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Chapter 10 : Sneaky Sneaky
Lol sorry about the title.. I couldn't think of anything XDD

Aero and Tavi watched as the First Ancient Leader walked away into the forest for training. Aero and Tavi looked at each other and thought of one thing. "We have to get that ancient gem!" They both said in unison.

At night during the same day, Fightengu dashed towards the arena's back door and whistled. Gampha teleported inside the arena and unlocked the door, allowing Fightengu to enter. Gampha disappeared and then reappeared, bringing Tavi and Aero inside as well. "Whoa... Look at the damage.." Aero and Tavi said. "A Dragrove did this..? What power!" Tavi was amazed by what Derek's Dragrove did. The arena was in total disarray. The ceiling had collapsed in some areas, the battle field was lifted up and destroyed, the seats where spectators (people who watch the battle) were suppose to sit in were totally... it was just unbelievable! There was still fire in some spots but they weren't serious flames. Aero and Tavi looked around and lifted up boulders for any signs of the ancient gems. Fightengu saw an object glittering in the what seems to be a dimmed light under a rock. Fightengu pointed at it and Gampha jumped to it and picked it up. It was half an ancient gem but it wouldn't do.

"Miroushon, use lightning bolt on Fightengu and Gampha. Knock them out and take the half ancient gem!" Someone mysteriously ordered. A Miroushon appeared and did what it's master said. It K-O'ed (??) Fightengu but Gampha still had some energy left. Tavi and Aero ran over to see what was going on but Gampha was just knocked out by another lightning bolt. Tavi and Aero withdrew their monsters and looked at the Miroushon. "Hey! What's the big idea!!" Tavi yelled. Miroushon then used Ghost Flare and disappeared with the half ancient gem. "Was that a Miroushon?" Aero asked wondering. "Yea Aero.. It just knocked out our monsters." Tavi was angry with what just happened. They left to the Monster Center to get their monsters healed and discussed about the arena and that Miroushon.

"Dude.. That was insane. A Dragrove did that.. That's crazy. Anyways, who was that guy with the Miroushon? It was definitely not wild. Should we tell the cops or continue with our journey?" asked Tavi. Aero took a sip of his hot chocolate and said "Let's just continue.. It looks like we'll have to return here after we get the second ancient gem. Hopefully that one isn't destroyed, we better hurry though. I just thought of this.. We have to hurry so we can catch up to Derek. We have to prevent him from destroying the next gym!!!" Aero urgently stood up, spilling his hot chocolate and grabbed Fightengu's monster box and ran. Tavi paid the bill and retrieved his Gampha. Tavi was about to follow until he saw the Ancient Leader treating his Ramountain and Bouldon. Tavi walked over and asked him "Are you okay with what happened to your arena?"

"Of course not kid!!! My whole arena is destroyed. I hope that the arena observer didn't come by with his Miroushon.. He would've fired me and had me pay for it. It's not my style to lose. That's why there aren't many championship leagues since I am one of the top 3 strongest Ancient Leaders!" He slammed his fist on the table which startled the nurse and everyone else. Tavi looked around the room and then back to the ancient leader. He thought about what the ancient leader said about the Miroushon. He needed to find Aero quick and tell him.

Tavi then asked the ancient leader "Who are the other 2 strongest? What number are they?" "The other 2 strongest ancient leaders are the 4th and the 8th. I heard that they only lost once which is very strange. We all had a discussion with the Ancient Elites and they said that we would have to raise weaker monsters. They are getting bored and are aching for a challenge but I had already lost.. They will get their challenge from that boy with the Dragrove. Man.. All he used was Dragrove too. Anyways, my monsters and I gotta get some rest. We're gonna have a big day tomorrow. Cya later kid." The ancient leader stood up and withdrew his monsters into their boxes and walked out. Tavi ran out and looked for Aero.

"Man, I don't have a monster that can fly." Tavi sighed and walked to the direction of the next ancient arena.
this arena writing dei.
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If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
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