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Can't Play for now
Some of you has already heard, but i will post this, so everyone knows..

A few days ago, i was killing and sweeping on Call of duty Modern Warfare 3, when my
laptop had a serious shut down.. i went to the Laptop-Doctor, and his diagnoses was:

Your Laptop has been infected by a common virus!

So for now, my pc is so slow, i can't play this game. funny that this is the only

game i can't play ..

This also means that the players who have their Monsters given to me for TP training
will have to wait! I am really sorry for this, but there is honestly nothing i can do but wait...
As it takes an hour to walk a step (not kidding..) i will not be able to return the monsters

MONSTERS WHEN I GET MY LAPTOP FIXED! (Unless you still want your TP done, I'll pm you in-game)

anyways, from now and until my Laptop has been cleaned, i will become a Forum-Rat... maybe
i'll stop by in the chat, but it takes 20 min to log in, so most likely not...

- Lolzin
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Well,that sucks
Don't hit me for advertising, but I'm going to throw a link in spoiler tags for you. I've know a lot of people with lots of computer issues and this software fixed it right up for them, as well as kept an future virus's away. Maybe it will help you o.O.

Pick language and computer type stuff. you can fin all this out in your control panel.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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There is no need to even try, as i have many friends who have gotten the same virus now.. It has
been in some Norvegian newspapers as well... Anyways, a couple of my friends already tried that, an it failed to work
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o-o i need yetee T-T
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Bump so that people will see this and stop asking for battles, trades etc..

Fj, i will talk to Gonsalez and make him go onto my profile and trade it back to you, but he needs to log
on facebook first
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just get on another pc and, take care of whatever you need to do, temporarily
(2012-08-03, 09:22 PM)KING_GENOCIDE Wrote: just get on another pc and, take care of whatever you need to do, temporarily
the only other PC available is my moms, and i messed up her laptop some time ago, so she don't let me borrow it..
i would not have made this thread if there where solutions...
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