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Chapter Sixty-One: The True Form

They charge at Garred, who dodges the first few attacks. “Dime! Let’s go!” Axel shouted. Dime nods and they move near for a combo. Dime throws a coin which exploded on impact. Axel then charged for a kick, which staggers Garred. Garred laughs and said, “That’s it? And I thought Axel was strong...” He backhands Axel, knocking him down immediately. Garred threw an orb at Dime, which also exploded. “You are weaker than I thought. I really thought Dime was a challenge, I was wrong. You are all weak, you don’t stand a chance!” Garred bragged at them. Sentinel and Saber also fought, but like earlier, they were countered. “How do you expect to beat me with those attacks?” Garred shouted. Rylee fired a mixture of two powerful spells, exploding on Garred. Sylux follows it up by using Colossal Gate, adding the damage dealt on Garred. After a short while,  Garred jumps out of the smoke and launched twosmall projectiles, knocking both of them down. Sylux coughs and ran to a higher point to attack from behind. Luke charges in and laughed, ignoring Garred’s attacks. Garred was amazed and said, “At last, a worthy opponent!” Luke connects with Intensity Four, freezing Garred and burning him at the same time. Garred breaks out of the ice and claps for Luke. Luke grinned but was caught off guard by a punch. He gets knocked out on the ground, lying unconscious. Saber fires Paragon Burst from behind Garred, taking him down. “How pathetic, an attack from behind?” Garred said with an angry tone. Saber laughed at him and Dime used his Drive. Garred roars and he was caught in the flurry of attacks. “Keep it going!” Axel shouted as he used Absolute Defeat. Garred gets bombarded by the powerful cosmic rays. Sentinel uses Death Wish, further damaging Garred. Rylee used her Final Strike, Angel’s Curse. An orb of light floats upward and Rylee opens her pure wings. The orb shoots multiple blasts on Garred, sinking him deeper and deeper into the ground. At the end, the orb itself shot at Garred, making a crater on the ground. Garred pushes out from the rubble, visibly hurt. He then intensifies his power and said, “Guys... the show’s been good... but you can’t possibly be thinking that you can defeat me, right?” Saber releases a battle cry and said, “I’ve beaten you before, I can do it again.” Garred replied, “Really? Are you sure?” Saber nods and they have a one-on-one match. Saber initiates with a fast punch followed by a rapid Blade Storm. It was very weak, compared to the past few attacks. “I thought you just became the guardian, why are you weaker?” Garred asked mockingly as he drew out blades from his hand, imitating Saber’s powers. “I’m not giving it all yet...” Saber replied as the blades collide. They have an impressive battle, each countering every attack. Their match is in a perfect stalemate, neither one of them is giving in. Soon enough, Garred gets the first hit, damaging Saber. Saber shakes the pain off and kicked Garred away. He bashes him and used his new Drive, Final Drive. He rolls and kicks Garred into the air, setting up the move. He fires Fusion Burst upward, pushing him farther into the air. He then jumps up with a great velocity, getting up to the same level as Garred. He kicks Garred back downward, breaking the speed of sound and creating a sonic boom. He lunges down at the same speed, with both blades drawn. As they descended, Saber charged Blade Storm. The big move connects, wrecking the ground with a collateral damage. “Go Saber!” Rylee shouted. Garred struggles to get up and Saber walks away, also hurt from the high-risk move. Garred crawls out of the crater. Luke awakens and smiled. “Saber... great job!” Luke shouted. “Nice one...” Axel said. Garred spits out blood from his mouth and scratched his beard. “Damn it... you got me...” Garred said. Saber recovers from the impact and as he stood straight, his aura seemed like it was ready to go. He pumps up and the aura activates, increasing his power exponentially. “Let’s see you beat this...” Garred said as he hunched forward. His legs widened and tore apart his flesh. “Everyone, get away!” Sentinel shouted. Garred grew up to massive size, towering up to around sixty feet. His entire structure was made of bone and muscle. His head was nothing but a huge skull shaped like an animal’s, his right arm was a large spike club made of bone, his left was a pincer with bladed tips. A long blade made of bone was under his right wrist, flowing with dark energy. His back has long spikes and his chest and abdomen became wider. His ribs were visible and it had spikes around it. Garred gains a tail, a very long one with a round tip. His legs were powerful, strong enough to support his massive hull. The symbols on his waist and back glowed dark purple, surging with black electricity. Garred’s humanity was lost, and all that was left was Shorric’s darkness. Garred shouted, “Face your death!” He roars loudly, echoing all throughout Horzen. “Prepare yourselves... let’s end this!” Saber shouted as they charge at the colossal beast.

Garred catches the attacks from all around, as if they were nothing. “You have to fight better than that!” Garred shouted. Saber noticed that his mouth wasn’t moving as he talked and he shouted, “How are you talking!?” Garred laughs and said, “I thought you’d be dumb enough not to notice that... Of course it’s not moving... all you’re hearing is my thoughts. With this form, I can rule it all! I don’t need Trivoid, there’s no trio anymore... all that Horzen needs is Garred!” Sentinel was shocked and said, “All of your allies, they’ve fought to help you reach your position... and now, you’re saying that you don’t need them!?” Garred laughs and his roar pushed them away. Sylux sees Rylee and May joining him on the plateau. “Let’s bust that thing open!” Rylee said with a joyful tone. Sylux fires The Jericho, zooming quickly to Garred. Garred receives the gigantic orb of destruction, knocking him down. His huge hull destroys the ground, making a small tremor. He rises up and said, “The forbidden move!?” He opens his mouth wide and charge a large beam. “I’ll show you how it’s done!” Garred shouted. He roars, releasing a beam that was similar to The Jericho. May dashes away and shouted, “Get back!” Sylux’s pupils dilate and Rylee pulled him away. The beam hits the plateau, making a gigantic explosion. May, Rylee and Sylux were caught in the large burst, knocking all of them unconscious. “Damn it! That’s one heck of a move!” Saber shouted. Garred laughs and drops his claw on the ground, shaking everything and damaging Saber. Saber’s aura heals him and he flew up, going up near Garred’s face. “I won’t lose to you!” Saber said as he lunged forward with Blade Maelstrom, the evolution of Blade Storm. The blades spun around in a twister-like formation, drilling through Garred and dealing extraordinary damage. Garred roars and Saber flew away, dodging Garred’s claw. Saber laughs and said, “How’d you like that!?” Garred roars and slammed his tail, making tremors on the ground. “Forget you! If I can’t take you down, your allies will perish!” Garred shouted. He turns his attention to Sentinel and said, “Sentinel, you’ve been fighting with them through thick and thin, but you’ve already fought for long enough. Time to finish you...” He drops his claw on Sentinel, making a huge dust cloud. He lifts it up and saw that Sentinel wasn’t there. “What the-!?” Garred shouted. Sentinel ran up Garred’s arm and began to demolish his back. He snaps a spike and used it to pierce Garred. Garred gets irritated and shook Sentinel off. Spikes began to appear everywhere on his back, trying to hit Sentinel. A spike hits Sentinel’s leg, causing him to tumble down the large body. Garred gets mad and grew even larger, up to seventy feet. Saber gets shocked and backed away. Garred laughs at Saber and said, “What’s the matter? Scared?” Saber shook his head and used Paragon Burst, pushing Garred back. Sentinel falls but he uses a jetpack to save him from the huge freefall. Garred stomps and the ground shook again. Luke lunges and said, “Garred, you’re going down!” He strikes with Intensity Four, causing mild damage on Garred’s foot. Garred gets shaken off balance and nearly fell. “You... you could’ve had it all, you’re a criminal, a villain! You should’ve continued! You could get anything you want! But despite all of that, you join these fools?”  Garred shouted.“They’re not fools. They’re true allies,” Luke replied as he hits Intensity Four again. Garred gets annoyed and carried Luke upwards with his claw. Luke struggles to get out and he was thrown into the rubble below. He coughs and passed out by the hills. Dime and Axel ran towards Garred, preparing for a big attack. Dime flies and grabs Axel, using his leverage to whip Axel to Garred. Dime flies behind Dime’s head and threw coins, bombarding him. Axel grabs onto Garred’s jaw and climbed up his head. He slams his staff, making a crack into his skull. Garred gets annoyed and flung Axel up into the air. Garred opens his mouth and prepared to devour Axel. Just in the nick of time, Dime flies past Axel, saving him from Garred’s large mouth. Axel throws Absolute Defeat into his mouth, all the way into the throat. Dime flies away and drops off Axel near the ground. The cosmic rays from the sky bombard Garred’s head, cracking his skull bit by bit. Garred roars in pain and said, “I am immortal! You cannot defeat me!” His skull regenerates and all of the wounds and fractures were healed. “You cannot defeat me!” Garred shouted. Sentinel shot a large mine dart, exploding on Garred’s back. Saber smiled and fired Paragon Burst. Garred ignores the damage and slams the ground, taking Dime and Axel down. Axel gets up and said, “Sentinel! Let’s do it!” Sentinel nods and they ran towards Garred, charging up for the big move. They jump and spun around, creating the aura for Biohazard. “Let’s do this!” Sentinel shouted. They lunged and used their strongest move, Biohazard. They clash onto Garred’s head, making a gigantic explosion shaped like the Biohazard symbol. “That should do it!” Sentinel shouted. Saber’s jaw drops and the smoke fogs Garred’s condition. As it clears, they see Garred, still standing strong. “That may have worked before, but not this time!” Garred shouted. He roars and the powerful gust pushed them away. “What the hell!? That should’ve finished him!” Axel shouted. Sentinel shook his head and said, “This can’t be...” Garred laughs at them and engaged attack.

Saber tries to use Final Drive, but remembered that he needs to have his enemy in the air for the move. He snarls and his aura intensifies, charging up to a higher power. He uses Runic Cutter using his hand blades, making two waves of energy. Garred gets hit, but he absorbed the damage. “Definitely weak...” Saber mumbled to himself as he tries to gather more power. Garred slams his tail and sweeps the ground, hitting Sentinel and Axel. May wakes up first, seeing the damage done to them. Her arm is slightly burnt and she wakes Rylee up. “Rylee, let’s help them!” May said. They try to wake up Sylux but he won’t rise. “Quickly! Let’s go!” May commanded. Rylee nods and they dashed to join the battle. May strikes under his abdomen, hurting him a lot. “He’s weak when hit from below!” May shouted. Rylee fires a barrage of light beams, heavily damaging Garred. Garred roars and ran to another location, shaking the ground as he walked. He then summoned a large orb of darkness above his head. The orb glows and it shot multiple dark beams, searing the ground. They dodge it but the rubble ricochet at them, dealing small damage. “We’re wearing him down!” Sentinel shouted. Axel uses Arcane Portal, singing Garred’s legs. Garred roars loudly and stomped on the ground, creating a powerful earthquake. The castle shakes around, like it were to crumble to pieces. Axel and Dime fly towards him again, readying for a big move. Dime drops off Axel, landing on Garred’s back. Dime throws three coins, making explosions on his back. Axel then chops spikes from Garred’s back, which they use as weapons. Garred gets really hurt and he shakes them off. Dime helps Axel as they fall down from Garred’s tall body. Axel lands and rolled below Garred. He fires Arcane Portal on Garred’s chest, severely damaging him. Garred roars and drops a bone, crashing in front of Axel. “What the...” Dime mumbled. Axel senses the approaching danger and he runs away, as fast as he can. The bone explodes, making an enormous sound as it burst. They were all surprised by the big sound and their hearing became weaker for a while. Their sights have also become shaky after the loud burst. Garred began to attack them while they were distracted, knocking them down. He sweeps with his tail and took most of them down. Garred laughs and watched them crumble before him. Suddenly, a loud noise emerges from above. A large ship enters through the portal, a very familiar ship. A door opens and four beings descended from the ship. The team watches the figures descend and they began to wonder, are they friends, or foes?

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Sixty-Two: The Final Clash

The figures continue to descend downward. “Who are those?” Saber asked. Dime slowly got a clearer view and he smiled. “They’re friends...” Axel mumbled as he smiled too. The four lands and stood up. It was Heinside, Spire, Zoron and Artas. “The Guardians!?” Garred shouted. “We’ll be backing you up!” the shouted. The battle continues, with more allies to help. Garred laughs and said, “Even if more and more of you came, what’s the point? You will never defeat me!” Saber shook his head and said, “We will beat you...” The Guardians use their Drives, one by one. Heinside, who has just regained his power, uses Ozone Drive. A large lightning bolt zaps Garred, followed by a barrage of smaller ones. Spire uses Skyward Drive, which unleashes a wave of powerful energy. It cuts Garred and hurts him a lot. Spire uses Valor Drive, which launched a ball to Garred that detonates, scattering tendrils of dark energy. Artas uses Mercury Drive, which barraged Garred with different elements. Garred gets angered but he is truly hurt. The guardians go closer to attack while the rest continued to fight. Sentinel batters Garred’s foot with his battleaxe, cutting wounds on him. Saber uses Blade Maelstrom, drilling through Garred. Dime throws coins on Axel, who uses his arcane power to redirect it to Garred with more power. Rylee helps May up to use Ultimate Balance, slitting through the wounds Saber created. Garred gets really hurt and was knocked down, crashing through the castle. Droll panics and ran away, enduring the pain on his injury. He stumbles and dodged a falling roof. He was lucky to have even made it out. They cheered and thought that it was over. Luke wakes up, seeing Garred’s fall. “What happened...?” Luke mumbled as he stood up. He hunches forward, charging for a move. Garred gets right back up, as if nothing happened. “What the!? I thought it was over!” Saber shouted. Garred laughs and said, “You can’t defeat me! I already said it before!” The guardians all shot their attacks, irritating Garred. Garred kicks them away and said, “Pesky Guardians! I already fought and defeated you before! Stop trying!” He makes a barrier around them, trapping them in an invisible room. “Damn it!” Spire said as he tries to break out. Sentinel charges all of his power and unleashed a new Final Strike, Calamitous Burst. It is very similar to Fusion Burst, but much larger and stronger. Garred gets knocked back and was really hurt. Saber sees Luke, charging his move. “Unleash all of the power in a single punch... that is Intensity Five’s secret!” Luke shouted. All of his fire and ice were gathered in a single hand, different from the first four stages. “Help Luke up to Garred!” Saber commanded. Axel uses his arcane magic to make steps leading to Garred. Luke charges forward, running in an amazing speed. He steps up the magical steps and jumped at Garred. He lands Intensity Five, knocking Garred’s enormous body all the way towards the broken castle. The huge body rolls on the ground and slid on the ground. Massive burns and ice shards were scattered around Garred’s large body. “Oh my... that was amazing!” Sentinel shouted. They all cheered for Luke but Garred once again got up, as if nothing happened. He plucks out the ice shards and said, “That’s the last straw! It’s time to finish it!” He gathers all of his dark energy to the tip of the spike on his arm and it bursts like a laser, rupturing the ground. Garred moves the laser around, aiming for the team. Some of them were caught in the explosion and were hurt. Luke falls down and was badly hurt. Sentinel gets caught in the center of the beam, knocking him into the air, unconscious. Axel was shocked and said, “Dime! Let’s do it!” Dime nods and the two charged beams on their hands. They toss it to Garred and the orbs slowly flew to him. As it connects, a massive explosion occurs, followed by multiple smaller explosions. The clouds of smoke cover everything and Dime said, “Biohazard... Version Two!” A final eruption occurs, searing Garred in the shape of Biohazard. They awaited Garred’s condition, but were disappointed when they saw him, still standing up strong.

The battle continues  but the team began to feel hopeless. “No! Don’t give up!” Saber shouted. The team sighed and Axel said, “That’s our best move... all failed... where is the hope!?” Rylee shook her head and said, “Saber’s right, we can do this! We’ve fought for too long to have this end in surrender!” Dime shook his head and said, “There are only four of use left... what do we do?” Saber shook his head in reply and said, “We fight.” Saber fights with repeated strikes, but Garred laughs at him. “Forget you! You can get trapped in Horzen forever! I’m moving to Kains to unleash my dominance!” Garred shouted as he tries to leavethrough the portal. “No! Don’t let him!” Axel shouted. Dime distracts the giant but all of their attempts failed. Axel growls and opens his left eye. A rift opens by the portal, blocking the exit. Garred roars and said, “You really want to die, don’t you?” Axel laughs and took off his shades, dropping it on the ground. “I don’t need to hide this anymore; it’s time to face the truth. I have to take charge, and use my fullest power to destroy you!” Axel shouted as he stepped on his shades. He flew to Garred and a large, red fist of aura appears on his hand. He punches Garred, shaking his head in the impact. Garred was amazed and he was hit by another punch. The rift pulls Garred’s tail, hurting him a lot. The tail comes off, causing large bleeding on his hind area. “Finally, you reveal your true power!” Garred shouted. He claws Axel, knocking him back. Axel retaliates by shooting three arcane pulses at Garred. Each pulse exploded with a large impact, pushing Garred back. Axel then used Absolute Defeat, further damaging the skull. Garred gets angered and breathed fire, causing Axel to back away from the flames. They were amazed at Axel’s power and helped out by contributing in the attack. Garred gets annoyed and charged forward, stampeding to another area. Axel closes the rift and said, “Keep him beaten! He’s slowly tiring out!” Garred shook his head and said, “No... I will not lose to you!” Axel laughs and punched the air, creating an aura fist. The fist punches Garred, knocking him back again. Dime flies and drags his sword from Garred’s waist all the way towards the chest, severely damaging Garred.  Rylee then uses her magic to tear up the cutson Garred, causing excruciating pain on Garred. May then adds more wounds by using a barrage version of her Final Strike, Ultimate Balance. The attacks hit repeatedly, making multiple deep and painful wounds. Sentinel wakes Luke up and said, “C’mon, they’re gaining advantage.” Luke smiled and said, “Biohazard is the best... I’ve never had this amazing feeling before...” Sentinel smiled and they carried on to the battle. Sentinel creates a chainsaw, drilling into Garred’s ankle. Garred roars and said, “You keep making foolish attempts! Can’t you see!? Your battle has defeat written all over it. You’re hopeless!” Saber laughs and said, “It’s not useless, it’s going to defeat you!” Garred spits out flames and said, “Good luck with that... you can never defeat me!” Axel dashed upwards and pierced through Garred. He leaves the projectile for Absolute Defeat in Garred’s chest and quickly flew out. The cosmic rays bombard Garred, once again bringing him a lot of pain. Axel laughs and Dime calls for him. “One more time! We can do this!” Dime shouted. Axel nods and they command the team to move away. While Garred still struggles to recover, they began to use Biohazard V2 again. The two rays fuse this time, signifying their wills to win the battle. The two beams land and explodes again, this time with a bigger blast radius and a much stronger impact. Garred’s spikes were torn off in the impact and they were happy with the result. Garred was struggling to keep standing and they dashed to finish it off. Saber goes for Blade Maelstrom, aiming to end it all. They move connects and Garred falls on his back. Just when they thought that it was over, Garred rises again, with more power than before. “What the!?” Saber shouted. They all backed away and Garred’s bones began to glow a bright purple. His power rises again and he laughed at them. “I told you, you can NEVER defeat me!” Garred shouted as he roared loudly.

Saber gets annoyed and shouted, “Why don’t you just die already!?” Garred laughs and said, “I should be asking that to you! Surrender now or die!” Sentinel threw a battleaxe at Garred, which exploded as it jammed on Garred’s chest. Axel helps Dime get closer to Garred. Dime jumps up and jams his sword onto Garred’s chest. The sword explodes, damaging Garred once again. Rylee uses a large orb of magic on Garred, exploding and knocking him backward. Luke charged forward and used Intensity One on each leg, snaring Garred down. Sentinel uses Calamitous Burst, forcing Garred backwards. He trips on the ice surrounding his feet and everyone rejoiced. Garred tries to rise but he stumbles and drops on a knee. They cheered and May shouted, “He’s slowly losing! Let’s end it!” Garred shook his head and said, “No! I’m not losing!” He slowly stumbles though, showing big damage. “We can do this!” Rylee shouted as she covers May’s whip with a magical aura. May strikes with her whip, cracking Garred’s legs bit by bit. Garred gets hurt and shouted, “Stop trying to defeat me! You know you can’t defeat me!” He roars loudly and taunted them. “I can’t stand this anymore!” Saber shouted. He places his blade on the ground and drags it across the ground. “The more I get frustrated, the stronger my punch gets! That’s the secret to the strongest Final Strike!” He moved far away and charged his power. Saber pulls in all of his energy into his blade. He steps back and charged forward, dragging his blade on the ground. It builds a white light as it gets dragged, slowly increasing its power exponentially. He dashes faster and faster, slowly increasing speed. He roars and unleashed his powerful Final Strike, Divine Breaker. He cuts upwards with his powered up blade, creating a large wave of white energy. The white energy was extremely powerful, pushing Garred back as he receives the attack. The move pushes him back, all the way until Garred slams into the wall. Garred falls down, and seemed like he was defeated. After minutes, he didn’t rise, and Saber became extremely happy. “We did it!” Saber shouted. Axel scans the power and saw that Garred’s power has reduced down to zero. “We... we won?” Sentinel mumbled. The barrier around the guardians vanishes and everyone rejoiced. “We won!” they shouted. Droll limps to them and said, “You guys were amazing! I can’t believe we did it!” May smiled and said, “Swarm... Leech... we did it...” Rylee hugs Saber and they share a kiss. Dime and Axel high fived and they were readying celebrating when suddenly; a rumble in the plains began to occur. “What was that?” Sentinel asked. Axel looks around and saw a power, towering higher than anything they’ve ever seen. Saber and Rylee’s kiss was cut short when they both glanced to Garred. Garred slowly floated upwards, glowing in a dark purple aura. The beast’s body gets up and Garred laughed. “No... no!” Saber shouted as he moved closer. Garred wasn’t dead the entire time! Sentinel kicks the dirt while the team’s celebration was cut short. Luke gets disappointed and said, “No... This can’t be...” Saber’s jaw drops as Garred stood up, ready for battle. “You fools! I will never lose to you! I will never die! I am immortal!” Garred shouted. Axel shook his head and said, “Get ready! The battle hasn’t ended yet!” Droll scurries to a safe area and said, “Be careful, guys!” Sentinel gears up and armed his cannon. Rylee reactivates her angel aura and smiled. “Don’t worry, we’ll keep fighting!” Rylee shouted. Luke readies his power and said, “I’ll take him down! Don’t you worry!” Saber smiled and said, “Alright team! Let’s end this for once and for all!” They all cheered and Garred grins at them, going for the final battle.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Sixty-Three: Biohazard

They prepare for Garred’s next moves and watched Garred approach them. Garred flails around as he ran, rampaging towards them. They scatter and dodge his attacks, but they were caught into Garred’s trap. Garred dropped explosive bones as he ran, which acted like landmines. The team step on them, creating large explosions around them. The guardians shake free and attacked Garred from behind, staggering him. Garred shouted, “You forced me to use my full power... now, I cannot revert back to my human stage; but I will have all the power in the world that I need!” He harvests power from his surroundings, the land, the crystal and the dead corpses around the area. “He’s getting even stronger than before!” Saber exclaimed. They attack him with all of their power, but nothing seems to be damaging him. He began to steal the power of the attacks at him, making him even stronger. Sylux wakes up, seeing the damage Garred has done. He looks into his hands and mumbled, “It might be up to me... to finish this all...” Saber roars and flew up, slashing Garred’s arms with his blades. Garred ignores Saber and continued to gather power from the surroundings. He finishes and lifted his arm, dropping Saber. Saber gets angered and said, “You keep gathering power from the environment... fight us fair and square!” Saber flies upwards and unleashed an uppercut, poking a hole on Garred’s skull. He pulls it out and left a large crack, angering Garred. “This is my power! You are using your powers, and it is just right to use mine too, isn’t it?” Garred shouted as he flung Saber to a plateau, right near Sylux. “Sylux... you’re awake...” Saber mumbled. Sylux nods and said, “Keep it going. I got your back.” Saber nods and the guardians began to fly, trailing around Garred. “We are the Guardians! Garred is a threat to all dimensions, hence all Guardians will fight together to end the menace!” Spire shouted. They bombard Garred with their powers, forcing Garred to shield himself. “Even if you find a hundred Guardians, you will never defeat me!” Garred replied as he releases a roar, pushing them all back. Saber charges first, but he was hit like a baseball and was sent flying uncontrollably upwards. Artas goes next, shooting stones at Garred. During the distraction, he fires fireballs and aqua blasts. Garred shakes the damage off and shouted, “You fools!” He uses the blunt side of his claw to knock Artas away. Spire charges for a big attack while Zoron attacks ahead. He uses his dark blade to cut around Garred’s shoulders, causing him to lower his arms. Spire throws his boomerang, creating a mark on Garred. After a short delay, the mark explodes, leaving burns on Garred. Zoron then threw some dark orbs, lowering Garred onto a knee. Garred roars and stood back up, swinging his arms. He hits the two, sending both of them in separate directions. Garred laughs at them and during the distraction, gets hit by Dime’s coin toss. Saber used Blade Maelstrom on Garred’s back, making wounds again. This time, the move doesn’t drill through Garred, and instead just tore the surface of Garred’s skin. “What the... He can resist our attacks now!?” Saber shouted. Dime shook his head and flew higher. He taunts Garred, causing Garred to roar at him. He drop coins into Garred’s mouth and flew away. After a delay, the coins exploded, creating large damage in Garred’s insides. Dime laughs and flew farther, leaving Garred behind. Saber uses Blade Maelstrom again, this time spending more energy on it. It drills deeper, but once again, Garred recovers. “There’s no point in all of this battling! I’m immortal!” Garred shouted. Axel laughed and said, “Not if we can change that!” Axel dashes and flew up, charging at Garred. Garred’s mouth began to create tentacles, reaching for Axel. Axel flies higher and fired his pulses, knocking Garred’s tentacles backward. Garred roars and reaches for Axel, but he fails and was hit again. Axel continues his dominance, shooting Garred on multiple areas. Axel shoots a delayed beam, landing on Garred’s neck. It explodes after a while, knocking Garred down. Saber was amazed but Garred’s leg moves again and he tries to get back up. “They’re tiring themselves out... they can’t defeat him...” Sylux mumbled, “It’s all up to me! I have to end this!” He takes out a blade from his pocket and spun it around. He cries and said, “Saber... Lyra... everyone... I’ve had a great life with you... It’s been nice... to meet people like you... real friends... allies to be there when you need them...” He shot a white beam at Garred, which created mystic patterns in the air as it flew. “The sacrifice of one... to save the whole world... just as Euphoria said... I’m willing to take the risk!” Sylux shouted. Saber sees the beam and mumbled, “Sylux?” Axel recognizes the move and said, “Sylux...” Sylux closes his eyes and stabs himself on the chest.

Garred was about to roar when he gets stopped by an intense pain on the chest. He coughs out blood and began to weaken. “What the... I’m... immortal! What is this!?” Garred shouted. Sentinel sees Garred and said, “Sylux... he learned Entity Seal!?” Axel nods and said, “He... sacrificed himself to save everything...” Saber runs up the hills, dashing to Sylux. “Sylux... why!?” Saber shouted. Rylee flies near and saw Sylux, with the knife on his hand. “I... I can’t watch you guys suffer as you try to beat him...” The entire team comes up, with Droll being assisted up by Axel. “Sylux...” Axel mumbled. “Hey there Axel... you did good!”  Sylux said as blood comes out of his mouth.Axel smiled and replied, “Not as great as you did.” “Sylux... you took the risk...” Rylee mumbled. Droll began to tear up and said, “Sylux, you are one of my best friends! You can’t’ leave us!” Sylux smiled and said, “Saber... everyone... it was a great trip with you. I met so many people, had great experiences...” Luke tries to control his tears and acted tough as Sylux continued, “but everyone has their time... if I didn’t do this... you will all still be there, fighting the immortal fool...” Spire nods and said, “You are a true hero... your actions were truly valiant.” Sylux thanks him and looked at Saber. The sun began to rise behind them, visible from the portal. “If Lyra asks, tell here... I love her too...” Sylux said. Saber sniffs and said, “Of course. So, let’s play Phantom Clock tonight?” Sylux laughed and replied, “Sure... what time?” Everyone laughed and Sylux slowly closed his eyes. The beacon at Breakcliff shuts off, startling everyone. “Who could it be?” Keith asked. Garred drops onto his knees and his darkness began to circle around him. “No... Shorric’s power was bestowed upon me! I cannot die!” Garred shouted. His darkness grows, changing his entire body’s color into a deep, pitch black. Garred stops moving and became as stiff as a statue, right at the middle of the plains. His darkness cracks and light emerges from inside him. Soon, he bursts, scattering his darkness, which soon faded out and vanished. The team mourns at Sylux’s death but they were all happy with their victory. It was a bittersweet moment. “It’s over...” Rylee mumbled. Saber hugs her and said, “We did it...” To reduce the sadness in the situation, the guardians began to cheer. “We did it! Trivoid is gone!” they shouted. Suddenly, the entire land shook around. “Shit... the Crystals’ about to explode!” Axel shouted as he looked at the crystal, destabilizing by the second. “Everyone get out!” Sentinel shouted as they ran to the exit. The jet helps them out and Axel breaks the pillar, deactivating the portal. The Crystal behind the portal explodes, wiping out the entire dimension. Everything was destroyed and was deleted from existence. All Horzen warriors around the entire universe vanished into thin air. “They did it!” Logan shouted as the team looked up to the sky, which cleared up after a very long and dark night. “Thank goodness...” Danica said as she holds her dad’s pendant in her hands. The team looks back to the temple, which also vanished into nothing after Horzen’s obliteration. “It’s all over...” Rylee said. Saber suddenly grabs Rylee and kissed her. “Good job!” Axel said as he pats Sentinel on the back. “You too,” Sentinel replied. Dime and the Guardians rejoice and they invite Saber over. “Hey Saber, make sure to bring peace to your dimension! You’re its ruler now!” Spire said. Artas nods and said, “That’s right. You have to take responsibility and take charge.” Saber nods and said, “Will do!” The guardians ride on Spire’s ship while Dime says his goodbyes to Axel and the team. “Keep it up, guys!” Dime said. They all smile and waved goodbye to Dime as he went into the ship, departing for each dimension. “Wait up!” Saber shouted. He takes out a pair of gloves from his pockets and said, “These are yours.” Dime smiled and said, “Oh... Thank you... I can’t believe it, you actually kept these.” Saber waved goodbye and the door closes and the ship took off. “Sylux was such a great guy...” Droll mumbled. Luke nods and said, “He was a hero...” They all looked into the bright day and walked to the ship, heading back home. Aboard the ship, they continue celebrating their win. “May... what will you do now? You’re the only leader left,” Rylee said. May shook her head and said, “We have to get new leaders... and more members, too!” Rylee smiled and took her backpack. She sees a plastic bag with a special dumpling in it, with Lyra’s name on it. “What’s this?” Rylee mumbled. Saber came closer and looked at it and saw the note. “It’s a love note from Lyra...” Saber said. Rylee smiled and said, “Now what? Sylux is gone...”  Saber smiled and said, “Keep it. It’s our remembrance of the best friend we had.” Rylee smiled and the ship heads back home.

They get home, where they were surprised by a large banquet at the plaza, made by Lyra and Danica with lots of help from other people who joined in. “Saber!” Logan shouted. They high five and Droll limped towards Logan. “Guess who’s injured too!?” Droll said with a sarcastic tone. Logan laughs and said, “Are you alright?” Droll nods and said, “I’m fine...” They see the long table, spread on the center of the plaza. Everyone was free to eat, the feast is for everyone. May smiled and the team sees her alone. “Swarm and Leech?” Keith asked. May shook her head and pouted. “So that explains... the beacon shut down earlier,” Keith mumbled. Saber shook his head and said, “No... It’s not them...” Sentinel and Axel seem extremely tired and they sat down to rest. Lyra holds a bouquet of flowers and said, “Darling? Where are you?” Saber pouts and Rylee said, “Lyra... he’s gone.” Lyra drops the flowers and said, “Don’t joke with me! He can’t be dead!” She looks around the ship and shouted, “Sylux!? Where are you!?” Saber calms her down and said, “Sylux is gone...” Lyra sniffs and said, “No way...” she drops to her knees and began to cry. “Don’t cry, Lyra... he saved us all. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have beaten Garred, until now,” Rylee mumbled. Lyra continues to cry and Rylee helps her stay calm. “He was brave and heroic. We can’t keep crying on his death, we should be celebrating on Garred’s defeat! Let’s go! It’s a party out there!” Saber shouted. “Why... why did he have to leave us? He could’ve saved the world without dying, right?” Lyra asked. Rylee smile and said, “He had to bond his mortality with Garred. It was the only way to kill him.” Lyra sniffs as Rylee said, “Besides, he told us that he loved you too. He’ll miss you.”  Lyra slowly calms down and sat inside theship. “Sylux... I never had enough time with you... I haven’t heard you say the words to me personally... but... thank you. For changing me,” Lyra mumbled as she stared at the bouquet. Meanwhile, Sentinel explained Sylux’s death to everyone.  Luke shook hands with Logan.“Good job,” Logan said. Luke smiled and said, “Sylux did it all...” Keith couldn’t help but to pout and remember Sylux. “Let’s celebrate! The food’s ready for everyone, and nobody’s willing to leave some behind!” Logan shouted. Ux sees Saber and she smiled. “You did it, coach!” Ux said. Saber laughed and said, “Yes we did... but remember your uncle Sylux, too. He did it all.” Ux was confused and she asked, “Who’s that?” Saber looks into the horizon and said, “A hero...”

The next day...
“Rise and shine!” Axel shouted. Everyone moaned as they got up,still sleepy from the party. “We’re off to Pelmet town. We have to do something very important!” Axel shouted. Saber yawned and they got to their closets to ready for the trip. They wear their casual clothes while Lyra brings along Sylux’s old handgun. “Sylux...” Lyra mumbled. Axel shouted, “Quickly! We need to move fast!” They sighed and moved faster. They get to the plaza, where Gavin is awaiting with the original Biohazard ship. “It’s an urgent mission!” Axel shouted as they got on board. “Are you sure about this, Axel?” Sentinel asked. Axel nods and said, “Of course. We have to do it.” The ship takes off and they were brought back to the old homeland, the great land of Falrun. “Home, sweet home!” Axel shouted. They land and they get off quickly. They were given a heroes’ welcome but Axel said, “Hold the welcoming until later. We have to do something.” The citizens understood and stopped the grand fireworks. “Why is it so important? We could’ve celebrated for a while there...” Saber asked. Axel smile and replied, “Because it is. Now let’s move.” They walked into the Stricken Rune forest and got to the cave. “The Shinko Caverns?!” Keith mumbled. Logan gets shocked and said, “This is where you guys got your powers...” Senitnel nods and said, “And that’s exactly what we’re here for.” Luke grinned and said, “I’ve never been to Falrun before... it’s amazing...” Lyra smiled and said, “This is my homeland, too. I wonder what happened at Gretham...” Rylee gets surprised and asked, “You’re from Gretham too!?” The girls laughed but Axel silences them. The girls pouted and they got inside while Axel led them to a shorter route. They find the large crystal’s core, shining before them. “Why are we here?” Droll asked. “The Shinko Crystal acts as a power core for the people with its blessing, including me. It is the source. Without it, its users will lose their powers. That is why we’re here. With this crystal in existence, Garred would get his rebirth... he would rise again and wreak havoc. Besides, with this in existence, more and more people could come here and abuse its power. We have to finish this... for once and for all,” Axel said as he summoned his staff. “But Axel, your powers...” Saber mumbled. “Gone? Yeah. They will be. But Trivoid is gone; we can loosen up a bit,” Axel said as he released the blades on his staff. Saber looks into Axel’s eyes, possibly glowing red for the last time. “You’re really sure about this...” Sentinel mumbled. Axel nods and said, “Hey, the dimension’s got you guys. You can handle the evil, right?” He breathes in and strikes the crystal, cutting off all of the power that it gave, and ending Garred, forever.

The next day...
“What a beautiful day...” Saber said as he looks into the sea  with the breeze of the morning blowing past him. “Hello there May!” Saber said cheerfully. May waved and said, “Congratulations to your team. You did an amazing job.” Saber smiled and said, “You were there too. You helped just as much as everyone did.” May smiled and said, “Leech... Swarm... I wonder where they are now... in the sea of souls... they must be venturing...” Saber smiled and said, “I’m sure you’ll find new responsible people for the team.” May smiled and left, headed back to the Equilibrium. “It’s the start of a new chapter in life... I’m the Guardian... it’s time to take responsibility,” Saber mumbled. “Yes it surely is!” Rylee said, as she approached him. “Hey there!” Saber said. Rylee smiled and asked, “What are your plans now?” Saber shook his head and said, “I don’t know... It’s very calm now...” Rylee smiled and puts her hands around Saber’s arms. “We won it all, dear...” Rylee mumbled. Saber smiled and said, “Yes we did...” They kiss on the shore while the flocks of seagulls fly across them. Saber looks to the right and saw Ux, sitting on a log. “You two are such lovebirds...” Ux said as she smiled. Rylee laughed and said, “I’ll just see you later then, my love.” Saber nods and waved goodbye as Rylee went back. Ux gets down and asked, “Hey coach, what will you do now? You won against the bad guys, right?” Saber nods and said, “I don’t really know right now. But you better prepare. You might become just as great as we were back then... and when the time comes that evil strikes again, you better get ready, because we’ll be asking for your help!” Ux laughed and said, “Of course! I’m going to be the best!” Ux scurries away back to her home while Saber went back to his. He sees the ladies, cooking lunch. “Mind if I help?” Saber asked. The girls shook their head and said, “It’s alright, you can fix the chairs while we do all the cooking,” Danica said. Saber nods and did as commanded. Blue fixes the ingredients while the other girls cooked. After a while, the lunch was ready. “It’s lunch time!” Saber shouted as he helps the girls ready the food. Luke paused his game and said, “Alright! Guys! Lunch time!” Logan gets down with Droll, followed by Keith. Sky walks down the stairs and sees Sentinel, seated on his chair and reading a book. “Sir, lunch is ready,” Sky said.  Sentinel nods and stood up. He walks down thehallway and knocked on Axel’s room. “Hey! It’s time for lunch!” Axel nods and said, “I’ll be down in a minute!” Sentinel nods and said, “Alright then! We’ll start first.” Axel clears his throat and say down, meditating on his mat. The scene slowly zooms into Axel’s face. Both his eyes are shut and his entire mind is calmed down. He breathes in and opens his eyes, glowing crimson red. He grins and reveals the power still with him and still blazing bright as ever.

The End
Constantly dying yet never dead

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