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It would be good to have a list of the people you've blocked, instead of just a "Reset blocked users list"
Constantly dying yet never dead
nice idea though i never block peoples i really hate blocking
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yeah.. i hate blocking players.. >.>
and people who block for no apparent reason >.>
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Blocked User 1 - Blocked when - Unblock
Blocked User 2 - Blocked when - Unblock
and so on and so forth...
Reset Blocked User List
Constantly dying yet never dead
ha yeah right rock
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i support it help if u dont want to unblock everyone on the list....saves time from having to go block the person again after u reset
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there can be reset button too
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I support, that's a nice idea
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thought we had this?..maybe that was in craft.

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i like that idea
I support this idea Rock Tongue
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You only have 5 supporters.. Let's make it 6 even though I don't care about this :P


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