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Things I've noticed while playing the game.

1. After you finish a battle you will notice EV Atk and EV Def isn’t changed to TP like the rest. Error perhaps ?

2. After playing the game for awhile you will notice something like 12 + 5 = or something similiar and the answer you put is on where you put the number of steps , when you answer it makes you logs off and back into the home page.

3. Another thing I’ve noticed you might have to add the status effects unfortunately they aren’t working , well at least for me anyways.

4. When I was battling a monster , the monster missed and still dealt damage interesting eh ? Sometimes when opponents monsters attack fails it lands for odd reasons.

Dragon Fire move missed and failed!The move delt 0 damage to the enemy Monster.
Turn: 3

Dragon Fire move missed and failed!The move delt 123 damage to the enemy Monster.
Turn: 2
1. ya it needs to be fixed.
2. No ... ?
3. everyone knows it, need to be fixed....
4. hmmm. intresting Smile
i just did an update

1 fixed
2 it is for script leveling protection. did that log off happened you once or many times ?
3 yes i will code moves Smile
4 fixed
Yeah tried, they're all fixed, close thread please

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