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Cautious - This ability increases the Monster's Defense and Special Defense by 50% while decreasing its Accuracy by 25%.

Since berserk is -25% accuracy, maybe cautious suppose to be -25% evasion instead accuracy as it counter.
depends on what others would like to say
i agree:-)  lol

heck if it was up to me id get rid of both lol
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Hmm... well, imo i think that's a possible change.
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i think thats a nice idea luqas
Support! I like the idea of opposites. And if you think about it, a cautious person wouldn't have trouble hitting the enemy, they'd just be easier to hit.
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Support..totally makes sense
Support! And it would make me not have to put an accuracy weapon on all my cautious monsters. More variety.
support ! could make beserk mons vs cautious mons an all out fair fight
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absolutely NOT supporting this idea. Right now cautious is a very good ability for walls that use status moves. If it gets changed to - evasion, that would once more destroy a couple already build monsters. 
There are so many more things to do and fix, maybe take care of those first.
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I do actualy like it... 

So walls with cautious can more easily strike with 70 accurary moves orso..

Like if you want to use a extra 50% of enemy hp move wich has 60 accurary its pretty annoying to have cautious.
And still u can keep wall monster with cautious on status moves.
This ability have no sense atm, and its too powerful.
There have to be balance def and attack ability got -25% acc, and its bad balance. One have to be on -evasion.

If berserk had -evasion not acc, then berserk were to powerful. So its same case just in defense.
And if someone using bonus and is not afected by minus then he will want keep it Over Powered.
strongly disagree, no offense.

it might sound logical that way, but it really doesn't matter. you won't be at a disadvantage, because you can have the cautious ability too. this is basically is like nullifying. if nullifying was the point, then why don't just reduce 50% to 25%, and every good ability bonus halved too? i call that beating around the bush.

maybe instead of that, why don't berserk get -25% in evasion and cautious get -25% accuracy? it is like trembling nature, the more damage you can hit, your defense should be lower. like this, abilities serve a greater purpose. i call that specialization.

not saying what you propose is incorrect, but i prefer not. and forget the names of the abilities, the purpose is more important, the names can be changed. my opinion.
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Abilities up to +30% are with no minus.
All above (+40% and +50%) got some lowering modification or condition to use.
So if making berserk +50% SpAttack+Attack and -25 evasion there it will be simply too much.
 combo:Hallucination nature + Berserk + SpAttack Master + Slow Strong ability, gives:
+110%(stat change) and modification to 140%(in battle) SpAttack
+60%speed and modification to 70% (in battle)
-60% both def
= 1hit K.O. all pvp monsters
Same thing on attack: Trembling/Berserk/Attack Master
At this moment berserk gives -25% acc so its more balance.

And Cautious is on other side, now its just too good. And changing it to -25% evasion will not affect so much current wall builds cause they are based on defense that still will be untouched.
it's not overpowered. it is absolutely balanced. if you have berserk, your enemy can have cautious. that is balanced.

if the point is to nerf specializations, then why not nerf trembling nature instead of the ability. it would more or less be the same. maybe trembling could have 6 att 6 speed and -6hp? i don't think anyone would like that.
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He who says he can and he who says he can't, are both usually right -Confucius
Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity -Will Smith
Be cool. Be an Akatslowinian -Slow
Its only for status using wall builds. And its useless for any others, is that balance for You?
Its start to be ridiculous. My and Your point of view is different and it wont change.

Natures for me are good as they are now. I tread them like solid one piece. Abilities are 3 on every monster and they are most messed.
*le brain explode*

Huh ?
most users agree with luqas so will cautious decrease evasion instead of accuracy or not ?
im with
i'm not agree. beacuse i'm a walls player
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