011-06-18, 05:00 PM)Nitz_X Wrote: Instead of putting these chapters on the forum, Put them on a site like fanfiction or something. I can see if we can get our own category.

I already pm'd rock gyo yesterday to create a new board for fanfics like this. Big Grin
Might also be a good idea to make it so we can get this on fanfiction... it will bring in more players possibly.

As i said, I'll look into it at some point, i have like 300 projects to finish right now.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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nice job grey.ill ponder a title.
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strange. Jack and Evan are brothers, right?
then why jack's parents?why not Evan and Jack's?
Constantly dying yet never dead
They're brothers like...really close friends...not brothers brothers...
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#14 friends like
Constantly dying yet never dead
just a thought, but whens the third chapter...?
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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i like how my charcater has turned out thus far
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