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So the question is, when catching more common monsters and looking for a good pvper.

Should I,

a) Catch all of them that show up, in the hope I find one with legendary awesome UV's, then just get a nature change to the optimal nature.

b) Catch only ones of a specific set of natures, in the hope that one of them will have half decent UV's.

c) Catch only ones of the perfect nature for the role then just UV max it if it has crap UV's.

d) Just find one, fix the UV and nature as needed.

I feel like a) has the best outcome at a cost. b) has no cost but will take the longest. c) is the fast with a cost. d) is super fast with highest cost.

Currently I'm feeling a), is the best approach. Thoughts?
A is the best one so far. I'll go with A since even if it has a cost, once you get an epic UV set and then get the nature right, you'll have one deadly monster indeed.
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a)is the best cause i do the same
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I'd go with A, since you're just finding for the right uv's, then nature change
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Cool, thanks for the input.

Do we have any idea when the lists of monster changes will be posted? All the new ability and move lists?
I only do b but that's just cos i don't do donation changes...anyway imo, the only time it'd be worth doing 'a' is for zenith and upwards, emissaries just aren't worth nature/uv changes yet unless they're the best of the emissaries
as remy said...depending on the monster's class (appearance rate) an option has more appeal

regulars and superiors always option B

emissary majority of the time it would be B...although for example if you find a mon that would be good/best with a certain nature...and it has 48+ uv's in all that nature's key stats...A would also be a possible option

zenith and legend A, B, or C with A being the most common choice

ancient A or D with D being the most common choice
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