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Boss bossanova time!
Diana was set for the next gym but in her way was a giant forest! she wasn't scared but she did freak out a few times at the bugs continuing the venture and catching a budmon (grass) and a hissoil (ground) along the way she found two people in front of her. "Be careful john that's a very dangerous creature!" one of the two said. "I am careful jenny!" the other said. "Hey fellow trainers!" Diana unwittingly spoke startling the two which causes the monster before them to awaken and throwing the two out of the forest. Diana was now looking at a very mad Piribbean that once sleeping and she had to fight it but before it was finished it summoned three more of its kind! after a tough battle she now had three members at stage two: Luna (lunamon: dark), rose (lalamon: grass), and Terra volt (pythamp: ground/electric). she found the way out soon after the battle and decided to rest at a friends place near the next town (why they have it after the forest she never knew). "who were those two?" she thought as she relaxed. "maybe I'm putting too much thought about them and not enough about how they got those monsters there..."
she slept still questioning the event that happened...

"korrupt isn't going to be happy when he hears we failed our first attack." john said very frightened by the mere thought of punishment. "don't worry john he said stop her or don't come back unless it's important so we can try again and again if we must!" jenny said very happily for some reason. "besides we learned that she is a bit too kind about this whole journey and that will be no problem for guardian graphite!" the two then laughed at the thought of any trouble for graphite to beat and stop Diana at the next town.

will Diana's journey end so soon? who is this Guardian Graphite? find out in the next part!
[end part 4 of chapter 1]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

[Image: blackwayve_sig_by_seviper3-d5cijum.jpg]

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