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Heloo, when someone have a good helion i payy very good.. pm me on forum or in game

A good helion means:
Good uv(wall)    orr

Good nature(butcher, blockhead) wall type orrr

Good abilitys 

When 2 of them i pay more then when 1 thing is good etcSmile
How much are you paying (approximately)? I'd need to know if it's actually worth hunting or not.
Good nature i think of 15/20 mil(if its butcher, profound or blockhead more ofcourse)

good uv i think 20/25 mil(if its 50 de and 50 spdef much more ofcourse)

good ab 35/40 mil(if he have caution and slow though i pay much more)

Both or all of this are 100 milSmile

If there are 2 helions with 2 good uv and nature i do a nc or full uv toSmile
That's a lot :o
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
Jup i want someSmile
well i think i got a good one, so much so it makes me want to keep him. Smile
Thanks snesBig Grin Next kind of ability helion i want is a helion with Perf body, exp regen and cautious or slow though

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