Poll: Should We be abe to use items in combat(AGAIN)
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Only NPC and Wild
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Bring Back Items during Combay
I brought a bunch of items and now i cant use them because they are combat only, like Pills.
So bring them backAngry Pls
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I'm laughing at your Beemo XDDD
Just funny lol

Duuuude... I really want items back too. D:
I feel you man. Items for NPCs and Arena Leaders and Zone Guardians!!!!

But, we're not allowed to have those items anymore because of "abuse".
Whatever the "abuse" was.

(2013-03-01, 07:37 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: I'm laughing at your Beemo XDDD
Just funny lol

Duuuude... I really want items back too. D:
I feel you man. Items for NPCs and Arena Leaders and Zone Guardians!!!!

But, we're not allowed to have those items anymore because of "abuse".
Whatever the "abuse" was.

maybe only agains Npc/Monsters because in PVP that  whould be A PAIN

-You failed your quote, I fixed it.
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Yea, no items except Held Items in PVP.
Of course.
I agree
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Just no items in battle, try and live with it... I have beaten the mixed arena leader so everything is possible to beat.
This game shouldn't be a game where you are done with in 1 day.
Yeah i am voting for this too , cause its so bad :/
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Pills are still useful when catching ancients ;-)
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Yes...but not PvP
Agreed. PvP = no
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NPC and wild only, though. You should rely on your monsters' strength alone in PVP.
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i agree
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If you don't need items for pvp, why do you need them for gym leaders? The whole point of them was to make the game more challenging; bringing items back would basically enable anyone with enough money to win...kinda pointless IMO. If, for a pvp, you rely on the strength of your monster, you should also rely on the strength of your monsters to defeat gym leaders/NPCs. Then there is the problem about using 1 pill to gain 2 pills; just an endless cycle of item abuse. ME NO LIKEY.
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I think pills should be the only item that cannot be used in NPC battles, because it's just around 5x harder than a regular pvp because of boosts. For pvp,  recovery items makes the battle endless.

imo, I'd say no pills on pvp and NPC, no recovery items on pvp, with a limit of using x items per NPC fight.
And it's spelled combat. No wonder I was stumped when I saw the word combay.
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Items were removed from NPC battles because they made it possible to exploit your way to victory.  In Pokemon, everyone ended up a master.  Getting all of the badges and crushing the Elite Four was nothing.

Here, it's a different matter.  You gotta earn those badges the hard way.  They have more meaning for that very reason.

We tried making the enemies more difficult by raising their stats a percentage.  This made battles so difficult that you -HAD- to use items to win.  And a wild Zenith could ruin your day.  We've fixed the bigger issue, items.  They are tools that can help you get to the next town, not tools to win trainer battles with.
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maybe some nerfs with teh items will do?

Cuz if we want to make the game more strategic, we must make some stuff people wouldn't expect
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If we nerfed items, they wouldn't have any purpose in an NPC or a wild battle.  They're pretty weak as it is.

There will be a larger variety of hold items in the future to help increase the strategy aspect of the game.
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I think it's fine the way it is Smile
The way I see it, if you're going to include in-combat items in the store and gained by defeating npc's, then why would you not allow them to be used?

It seems to me that if someone is going to just decide that "hey, we're getting rid of the functionality of these items" then they might as well remove them from the game. After all, they already have their own category in-game, i.e. "battle-items".

Note- I do not yet have 5 posts so I cannot "officially" vote for the "Only NPC and wild" choice.
I don't think items should be used in pvp or gym battles. The npc characters, as well as the players, are easy enough to beat without items.
If you don't allow items to be used in pvp I don't really see the point of them being in the game
The NPCs especially due to the difficulty lvl in spots
You know, even in the various card battle games you are allowed to use items cards....however, it is not unlimited.  What about allowing players to choose 4-6 items to 'carry into battle'?  It would add to the strategic value of the game without allowing those with nearly unlimited funds to overwhelm opponents with too many items to be overcome.  I don't know  how difficult the coding for this would be, though....
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I stay with my tought of that items shouldn't be brought back into combat...

Im fine with if they come back into npc battle but please do NOT add them back to pvp :/
Only NPC and Wild
advice is relaible

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