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Chapter 1 - FireBreath and Waterslayer (Night of The Roaring Lions)
One day two travelers reached to Cat Town.
FireBreath: What is this place?
Waterslayer: I don't know..

As the walk they see owners with cats.
"Hey you don't have any cat" a Strange Person said."My names Ricky Mini."

FireBreath: Im FireBreath nice to meet you.
Waterslayer: My names Waterslayer the son of Jacklet.
Ricky: So ya kids new or what?
FireBreath & Waterslayer: Were some travelers and just reached here a minute ago.
Ricky: Well to survive you must need a Cat... Say kids have you ever heard of the Roaring Lion? Its said to come at night in Cat Town and the ones with no cat are suppose to go with the Lion.

FireBreath: So its a true legend?
Ricky: Ohh its no true legend it still happens everyday. Sometime the lion might even take your cat. Its been a rough time in Cat Town.
Someone said if they are able to kill the lion the will be rich and the Hero of Cat Town.

Not Finish...
5th first chapter. you never go far with your stories @.@
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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