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In the market and in my items, I try to filter specific MTs.

It doesn't tell me whether I have them or I don't have them.
In the market, it doesn't bring up the MTs at all.
I have the same problem, but then i just put in the mt and its number and it comes up.
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The Alpha filter fails because they all start with M.....CURSE YOU M
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It works if you only type in "MT(insert number here)" It doesn't work with "MT(insert number here): (insert name here)"
yeah it doesnt work i tried alot before too but no body noticed its good now that u made a thread
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how do you try to search ?

i will try to improve

write here , what you type there
I look at the monsterdex for the certain move.

I type in MT and then the numbers, then I click on the move when it shows up to filter it.

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