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Chapter Thirty-One: Rage Against Rage

Rylee looks up in the night sky and remembered Saber. "Should I go to Spiralwood Valley?" Rylee asked herself as he smiled at the stars. "You better prepare for the tournament first. You only have a day left," Kason said as he approached Rylee. "Hey Kason. Do you think I should go and join Biohazard after the tournament?" Rylee asked. Kason smiled and said, "If that is your choice." Rylee smiled and she went downstairs with Kason for dinner.

The next day...
Saber begins training by lifting logs around town. Logan laughs and said, "That's too easy to be considered as training!" Saber laughed and said, "Easy for you." Torch and Droll are training, with Torch shooting fireballs at Droll. Droll dodges them all and grinned. "Good luck against Acren," Torch said. droll smiled and said, "It's a sure loss already. Acren is unbeatable. He's going to read your mind and then he's gonna blow you apart." Torch laughed and said, "Keep thinking positive!" Droll smiled and continued training. Saber brings four logs to the woodcutter's mill and he rested for a while. "Rylee's going to be a hard opponent," Saber said as he drank water. Saber sees Droll working hard as well and he grinned. "We're definitely going to lose in this one," Saber said. Logan laughed and thought, "Negative thoughts, huh?" Droll is still thinking about Acren's power and he loses focus in training. Torch sighs and he sat down for a while. Droll uses his aura sensory and he just took a stroll. Torch followed him and asked, "What's the difference between your aura reading and his telepathy?" Droll turns his aura vision off and replied, "His telepathy reads motions, thoughts and movements... I can read presences, differentiate reality from illusion, see the intensity of a power... he has the advantage." Torch nodded and invited Droll back to have lunch. Saber sees Blue and Sylux coming, both from training. "Sylux, what's up?" Saber asked. Sylux grinned and waved as he showed everyone his upgraded shotgun. "It's my best creation so far," Sylux said as Saber clapped. Blue smiled and place her arrows and her bow down on a corner first before they eat. Saber starts the meal and they finish fast to return to training. Saber smiled as he asked Logan to tie a log up on a tree. Saber asks Logan to push it and Saber would try to resist the impact. Saber fails a couple of times at first but soon he gets the hang of it and finally was able to resist the log's force. Saber smiled but gets hit by the log while he was distracted. "Focus on your training!" Logan shouted as he pushed the log with massive force. Saber blocks it and his feet suddenly glowed as he stopped the log. "What is this new power?" Saber wondered as he noticed his feet leaving a trail of aura. "Whatever that is, it's awesome!" Logan said and he laughed. Saber remembers Rylee and thought, "I must put an end to Hayley's haunting..." Saber punched the log this time, splitting it perfectly in half. The punch left a trail in its path, like his feet did earlier. "Whoah... You're getting good," Logan said as he looked for a bigger log. Saber smiled and continued training. Droll runs up a muddy slope, trying not to slip. "You do know, one wrong move and you could get covered in mud, right?" Torch asked. Droll ran faster and somehow got to the top of the hill. Droll kicks the mud and it splashes near Torch but he was able to dodge them. Droll laughed but as he sat down, he slid all the way back and got dirty. "Karma has its timing, now doesn't it?" Torch said as he walked away. Droll laughed and got to the shower room to get cleaned up.

"Sentinel, what is our plan?" Axel asked as they were hiking up a mountain. "We're close to Pelmet Town. In a couple of hours, we'll be there," Sentinel replied and they began to move on. Axel gets a glimpse of Pelmet Town and smiled. "We're here," Axel said as they ran downhill to get to the cave. They arrive and Axel checks the place's aura. "The crystal's power, I can't find it!" Axel shouted. Sentinel asked him to lower his voice and they went to the core room. "The golems are down... Someone's been here," Sentinel said as he used his scanner. He kept searching for fingerprints and found one on a golem. "I found it!" Sentinel said. Axel smiled while Sentinel's scanner began to process the owner of the prints. "No... It can't be!" Sentinel shouted as he fell on his knees. "What's the matter?" Axel asked. "These... These fingerprints! They're... Garred's!" Sentinel shouted as Axel was socked and his jaw dropped. "Are you sure!? It can't be! It must be a mistake!" Axel shouted. Sentinel lowers his tone and said, "It's no mistake... the greatest threat to the world in existence... he's back... and he's much stronger than ever." Axel growled and thought, "We need to get back to Biohazard... fast!"

The next morning...
Saber sees Rylee approaching and they prepare for the battle. "I wish you luck," Rylee said as they shook hands. The crowd cheers as the announcer shouted, "The semi-finals of the Gretham Battle Tournament!" The referee starts the battle and Saber plays passively for the first few seconds. Rylee initiated with a kick but Saber quickly jumped over it and fired a pulse blast at Rylee. Rylee laughed and fired a surprise pulse blast of her own, surprising Saber. "I have the ability to retaliate with exactly what just hit me! Never told you that, huh?" Rylee said. Saber smiled and they continued and Saber goes furious to try and trigger Hayley. He grabs her and punched her on the back swiftly, calling the referee's attention. "Saber's got Rylee in a massive flurry of punches! Will the referee stop it?" the announcer said. The referee ends it and Saber gets the first point. Hayley's power began to take over but Rylee kept resisting. Saber sees Rylee struggling and he stopped attacking for a while. The crowd gets confused as Saber walked to Rylee to check on her. Saber places his hands on her shoulder but suddenly, hey eyes glowed flaming orange and she punched Saber, sending him flying all the way to the wall. Saber is massively hurt but Logan noticed a trail of shining aura as Saber flew. The referee lifts a flag and was about to end the match when suddenly, Saber went out of the hole and wiped the dirt off his coat. "That's what I like!" Saber shouted. Logan realized that Saber's new aura gave him a massive increase in resisting damage. Saber smiled and the match is tied at 1-1. Saber dodges Rylee's attacks perfectly, causing Hayley's rage to completely take over. Saber grinned as he fired a large pulse, shocking Hayley and sending her back. She stays in the mat and shouted, "You don't understand! If you let me take over this body, I will become strong! Rylee's a useless soul! All she is... is weak!" Saber gets mad at these words and replied, "That isn't true! Rylee is a kind-hearted girl! Unlike you! You may be strong, but your heart... cold as ice!" Hayley laughed and dashed to Saber in the blink of an eye. She lands another punch, sending shockwaves all around Saber's body. He gets blasted to the wall once again, knocking him outside for another point. "What... tremendous power! Saber is now calling Rylee as Hayley? Why?" The announcer wondered. Hayley looked at the announcer's room and fired a wave of spinning energy, scaring the announcer. "I declare this match over!" The referee said. He raises the flag but it gets knocked down by Hayley. "Continue the fight," Hayley commanded. The referee was intimidated and he reinstated the battle. The rocks began to crumble and Saber stepped out of the hole, angered and infuriated. "So that is why you and Rylee like each other! You are both weak!" Hayley shouted. Saber's aura began to fuel and his temper rose. His blazing red aura scattered around the arena, surprising everyone. "This is just like in the battle against Damus all over again!" Sylux shouted. The crowd is surprised as Saber's aura darkened into a crimson-maroon color. "You brought up a challenge... you challenged the wrong guy," Saber taunted as he got on the mat. "Is he... in control!?" Blue exclaimed. Saber dashed and his rage slowly took control. He brutally attacked Hayley, sending her flying up in the air. Saber spun forward and kicked, making Hayley crash down on the ground, outside the mat. "That was... Amazing!" The announcer shouted as he got up from the floor. "2 points all!" the referee shouted and Hayley became infuriated. "Another point taken from me!?" Hayley shouted. She goes into a full frenzy and her aura shifts to black, and demonic aura wings emerged. She dashes to Saber, having the two clash in the field. The furiously attack each other but Saber throws Hayley all the way back on to the mat, weakening her. "I've gathered all my power into this one last shot... This should work!" Saber said as he dashed with his fist clenched. His fist got covered in shining white aura and he punched Hayley, knocking her down. Saber falls on the mat and is fully exhausted, unable to get up. Rylee regains control and sees that Saber is open for attacks. She finishes the match with an energy beam, taking Saber out for the victory. Saber regains power and congratulated Rylee. Rylee smiled and hugged Saber. She suddenly collapsed, unconscious on the ground. "Saber lost..." Droll said as he noticed his soda cup was empty. "Hey who drank this!?" Droll asked. Logan remains silent and whistled as he burped. Droll is mad and Sylux laughed. Keith sees Saber's defeat and felt sad and he went back to training with other wizards. "Rylee! Are you alright? Talk to me!" Saber said. Rylee wakes up in her bed at her house. "Kason and I treated your wounds while you were asleep," Saber said. Rylee smiled and quickly kissed Saber. Kason sees them and said, "Hey hey hey, do that somewhere else." The two stopped and Rylee said, "I'll be coming to Spiralwood with you guys." Saber smiled and said, "You are welcome to join us any time."

Meanwhile at the Arena...
Droll attacks first but Acren perfectly dodges the attacks again. "Read the presences... read his moves..." Droll chanted to himself as he began to dodge Acren's moves. "The tables have turned on this match! Droll is now the one who is dodging the other's attacks!" the announcer said. Torch smiled and said, "Our training must've paid off." Droll finally read the exact aura and got a roundhouse kick landed, followed by a palm strike, knocking Acren down for the first time. Acren gets up but Droll generates a clone which kicks him on the chest, sending him outside the mat. The crowd goes wild as they witness Acren lose a point for the first time. Acren smiled and said, "Nice chant you've been thinking of. It helped you." Acren does a very fast spin kick, taking Droll down instantly for a point. "But it didn't help enough," Acren added. Droll sighed and said, "This is what I feared to happen." Droll took three kicks to the body and a final one to the head, giving Acren another point. Droll laughed at himself and received a final kick to the jaw, ending the battle. "Acren wins!!!" the announcer shouted. Acren smiled while a courier approached the announcer. "What's this?" The announcer asked. He took the microphone and said, "Well, we have a message from Rylee's side, and she cannot continue in the tournament." The crowd becomes sad but the announcer added, "That makes Acren the winner of the first Gretham Battle Tournament!" The crowd cheers for him and they clapped. Acren bows and Droll congratulated him. "Good job," Droll said as he got up. "Thank you," Acren replied and the fireworks began to shoot.

Later that evening...
The celebration continues in the Battle Center and they continue to congratulate Acren. Saber and the team congratulated him and they went outside by the peak to have a talk. Droll sat by Acren and they looked at the moon. "Hey Acren, I've been wondering, what can you say about your power? I can merely call mine a simple cloning trick that gets too old," Droll said. Acren smiled and replied, "I don't call it a power, I call it a gift. An amazing gift of nature. Every mind is but a link, and that link is open, waiting for connections. My gift gave me the blessing to wield the chain to connect these links. When these links connect, their minds are linked, and their thoughts are shared." Droll is impressed at his words of wisdom and laughed. "You're a strong guy, Acren," Droll said as he returned to the group to drink more cola. Acren looked at saber and saw worry about Rylee in his mind. He approached Saber and had a chat with him. "Why do you care for Rylee?" Acren asked. saber laughed an replied, "Well, I kinda like her, but... she reminds me of myself... getting taken over by rage and emotions. I just want to help her resolve her problem. One way or another." Acren smiled and said, "Thought so." They eat some roasted chicken and they all had fun. "Oh right... Saber!" Blue said. "I just remembered, the Starfall Festival is tomorrow!" Blue added. Saber gets shocked and said, "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! We better get there!" Everyone cheered and saber said, "We'll be going to Starfall Town tomorrow! The Vermilion Comet.. rumored to give luck to those who get a glimpse of it." The group gets excited for the event and they continued with the party.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Thirty-Two: A Night to Remember

The team is on the RUST, getting back home. "Rylee's officially a member of Biohazard!" Saber said and the group cheered. Rylee thanks the team and they see Spiralwood just around the corner. "I never expected Spiralwood to be so beautiful..." Rylee said. As they arrive, Rylee joins Blue in her room. "It's been so long since I've had somebody else in the room... ever since Bloom and Euphoria left..." Blue said. Rylee laughed and they all went to sleep immediately.

The next morning...

Droll pulls off a trick once again, this time tying heavy weights to everyone's leg, then placing the weight under the bed. He shouted, "Fire! Fire!" and everyone panicked. Once they tried to get up, they trip on the thread and they fall. Droll kept laughing and he was about to go outside when suddenly, "Good morning everyone!" Rylee shouted as she opened the door. The door slams on Droll's face, knocking him down. Rylee apologizes but Droll just got up and laughed. Everyone got free from the threads and they went outside. Logan pats Droll on the head hard, knocking him down again. everyone went outside to eat breakfast. They were surprised to see Saber finished eating and getting ready. "We need to get there fast! The festival comes once every century... it's a once in a lifetime opportunity!" Saber said. They rush to eat and they finish after a few minutes. They get ready to leave and they go to Gavin to ask for a ride to Starfall Peak. Saber notices that Gavin is fixing the Levitator and he sighs. "The Levitator's broken... now what?" Saber asked. They went to Jack's Stable, seeing nobody around. "Now what?" Logan asked. Sylux looks around and finds another way of travelling to the distant town. "I guess we're trapped..." Droll said. Logan continue to wonder and he sighs. "I guess... we will miss it," Blue sadly said. "What in the world is that!? " A man said from a bell tower. "Saber, take a look at that!" Rylee said as she pointed to the sky. "I must be hallucinating... it can't be the comet!" Saber said. He suddenly realizes that it was a crashing ship, directing towards the forest. The ship speeds, crashing into the ground, but a smaller ship ejects and flew out of the explosion. "It's headed this way!" the citizen said as he ran away. Saber and the team prepared their weapons as it flew towards them. The ship lands, leaving a large cloud of smoke. "Who are you!?" Saber shouted as he covered his mouth from the smoke. Two silhouettes of people appear, with one looking injured. They withdraw their weapons and approached the ship. "Saber!" the man shouted as he threw a towel at him. "This towel... can it be?" Saber said as the fog cleared out, revealing Sky and his injured father, Spire. "Sky... it's been a while!" Saber said as he ran and shook hands with Sky. "I see people have joined and some have left..." Sky said. "Who is that guy? He looks funny," Droll said as he tapped Logan's knee. "That's Sky, son of the guardian from Sine. He joined us back then to help us defeat Trivoid," Logan said. Droll gets shocked at the statement and wondered, "Is that guy really as strong as Logan says he is?" "Hey, Logan! I wouldn't say that I helped you defeat Trivoid just yet," Sky said as he pouted. Saber gasped and said, "What? What do you mean?" Spire coughs and his wounds continue to bleed. "Take dad to the medics!" Sky commanded. They rush back to Biohazard to get him healed. They are in the medical room and Saber approached Sky. "What do you mean, you didn't help us defeat Trivoid? You contributed a lot in that battle!" Saber said. "I know that... but, we didn't defeat Trivoid. Not at all," Sky replied. Everyone gasped but Droll and Rylee are confused. "Trivoid? What's that?" Droll asked. Rylee joins Droll in his confusion and Torch replied, "It's an organization, much like Biohazard... but they intend on evil purposes..." Sky said, "Trivoid is far from over... Garred... a much more powerful enemy... he has begun on his onslaught. He destroyed the giant dimension of Karganz... and Sine suffered the same fate..." Saber gasps and said, "Garred... but he's dead!" Everyone gasped but Spire began talking. "He is far from dead... he never died... he had the crystal's power... and he was reborn. He was under reconstruction by Trivoid... that was Damus's main plan! To revive Garred! And he succeeded..." Spire said. Saber continues to get shocked by the news and Sky said, "His plan is to take down every dimension's Guardian... and take their power... Heinside of Karganz wasn't so lucky..." Saber growled and shouted, "So... Axel died... for nothing!? Euphoria... Shard... Axel... they risked their lives in order to stop them! And now you're saying that Trivoid isn't done?!" Blue calms Saber down and he breathed out heavily. "That is partially correct... but..." Spire said but he didn't finish for he passed out. "You just rest, dad. We'll take care of this," Sky said. Droll raised his hand and asked, "Sorry to be out of topic, but aren't we supposed to go to the Vermilion Festival?" Sky smiled and said, "The comet comes tonight, huh?" Saber nodded and Sky said, "I can take you guys there, on the ship." Everyone suddenly became happy and Saber said, "Really? That would be great!" Sky smiled as he patted his father on the chest. "We'll be back by tonight. You just stay here and rest," Sky said as he directed the team to the ship. Everyone left already but Spire woke up and said, "Guys... Axel is alive."

Starfall Peak

The team arrived and they saw a small crowd in the town. "Wow... all these people..." Rylee said. "You can't blame them. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so everyone across the world would want to see this," Sky said. They land by the forest and the citizens recognize Sky. "Sky... welcome back!" the citizens said as they cheered. "Sky... what's so special with him?" Droll asked Logan. "They'requite grateful for Sky. He helped a lot of people both here and in Spiralwood," Logan replied. Droll nods and grinned. Rylee smiled at the village and said to Saber, "This place is amazing! Perfect place to celebrate an amazing festival!" Saber smiled and they went to the peak to wait. "Wow... we came just in the right time... It's a first come - first served system here. The first hundred people get to enjoy the view at the peak!" Sylux read on a sign. "We're really lucky to have you, Sky," Blue said. Saber sees all the food stands and game stations open, unlike when he first arrived. "Last time I went here... these stations were as abandoned as Droll's underwear drawer!" Saber said. Everyone laughed and Droll said, "Hey! I just changed my undies yesterday!" They reach the peak and they looked for a place to reserve. They placed their reservations and they went back down to eat lunch. They had a meal at a large restaurant. Logan eats the most, as usual. They billed out and took a walk by the beach. "That's the Mystic Forest, where Sky, saved our lives," Blue said. Sky laughed and said, "You were lucky I was training at the moment." "This is Rylee, she recently joined us. We met her at the Gretham Battle Tournament," Saber said as Rylee shook his hand. "Pleased to meet you," Sky said. Saber sighed and pointed at Droll, who was picking his nose. "This... isDroll. Like his name says, he has a very droll personality... He plays tricks on everyone, so don't get too close. Only Logan can take care of him," Saber said. Sky laughed and asked, "Where is Keith?" Saber replied, "He went to the Coltross College of Magic. He became a powerful wizard lately." They continue walking down the beach when a tree suddenly sprouted in front of them and its branches hugged them. "What's with this tree?" Saber said as he tries to break free. The tree returns underground and they heard a girl shout from afar, "Hey guys!!!" They turn around to see Bloom, running towards them. "Bloom! It's been so long since we've last seen each other!" Sky said. Bloom gets shocked at Sky's presence and asked, "Weren't you back to Sine?" Sky smiled and said, "It's a long story... I'd rather not tell it right now." Bloom nodded and joined them in their chat. "Why did you leave Biohazard?" Sky asked. "Well, Airshawl Village is just so special... they need me in their everyday lives, so I decided to stay behind. Actually, because I left right now, the land might return to its barren state when it was still Stormsurge Peak!" Bloom said. Droll began throwing rocks at the sea to see them bounce. Torch smiled and got a chunk of sand. He burned it and threw it to the sea, making it bounce quite far. They all took turns throwing but Logan suddenly threw a humongous rock, landing far away and making a large splash. They all laughed and kept chatting on their way back to the town.

The skies are getting dark and the moon appeared. "In a few hours... the festival will begin!!!" Blue said and she is very excited. "A once in a lifetime event... And we are here to witness it..." Sky said. Saber smiled at the sky as the light of the comet. "Guys... this is it!" Rylee said. The clouds cover the comet but some of its light can already be seen. "The first time in a hundred years..." Sky said. People began taking pictures and some cheered as they saw the comet. Rylee makes a wish and Saber joins her. "What are you wishing for?" Saber asked. Rylee replied, "What are you wishing for?" Saber smiled and said, "I wish you could get thing straight with Hayley... and that we defeat Trivoid once again." Rylee smiled and Saber asked, "Now, what is your wish?" Rylee smiled and replied, "I already got mine... to have a loving friend." Saber kisses Rylee and Droll looks at them and said, "Yuck... they're at it again." Droll keeps laughing and said, "I hope readers don't get disturbed..." Saber pushed Droll away and they see the full view of the star. Reporters arrive and film the comet and they suddenly recognize Saber and the team. "By any chance, are you the members of the organization Biohazard?" The reporter asked. Saber nodded and the reporter screamed like a little girl. "I am Madison, reporter for Grand Flower News! What can you say about the comet?" The reporter asked. "It's such a wonderful sight... once every century... and we get to see it," Saber said as he smiled. "What an amazing speech!" Madison said as she began to interview the other members. The camera man suddenly shook because Droll kept poking him with his clones. "Hey! Stay away!" The camera man said. he rams into the boom operator and they trip. "Hey! What's going on there!?" Madison said as she saw the two men lying down on the ground. "Sorry ma'am," The men said as they got up and Droll laughed. They continue on to watch the beautiful comet. "since it's going to be here all night anyways, why don't we go and enjoy the festival first?" Saber said as he went down to play games and eat. Droll plays some games while Torch cooked food with Bloom. "So, can we hang out again?" Torch asked. "Sorry... I just can't," Bloom replied. Torch burns his food and sighed. Logan carries Droll around the peak on his back and Droll acted like a child on a roller coaster. "Why is his mind so childish?" Sky asked. "It's just Droll..." Blue said. Sylux and Saber began to take a stroll down the food stands and had a food trip. Rylee catches up to the two and asked, "Mind if I join you?" Saber smiled and the team had a fun and enjoyable night at the Vermilion Festival.

Spiralwood Valley
"No way!" a patrol guard shouted. "Am I dreaming or something?" another shouted. Spire looks outside and said, "What's going on?" He suddenly gets patted on the shoulder from behind and he screams in shock. He takes out his knife but withdrew it after he recognized the man. "I know about what Garred did. And we might know where he's off to next," Axel said. "Is that... Sentinel?" Spire asked as he saw Sentinel wave at him. "I must be dreaming! Wake me up!" Spire shouted. Axel used him calming pulse on Spire. "It is you... but Sentinel... didn't he die?" Spire asked. Sentinel shook his head in response. "The battle with Trivoid has only begun."

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Thirty-Three: Taking Matters into Hand

Starfall Town
Sylux walks down the bright street full of stands and smiles at the festival. Droll suddenly bumps into him and ran unrelentingly down the road. Sylux looks on his feet and saw a stink bomb, ready to explode. Sylux panicked and threw it towards the sea, keeping it away from others. Multiple other bombs began to explode around the plateau and the stench scattered. Bloom uses her plants to absorb the stink and Saber chased Droll. Droll was laughing by the foot of the plateau and Saber caught up to him. Logan followed them and saw Saber grab him by the back said, "Yancey Droll Legions! What have you done again!?" Logan began laughing and shouted, "Ha! Your name is Yancey!? Hahahaha!!!" Droll feels ashamed and Saber scolded him. Sylux watches from the peak and said, "That boy will never change." The comet is at full view and Sylux watched it as it flew in the night sky. Saber looked up and said, "That is your lucky star. I'm not going to continue this." Saber left him and Logan is still laughing. Saber gets back to the peak and enjoys the view once again. Sylux closes his eyes and wishes. Droll gets back uphill and apologized to everyone. Bloom sees Droll, walking sadly. "Are you alright?" Bloom asked. Droll nodded and continued walking to the peak. He joins the rest in the peak and they forgave him. They continued to have fun while Sky thought about Garred's attacks. Saber approached him and said, "Is everything alright?" Sky nodded and said, "I hope dad's okay..." Saber patted him at the back and said, "Let's go! The party is waiting!" Sky refused but Saber tugged Sky to get in the party anyway. Logan is already full, due to his rushed feast earlier. The gang enjoys the festival and partied all night.

"Let's see what else you can do," Garred said as he sent Reyl into a simulation room. He doesn't do anything and said, "I require the Dark Moon's light in order to become stronger... without it, I am just a ruthless killer." Garred nods and went to his lab. He returned, holding a crystal. "This is, a fragment of the Dark Moon. The enormous stone found in Balkry..." Garred said as he tossed it over to Reyl. Reyl said, "Here it goes." He growls and his bones began to enlarge. He growled and roared as a three huge bones surrounded his hands and formed a weapon. He begin howling and most of his body gets covered in hair. His face remains the same but with thicker hair and his eyes redden. He grins and revealed his large fangs and he roared. Amazed, Garred claps and asked, "How often are you able to do that?" Reyl chuckled and replied, "As long as I want to." He returns to human form and Evo entered the room with a lot of new weapons coded in his system. Garred grins as he said, "Next on the list... is the Void!" Evo gasped and said, "What? The Void? That's too much of a risk sir!" Garred simply answered, "We will still win."

"Saber!" Sky said. "We're here!" he added as he parked outside Biohazard. The team wakes up and looked outside. "What time is it?" Saber asked. "It's two in the morning. You guys had a blast back there!" Sky replied. The team gets off the jet and went inside. They see Spire standing outside, waiting. "Guys... you won't believe what happened last night!" Spire said. Sky gets confused and asked, "What?" Spire refuses to reply and directed them to Saber's room. "Hey! My room is strictly off-limits except to myself!" Saber said. Spire laughed and said, "Well, I do believe someone deserves the room more than you." Saber gets shocked and he asked the team to enter the room slowly. They all shout as they catch the sight of Axel, placing his clothes in a closet. "Hey guys, how hard did we rock last night? I think we're still seeing things," Logan said as he rubbed his eyes. Torch didn't believe and tossed a small fireball at him. Axel caught it without looking and threw it back at him. He catches it and absorbed the flames. "So, what do you think?" Axel said as he showed his face and spread his arms wide. Saber couldn't believe his eyes and said, "Am I dreaming or something?" Axel pats him on the head and said, "Well, if you're shocked to see me alive, you might die of a heart attack if you go into the training chamber." An explosion suddenly occurs in the training chamber. "Axel? The dead guy?" Droll asked. "Well Yancey, it seems that he isn't dead," Logan said and he is still surprised at seeing Axel. Saber hugs Axel. Axel laughed and directed them to the basement. Another explosion occurs and Saber gets confused. He rushes ahead and sees Sentinel, firing his cannon. "Who is that?" Saber asked. Axel laughed and called him. "So... Twenty-one years have passed since I've last seen you..." Sentinel said as he hugged Saber. He becomes confused and asked, "Who are you?" Sentinel laughed and said, "Just the leader of The Resistance, and founder of Biohazard. That's all." Saber's face had a huge smile and he hugged his father. "Welcome back dad!" Saber shouted. Everyone gets shocked while Axel was smiling. "I thought Sentinel was dead!" Torch shouted. "Never believe unless you're sure, am I right?" Axel said. The reunion ends early for Sentinel and Axel told the bad news. "They're attacking every single dimension, defeating its guardians one by one. They have conquered Karganz and Sine, and both their guardians lost their powers. Spire is regaining his abilities, since we gave him a treatment that would again restart his power, but we couldn't say who their next target is," Sentinel said. Saber gets shocked and asked, "Who is our guardian!? Is it you dad?" sentinel shook his head and Axel replied, "Nobody knows who our Guardian is yet. Ours died half a century ago, and we still do not know who the new one is. It is a blessing given to a random inhabitant of our dimension." Saber nodded and asked, "Why did you say it was me?" Axel gets shocked and said, "I knew you would read those one day." He explains everything further while the rest began to return to their normal routines. Sky sees his old room and said, "This place barely changed." He gets his things stowed in his closet. Saber enters the room and said, "Hey guys... it seems that I'll be sleeping here again!" Droll began to count on his fingers and said, "That's six of us in a single room!" Saber nodded and said, "I'll be on the top bed again." He leaves his things behind and went back to Axel and Sentinel. They plan on how they will fight back Trivoid. "We don't have a single clue on where they are going, how will we do it?" Saber thinks and grinned. "I might know someone who could help," he said as he went out to call Gavin. "Gavin, where is Bannirmid?" Gavin gets shocked by the question and said, "It's at Balkry, some miles southeast. It's a fast travel, but why would you ant to go to such a creepy place?" Saber didn't reply and said, "Let's just go." He sees an upgraded and much more designed Levitator, ready for use. "I upgraded it a lot while you guys were gone. Now let's try it out," Gavin said. They get on board and it drove on land like a car at first. It sped up and took off, beginning their journey to the City of the Minds.

Saber gets to the Temple of Knowledge and looks around. He sees prophets, mages, priests, but not the guy he is looking for. He gets into the deeper parts of the temple but the pilgrims are disallowing entrance in Grand Hall. "Let him pass," A man said. Acren welcomes Saber into the hall. "Biohazard requires your help. We need you to decipher Trivoid and its plans," Saber said. Acren nodded and replied, "I'll do it. But the power of the mind has its limits. And I cannot just read anyone's mind." Saber smiled and thanked Acren. "I can see you want to know about Trivoid's plan. They are attacking every dimension, am I right?" Acren said. Saber nodded and Acren directed him to the Grand Library of Kains. "This is our imitation of the Soronox Grand Library. Our library could never outmatch their coverage of knowledge," Acren said. They get to the map of dimensions and Saber takes a look. "I have gathered enough information in your mind. Kains is the only dimension to have more than one planet in it, although it already has been destroyed after the war with Trivoid. That's where your father, Sentinel, supposedly 'died'. They attacked Karganz and defeated Heinside... They seem to have attacked the southern dimensions. Kains is in the center of the dimensions, and so far, they attacked Sine and Karganz, both located to the south. if they continue this, the probability of an attack at The Void is high. The Void is known to be a mercenary's dimension, with intense power and skill bestowed upon every inhabitant. They might hold off Trivoid, but knowing that he already abused the Shinko Crystal, he will take Zoron down fast... this will be a challenge," Acren said. Saber nodded and asked, "How will we catch up? If they already began their journey, there is no chance of getting to The Void before they arrive!" Acren grinned and said, "We have a man in our Temple. An exiled man from The Void. He knows how to get there fast, but he seldom talks." Saber follows Acren into the back of the library and they saw the man. Acren stares at him and they talked through telepathy. "This is Saber. Saber this is Borneir, our only lurker," Acren said. Saber wondered and asked, "Lurker?" Acren laughed and replied, "Lurkers are what we often call men from The Void. Women, on the other hand, are called crawlers." Saber nodded and Acren resumes his talk with Borneir. Borneir stood up and led them to a bookshelf. He gave them the book and saber began reading. Acren flipped the book all the way to the main point. "The Extrice Portal in Coltross. It can send a person from The Void to Kains and vice versa. Coltross is inhabited by quite a lot of lurkers and crawlers... no wonder they built a portal," Saber said. "Keith is in Coltross, we should meet him," he added as he closed the book. "Thank you Borneir," Saber said. The two left and Borneir returned to his studies. Saber invites Acren to join them but Acren declined. "I am one of the leaders of this temple, I cannot leave it. Good luck to you, my friend," Acren explained. Saber nodded and bid farewell as he went back outside to call Gavin and Keith. "Hey Keith, we will meet you there. We have a lot to explain to you," Saber said. Keith was confused but Saber already hung up and called Gavin. Gavin arrives shortly and Saber got back on.

Saber tells everyone the news. "Some of us will have to stay. Trivoid can return here in an instant," Axel said. Saber agreed to the strategy and they began deciding. Blue, Spire and Sylux volunteered. They got into an agreement and the rest went off to the Levitator. "I prefer it to be called the Biohazard All-Terrain Vehicle. It's fully upgraded to-" Gavin said but he stopped when he realized that nobody was listening. He sighed and got on. They fly off to Coltross, stopping over on the College of Magic. They see Keith waiting outside, talking to some friends. "Keith!" Logan shouted. Keith sees them and saw the larger vehicle. He gets on but get surprised when he saw Axel. Saber explained and they introduced him to Sentinel. "Hey, let's all introduce ourselves while we're flying! That would be fun!" Rylee said. Saber agreed and began. "You all know me, Saber. The weak person who cannot control his own powers." Everyone laughed and Torch went next. "Hi, I'm Torch, the fire elemental who can't keep up the flame." Sky went next and said, "I am Sky, the alien. I am not from here, but I like you people. I hope all people are as agreeable as you back at home." Torch raised his hands and said, "I am not from here either. I'm actually born in Goran." Sky was impressed and Logan went next. "I am Logan! The man you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley while I have a grudge on you." Everyone laughed loudly and Droll came next. "I am Droll..." Logan interrupted by coughing and saying, "Yancey!" They began laughing but Droll continued. "I am the prankster... that is all." Rylee came next and said, "I am Rylee, or Hayley... one of the two. I have my sister's personality trapped in me, and I cannot control her." Axel seems intrigued and came next. "I am Axel. The one with shades. I like lounging with some coffee. You wouldn't want to get me angered." Sentinel was the next one and he saw that they were about to land. "I am Sentinel. The big boss." Everyone laughed and Sentinel continued, "I am leader of The Resistance, father of Saber and I will swear to take Trivoid down once again." The clapped and Keith went last. "I am Keith, the member who would like to focus on magic. I want to keep helping others and fight Trivoid back." They land and get off and they saw the stone arch. Gavin reasoned with the guards and they were allowed to use the portal. Some more guards came and came to the area and said, "If this is true, we will come and help." Saber smiled and they all went through the portal, with high hopes of Trivoid to be there.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Thirty-Four: The Clash in The Void

They arrive to see some ships arriving. "What are those?" Saber asked. Sentinel and Axel growled and said, "The Horzen warriors are here!? But how!?" Garred's main ship is approaching down the horizon, preparing for the attack. "Let's stay hidden and take down their defenses," Saber said. They infiltrated into the guardian's temple to warn Zoron. Zoron was already prepared for the attack and he is looking out on his throne. "It's time..." Zoron said as he stood up and walked to the terrace. Garred sees the temple and said, "Release the soldiers! Wreck their defenses down!" The other ships land and the army comes out. They began their attack while Garred, Evoreth and Reyl aimed at Zoron and the trio jumped off. They landed in the throne room where guards attacked them. Reyl easily sliced and diced them and Evoreth grinned. "My Lord, I shall prepare the chains," Evo said as he began assembling the machine. Garred came up and challenged, "Zoron! I will challenge you to a fair battle, and the winner takes the other's energy! Do we have a battle?" Zoron agreed and warped behind Garred and attacked him with his dark sword. He disappeared but Garred read his moves and countered with a solid punch. Saber and the team open the door, revealing the battle. "Garred challenged Zoron to a fair battle. We cannot interfere," Evoreth said. Zoron gets kicked in the face and thrown into a wall. He fights back with a dark wave but Garred absorbed it. Zoron saw Garred charging towards him and clawed Zoron, returning the energy of the dark wave. Zoron struggles to get up but got kicked down again. Saber could not remain calm while Zoron is getting beaten up and attacked Evoreth. Evoreth retaliated with a blast, knocking Saber back. His defense aura activates and he fired a pulse. Reyl joins in and the rest of the team help out. The brawl sparks up and Garred defeated Zoron. He activates the chains by himself and began to take Zoron's powers. Saber sees this and attacked with a huge pulse. Garred blocks it with his arm and fully absorbed his power. Evoreth and Reyl get thrown into a wall, leaving Garred as the only enemy. The Void's strongest heroes arrive and attempted to help but they get taken out immediately with a dark sweep. "Your guardian's powers are extraordinary! It's amazing!" Garred shouted. He sees Sentinel and Axel and he laughed. "The old Biohazard has reformed?" Garred asked. He smiled and teleported behind the group, creating an explosion at his wake. He destroys the ground and sent the team flying and dropped them the lower floor. Keith fired huge fireball followed by Chaos Wind Gates, sucking the flames and making a twister. He fired the flaming vortex at Garred but he punched it and it shattered, scattering the flames around the room. He punched Keith, taking him down. Keith was able to blast an ice spell before he landed, freezing the ground and giving him a slide to safety. Sky fired a barrage of lightning arrows, electrifying Garred. Sentinel and Axel did the ritual and charged. "It's Biohazard!" Saber said as Garred and Axel jumped. They dive and kick, making an explosion in the shape of Biohazard's symbol. The smoke clears, revealing Garred undamaged with an evil look on his face.

Garred strikes swiftly, taking Axel off guard. Saber fuels his rage and tried to help but Garred flew up carrying Axel, breaking Saber's plans. He fired pulses at him but they miss. Sky aims well and fired another arrow, taking Garred down and causing him to drop Axel. Axel uses his staff to propel his landing, making it safe. Droll gives his attempts and attacks Garred from all around. He finds the real one and choked him He threw him into the wall, taking him out. Evoreth and Reyl get up but Evoreth stops Reyl from attacking. "Let Garred take care of this," Evo said. Reyl growled and refrained from attacking. Sentinel charged and activated his gauntlet, creating a battleaxe from visibly nothing. He swings furiously, taking Garred down. Garred get up and took Sentinel off his feet with psychic waves. " The guardian of Karganz... Heinside! His power flows in my veins!" Garred shouted as he released thunderbolts from his hand. Sentinel falls down while Logan and Torch get into their new combo. Torch runs towards Logan, who tosses him in the air. Torch spins forward and drops his leg, making a flaming kick. Garred takes the attack but it barely did anything. He attacked Torch and Logan, sending them both out. Saber goes into a frenzy and attacked Garred, making a tough duel. Both kept going on with amazing attacks and dodges, keeping the match in a draw. Saber gets the first hit with his punch and followed with a pulse barrage. Saber attempted another blast but Garred warped away. He fired a lightning bolt and Saber triggered his defensive aura. He jumped through the bolt, ignoring the damage and landed a straight jab. Garred grinned and said, "You have quite the power, kid." Garred appeared behind Saber and used Spire's power. He throws a a spreading ray of energy, cutting Saber. Saber's wounds began to burn and he is paralyzed in pain. Sky gets angered and fired his special "Father-Son Destruction arrow" He fired it, releasing an effect similar to his father's razor waves. It wounded Garred, burning him as well. He grinned and shouted, "You are better than your father!" He drops to a knee and Axel was going to finish him off. His Shinko curse activated, healing him and making a blazing aura. Axel gets knocked back awhile Garred focuses on Sky. Garred fired three orbs of dark energy, taking Sky down. Torch and Logan couldn't do anything, but Torch still attempted to attack. He gets caught by a trap, snaring his legs and rendering him vulnerable. " Gorans... they are such an annoyance," Garred said as he blasted a lightning burst at him. Torch gets knocked out and Sentinel blasted him with a huge laser beam. Garred gets enraged and charged, building up power in the process. Sentinel draws a blade using his gauntlet and fired his cannon repeatedly. Garred came near enough and Sentinel attacked with the sword, slowly wearing him down. Saber' s wounds are still painful and Rylee takes care of him. "Rylee, can you help us out?" Saber asked. Rylee thought and said, "Hayley might interfere... and I am useless without her power... but, I will try." She goes near and Keith gets back in the battle as well. Logan stumbles and found that his leg is dislocated. He growled as Rylee came into the battle, facing on the beast, Garred.

Rylee attacks first but it misses and she receives a kick. She attacks again but once again it misses. Garred gets hit with some ice blasts and sees Keith. Droll awakens and made three clones. He charges in and they all team up on Garred, wearing him down. Keith fired a huge electric ball, sending Garred flying. Garred lands on his feet and charged at Rylee, making a powerful punch to her stomach. She coughs in pain and gets angry. Hayley began to take control but she hasn't taken full control yet. Garred attacks once again, flinging Rylee into the wall. Rylee gets into a rage and Hayley is beginning to take over. Keith and Droll charge forward for a spinning kick but both of them got sent to the wall with a dark wave. Saber, Sentinel and Axel charges at Garred, teaming up on him again. He takes some attacks but roared, sending out a burst of energy everywhere. Everyone flew away except for Rylee. "Hayley! Is that you!?"Saber asked. Rylee wasn't being controlled by Rylee anymore; she was driven by rage to attack mercilessly, beating Garred down. Rylee went out of control and knocked Garred upwards, sending him crashing beside Evo and Reyl. "Master! What happened!?" Evo asked. Reyl carried Garred and they ran away, escaping Rylee's outrage. She is out of control and destroyed everything, tearing down the temple. Axel risks himself and dash towards her, using his calming pulse on her. She faints, falling down on the ground. "We failed to save Zoron..." Saber said as he saw Zoron walking towards them with only a few energy to spare. "Quickly! We must get him healed!" Sentinel said. Logan is assisted by Sky and Keith while he carries Torch and Droll hangs on his back. They return outside to see the ships leaving, and the area destroyed by the attack. They get to the portal but it is closed and torn apart. "Oh no! Now what?" Saber said. Axel struggles in carrying Rylee and said, "We're trapped in here... we have to take the path around the Dimension Barriers... it would take months before we get back home!" Saber growled and pounded the rubble of the portal's arch. A portal opened behind him, with Acren looking through. "Quickly! Get inside!" Acren shouted. Everyone went in and the portal closed. They thank him and asked, "How did you do that?" Acren pointed at Borneir, exhausted after opening the portal. "He helped us reopen the portal temporarily," Acren said. They thank him and Borneir bowed at them. "My homeland, destroyed by those freaks. They will pay for this!" Zoron said as he coughed. Borneir sees his Guardian and bowed before him. "Hehe... I am merely a useless man now... there is no point in worshiping me," Zoron said. Gavin arrives with multiple medical personnel on the secret Biohazard jets. "When things get rough, we have jets... although it is only for emergencies," Gavin said. They got on and got the people healed. Rylee is still unconscious and Saber watched her. Logan has a cast on his knee and said, "I guess I won't be able to do much now..." Torch pats him on the back and said, "That's alright. We'll get you back in action as soon as possible." Logan massages his leg while Keith tends his wounds. "That guy was better than anyone else... And to tell that that isn't his full potential... We're going to lose for sure." Droll sits down and said, "We're going to lose... Trivoid is too strong." Sentinel coughed and said, "He has gotten better than before. Back then, he was much weaker... Or did I get weaker?" Axel breathed in and replied, "He abused the Shinko Crystal, and he has gotten its power. With the added energy of the other guardians, he might be unstoppable. I guess I will have to use my curse once again..." Sentinel thought again and asked, "How did Horzen warriors get there in the first place?" Axel sighed and replied, "I don't know, but if they continue to spawn, we're hopeless." Saber sees his allies losing hope and he growls as they fly back home.

"That girl... she's something," Evoreth said. Reyl smiled and said, "She'd be a good target to kill!" Garred is still weakened and he finally had the power to get up. "Biohazard is still weak, but I can see that we will have trouble defeating them..." Garred said as he collapsed and sat down again. "We need more members... and next time, I can't believe I'm saying this, but WE are going to take them down," He said as they flew back to Kains to plot and rest for their next attack. They dock on Wyvernstone Temple and began taking recruits. "Name?" Evoreth asked. "Blade," the man said as he grinned. "What do you do?" Reyl asked as he leaned back on his chair. He releases blades from his hands, in a similar fashion to Saber's skill. He can control it and he doesn't seem to have a problem maintaining. "Is that all?" Evo asked. Blade cut himself on the chest in an 'X' formation, but it healed before he even lifted his blades off his skin. "Regeneration, hand blades... You're something," Evo said. Blade grinned and added, "I want to take on that Saber guy. He'll be outmatched." Reyl laughed and said, "Make sure to leave his dying body to me. The thrill of killing must be fed." Blade laughed as he drew his blades again and looked into the sky.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Thirty-Five: The Ruinous Defeat

"There's home..." Keith said as Spiralwood Valley began to appear behind the clouds. As they land, the injured allies were brought down and brought to the medical team. "What happened?" Sylux asked. "Garred was too strong for us..." Axel said. He pointed to Rylee and added, "She was the one who nearly defeated him. Her power was incredible." Sylux was surprised and went inside to check on everyone. "Take it easy. You should rest for now. Your knee is broken and it will take some days for it to heal," The doctor said. Logan laughed and saw Saber. "I guess I won't be active for a while, huh?" Droll has a strained ankle while Rylee is still weak from her overload. Torch is feeling well along with Sky, who is helping the medics in curing the members. Sentinel fixes his cannon and approached Saber. "He has grown much more powerful..." Sentinel said while he removed an energy core from his cannon. "We will have to become a lot stronger to defeat him next time. Right now, let's focus on training," Axel said as he joined the conversation. Saber nodded and asked, "What should we do to get stronger?" Sentinel looked around if nobody was looking and he routed the two to a high-secret armory, hidden behind a vault and said, "We'll need weapons of course. Much stronger weapons." Saber looks around and found a long, runic blade. He took it and asked his dad. "What is this sword?" Saber asked. Sentinel was shocked and took it. "I'm amazed you took interest in this sword so quickly..." Sentinel said. Axel came near and was also surprised. "Why? What's the matter with this blade?" Saber asked. "It is the Runic Forge Sword... wielded by the previous Guardians of our dimension. Before the last one, Aero, died, he gave it to his son, who before he died, asked us to keep it safe, so we placed it in the high secret vault, right here. It holds a lot of power from the Guardian's core," Axel stated while Saber is amazed. "Can I use it?" Saber asked. Sentinel declined but Axel approved of the idea. "He did not state anything about banning others from using it, but it is an artifact and a part of our dimension's history," Sentinel said. "Then why is it in an armory? Why not in a museum?" Saber asked. Sentinel could not reply and Axel laughed. "Why don't we just let him use it? It won't hurt anyone now would it?" Axel said. Sentinel sighed and said, "Very well then." Saber smiled and wielded it for the first time. The sword magically adapts to Saber's way of fighting, turning into a longer, thinner cutlass. "How did that happen!?" Sentinel shouted. "It adapts to the Guardian's preferences..." Axel mumbled. "What did you say?" Sentinel asked. Axel shook his head and said, "Nothing. It was nothing," Sentinel grunts and said, "Give it a few swings." Saber slashed the air and the wind sent out some gusts. "Amazing...the power of the sword is back..." Sentinel said. "We better get back outside. People might be looking for us," Saber said. The trio went outside and saw some guards outside, having a discussion.

"What's the matter?" Saber asked. The guards hand over a letter and said, "Droll told us to give this to you." Saber read and he was shocked. It read, "Dear Saber and all of the members of Biohazard, I apologize, but I need to leave Biohazard. After what happened in the battle I found out that I was weak and I cannot help in defeating Trivoid. I am very sorry if I was no help but I will leave the group. I hope you guys defeat Trivoid." Saber felt depressed while Axel patted him on the back. "It's alright. I know that Droll will be back one day," Axel said. Saber nodded and went to the medic rooms to check on the other guys. Torch and Keith were standing outside and greeted him. Saber went inside to see Spire and Zoron having a chat. "So, Garred took yours, too?" Zoron asked. Spire nodded and said, "Well, we are lucky that our powers will return." Saber checks on Rylee, who is awake and resting. "Hey Saber," Rylee said as she waved. Logan pounds his knuckles and growled. "I guess I can't get back into battle for a while... lucky for Garred and his creeps," he said as he tried to move his damaged knee. "Hey, take it easy. Your knee will heal soon. Just rest for a while here and let us do the battling," Saber said. Logan nodded and Saber left. He saw Sky by the exit, heading to his meditation area. Sky is sad for Droll's departure and wanted to take a time to focus. Blue is practicing better archery and thought, "I desperately need more power... other than archery, what can I do?" She lands three bullseyes in a row and stopped. She sees Saber and waved. Saber waved back and went to the peak of the hill. Sylux sees Blue in her struggle for new weaponry and helped. Sentinel saw them and asked, "You need weapons? Come with me." They go inside the building and they made their way to the armory. "Remember, this place is a secret," Sentinel said. He opened the hidden door and they went inside. They were amazed at the massive arsenal of weapons. "This is awesome!" Sylux said as he saw some amazing items. "Where did all of these come from?" he asked. Sentinel grinned and replied, "We're good with these things." Sylux began browsing while Blue was staring at some items. "What is this?" Blue asked. "That is the Falcine Grand Bow. It is said that its power builds up the piercing capabilities of an arrow. Even wooden sticks can slice through bricks with this bow," Sentinel stated. Blue nodded and kept looking for more. Sylux comes back with three weapons at hand. "What are these weapons?" Sylux asked. "That rifle... on your back... that is the Model X6 of the rare Heartwing Rifle set. Its firepower can propel a bullet from three miles to its target and ricochet halfway back. That pistol on your hand is the Perfected Falcine Handgun, designed after half a year of debating; they came up with the sleek and wavy handle which is known as its trademark. And the magnum, the eighth out of the ten weapons manufactured by the late Gretham Skyline, Jr., one of the leading gunmen in Gretham City. You have a good choice of weapons," Sentinel said. "You have a good memory for these kinds of things..." Sylux said. "Thank you. Have you decided which to bring yet?" Sentinel asked the two. Blue came back wearing a pair of goggles and wielding a different bow. "What are these items?" Blue asked. "Uhhm, those are a pair of the early versions of the Twinburst Optics... it can adapt to the situation, giving you clear sight of any situation. The bow is a replica of the Golden Trail Bow, the bow wielded by Natalya, one of Kains's Guardians. Her bow was destroyed in a battle and its pieces were missing. A replicated version was created from the pieces, slightly smaller and only half the power of the original. Good bow, though. It is better than the Falcine you picked earlier," Sentinel said. Blue smiled and said, "These will do then." Sylux placed down the rifle and said, "I'll be back for you... but these two will be alright for now." Sentinel takes a spare power core for his cannon and they leave, revealing Saber waiting outside. "So, you guys are getting armed?" Saber asked. They nodded and Saber drew out his sword. "This blade... it is amazing!" Saber said as he slashed the air. "Why don't you try a sparring match in the training center?" Sentinel asked. "Wait, if the center heals injuries, why don't we place everyone who's injured in the chamber and have them healed?" Saber asked. "Well, it only heals damage received inside the arena, so sorry," Sentinel said. Saber pouted but he agreed to the sparring and training session. They grouped up in the center. Logan sat in the back with assistance from medics and he watched the training session. "Here it goes..." Saber said. The arena randomizes its appearance and becomes a rocky mountainside road. "Begin!" Axel shouted. Saber, Sylux, Torch, Blue and Keith faced off and charged.

Saber said to himself, "I practiced this for quite a while... let's try it now!" He slashed the air, releasing a wide cone of runic energy. Everyone was knocked down and he was amazed. "It wasn't this strong earlier!" he said as he laughed. Keith summons flaming bats and fired frost spheres at Saber. Blue and Sylux stood far from each other and tested their accurateness. Blue lands some arrows around Sylux's upper body while Sylux closed his eyes and said, "Spirit Technique! Dawn Dust!" He focused his aim and fired a bullet surrounded in a magical, shimmering dust that dealt bonus damage on Blue. Blue is amazed at the new move and complimented him. Sylux was too flattered and was hit off-guard by an exploding arrow. "Don't let everything get to your head!" Blue shouted. Sylux got up and charged forward. He went into a barrage of bullets and landed a lot of strikes, taking Blue down. Blue gets back up and used a secret knife stored in the bow's handle. Sylux is wounded and Blue grinned. "Melee and ranged! This is going to be awesome!" Sylux said. Saber charges forward with his sword thrust in the ground. The sword magically made a shield that deflected Keith's spells. Keith's fireballs slowed Saber down but he makes it near and spun, making a large sweep and knocking Keith into the mountainside. Sylux jumps up and down from rocks, pestering Blue's aim. Blue used the goggles and saw the probabilities of his landing areas. She drew an arrow and fired, landing directly on Sylux. Sylux plucks it out and the system healed him. Sylux charged with a kick, knocking Blue over a rock and slipping half a foot down. She gets up and fired miniature grenades that stunned Sylux. Saber and Keith's battle continues to go back and forth and soon mixed with Sylux and Blue's Sylux teams with Saber while Blue and Keith assemble. "Shall I use my full potential this time?" Axel asked. "Why didn't you sue it back there, against Garred?" Sentinel asked as well. "Well, I didn't want to make things too easy, haha," Axel said. He opens his curse and a taboo symbol covered the left side of his face. His red eye flashed while the four clashed in battle. "Axel's full potential!" Axel shouted as he crashed in the middle of the battlefield, making an explosion that sent all of them flying. "Attack me with all you got!" Axel shouted. Saber charged with the sword and landed some hits before getting squashed by a kick and getting knocked back into a rock. Sylux fired a powerful, thick bullet than knocked Axel into a wall. Axel got up in a blink of an eye and warped to Sylux's side. "Set the healing to high!" Axel shouted to Sentinel. Sentinel rushed to the panel and fixed the settings. "Sorry about this guys!" Axel shouted. He began to warp around the place, kicking Sylux back and forth the arena, giving him no time to escape. Saber tried to join in but he was swatted away by Axel. Blue fired the Particle Alignment Arrow and it exploded at Axel. Axel ignored it and added Saber to the people being "juggled" around the arena. Keith's Grand Fireball Spell fails to stop him. Axel drops the two and aimed for Keith. Keith closed his eyes and spread his arms wide. His shield triggers at the last second and Axel passed right through him. Keith took small damage while Axel was crushed in the impact of the shield and he crashed into the ground. Keith smiled and wheezes while Saber and Sylux recovered. Axel's curse fades out and he smiled. "That was some amazing shield," Axel said. Keith thanks him for the compliment and the simulation ends. The spectators clapped and cheered. "Why didn't you do that in the match with Garred?" Saber angrily asked. "I didn't want to, haha, I got you trolled," Axel replied. Saber calmed down and picked up his sword. "Let's take a rest from the day. Tomorrow, we continue training!" Sentinel said. They were about to leave when suddenly, "Hey! Don't leave me behind!" Logan shouted. Everyone laughed and rushed to get him down.

Wyvernstone Temple
Blade spars with Reyl in a brawl while Garred watches. "He might lack the range coverage; the wits and the armed combat skill, his healing powers with that full control over the blades are a deadly weapon compared to the weak little scum... Saber of theirs..." Evo said. Garred nodded and said, "The person who helped them get to the Void... we must find him... and make him one of us..." Garred said. "Why? A telepath is not much of a help in battles like these," Evoreth replied. "Just get to him," Garred replied and Evo left to kidnap Acren. Reyl wins the brawl and helped Blade up. "When do I get a spark?" a man said. "Tufele... the Half-Demon! It's been a while," Garred greeted. "Impending doom is what they will receive. If you let me join, I will make sure to take them down," Tufele said as his arms were covered in black flames. "Still as destructive as before, huh? The never aging demon... back for more..." Garred said. "So, do you accept me or not?" Tufele asked as his wings appeared. "Alright... but let me see your demonic thing again!" Garred jokingly said. Tufele growled and his claws lengthen and hi wings fully opened. His horns appear while his eyes turn white as floe. "Witness! The power of the demon king!" Tufele said as he roared to the midnight moon.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Thirty-Six: Training Days

Logan sits on a bench, watching his friends train outside. "Throw me another one!" Saber shouted. Logan picked up a log beside him and threw it to Saber. Saber cuts it in half with his sword and Logan was amazed. Keith tries elite fusion spells which harness the power of the elements. "Lightning Frost!" Keith shouted as he fired lightning bolts that were cold as ice. Sky positions targets on top and shouted, "Are you ready?" Blue nodded and began firing arrows sixty feet upwards. Most of them miss but some landed on a good position. "One more try!" Sky shouted. Blue fired again and this time landed bullseyes on each target. "Nice ones!" Sylux complimented. Sylux joins Saber in the log throwing practice. "We're running out of logs!" Logan shouted. Axel stares into the fragments of the log and it began to reform. "What was that?" Saber asked. Axel whistled in the air and smiled. "Let's use these ones again!" Sylux shouted as he rolled them over to Logan. "Alright, here we go!" Logan shouted as he threw the log towards Sylux. Sylux fired a thick bullet, making a large hole in the log. "Nice shot!" Saber said. Saber saw an incoming log and slashed it in half. "Let's use both halves! That way, we have more targets!" Logan shouted. Saber took the logs and sliced them all in halves. Logan began throwing small ones and Sylux fired a special bullet. It bounces of the logs, one after the other. The logs collapsed and the bullet landed right beside Logan. "That was too close, man! Way too close! Be careful!" Logan said. Sylux laughed and took the bullet. Torch was in the leader's training area with Sentinel and Rylee. "Let's see the maximum burst capacity of your powers," Sentinel said. He activated a power surge system that will keep pushing a person to their maximum limit and automatically reset if the person is in critical danger. Torch goes full blaze and the fires were intense. Rylee backed away as Torch's flames began to enlarge and turn blue. "Blue flames! The intense heat!" Sentinel said. Torch roared and the blue flames began to reach its limit, turning into a bright blue display of flames. Torch's skin is being depleted and Sentinel was worried. Rylee shields herself from the flames while Sentinel is confused why the system hasn't stopped Torch yet. Torch roared loudly and his entire body flesh disappeared, revealing a molten beast inside. "What happened!?" Sentinel asked. "I don't know... but this power is amazing!" Torch responded. He became a floating blue magma-like creature, flying around the arena leaving trails of blue flame. "I'm running out of power..." Torch said. His appearance slowly reformed into his human state and his fires became bright orange again. "That was an astonishing level of energy! We must keep training you to at least maintain blue flames!" Sentinel shouted. Torch laughed and kept a flame in his hand, trying to make it blue. Rylee went near and began to unleash her power. Sentinel began focusing on extracting Hayley first and kept using different systems to separate the two. Sentinel kept trying but she would not come out. "It must be psychological... or Hayley and Rylee are one!" Sentinel said. Rylee sees Hayley approaching her. "Hello, sister," Hayley said. Rylee reached for her but Hayley slapped her hand off and said, "I will be in control. Just wait and see." Hayley faded out and Rylee's aura became a black angel. "What is that?" Torch shouted. The aura forms gigantic black angel's wings and spread open across the arena. Rylee's eyes release red auras and she began to fire destructive lasers and beams around the arena. "Call Axel!" Sentinel commanded. Torch ran outside to ask for help.

"Axel!" Torch shouted. "What's the matter?" Axel responded. "Rylee is out of control. We need your help!" Torch answered. Saber joins them and they arrived at the Training Arena. Rylee is holding Sentinel up in the air, threatening to kill him. Sentinel grinned and released spike from his gauntlet, causing Rylee to drop him. "Hayley's power is astonishing! If Hayley gains control of this, we can defeat Garred!" Sentinel said. "What!? That will cause Hayley to take over Rylee!" Saber shouted. "True... but we need her to stop Trivoid," Sentinel responded. Saber growled and shouted, "If beating Trivoid means that we would sacrifice members, then you're wrong!" Sentinel sighed and Axel stepped up. "Here it goes," Axel mumbled as a huge ripple was sent out. The waves weakened Rylee's outrage, but her power was far too powerful to be stopped! "What in the world!?" Axel shouted. Rylee dashed and slammed Axel to the ground. Saber shouts and charges. "Dad! Use the Power surge system on me!" Saber shouted. Sentinel goes to the control panel and Saber's aura began to develop. "Keep control... must keep control!" Saber chanted to himself. He jumped, clashing with Rylee. "When the demon and the angel clashes, nothing will win!" Saber shouted. The two auras faded, leaving them both falling from mid-air. An arrow which forms into a net appears and caught the two. "Good job, Sky!" Torch said. Sky waved and withdrew his bow. Rylee wakes up and apologized. "Hayley took over again... I'm sorry," Rylee said. Saber patted her on the back and said, "It's alright." "That was an amazing power... not even my tranquilizing beat can stop it..." Axel said. Rylee smiled and said, "I just hope Hayley can stop her rampages." Sentinel smacked his hands together and said, "Well, Hayley is long dead, and she isn't haunting or messing with you. It's a psychological trauma left behind by her death. If you could move on, it wouldn't be a problem anymore." Rylee nodded and looked at her necklace. She left and the rest stared at her as she walked away. "Is it really psychological? Can it be just a trauma?" Saber wondered. Sentinel sat down and reported the levels of power. "Rylee's power exceeded the meters..." Sentinel said. Axel nodded as he saw the meters. "Well then, let's not let this alter our training schedules! Let's keep going!" Saber shouted. They left but Sentinel stayed behind and researched on the power scaling.

Tufele walks down the aisles and sees Garred, making floating orbs around him. "Good Morning," Tufele said as he made his hand covered in dark flames. "Greetings, Tufele," Garred responded as his orbs fell and exploded on the ground. "What is your next move?" Tufele asked. "I'm giving you the choice. I need a break from Guardian slaughtering," Garred said. "Why don't we take down Biohazard? An ambushed attack with me by your side will be the best way to begin our domination," Tufele boasted. Garred grinned and said, "That is a part of my plan, but doing it too early would cause us defeat. We must wait a little longer before we destroy them." Tufele nodded and left with an evil smile. "Here he is, my lord," Evo said. Acren is knocked unconscious and is wrapped in ropes. "Very good, Evo. You have done well. Let's see what we can do with this... mind reader," Garred said as he took Acren to his lair.

The next day...

"Ten in a row! That's a new record!" Blue said to Sky after he fired ten bullseyes in a row. "Thanks. I hope I could break that record though," Sky said. Blue chuckled and handed over a special arrow. "It fires 20 arrows in a row, in a line formation. If one goes bullseye, all of them most likely would too," Blue said. "I don't want to cheat," Sky said. Blue nodded and Sky practiced again. "I wonder what happened to Droll..." Logan said. "Time for your check-up," the doctor said as he checked the knee. "It's recovering faster than we thought. I might be healed by tomorrow, or the day after," he said as he took notes. "Do you have regenerative abilities?" the doctor asked. "Hmm... I don't know," Logan replied. "Well, you might have minor regenerative skills. That's an added bonus to add to your tank-like structure," the doctor stated. He leaves and Logan grinned. "Healing, huh? Sound awesome," Logan said. Saber went out to have a walk and Rylee followed him. "Hello," Saber greeted. Rylee waved and they went to the forest. "I wonder if we could defeat Trivoid..." Saber mumbled. "Of course we can. We're Biohazard!" Rylee said. Saber laughed and continued walking. "Well this is romantic," Sylux said. "Hey! You stalker!" Rylee said. Sylux jumped off and said, "Rylee, you need weapons. Good weapons. Come by Sentinel's armory!" Rylee nodded and said, "See you later, Saber." The two left and Saber sat down in the middle of the forest. Rylee joined Sylux and they looked for Sentinel. "Hello, Sentinel!" Sylux shouted. Sentinel waved and approached him. "May we use the armory?" Sylux asked. Sentinel allowed them and they went inside to look for the weapon for Rylee. "I'm into knives, daggers and small blades. Any of those?" Rylee said. Sentinel said, "We have a lot of things. Just tell me what looks good to you." Rylee went to the back to search for a weapon. "Over here!" Rylee shouted. Sentinel came and saw the weapon. "Jade Mystic Daggers, huh? A pair of colorful and powerful blades. A nice choice," Sentinel said. Rylee smiled and took it. "Let's get back to training," Sylux said. "Lunch goes first. I'm starving!" Sentinel said. They went outside and the lunch with the rest. "Is there hot sauc- oh right... Droll's not here anymore..." Keith said. "Let's just put them ourselves as a tribute!" Logan shouted. They put hot sauce on their food and all ate. "Prepare water!" Saber shouted. A maid came with lots of water and everyone gulped down. "Very funny guys... It's not spicy at all," Torch said. They kept drinking and Sentinel said, "I regret taking this challenge!" They all finished their food, enduring the spiciness. "Alright! Off to training for me!" Saber shouted. He left first and practiced more Spirit Techniques and Final Strikes. "I need a new move... A new killer move!" Saber said. He stared at his sword and thought for a while. He experimented with his moves and trained for a while. Rylee cuts metals for the guards using her new knives. "This knife is strong!" Rylee exclaimed. Sylux makes more weapons while Torch helped in welding. "Let's make swords!" Torch said. Sylux nodded and began to forge metal. Keith practices with Sky and Keith learned how to make conjured arrows, weak but unlimited. "Those guys are practicing hard..." Zoron said. Spire nodded and picked up his boomerang. "I don't know about you, but I feel like training too," Spire said. He perfectly intercepts an airborne arrow shot by Sky and he caught his boomerang in a rapid speed. "The power of a guardian..." Saber said. Zoron got up and created his dark sword. "Let's go!" Zoron shouted. He fired a splitting ball of energy upwards which exploded like fireworks. He warped up in the air and spun around, making a dark tornado of energy. "Valor Drive!!!" Zoron shouted. He kicks a dark sphere and it swirls around, shooting downwards. Spire ran below it and used his Drive. "Skyward Drive!" Spire shouted. He tossed his boomerang, making his razor blade-like wave. It cuts the dark sphere, making an explosion in mid air. Keith used his Chaos Wind Gate spell and it cleared the smoke. "Two Guardians... two drives... two powers!" Sky shouted. "Drives?" Saber asked. "Oh, you don't know those yet? Those are Guardians's strongest Final Strikes," sky responded. Saber grinned and tried to imitate both drives. "My next Spirit Technique will be based off both of their drives!" He spun around, making a green runic tornado. He slashed the tornado, making a razor wave. It fades in mid-flight but everyone was impressed. "Amazing for a first try!" Spire said. Zoron gave him a thumbs up and Saber smiled. Sky clapped his hands and said, "I'm sure that will become a powerful Spirit Technique... or maybe a Final Strike one day!" Saber smiled and kept practicing as the training for the rematch against Trivoid continues.

Chapter End

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Chapter Thirty-Seven: Picking up the Pieces

Saber wakes up and sees Torch already leaving. He gets into his training gear and followed Torch. "Good morning. Why are you up so early?" Saber asked. "Oh, hello Saber. I'm off to practicing my blue flames. If I master this, we'll have an edge against Garred and his troops!" Torch replied. Axel saw the two and greeted them. "It's so early... you guys are going to train?" Axel asked. "Yes!" the two replied. "Well, keep it down. You don't want to wake the town up!" Axel warned. The two laughed and they both left. "Axel! Tufele is back!" Sentinel said. Axel roared and shouted, "No way!" Saber and Torch overheard the chat and stopped right before they exited. "Who's Tufele?" Saber asked. "Tufele... a demon necromancer who killed half of our team back then... he charged in here in secret and massacred the facilities. We drove him off, but in our battle against Garred, he fled... and now... he has returned," Axel said. Saber gets surprised and said, "Will he do it again?" Sentinel shook his head and replied, "Not with our new security... but if he does, we are more than ready to take him on." Axel growled and replied, "He is immortal... what is the point in fighting him? We are doomed for real..." Sentinel looked down and left. "This is the fall of Biohazard..." Axel said as he left as well. "Is this our defeat?" Torch mumbled. "Let's keep training. I know we'll find a way..." Saber said. They went outside and began training. Torch infuses all his power into his hand, making a small blue portion. "A small part is not enough..." Torch said. His thoughts are still messed up after hearing the news about Tufele and his immortality. "He will be too strong... being unstoppable... but I must still try to make myself stronger at that! Defending others!" Torch mumbled. The blue part enlarged and he smiled. "Saber! Look!" Torch shouted. Saber smiled but it lasted only for a while for he is still thinking of Tufele. "I can't maintain it yet... But I can do it now!" Torch said. Saber nodded and used his new Final Strike. "Runic Cutter... how does that sound?" Saber asked. "Well, it's quite good!" Torch said. Saber smiled and used it again. "Runic Cutter!" Saber shouted. Torch smiled and made a ball of blue flames. "Whoah!" Saber shouted. Torch smiled and said, "This is the beginning of a great training day!" Sky gets in gear and joined them. "Hi Sky! Hehe... it rhymes... ugh whatever," Saber mumbled. Sky laughs and Torch tells him the news. "So, an immortal enemy? That just fuels me to fight more!" Sky said. Saber smiled at his positive reaction and said, "I guess I am not alone." Torch slowly got the hang of making blue fireballs but he cannot make a blue flame aura yet. "More practice!" Sky said. Sky threw him a fire resistant ball and said, "If that bursts, you reached the temperature of blue flames," Sky said. Torch began to cover his arms in flames and he begins searing the ball. The ball resists the heat but Torch continues to try harder and harder. Soon, his effort gave him a burst of energy and the fires became blue. The fires slam against each other, driving the ball to intense pressure. The pressure pops, sending the ball zipping towards Saber. Saber dodges it and the ball crushed through some trees before exploding. "Wow! What was that!?" Sky shouted in amazement. Torch notices that his hands are still in blue fire and he had a big smile on his face. "This is amazing!" Saber said. "To master it so fast... that is incredible," he added but Torch lifted a hand. "This is only half of my target. I had a much more powerful form... and I need to trigger it," Torch said and Saber smiled. "Why don't we wrap you in the same material with that ball, and you use your flames to break out?" Saber asked. "That's a great idea! But, that kind of rubber only grows on Sine..." Sky said. Torch grinned and picked up the busted ball. "It's still in one piece... it just has a hole... amazing material we have here," Torch exclaimed. Sky smiled and said, "Nothing like Sine's best materials. I'll bring more... if we beat Trivoid and peace is restored to Sine." They smile and Sky began shooting practice.

Hours later, the team went for breakfast. Logan is walking normally and he grinned. "I'm back!" Logan shouted. Torch smiled for him and said, "Come and eat. We already began." Logan sits down and began eating. "So, about Tufele..." Saber mumbled. "Tufele is a beast. An immortal beast that will defeat us all. With his power... I doubt we can win this," Axel said. "Don't be negative... I know we will find a way to defeat him," Sentinel said. "Who's Tufele?" Rylee asked. "He's a former member of Trivoid who recently rejoined. He's immortal... and destructive... I think we'll lose to him," Torch said. Rylee gasped in shock and felt down as well. "That's a downer. I expected that we would defeat them in the next clash. This just makes me sad," Blue said. Logan smiled and said, "Let's just beat him up and lock him in prison!" Sentinel shook his head and said, "Even nullifying his powers wouldn't help. His power will most likely break through in the end and he would escape immediately." Logan frowned and pounded the table. Keith shook his head and had a worried look on his face. "Us Guardians will stop him! We will find a way!" Zoron and Spire said. Saber smiled but Axel is thinking hopeless and left. "Axel! Wait up!" Sentinel said. He patted Saber on the head and left as well. Saber fixes his hair and said, "Let's keep training! If we can't kill him, let's hold him back at least!" "What's the point anyways... we're done for..." Logan said. "Logan clay... admitting defeat... is that even you?" Keith said. Logan growled and said, "I am not admitting defeat! I'm just worried about you guys being useless against him!" Keith laughed and said, "Sure... WE'RE going to be useless..." Blue laughed and finished her food. She left and trained as Sky and Keith finish their meals. Soon, everyone finishes and they all left. "Is that true? Biohazard's destroyer is back?" a maid asked. "In my years of being Biohazard's chef... his attack was just too much to stomach..." Logan does Calamity Shock and sat on top. "Trivoid always has the epic things..." Logan mumbled to himself. Sky gets on top as well and practiced doing a front flip while falling. Sky succeeded on his first attempt and said, "Logan, why are you so depressed? Fight back! Aren't you Logan? The beast, the bulldozer, the wrecking ball! You should keep training and maybe we can push immortality to its limits!" Sky began to shout at everyone. "Let's keep fighting! Surrendering is a disgrace! We are Biohazard! Immortal enemies are nothing, if we have each other, fighting together! We might be stopped, or even killed, but we will go down fighting!" Some cheered up but others are still negative about the situation. "Have it your way. But I am going to fight," Sky said as he began to train in longer ranges. Logan lifts five tons and marched around his rock and said, "Logan Clay will not give up!" Sky smiled and Sylux joined in the positive thoughts. "I am Sylux Grey, and I will fight!" Rylee and Keith cheered up as well and soon everyone got up. "We are the fighters! Let's fight 'til the end!" Sylux shouted. Everyone thought positive and smiled. Saber sees everyone feeling better and said, "Let's get this on!"

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Everyone trains hard while Axel and Sentinel watches them. Spire and Zoron thought of ways to guard the town while Gavin ensures the the guards are well-armed. "Knowing Tufele's style of attacking, we can counter and drive him away!" Gavin said. Zoron draws garrisons and barriers around the map of the mountains. "The Triple Gate might be a good cover... given that Illumina's fog covers us from initial attacks," Axel said. "Axel! It's good to find you are going to fight!" Spire said. Axel smiled and began to mark dangerous areas. "What is Tufele doesn't attack?" Sentinel asked. "Trivoid hasn't left the dimension yet... They must be plotting out something in mind. If they don't attack though, the defenses will still be useful for other threats," Axel said. A courier enters the room and panics. "What's the matter, messenger?" Gavin asked. "Acren, the winner of Gretham's tournament!" the courier said. "What about Acren?" Saber asked. "He's been kidnapped by Trivoid!" Everyone gets shocked and asked, "Why?" "They must be planning on using his telepathy to break into our minds and counter us..." Axel mumbled. "Another setback!? No... we must not let this get to our heads again... let's not give up!" Saber shouted. Axel nodded and said, "His mind reading will be dangerous, but nonetheless... we must save him." Saber agreed and said, "I hope they don't hurt him though..." The courier leaves but Gavin offered him a ride home on a cab. Sentinel returned to defense placement along with Axel. Torch covers his entire body in blue flames and everyone looked at him. "Just like in the training room..." Sentinel mumbled. "I can't go further now... but my progress is awesome!!!" Torch shouted. Everyone claps and he smiled. "A Goran... an elementalist like most of the dimension's kind... may I ask why you ended up in Kains?" Sky asked. "My great grandfather was exiled off Goran... Since then, our bloodline continued here. We were all fire elementalists... all of us," Torch replied. "So, technically, you are from here after all!" Sky said. Torch nodded and laughed. Sky grinned and burned one of his arrows in his fire. Saber places his sword down and said, "My blades... when will I get control of them?" Sentinel came near and said, "Maybe one day... you're just a bit behind! Your swordsmanship and arcane magic are enough for now... there is no need to push yourself too much into something you know you still can't do." Saber pouted and said, "No fair... Torch perfected it today..." Sentinel laughed and patted him on the head again. Saber fixes it soon afterwards and returned to practice. Rylee still thinks about Hayley and wondered how to get control. "Is it really psychological? Why can't I get rid of the thought?" Rylee mumbled. Blue called everyone for a small snack. "Small snacks? Why didn't you bring a big feast?" Logan asked as he smiled. "Very funny... this is all I could take," Blue replied. "Alright then," Logan replied as he took a bite. "This is good..." Saber mumbled. "It's Nelly's biscuits... from her store outside. You should try it sometime," Blue said. "I'll try it soon, thanks," Saber said as smiled. "I'll buy more if I have the time. Thank you for the meal, Blue," Keith said. "No problem," Blue said as she smiled to them. They all ate and soon went back to training.

"After the attack on Spiralwood, let's take on Goran," Tufele said. Garred nods and tampers with a piece of headgear. "What is that anyway?" Tufele asked. "The Cranium... an artifact built to intensify psychic abilities. Some people in Sine wore these..." Garred replied. He places it on Acren's head. "He will be in charge of deceiving Biohazard's members... in their minds," Garred said. Tufele nodded and saw Blade coming near. "Look what I found... a dead DMOUR droid..." Blade said. He takes the mask off and saw the blank space on its face. "So, do I look like him?" Blade asked. "Nothing like him...." Garred said. Blade sighed and Reyl began laughing. "The Dark Moon is amplifying my power exponentially..." Reyl mumbled. "Right... anyway, Reyl, you will go on a solo mission... seek and destroy all the remaining members of the resistance. Take them all down," Garred said. "What about Sentinel?" Reyl asked. "He can be ignored for now. I will allow you to travel to other dimensions if needed. Keep your identity hidden and get info on where they are. You know what goes after that," Garred answered. Reyl makes an evil grin and said, "Consider it done."

Chapter End

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Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Final Training Day

Torch sprints around the building while his body is on fire. "Keep running faster... I might unlock my full form with this!" He continued running faster and faster, leaving trails of fire behind him. He reaches his maximum speed but his flames are still not hot enough to unleash his true form. "Keep going! Through the limits!" He ran even faster and made blue flame walls around the building. His body began to change into his flame golem-like appearance. He runs out of breath and stopped, cutting the entire process. "So I just have to push myself to my limits... and I will be able to do it..." He cleared the fire around the building and went inside. He sees Logan, running around the halls. "Hey there.. what are you doing?" Torch asked. "Chasing a small droid... this should test my speed," Logan replied. he saw the droid breeze past behind him and he turned and chased it. Torch laughed and moved on. He enters the training facilities and saw a note, place on his things. It read: "Call Logan and meet us at the southern tip of the town, by the mountain wall." He took it and called Logan. "So, they're at the training compound..." Logan said. Torch nodded and they went to the rendezvous point to meet the others. "The Biohazard symbol... this must be it," Logan said. Torch saw a scanner and placed the note. The scanner beeps and the door opened. "Let's get inside," Torch said. They walk down the dusty steps and saw the facilities designed for training all around the cave. "Hey guys! Welcome!" Saber shouted. Axel senses them and shouted, "Find a facility for you and get on with it!" Axel trains on dodging attacks while blindfolded. The machine fires large rubber balls at him but he dodges them all easily. Sentinel works on power smashing, destroying rocks and metals with his bare hands. Saber goes for sword battling training at a simulation machine which has a copy of him as his opponent. Torch is amazed and saw the rest at the back, playing with their ranges. "500 meters," the system announced as a platform moved backwards. Sky, Blue and Keith are on the platform, elevated 30 feet above. "Half a kilometer... let's keep going!" Sky shouted. He fired a long shot and it flew straight towards the target. It lands but it didn't hit the bullseye. "One more!" He said. He fired another one, hitting its mark at the middle. "That's the way I like it," Sky said. Blue closed her eyes and took aim. "Spirit Technique: Spearpoint!" Blue fires a blue arrow the travels fast towards the target. The target gets pierced right through the middle by the arrow and Blue smiled. "Keith, your turn," Blue said. He opens his spell tome and cast a spell that sends a flying projectile of electricity. It hit right below the bullseye point but he was satisfied by the shot. "Hey guys!" Torch shouted. The three waved and asked, "It's pretty awesome down here, huh?" Torch nodded and saw Rylee in a training area, fighting back teleporting droids. She focuses on her targets and attacked, taking some of them down. Sylux trains in close range shooting with his new weapon, a rapid fire shotgun. He blasts hordes of simulation zombies and ended the training. He reloads and saw Torch. "Need any help?" Torch asked. Sylux grinned and locked the walls of the simulation room. "We're trapped in here!" Torch said as he found the invisible wall formed behind him. "I know. 500 to go," Sylux said as he cocks his guns and saw the zombie horde approaching. Torch runs with Sylux as they try to make distance between them. The zombies catch up quick, due to their programming for high-speed chases. Torch makes a wall of flames and Sylux waited by the wall. Some enemies were courageous enough to charge through the fire, burning them down. Some zombies threw items into the fire, dousing it and making it weak. "Run!" Sylux commanded as he got on a high truck. He blasts them away with heavy firing from a machine gun and took down a lot of them. Torch goes one on one with some zombies, having a fist fight with each other. Saber sees them from his chamber and grinned. "They're good at this..." he murmured as he sat down and watched after defeating his copy. Torch burns down the horde, killing a lot of them in an instant. "300 enemies left." Sylux was getting cornered by the zombies and he had to reload. "Shoot!" he wailed as he charged a large beam, clearing out a path for him to pass through. He takes out his shotgun and blasted them away, leaving only a few left. "100 enemies left." Sylux smiled and killed the last few, leaving one left for Torch to kill. Torch holds the zombie on the shoulder and melted it with his flames. "Simulation ended. Prepare for clean-up." The room clears and they high-five each other. Saber smiled and claps as he got up to fight another copy.

"That was fun..." Torch said. Logan saw the battle and smiled. "How does 1000 sound?" Sylux asked. Logan joins and said, "Let's do it." The system locks the walls and made a simulation of a destroyed village. "1000 enemies spawning. Prepare for battle sequence." Logan grinned and saw the wave incoming. Rylee takes out all enemies, ending her simulation. She breathes heavily and looked at her necklace again. "Hayley..." She gets back to training and heard large footsteps behind her. She checks her simulation control and saw that she spawned three giants. "Oh no..." The field forms into a large city, full of dead bodies and wrecked cars. She makes a run for her life, seeing that one of the giants have an axe while the others wield a large bone club. She gets inside a bus and looked at them incoming. A giant slams its axe through the roof of the bus, hitting her. She dodges the next few attacks before she went off and ran. "Here goes nothing!" She charges towards them and squeezed the pendant in her hands. She jumped high upwards, making a trail. Her aura's wings opened, making an explosion and bringing Hayley into action. The giants drop their weapons and crash on a gas truck. The gas spills, leaving them damp while they chase her around. Hayley fires a small crystal-like beam, swirling down towards a car. It explodes, sending debris crashing all around. One of the pieces land on a giant, causing it to explode due to the gas. The explosion chain reacts, killing all three in a row. Hayley continues flying but the simulation ends. Rylee regains control and was hurt. "Where did this come from?" She asked as she saw a wound on her waist. She walks outside and got healed by the system. "I still cannot control her... but I can regain control once she goes on a rampage," She said as she smiled. "200 enemies left." Torch seared everything with his high temperature flames, taking more and more down. Logan and Sylux just watch as he burned everything down in seconds. He charges for a final fireball, exploding in the center and extinguishing all of the remaining zombies. "Good job!" The two said as Torch powered down. Torch raises an eyebrow and laughed. "No help, huh?" He walked out and rested. Saber cuts off his copy's head and said, "Fighting myself is quite awkward..." Axel dodges 500 balls blasted at him at 30 miles per hour but he was able to dodge all of them at once. Sentinel trains weapon battling with his battleaxe and smashed all enemies easily. "Training... boy I love these!" Saber shouted. Sky and Blue combines their attacks, making a new Final Strike- Particle Point. The arrow aims for their weak point, shortly paralyzing them then sending a shockwave to send them back. Keith uses Fire Blizzard, a new spell that fuses cold with heat. Logan grinned as he used his Calamity Shock, this time it is mastered and perfected. "Perfect Calamity Shock go!" Logan slammed the floor and made a huge tomb of stones, trapping the target dummy inside. The tomb squeezes and formed spikes inside, rupturing the dummy. The tomb explodes, finishing the move and destroying the dummy. "That's a move!" Saber shouted. Torch's blue flames swirled around him and he charged towards the dummy. "Remastering my first Final Strike... Inferno Storm!" He sends the dummy in the air and spun around, making a swirling fire tornado. He claps, sending the flames all across the room and roasting the dummy. "Amazing job!" Saber shouted as he added, "my turn!" He dashed towards a dummy and uses his sword's aura to make a tornado. He jumps, making a large swirling tornado. He cuts the twister, making the razor wave. It launches forward, growing larger every second. It cuts the dummy, making an explosion and burning the dummy. They clap for him and he smiled. They continue training and Zoron comes in with Spire. "Here's some food for you!" They shouted. They bring six boxes of pizza and they all looked hungry. "This is what you call a snack!" Logan shouted. "We garrisoned the entire town, had Illumina surround the valley in the fog... we're all ready!" Gavin shouted as he entered. Sentinel and Axel nodded and said, "Very good. Let's keep training!" Logan gets the first slice and everyone began eating. They all told stories and had a good time. "Keith! You have powers from the Shinko Crystal, right?" Axel asked. Keith nodded and swallowed his food. "Let's get that power practiced... Maybe we could get more power to add to your spells," Sentinel said as they went to the back and saw an upgraded version of the Training System at the main building.

Keith enters the training room and began to get infused with the Power Surge System. "Alright! We're setting it to full!" Sentinel shouted. Keith's red aura grew larger and he became stronger and stronger. His aura forms the shape of a devil and he roared as his body strengthened. He takes control and casts a spell, making it stronger than normal. "Very good! You're getting the hang of it!" Sentinel shouted. Keith keeps trying to control himself but he loses and goes into a rampage. "I knew it!" Axel said. Sentinel turns the system off and he returned to normal state. "This was what I expected... But we're getting there!" Axel said. Keith smiled and took a rest. Logan continues to eat the leftover pizza slices, eating two pizzas in total. "You're a monster, Logan," Saber said. Logan smiled and revealed the cheese stuck on his teeth. "Alright! Let's get training!" Saber shouted. They all went to their stations to train again. "We're near..." Evoreth said. "I'm excited to face Saber! I want to take him down with my hands..." Blade said. Reyl growls and looked at the fog. "They covered their location..." Tufele said. "They are right there. Fire a laser to destroy the fog," Acren said as he sensed the population's auras. "Very good job, Acren," Tufele said as he commanded a laser to be fired at the coordinates Acren read. "It worked!" Evo said as the fog slowly cleared. "They destroyed the fog!" a man said as he rang the bell. The citizens began to run away and the Biohazard patrol guards assisted them. The ship fires more lasers, destroying the ground and shaking the underground facilities. "No!" Axel shouted as he heard the bells ring. "They're here!" Axel shouted. Everyone stopped training and they all rushed outside. "There they are..." Evo said as he saw the team leave the facilities. "Trivoid is here..." Saber murmured as the ship approached them. The ship opens a door, revealing the team looking at them. "Let's begin this..." Tufele said as he had an evil grin on his face while the attack on Spiralwood Valley begins...

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Battle for Spiralwood

Blade jumps off to the ground, crashing down and leaving a small crater in his wake. Saber sees him and laughed. "A copy of me eh? Interesting..." Saber charged to him and they began to have a battle. "Rylee! Torch! Sylux! Come with me to the building and let's get the valuables out!" Axel commanded. They ran to the Biohazard headquarters and Tufele stared at them as they ran. Blade keeps attacking but Saber's height disadvantage enables him to dodge the attacks with ease. "Unlike you, I got control!" Blade shouted as he kicked Saber down. Saber charged with his sword and stabbed him. Blade took the attack and let Saber cut him through. Saber pulls his blade out and he heals in a split second. "What in the world?" Saber got kicked down again and this time he gets shook by a jumping punch from Blade. Blade and Saber duels with their weapons and fight back and forth around town. The men of Biohazard use a truck to disassemble the vault of weaponry and attach it to trucks. They take the armory south where they could keep it hidden but Tufele saw them and fired a dark fireball on their path. They stop and panicked but Torch clears out the fire and covers them as they escaped. "Fine... we can let their weapons go..." Tufele said and he suddenly disappeared from the ship. "but we'll take you all down!" Tufele added as he hit Torch with a powerful punch that sends him flying into the walls of Biohazard. He melts the wall and makes an entrance and ran but Tufele caught up and grabbed him by the neck. "Let's get in the battle," Evoreth told Reyl as they both got off and attacked. They blow up the houses, leaving the town in wreckage and debris. They get attacked by Sky and Blue while Keith and Logan attack them from behind. Reyl grinned and turned into his full beast form while Evoreth gets his armor fully armed. They fight back and easily weakened them down with their relentless attacks. Reyl pounces of Logan, taking him down and clawing him. Logan uses Terror Distress, a new Spirit Technique he created. Logan punches Reyl, shaking his entire body and leaving him staggered. He sets up Terror Disaster but Reyl heals before it hit him, making the move miss completely. Logan kicks the dirt and roared as he charged forward. Keith fires fireballs at Evoreth, who seems to absorb the attacks. "It's my turn," Evo said as he sealed his armor completely and began attacking. He gets a long chained blade out of his arm and whipped everyone, destroying the ground and making small tremors. "He's powerful..." Sky said as he fired explosive arrows. Evoreth walked out of the some and grabbed Sky up while Blue tries to slow him down with knife attacks. Evo grinned and used his Final Strike, Fragment Fusion. He attracts all metal debris from the surroundings, sandwiching and clamping Sky inside. Blue tried to help but Evo hammers her with his hand and flung her into the air. Evo rocket jumps upwards and used another Final Strike. "Have a taste of Chain Destruction!" Keith came near and fired ice and fire balls but Evo ignored these and initiated the move. Electricity runs down his arm and zaps Blue, splashing the sparks to Keith and to the worn down Sky. Sky gets badly hurt and Blue falls down in high speeds without anyone to catch her. Keith quickly used a spell which fired a web-like energy net, catching Blue and slowing down her descent. She lands and got up while Evo used a longer lasting Chain Destruction on both, getting them beaten up instantly. Reyl punches Logan and he crashes into a wall. Logan charged and used a new move, Obsolete Crush. He slams his fist down, stunning Reyl and followed with Infinite Breaker. Reyl gets knocked back and hits Evo's foot. "A little help, please?" Reyl mumbled. Evo zapped Logan with a single shot, sending him crashing to the mountainside. Logan falls down, beat up while Keith and Blue are losing power. Blade and Saber continue battling, with Saber on the advantage. "Do you actually think that you're winning?" Blade said as he smiled. His regeneration kicked in, healing all wounds again. Saber growled and kept attacking, even though Blade is not defending. Blade laughed and pounced at Saber, striking him mercilessly.

Sentinel saw the losing allies and stopped doing evacuations and gave the job to the patrol guards. He charged in, evening out with Evoreth in the first clash. He slams his battleaxe down on Reyl, taking him out for a while. Evo attacked Sentinel while he was off-guard, causing him to lose some focus and he took damage. Evo laughed and zapped Sentinel as well with his electric lasers. Sentinel gets beaten up even more but he gets up and used a device which healed him the more he attacks. He barrages punches on Evoreth and staggered him more and more. Evo gets knocked out, leaving him unconscious on the ground. "Get up guys!" Sentinel shouted. Logan and Sky get up and they assist Keith and Blue to get rested while Reyl came back up for another fight. Torch continues to be thrown around the facility by Tufele. Rylee interferes in the battle and Tufele show interest in her. "The one that took Garred down, huh?" Tufele said as he mercilessly fired a black fireball to Rylee. She gets knocked back but she quickly healed to get back into battle. She attacks with a kick but gets caught into a flaming punch. She coughs and got back up but gets kicked. Torch attacked furiously but Tufele pushes him away and continues focus on Rylee. Rylee gets attacked continuously by Tufele and Torch couldn't help. He tried getting close but Tufele wrecked the roof, covering the way. Torch begins blasting it with fires, hoping for it to melt. Rylee closes her eyes and symbols formed on her forehead. "The Black Angel... gifted to a very lucky girl..." Tufele mumbled as he saw Rylee's aura beginning to form. Her wings spread out, making black haze burst from the ground. Her eyes glowed yellow and Hayley took over and grinned. She attacks Tufele, sending him crashing to a wall. Tufele gets up immediately and wipes the dirt from his shoulder. He growled and claws emerged from his fingertips. His demonic wings opened and black flames wrapped Tufele's entire body. The flames fade, revealing his new form. His skin becomes reddish like a devil and he grows a short tail. His face is completely consumed in darkness and the only thing that you can see is his white bloody teeth and his blazing red eyes. He charges froward, sending Hayley crashing through the hallways. Her wings cushion her but she is still hurt from the impact. Torch breaks through but Tufele was already dominating against Rylee. Torch runs forwards and spun around. He released a chained weapon made out of flames and it stabbed Tufele, snaring and damaging him. Tufele's invincibility kicks in, making the move near useless. Tufele laughed but Torch pulls the chain, bringing Tufele near and he was hit with a flaming punch. Tufele gets up and Hayley fired a large crystal beam, taking Tufele down. Torch smiled and Hayley faintly smiled back as she charged and attacked Tufele. Sylux continues to get the valuables and he ran to the trucks to load them in. As he returned, he was confronted by Evo, stronger than before. Sylux loads his gun but Evoreth began attacking him, pushing the battle towards the forest. Evo throws Sylux to a tree, giving him a lot of pain. Sylux coughed as Evo tried to get near. He smiled and faced Evo then unloaded his machine gun, keeping Evo dazed in the bullets. Sylux runs back and reloads but Evo jumped high and landed in front of him. Evo fired missiles from his chest piece, sending Sylux back into a tree again. The tree snaps, crashing on Sylux. Sylux is hurt but he quickly drew out a gun and rapidly blasted away on Evo. Sylux runs away again but Evo jumps up. This time, Sentinel lunged at the airborne Evo, taking him down in the air. Sentinel mounts on Evo then began to destroy Evo's face, wrecking part of his helmet. Evo activates his rocket boots, stopping at the last second to send Sentinel flying to the mountainside. Saber continues to be ravaged but Blade wouldn't stop at any cost. Blade draws out his blades and prepared to kill Saber. Saber fuels his aura and dodged the attacks. Saber grinned and his wings opened wide. He dashed towards Blade, taking him into the air. Saber spun and dropped the blunt side of his sword onto Blade, stunning him. He goes offensive and attacks brutally without any pauses. Saber was about to finish it off but Blade's regeneration took in and Blade punched Saber, making him stunned as they are falling downwards. Saber gets back in balance but Blade knees Saber, taking him out cold. Saber's aura fades and they land. Blade lands on his feet while Saber crashes down, beaten down. Blade walked near and his hand blade came out. He pointed it at Saber but didn't kill him. Blade redrew his claw and kicked Saber on the side. Saber coughs and Blade saw his mask. He took it from him and wore it. "This is the great Saber?" Blade boasted as he laughed and left with the mask. Saber coughs again and tried to attack but his head and body still hurts from the kick. He lies down on the floor and rests.

Sentinel and Evo clash once again, this time, Sentinel gets hit by punches. He gets blasted with Chain Destruction followed by more punches. He fires his pulse cannon, taking out a large portion of the forest. Sentinel gets up and smiled as Reyl came near, partially healed. Sylux, Blue and Sky come to assistance of Sentinel and they had a big clash in the crater. Meanwhile, Tufele continues to drain out the energy from Hayley and Torch. They seem to be out of hope but Logan suddenly threw a rock to Tufele, stunning him for a while. Logan uses Caslamity Shock without warning, instantly trapping Tufele. The earthen spikes emerge but Tufele breaks out. "Three... against one... yet the lone wolf gets the prey!" Tufele said as he took on the trio. Keith and Axel finish evacuation and ran to help the others. They save some children and some trapped citizens then went on to battle Trivoid. Axel saw the ships continuing to bombard the town with its lasers, so he ran up the peak to jump and get on the ship. He nearly didn't make it but with the help of his staff, he made it into the ship and began infiltrating. Horzen warriors are on standby, waiting for commands. Axel takes them out with a knife that came out of his staff's tip. He continues walking and saw the main control room, surrounded by enemies. He sighed as he slowly sneaked forward, hoping not to get caught. Keith attacks Tufele with fireballs, making it a four-on-one battle. Tufele continues to dominate, despite the numeral disadvantage. "Even an entire army couldn't stop me!" Tufele shouted as he took a lot of them down. Logan gets up and punched but it was dodged. Hayley stuns him with her beam but Tufele gets back up within seconds. Keith and Torch combine their flames, making a large display of fireballs flying at Tufele. Tufele walks through the fireballs, taking no damage at all. He grinned and punched Torch, knocking him down and having him coughing on the ground in pain. Keith panics and healed him with spells but he was interfered by an airborne Logan, tossed by Tufele. The three are down and Tufele carried Hayley to the main room, which is also on fire. Some patrol guards were inside, saving the documents. They escape but they dropped some files. Tufele laughed and covered the hole in the wall with dark magic. The two of them are alone, facing one on one. They began clashing repeatedly, taking damage with every hit. Hayley lands a punch and a laser blast but Tufele ignored the attack and released a huge dark flame tower, pushing Hayley back. She crashes through the wall, bringing the fight into the training arena. The system gets destroyed after Tufele lands on it after getting punched. "Little girl... can you take this?!" Tufele lunges at Hayley, sending them both through the glass wall of the arena. It shatters, wounding Hayley but dealing no damage to Tufele whatsoever. Tufele laughed and stepped on Hayley's wings, causing her to scream in pain. Sentinel and Evo continues to brawl, taking hits one after the other. Reyl takes on the other three, with his full beast form. He uses his bone knife and stabbed Logan, wounding him deep. His healing factor begins to work, but it heals very slowly. Sky and Blue barraged him with exploding arrows, followed by Particle Point to further weaken Reyl. Reyl gets down on a knee but he roared and dashed towards them. He mauled Sky, taking him down and unconscious. Blue dodges some attacks but she got hit by his claws and got a minor wound. Sentinel finally took out Evoreth with his battleaxe, taking his systems down. He retreats to the ship to get a new power core and Sentinel turned to Reyl. Reyl carried Blue up in the air and said, "One kill for me collection!" Sentinel sliced a spear through Reyl's chest and said, "And that's a kill for my collection..." Reyl takes the spear out and ran away like a wounded dog. Sentinel fired a pulse blast from his cannon, giving Reyl more damage to endure as he runs away. Sentinel helps Sky and Logan up and saw a large explosion occur from inside the building. "Hope everyone's okay..." Blue said as she looked at the flaming building.

Hayley was pushed to her limits and Rylee came back in control. She runs away and dodges attacks from Tufele's deadly spikes that can reach very far lengths. Rylee jumps over one, using it as a platform to jump up a ledge. She panics and ran on the ledge while Tufele shook the entire area with his fireballs. He hears an increasingly loud shout from behind the wall. The black flames covering the debris slowly became blue and soon, Torch breaks through the wall with his fires. He ran towards Tufele at maximum power, activating his "flame golem" form. He jumped up and began flying then attacked Tufele, sending him crashing downwards to the ground. He crashed underneath the ground and felt dizzy. "This power... it is amazing!" Tufele shouted as he continued to get hit with fireballs. He gets back to a vertical position just to get knocked off his feet again by fire waves. He defended and was able to get close enough for an attack. He grabs Torch by the head and burned him with black fires. Torch absorbed part of the fire, making a single, purple fireball. He tossed it to Tufele, sending him up in the air and crashing on the wall. He lands on solid ground, hurting him in the process. Tufele continues living with his immortality and kept fighting back. He gets hit by another purple fireball, knocking him unconscious temporarily. "Everybody get outside and escape while I hold him back!" Torch screamed as Rylee ran away. "But... you will die!" Logan shouted. Torch nodded slowly and sealed up the hole by burning the metal to make it form a wall. Logan roared and tries to break through but Torch continues fortifying the wall to keep it far from being destroyed. Torch shouts once again, this time very loudly. "GET OUT OF HERE WHILE I HOLD HIM BACK!" Logan looks worried but brought Keith and Rylee back outside. Blade gets in their way, looking for Tufele. Logan quickly shoved him to the wall and he continues running, leaving Blade lying on debris, enraged. Torch smiles as he finds out that they left but he then gets grabbed on the face by Tufele. Torch uses high temperature heat to break out and fired a large fireball. He continues firing fireballs, each one getting bigger and bigger. He fired a huge one, as big as a small meteor. "Infernal Meteor!" Torch roared as he formed a huge flaming stone and dropped it on Tufele, making a massive explosion that destroyed the rest of the building and covered it in flames. Blade panics and ran away while Torch and Tufele continue battling underground. Logan and the rest gets out and meets the rest of the team, with Saber still recovering after his battle with Blade. "Where's your mask?" Sky asked. "He took it..." Saber replied. They get set but they realized that Torch was missing. "Where's Torch?" Blue asked. "He stayed behind and fought Tufele underground!" Logan explained. They see an explosion from above, revealing Axel jumping off the disabled ship. A small jet escapes from the crashing main aircraft, with Evo, Blade, Reyl and Acren in it with a Horzen warrior piloting it. I guess we will have to leave Tufele behind..." Evo mumbled. "This can't be... they escaped again!" Axel said as he lands safely by using his staff to prevent a crash. "We must leave the town now!" Sentinel shouted. Gavin arrives, drifting with the RUST. They get on and Axel noticed Torch's absence. They explained and he nodded. As they leave the destroyed town, a final explosion occurs, wiping out the Biohazard building. "Without a home... where will we stay?" Saber asked. "I might know a place... but we will have to walk there," Sentinel said. Saber asks where but Sentinel refuses to give any information until they reach the forest. They see the evacuated citizens and had them relocated to the reconstructed Astrogolt. "Hey Jack! Connie! Illumina!" Saber shouted. They wave and Illumina apologized for her fog's failure. They forgave her and the jets took off one by one, carrying the citizens. "We'll stay low for now. We cannot afford attracting Trivoid for another attack," Axel said. They nodded and walked forward to look for a place to stay, or reach the place which Sentinel said to be, "the perfect area to settle down".

A fist emerges from the rubble, covered in flames. "Ughh..." the man grunted as he got outside the debris. Tufele looks like he's in serious pain but he walks down the road, travelling to Wyvernstone Temple on his own...

Chapter End

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Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Forty: The Recovery

"Keep whacking it!" Blue commanded. Sky continues and finally cut the bush. "There's some berries here!" Blue shouted and everyone approached. They have a snack and they continue traveling. "Could you please tell us why we are walking when we could have rode the jets to get there?" Saber asked. Sentinel laughed and replied, " Axel and I walked down a mountain, down a river and through a cave to get to Spiralwood, and it took us 4 days. Don't complain, son." Saber sighed and kept walking. They continue exploring until at a point, Axel stops them. "Here it is. The divider between Balkry and Grontl," he said as they entered the province. "Alright! I see a city!" Saber shouted as he ran down the slope. He slips mid-path, sending him sliding down. He gets up and laughed while the others got down using stairs. Saber walked straight down the path and they got to the entrance of the city. "I'm totally new around here... so, don't ask me," Keith said as he took out a map. He notices a circle drawn on an uncharted area, even though he never wrote it. "Well that's strange... anyway, this is Gorgefall City, known for its location... right by a half-thousand foot drop gorge with a bridge on top. The gorge is approximately 495 feet high and a mile long..." Keith said as he pointed at the steel bridge. "That's the bridge? Seemed easier on the brochure..." Saber mumbled as he feared the high drop. They crossed the bridge and saw a huge castle and a big medieval city. "Here's Gorgefall..." Keith said as they got inside the residential area. "Why don't we go to the castle thing?" Logan suggested. "We'll look for a room in the hotel... you guys go inside," Axel said as he left with Sentinel and Sylux. They split paths and Saber's group entered the castle. "Stop. The Baron is not taking visitors," a guard said. They took another look at the group and smiled. "Biohazard! What brings you here?" the guard asked. "Long story... Spiralwood was destroyed... and we would like to talk to the baron for ideas," Keith said. Saber looked confused but Keith just asked him to play along. They were allowed entry and they entered inside. "Jarrick! We have visitors!" the baron shouted. Hi butler, Jarrick, came down and they met with the members. "Welcome to my home, Biohazard members. I am Baron Tyrus, son of Tyrone the legendary warrior," Tyron said as he shook hands. "Amazing... Tyrone the Axeman was extremely famous at older times... his legacy will never die..." Keith said as he saw a large portrait of Tyrone at the back. "Pleasured to meet you, I am called Jarrick Peril, butler of his highness Baron Tyrus," Jarrick said as he bowed. "Alright Jarrick, take care of these guys. I'll return to my business," Tyrus said as he went upstairs. As Tyrus disappeared, Jarrick breathed out and smiled. "Finally, I can talk normally again!" Jarrick exclaimed, leaving the group surprised. "Baron chose my as his butler for my accent... so I had to keep it up when he's around. So, this is Gorgefall... make yourselves at home. I heard about your amazing achievements... but, I am sorry for the attack on Spiralwood," Jarrick stated. The team nodded and laughed. Sentinel arrives and called for them. "We found a hotel. Meet us outside," he said as he went back outside. "Jarrick! Take a look at this!" Tyrus shouted. Jarrick sighed and bade farewell to the group as he shouted, "Coming, my lord!" They all separated and the team returned to Sentinel. He leads them to their room and they saw a very large room. "Wow... this is a huge room! All for us?" Saber asked. Axel nodded and they jumped on their beds. "Wait..." Axel said as he mumbles names. "Where's Rylee?" Axel asked. They all began looking for her, worried and scared.

Rylee looks down on the gorge and smiled. She closed her eyes as she jumped off, risking her life on Hayley. The wings open and she began flying back upwards. She regains control and landed on the ground, safe and unharmed. "I'm getting there... but... I cannot use Hayley's power yet..." Rylee suddenly feels seizures and heard Hayley's voice again. "That's because you're weak!" Hayley shouted. Rylee began going paranoid again and Saber saw her. Her aura bursts and Saber tries to keep her calm. "Hold on Rylee!" Saber shouted. Saber's comforting works but Rylee faints and fell in his arms. He brought Rylee to the hospital to get her treated. "There's no serious damage, but she will need rest," the doctor said. Saber nodded and Rylee got up from her seat. They went back to the inn and regrouped. "Rylee... Hayley is nothing but your trauma... if you learn to let go of the past, she will stop tormenting you!" Sentinel said. Rylee looked down and thought of something. She lies down on the bed and everyone took a short nap. "If she does let go of Hayley, what becomes of her power?" Axel asked. Sentinel kept quiet and thought on the couch. Axel watches TV while Keith looks at his map. Sentinel came near and pointed at the red circle. "This is where we will go. It was known to be a myth, but Breakcliff is as true as the legend says," Sentinel said. Keith nearly faints of surprise and doubted its existence. "B-Breakcliff is like... gone from existence!" Keith replied. Sentinel smiled and said, "That's what we thought." Keith looks excited and he prepared for the trip. "We'll stay here for a week, then get moving. We'll walk a few more miles, but all of this will be worth it!" Axel said. Logan moans about his painful feet and remembered Torch. "Torch... why did you have to do that..."

Garred watches Tufele arrive, walking triumphantly. "They escaped the town..." Tufele said. Garred nodded and replied, "I know. They might have escaped, but you took a Goran down. A fair trade in my opinion." Tufele smiled as he entered the temple. He walked into the training room and began practicing his fire attacks. Garred walked inside and secretly locked the door. "Hello again, Garred," Tufele said. Garred laughed and pointed a gun behind his back. "You do know that you can't kill me, right?" Tufele asked as he grinned and turned around. He stares at Garred as he fired the gun. The gun launched a long chain, wrapping Tufele and paralyzing him. He cannot escape and growled, "What are you doing?! Killing your strongest man!?" Garred laughed and said, "I only needed you to destroy Spiralwood. Now that's over, you are relieved from your services..." Tufele became very mad and tried to claw Garred but his body stops and stiffens. He cannot talk anymore nor could he move. Garred opened his arms out wide and the chains began to release black energy. It transfers from Tufele to Garred, making Garred stronger while Tufele grows weaker. Tufele's immortality has been torn off his body and passed over to Garred. Tufele's true form reveals itself, a thousand-year old man who is weak and useless. Garred smiled as he charged a black fireball. Tufele closes his eyes for the last time as he took the deadly shot. Tufele turns to dust and Garred laughed as he is now immortal. Reyl began to leave and hunt down the Resistance. "Good luck," Garred said as the ship took off and he went to the first member, Havoc Gold.

Later that evening...
The team goes to the Baron's castle and invited him for a hangout at the hot springs. "We're inviting you for a relaxing night to cool down after our battle with Trivoid. Are you interested?" Saber asked. The baron laughed loudly and gladly accepted it. "Jarrick, you'll be assisting us," Tyrus said. Jarrick sighed at his laziness but went along. They all come to a large pond and had a chat about the city. "Well, it's basically a city built beside a high gorge... its medieval theme was a throwback to my father, Tyrone. His barbarian and medieval way of battling was the basis of this city's design," Tyrus said. Jarrick comes near with refreshments. "Why don't you join us, Jarrick?" Tyrus asked. Jarrick smiled and said, "Why thank you, sir." He leaves and returns, prepared to relax. "Why don't you take your gloves off?" Keith asked. Jarrick noticed and took his leather gloves off, only to reveal rubber gloves underneath. "Why are you wearing so much hand accessories?" Rylee asked. Jarrick laughed in reply and sat down. "So, baron... do you ever plan on following your father's footsteps as a warrior?" Sentinel asked. Tyrus smiled and replied, "I do train at using a battleaxe and swords... although I don't like going outside the city. I will fight alongside the city guards when any attackers arrive!" Jarrick smiled and said, "Sir, do not forget that your life is my responsibility. If you fall in battle, I will fall as well... so be cautious..." Tyrus laughed and said, "Your hands will protect me anyway..." Jarrick got shocked and looked at his hands. "Sorry if I startled you..." Tyrus apologized. Jarrick nodded and breathed in. "What is behind your gloves, Jarrick?" Blue asked. "Bandages..." Jarrick replied as he laughed. "Behind the bandages?" Rylee added. "Something you would all fear..." Tyrus responded as Jarrick nodded. "You wouldn't want to get hit with these..." Jarrick said. The girls nodded and Logan finished the juices. "Why didn't you leave any for us?" Keith asked. Logan burped and grinned. The water around him suddenly bubbled up and vibrated. The girls panic and get out of the water and Logan laughed out loud. The girls frowned and Logan said, "Don't worry... it's not poisonous anyway!" They pouted and dried up then sat by the lake outside the springs. "Let's go to the lake, too," Saber suggested. They dry up with towels and went outside to look at the shining moon. "What a peaceful night... Reminds me of old times on the peak of Spiralwood... Don't you guys miss it?" Sky asked. Everyone mumbled and agreed when suddenly, Sylux arrives riding a motorcycle and waved. "Where did you get that?!" Saber asked loudly. "Oh... this? I got it from a bet. Some guy thought he could shoot better than me. Wrong choice for him, he lost his bike," Sylux explained. They laughed and Sentinel looked up into the night sky and mumbled, "Trivoid might attack us here... there is always a chance..."

"They arrived at Gorgefall... when do we attack?" Evo asked. Garred grinned and said, "I'll be coming, but you will do the battling. I will evaluate your performance in battle, Evo. Be ready for that." Evo smiled as Garred left. Blade runs in holding Tufele's glove. "Guys! I found this by a pile of dust!" Blade shouted. Evo stared at it and was confused. "Tufele... perished?" Evo runs to the lab for he feels his powers depleting. He gets an additional 50 different shots to further improve his power. He growled in pain but he soon lost the feeling of pain and smiled. "Feel no pain shots completed," the system said as Evo was released from the machine. He gets off and tested his pain suppression. He feels very minimal pain despite cutting a wound on his arm. "May I just remind you that you aren't immortal? You can't just go and be clumsy just because you don't feel anything..." Blade said as he sat down on a chair. Evo swung his battleaxe in the air and it released a gust of electric force. Blade is amazed and smiled. Evo looked outside and saw lightning beginning to form. It began raining all around Grontl and Evo mumbled, "Reyl's mission has finally begun..." Reyl sneaks around a hallway, unnoticed through his janitor disguise. He sees Havoc, the pyromancer who led the assault team of the Resistance. Reyl drew his knife and lunged forward to Havoc.

The team returns to the hotel by midnight and they all went straight to rest. Sentinel sat down on the couch and lounged as he turned the TV on. He sees the news and his jaw drops in chock as he read the headlines: "The reports are in... Havoc Gold of The Resistance recently was attacked and assassinated in his own manor."

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-One: Uncovering the Past

Saber wakes up early to see Sentinel sitting on a chair, maddened and enraged. Saber gets up to check on him. “What’s wrong, dad?” Saber asked. Sentinel clenches his fist and said, “My friend and ally, Havoc... we were the front line in the war back at the old days... now... he was killed in his own manor, by a masked killer...” Saber was shocked and asked, “Who could’ve done such a thing!?” Sentinel shook his head in reply. Axel awakens and saw the two having a talk. “I suspect Trivoid is doing this...” Sentinel added. Saber nodded and replied, “Maybe... they always are up to no good... and taking down The Resistance is like taking down Biohazard’s strongest allies...” Sentinel smiled and said, “I must call all members and warn them all... I’ll be back.” Sentinel left to find a payphone and call all of his former teammates. Saber watches his dad leave and noticed that Axel was awake. “Hey,” Saber greeted. “Can this be real? The Resistance is falling?” Axel said to himself as he stood up and got into his robe. “Hey Axel, I have always wondered why you like that black trench coat so much... You seem much attached to it, wherever you go,” Saber stated. Keith wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock and took his staff. He greets everyone before he left instantly to take a visit to the castle. “Good morning,” Keith greeted to the guards as he walked by. He enters the castle and silently walked upstairs to meet Tyrus and Jarrick. Jarrick sees him and waved. “Master is still asleep... So I have a couple more minutes to spare before I go all formal accent all over again...” Jarrick mumbled. Keith chuckled and said, “I wanted to get the truth about your hands... I’ll keep it a secret, don’t worry.” Jarrick suddenly puts his hands behind his back and replied, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Keith nodded sadly and said, “Alright then... a secret is a secret, if you don’t choose to share it then I will not bother you longer.” A loud yawn emerges from behind them. “It’s so early Jarrick. Do we have visitors already?” Tyrus asked. Jarrick sighs and coughs as he switched accents. “Yes my lord. Keith form the team arrived earlier to inquire answers to some questions,” Jarrick mumbled. Tyrus nodded as he wore his cap and walked outside. “Good morning, Keith!” Tyrus said as he yawned once again, this time louder. “My lord... I apologize to give negative comments but your breath is quite... foul,” Keith said as he mocked Jarrick. Tyrus let out a big laugh and said, “Oh right... last night I fell asleep before I brushed my teeth... I’m so sorry for that.” Keith nodded as Jarrick chuckled. Tyrus walked downstairs to eat breakfast and Jarrick mumbled to Keith before he followed, “Nice accent... although you need more practice.” Keith smiled as he watched the two get down to eat. Keith decides to get back outside to return to the hotel. Sentinel was outside at a phone, talking to a friend. “I know... Havoc’s death was tragic... so keep your guard up. Trivoid’s taking all of us down... I don’t want to lose another ally,” Sentinel said. He listened to the response and he nodded. He put the phone down and saw Keith. “Good morning,” Sentinel greeted. Keith waved back and they both got in the elevator to return to their room. They were surprised to see Logan and Sky, waiting outside as they reached the floor. “We’re out to buy breakfast... you guys sit back and relax in the room,” Sky said as he gave them a thumbs up. Sentinel nodded and waved as the elevator closes and the two go down to buy food. Sentinel opens the door of the room and was shocked to hear another headline at the news. “Biohazard has been found at Gorgefall City after they escape the burning remains of the used-to-be peaceful Spiralwood Valley.” Sentinel was shocked and said, “We’re exposed... Now the city is in deep trouble... Trivoid could attack us!” Axel snapped his finger and said, “Wrong... They knew that we were here from the start.” Sentinel was surprised and asked, “Why didn’t you tell us? Trivoid might already be on their way here...” Axel smiled to the clouds and said, “I have a plan, don’t worry...” Keith gets back to his bed and saw Rylee, Blue and Saber chatting. “What’s up guys?” Keith said as he joined in the conversation. Sylux gets the keys to his new motorcycle and said, “Hey, I’m out for a ride around town...” They nod and he gets downstairs. Sylux rides on his motorcycle and began to drive down the road despite the bumpy surface. Logan and Sky walk down the road to get to the restaurant. They see a crime ongoing at the parking lot and Logan came to rescue. Sky laughed as Logan realized that he was on TV, interfering with a film shooting. “Cut! Cut!” The director ordered as he sighed. “Biohazard members... It’s nice to see you, but it’s not nice to see you disturbing the shooting!” The director shouted. Logan smiled sarcastically and he saw Madison from the GFNTV in the crowd. Madison approaches him and interviewed him. Logan laughed and said, “I remember you... from Starfall peak back at the festival!” Madison smiled and thought to herself, “He actually remembered me!” Her smile was noticed by Logan and asked, “Are you alright, miss?” Madison regained control of herself and asked, “So, how is it with your missions with Biohazard? Spiralwood has been destroyed, what’s your plan now?” Logan pointed at Sky and said, “Actually... we’re just going to buy breakfast right now...” Madison chuckled as Sky joined the talk. “We’re currently heading to a place... It’s a secret! We’re not saying.” Madison nodded and said, “It’s alright. Secrets are kept private, then so be it.” Sylux sees the two being interviewed and mumbled, “This is my chance to be on TV!” He loses focus on the road and saw himself approaching a lamp post. He shouts and turned in panic, sending him driving wildly in circles. The cameraman gets footage of it and he couldn’t resist but laugh. Sylux catches the brakes and stopped, noticing the whole town staring at him. He walks away with his bike slowly in an awkward motion. Logan bursts in laughter and said, “Well, that’s Sylux, our team member as well. We better get off to buy food now, see you around!” The two get into the market while the crew ended filming. The director calls for them and they return to filming the movie.

Saber waits by the elevator and saw Logan with Sky, carrying a dozen boxes of food. “We’re here!” Sky mumbled. Saber assists them to the room and they place the food on the table. “Yo Sylux, check this out! You’re on TV! Logan too! And Sky as well!” Keith shouted. He sees himself spiralling in circles at the video. The team began laughing while Sylux just joined in the laughter. “I’ll admit I failed there, but at least, I’m famous!” Sylux stated. He reads the video title and his jaw dropped as he checked the internet to see the number of views. “Eighteen thousand people.... in the first few minutes...” Sylux said. “Hey, look at the title!” Blue said as she pointed it out. “Cyclist wants TV attention – He gets some, along with a merry-go round ride” They read. Sylux’s jaw drops once again and he was very shocked at the number of views, rising by the minute. “Viral video, that’s what they call these... And it looks like Sylux scored one,” Axel said as he laughed. Sylux changed the topic and directed attention to the food. “Alright, let’s eat!” Logan roared as they began eating. They eat the chicken and pasta while some drank their coffee first. They finish and thrown the trash in the bin. “Let’s go to the castle while the personnel tidy things up. Take all your valuables to the vault, and then let’s move out!” Sentinel commanded. Saber nodded and they walk to the castle. As they arrive, Jarrick and Tyrus were just about to leave as well. “Good morning!” Saber greeted. The two waved and they went down to talk to them. “Good morning!” Tyrus replied. They went to the northern end of the city, where there are some farms and a park. They stroll around the park, having small chats. They stop by a bench to look at the surroundings. “Trivoid is expected to arrive here, Baron,” Sentinel said. The baron gasps and replied, “What!? A fight!?” Sentinel nodded slowly and Axel smiled. “Jarrick, it’s alright to tell us now. We need the old you back,” Axel said. Tyrus was shocked for Axel knew the secret. Jarrick sighed and said, “Master, I never had an accent... I’m just a regular guy.” Tyrus nodded and said, “I know that. You were faking all the time... too obvious. But, tell them your real secret now.” Jarrick was shocked and said, “Alright then...” everyone leaned forward to look at the secret. He takes the gloves off, followed by the rubber gloves. His wounded arms are revealed, covered with slightly burned bandages. “What is that!?” Saber said in shock. Blue and Rylee were scared of the grotesque and bizarre appearance of his hands. His hands have high degree burns, deep wounds and visible markings forming a strange pattern. “Jarrick... or, Beelzebub as the good old days call you...” Axel said. Keith and Sylux were shocked and they said, “Beelzebub... as in, the outlaw-slash-hero?” Axel nodded and Jarrick smiled. He took out a pair of goggles and a medical mask in his pocket. He wears them on and he said, “It is I, the long-gone Beelzebub!” Logan nodded and said, “I remember your massacre act back then...” Jarrick apologized and Tyrus said, “Jarrick, I was the one who bailed you out.” Jarrick was surprised and thanked him. Saber seems confused and asked, “What’s going on?” Axel breathed in and said, “Jarrick wasn’t always a butler... he was a killer... a criminal... an outlaw... He killed a dozen people in a train station down south at The Pamphlet. He was one of us... He was one of the people who had their hands laid on the Shinko Crystal. But, instead of the ordinary absorption of powers, the crystal imprinted itself on his hands. His hands were infused with the power of the crystal. His hands are now exactly the same with the crystal, but in human flesh. He was arrested, but for an odd reason, he wasn’t killed as a penalty. He was let into prison for half a century... but, he was bailed out by an unknown man, bailed out with an offer nobody can deny. Tyrone the Barbarian and his son, Tyrus, was there to save him from rotting in prison. He changed his life, turning into an urban hero. He utilizes an unstable cosmic energy formed from his hands. He became very famous undergoing the made-up name, Beelzebub. This was a pun on how he was only four feet and ten inches when he began saving people.” Saber laughed and said, “So,he’s short?” Axel nodded and continued. “But, right when he was on top of the game, he vanished from the face of the earth. His legacy ended... and he went to Gorgefall to serve the people who changed his life: Tyrus and Tyrone. Tyrone eventually passed away in battle, but he continues to serve Tyrus. Here he is now, Jarrick Peril.” Saber nodded and Jarrick said, “I’m not short anymore! I’m five foot four now!” Tyrus laughed and said, “Jarrick, take your costume off before someone sees you.” Jarrick takes it off and said, “I’ll fight with you guys on the field. You can count on me!” Tyrus roared and said, “Me too!” The team all raised their fists and said, “We will all fight!”

“Kick... it... harder!” A boy shouts as he flips forward to perform a kick. He slices a plank of wood in half, followed by a burst of sonic power waves. A single, arc of power slices the ground. It travels forward faster and faster until is shrank to the point that it faded. “Yes!” he exclaimed as he took another plank. He smiled and walked to the temple. “Droll! Hold up!” an old man said. Droll didn’t listen and said, “Master... I have completed my trainings... I must return to those who need me.” The man bows down to him and said, “Goodbye Droll.” Droll waves and he walks down the hill, headed back to the team. The team looks up to the sky and sees lightning and dark clouds forming. Axel sees a white beam travelling fast across the sky. “Evoreth is here... with Garred...” Axel said. Saber is in shock and they saw a huge ship arrive. “Here they are!” Jarrick shouted. Tyrus returns to the castle to call the guards and to take his battleaxe. “Let’s get the fight on!” Tyrus roared as he walked outside to return to battle.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-Two: Rivals - Now and Then

Evoreth lands
on the ground, making a large shockwave on his landing. The civilians run away but he mercilessly kills some of them with his blaster. Saber saw a blast incoming at him but he dodges it and it hit a wall, causing it to collapse into pieces. “His power increased exponentially!” Sentinel shouted. Sentinel went forward and summoned his battleaxe to have a match with Evo again. The opponent grabs his own axe and they begin on battling. Sentinel gets instantly overpowered after the first hit, much different to the previous battle. Saber helps but Evoreth grabs Sentinel and flew off into the sky. He drops Sentinel down but he utilizes a jetpack to fly and hover. He finally lands safely and he noticed Evo flying to the castle. Tyrus was in the castle as Evoreth crashes through the ceiling. He lands and grinned as he used a new ability to seal the entire room. Tyrus grins and they began to duel. The guard panic to try and break through the wall but they fail. Evo and Tyrus continue to battle while the rest defended from the onslaught of Horzen warriors. Saber looks up and sees another person coming down from the ship. “A new presence... who is it?” Axel wondered. he person falls on the ground safely by making a large burst of energy pulses as he lands. Saber got close to check on whom it was but he was shocked as he saw Acren standing before him. “Is that you, Acren!? Why are you with them!?” Saber shouted. Acren dashed forward, faster than he ever was in the tournament. He strikes hard and takes Saber down immediately. Saber got up and he ran away to take his sword. Axel summons his staff and he begins scanning through Acren’s mind. Acren’s helmet cuts the connection and Axel was hit with a psychic wave. Acren uses his telekinetic abilities to throw objects at them, hurting everyone in the area. The items swirl around like a cyclone, smashing objects around like toys. Saber uses his sword to disrupt the cyclone with his runic wave. He initiated Runic Cutter but it was stopped by Acren’s telekinesis. Saber fights through the power and it works. Acren was shocked and turned up the helmet’s gauge. He traps Saber into another psychic hold and had Saber flung around the town. Logan and Sky disturbs Acren while Blue and Rylee began to prepare for a big attack combination. Rylee fires a beam using her pendant while Blue fired an arrow along the laser, making the arrow faster and stronger. Rylee loses control of the beam and it began burning down the buildings. It fortunately hit some soldiers, killing a lot of them in the intense heat. She runs out of power and stops while Saber and Acren continues to go fighting back and forth. “Die you scum!” Evo shouted as he sliced Tyrus. Tyrus dodges it flawlessly then followed with a swift cleave. Evo gets enraged and sliced Tyrus in half. Tyrus smiled as his body seems undamaged at all. “Evo, you were sent to eliminate Biohazard! Not mess with some baron!” Garred commanded. Evo turns the receptor off and smiled as he sensed his true target. Tyrus smiled and said, “I can become intangible... bet you didn’t know that!” Evo laughed and said, “You’re wrong...” He grabs Tyrus by the shoulder with gloves that glowed bright gold. “I came prepared, of course,” Evo said as he drew two blades from each of his hands. Tyrus couldn’t go into intangible mode and panics. “Stop!” A man shouted. Jarrick reveals himself behind the barrier and he easily melted the wall with his hands. He gets in and said, “Let him go.” Evo throws Tyrus to a wall and smiled. “Beelzy... some people call you a hero... some, an outlaw.... but to me, you’re dead!”Evo shouted. “You had me arrested, nearly killed me with those freak hands of yours!” Evo throws an expensive chair to a wall, shattering it quickly. “But it’s my revenge now,” Evo evilly said as he punched Jarrick. Jarrick laughed and more his costume. “Beelzebub is back in action!” Jarrick shouted. Jarrick’s hands glow cosmic blue and he fires his cosmic beams. Evo gets badly burned but he easily picked up the pace and got in battle, since he felt no pain at all. Jarrick gets shocked and the battle continues.

Jarrick fires a barrage of cosmic beams but Evo dodges most. He gets near for a strong swipe but Jarrick punches Evoreth hard with added power from the cursed hands. Evo is blasted upwards and he crashes forward. “I cannot feel pain! I cannot lose to you!” Evo shouted. They clash repeatedly while Tyrus couldn’t help. He attacks Evo but he misses for the two switch places so fast. Sylux and Sentinel fire from the rooftops, utilizing long ranged weapons to take the hordes of enemies down. “Tanker incoming!” Sylux shouted. A huge, heavily-armed soldier appears, with a thicker layer of armor and much larger size. Sylux fires from his sniper rifle, killing a lot of soldiers. Axel sees the tanker and assisted. He throws his staff but it was intercepted by Acren’s magic barrier. Saber sees Rylee activating her aura. “Rylee! Don’t do this!” Saber shouted. Rylee closes her eyes and sees herself with Hayley. “I’m taking control... and this time, permanently!” Hayley shouted. Rylee focuses and flashbacks to the moment when Hayley died in the accident.”

“Hayley died... because of me...” Rylee mumbled. “My parents, my friends... my sister... all gone...” “The people I loved and all those who cared for me... gone...” She kneels down and sobbed. She feels a gentle pat on her shoulder. She looks up and sees him. “Saber?” Rylee mumbled. Saber smiled and helped her up. Rylee smiles and Saber held her by the hands. “You didn’t lose everyone you love... we’re here... for you.” Rylee smiled and thought, “This is what Sentinel meant by trauma... This is it after all! I thought I lost everyone... but, everyone around me...Biohazard... I am not alone!” Hayley smiles at her and said, “Goodbye...”

Rylee exits her mind and she grins as the black, corrupted devil-like wings open completely, scattering the black feathers out. The feathers dissolve and become light. Rylee smiles as her wings open wide and become angel-like. She gains control over the powerful aura and she finally begins to battle. Acren was instantly knocked down, sending him flying into his own magic barrier. It breaks and he smiled as he heard orders from Garred. “Leave the area now. Evoreth has been foolish enough to disobey me...” Acren levitates and flew away while the others were surprised at Rylee’s full power. “Tanker down!” Sylux shouted as he took the big beast down with one final bullet. He fist pumps but he gets shocked as another tanker is spawned. It fires missiles at him so he runs and jumps off the building. Logan saves him and helped him to get near the giant enemy. Sylux fires a blast with his shotgun and followed with a laser blast from a pistol. “Seal the area!” Sylux shouted. Logan makes an arena of rocks, shielding him and the rest of the allies. Sylux fires a straight, destructive heat laser in a circular axis, cutting all enemies in half. Sylux drops the two overheated guns and smiled. “The baron! And Jarrick!” Blue shouted. Rylee flies to the castle but she gets stopped by a barrier. They all remain outside and couldn’t do anything. Tyrus smiled and attacked swiftly with a single beam of energy to take down once again. Jarrick gets up and punches him with an empowered fist using his curse. He amplifies his power and attacks furiously. Evo receives punches from all directions, making him very weak. Evo continues and grabbed Jarrick, placing them in a stalemate position. Jarrick is grappled by Evo while he charges two beams. Evo immobilized him and grabbed his battleaxe. “You ruined my life back then...” He lifts his axe and took aim. “Now I’m going to end yours.” Evo swings, aiming to behead Jarrick. He gets hit by the attack but Jarrick fires his beams, zapping Evo like two gigantic lightning bolts you would see in a storm. Evo gets launched outside the castle and all the way to the forests. He crashes in the middle of the large forest, destroying a lot of trees. He gets heavily beat and he stands up to escape. He walks down the road, beaten up and bruised as he finds the ship flying away without him. He growled and walked while he covers his deep burns. Jarrick is down on the ground with a deep wound bleeding on his shoulder. “Are you alright? Stay with us...” Tyrus said as he tends the wound. Saber wraps it in some bandages while Blue uses herbs to heal it. Rylee disables her power and said, “Should Jarrick join us? I mean, he’ll be a great addition to Biohazard!” Jarrick coughed and said, “I have already served Tyrus for my whole life... I can’t leave now...” He passes out ad rests while Tyrus said, “It’s alright. I’ll take care of him. You guys should go and get to that place you were talking about now...” Axel nods and commanded the team to return to the hotel. The place is still standing and their items are still intact. They take their things and pay for an early checkout. “Keep travelling south...” Keith said as he led the team with his map. They walk down the long downhill road as they hope to reach Breakcliff.

“What a complete failure...” Blade said as he heard the reports on the attack. Acren and Garred are fling back to Wyvernstone Temple. Evo uses his jetpack to catch up and gets on the ship as well. He suddenly collapses, leaving him crawling on the ground. “I’m out of... power...” Evo said as he crawled forward. He hits a foot and he stopped to look up. “Lord... Garred?” Evo mumbled. “I failed you master... help me...” Garred offered him a hand and Evo takes it and stands up. Just as when Evo was about to thank Garred, he was stabbed by a long knife through his stomach. “Your failure is a disgrace... you are now relieved of your duties,” Garred said as Evo fell down, bleeding out. Evo coughs and tries to speak his last but he dies fast. “Evoreth... you were a great soldier, but having your rivalry take control over you, is wrong...” Garred said. Blade looks behind him and sees a robed small figure approaching him. “Who are you?” The man removes his hood and smiled at Blade. “We are reaching Wyvernstone!” Garred shouted as the guards prepared for landing. Acren thought of Rylee’s power once again and amplified his psychic limits using a gauge on his helmet.
He sighed as they landed and got off. “Master! A new recruit has approached us!” Blade shouted. Garred sees the hooded boy and smiled. “Come with me,” he commanded as they walked into the training area. The man smiled and said, “I will now help you defeat Biohazard!” Garred smiled and activated the system. The man performed his abilities and showed it to Garred. “My Final Strike! Space Bound!” The man jumps up high and gravity gets defied when he levitates in mid-air. He spins faster and faster as he goes down and as he landed, ripples of energy begin forming. The ripples strengthen and soon erupt with sonic bursts. “That was impressive. You weren’t this strong when we last saw you...” Garred said. Acren notices the man and said, “It’s you... from the tournament.” The robed man takes the robe off and reveals a devilish armor and some tribal paintings on his face. He roars and showed his second Final Strike, Twisted Cyclones. He duplicates and run forward while the copies scatter to different places. The copies kick the ground, making ‘cutters’ of energy. The waves travel to the true man and he slams the ground, making the energy scatter. He does a handstand then spins in a whirlwind motion, making a gigantic tornado of swirling force. Garred smiled and asked, “I forgot your name... what was it?” The man smiled and replied, “Call me... Droll.”

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-Three: The Journey to Breakcliff

Saber and the team walk down the road. “Rylee... you finally found the secret...” Saber said. Rylee nodded and said, “I am not alone... I have you guys!” she shouted. The team nods and said altogether, “We got your back, Rylee!” Ryle smiled and they reach a small farm. “Is anyone home?” Keith asked as he approaches the big house. They were immediately allowed of entry and they saw a large hall of workers and farmers having meals and drinks. Logan looks around and wondered. “Hey... something’s strange...” Logan mumbled. “What’s strange?” Saber asked. “It’s just, usually people recognize us as Biohazard as we enter... but this crowd is.... different...” Logan said. Saber realizes this and said, “You’re right! I guess we’re not famous everywhere.” They find a table and ordered their meals. After their ordering, Axel asked the waitress, “Do you know who we are?” The waitress narrows her eyes and tilted er head. “Nope. No idea,” she said as she went to the kitchen to queue the orders. “Whoa... how did that happen?” Blue said. “Must be because they have no television around here... we’re infamous...” Sylux mumbled as he drank some iced water. Their orders arrive fast, faster than they expected. “Wow, fast service to match the nice place for a restaurant... this place is amazing!” Keith said. The waitress thanks them for their kind words. “Thank you... Lyra,” Sky said as he looked at her name tag. “Enjoy your meal,” she said as she rushed back into the kitchen. “I miss good old big meals!” Logan said. They began eating and discussing certain topics. “Do you think Gorgefall will be safe now?” Saber asked. Sentinel nodded and said, “Jarrick can defend it now, actually. Tyrus is a formidable opponent as well and I think the two of them will get the city back in shape in no time.” Saber drank juice while Rylee uses her power to make a light orb. “Now you have control over your power, you’re going to be very dangerous!” Sky told Rylee. Rylee smiled and replied, “Hayley... I finally let go of the past.” Logan burps loudly, startling Keith, who was eating a sandwich. “That’s nasty!” Keith said as he covered his nose. Logan laughs loudly when Axel suddenly senses an incoming danger. “Take cover!” a man shouted as a wild beast began wrecking the outside. “Warriors! Sentries! Go and attack!” The commander shouted as they fought the big beast. “We’ll take care of this...” Logan, Keith and Saber said. They went outside to fight the beast. “What are you guys doing!? Get inside!” The commander shouted at them. “We’re members of Biohazard... Leave this to us!” Logan said. “Biohazard? What’s that, some kind of little superhero faction you made up?” The commander said as he burst in laughter. “You better watch your mouth!” Logan said. The commander looks away and said, “Fine. Throw your puny lives away to that beast!” Logan smiled and called a formation. “Saber, you go up top! Keith takes the bottom! I’ll take this guy head on!” Logan goes face to face with the beast. Saber is behind it while Keith is far behind, taking aim. The beast roars at Logan and Logan roared back. Logan punches the giant beast and used Terror Disaster. The beast gets knocked back to Saber, who uses his sword to cut the beast. Keith fires his fully charged icicle ball at the beast, freezing its wound. It growls in pain while Logan tosses Saber upwards. Saber uses Runic Cutter, taking the beast off its feet and knocking it down. Logan punches it on the face, knocking it out cold. “Is this what you call puny lives?” Logan shouted at the commander, who was as shocked as a little kid. “How did you... do that?” a guard asked. The people suddenly cheered for them and the town headsman said, “What are you people?” Axel pays for the meal and they left to have a talk with the headsman.

“We’re members of Biohazard, an organization formed at Spiralwood back at Falrun. We left after it was destroyed by our enemy, Trivoid. Are you sure you NEVER heard of us?” Axel stated. “Not at all. We citizens of Root Town have no idea whatsoever of what’s going on outside the town. We’re really a rural and simple town,” the headsman stated. “And we thought everyone knew us... we actually saved your lives more times than you can count...” Saber mumbled. The headsman laughs and introduces himself. “I’m Kayun, the aspiring leader of the town. We really live simple... is that a bad thing?” Axel shook his head and said, “It’s just that the chances of Trivoid attacking are very high. You guys might not even realize that you’re their next target!” Kayun nods and said, “Well, feel at home. We will gladly take you guys as guests here in town.” The thank him and they go to the inn to rent rooms. “We might not fit in here...” Blue said as she saw the size of the rooms. Sky comes with a large crate and said, “I have a fun idea we can all try!” They listen and followed Sky to the field. They set up tents and firewood. “A camping trip sound very fun!” Saber said. Rylee sits by the waterfall and was amazed at the beauty of the area. Lyra suddenly approached them and said, “Is it true... you guys are from Biohazard?” she asked. “Yes, yes we are from Biohazard. I though nobody knows who we are around here!” Sentinel said. She shook her head and said, “I’ve heard a couple of tales about you every time I get assigned to new places.” They smile and Saber mumbled, “Finally!” Lyra bowed and said, “I... actually want to join the team, if you would let me.” They were shocked and Sylux said, “What’s your specialty?” Lyra picks up a small rock and threw it in the air. She stares at it and shot it with a gun with perfect accuracy. Sylux was amazed at her perfect accuracy as she withdrew her gun. Sylux claps for her and said, “A gunner like me? I say let’s add her to the team!” Axel nods and said, “She can join us, but not now. When we’re going to leave, come with us. You are gladly accepted into the team.” Lyra smiled and said, “Thank you!” Axel saw her still in waitress uniform and said, “You might want to change your attire... fighting in a maid’s outfit won’t be nice...” Lyra smiled and said, “Sure, sure. I’ll do that.” She leaves happily while the rest just run around and play. They have lots of fun and soon get under the waterfall to swim. Rylee goes on top of the waterfall with Saber and Sky. Rylee smirks and asked, “Are you sure about this?” Saber nodded and assisted her to the tip of the rock. Rylee jumps off and opens her wings. She was able to begin flying but she crashes into the water, making a big splash. She laughs as Saber and Sky jumped off. They make a big splash while at the same time hurting them in the impact. Saber and Sky laughed while they got back up while cringing in pain. Sentinel and Axel watch them and they began discussing their plans. “Axel, Breakcliff is home to the Guardian Cave. It’s time to find out if Saber really is... you know,” Sentinel said. Axel nodded and looked up to the sky. “What is Trivoid up to now?” Axel mumbled as he closes his eyes.

“Luckily, Goran is just nearby Kains...” Garred said. He prepares for the takeoff when Acren suddenly pointed a faster route. “Well, that is amazing! You know your paths now don’t you?” Garred said. Blade gets on board while Droll continues practicing. “I must get on when Acren gets on as well...” Droll thought. Acren reads his mind but was shocked when he saw emptiness. “How is he doing this!?” Acren thought as he failed in reading Droll’s mind. Acren gets on and Droll saw him. He ran on board and Garred said, “Let’s go then. Goran is a tough land full of elementalists.” They take off and dash into the sky on their ship. Meanwhile, Reyl stalks another member of The Resistance, a Shadow walker named Heldrin. He walks down the street in a dark evening. He immediately senses Reyl and turns around. Reyl disappears but as he turns back around, he was punched by Reyl. Reyl tossed Heldrin in an alleyway where no one can see them. Heldrin vanishes into the shadows then reappeared behind him. Reyl gets punched back, sending him stumbling into the trash cans. He gets up but gets knocked back by another punch. “Sentinel forewarned me... don’t you think you can kill me just like that!” Heldrin said. Reyl looks up and used his Dark Moon fragment to activate his werewolf-like form. He gains speed and power and he howled loudly. “My Final Strike will be your end!” Reyl said. Reyl uses Blood’s Trench, a deadly Final Strike. He dashes around and cuts Heldrin, wounding him. Blood drops down to the ground and makes a pool. “How can I even lose this much blood!?” Heldrin said. Reyl laughed and said, “This is the secret of my Final Strike!” The blood pool rises and covers Heldrin in a pool. Reyl dashed into the pool while saying, “Goodbye...” He entered the floating blood glob and ran through it. The pool falls and splashes on the ground, without Heldrin inside it. He sees Heldrin’s trench coat and hat on the ground. Reyl fixes it and left with an evil grin on his face.

The team readies for dinner and gets into the restaurant again. They see Lyra, doing her last few orders before leaving. “Hey, may we have a table?” Sylux asked. Lyra smiled and directed them to a big table. They sit down and looked around. “This place is peaceful, with a chance of beast attacks... other than that, it’s all nice,” Saber said. Lyra overheard the conversation and stated, “Those beasts attacks are normal. The guards think that they’re so good, fighting those beasts... they actually do a pretty bad job at it...” Saber laughed and they began to make orders. They finish and Lyra brings the note to the kitchen. Minutes later, she returns with the meals. “Enjoy your meals!” Lyra said. She left to get back in the kitchen while the team looks hungry as they saw the food’s appearance. “It looks delicious!” Rylee said. Blue agreed and said, “Let’s begin!” They eat their dinners and had a good time. Logan finished first and took a stroll outside, due to his full stomach. He looks at the forest and heard another beast incoming. Everyone finishes and they all got outside to return to the campsite, except for Sylux, who stayed behind to pay and have a chat with Lyra. “So, see you tomorrow then,” Lyra said. The beast roars loudly, startling the two. They go outside and see the gigantic beast, the same species as the first one. Sylux smiled and said, “Let’s see who gets the last shot!” Lyra laughs and they began attacking the large beast. “Get ready!” Sylux barrages it with a machinegun, but this one looks like it can take a lot more damage. The beast just roars and cleaves the soil, shaking the ground. Sylux falls down and Lyra fires a missile, knocking the beast backwards. “Good job!” Sylux said. Lyra smiled and fired her pistols. The beast gets hurt and Sylux runs up to it, blasting it with his shotgun. The beast keeps roaring and one of the splashing bullets hit its eye. The beast falls backwards, crashing into the ground. There we go!” Lyra shouted. Sylux gets off the beast and walked to the campsite. “Guards! Clean this... thing up,” the commander said. Lyra waved goodbye and Sylux said, “Goodnight.” Sylux walks to the camp area and the people congratulate him. “Good job there, Sylux.” Keith said. Sky throws him a sack of bullet and said, “You might want to try and use that with your shotgun.” Sylux smiled and thanked him. “Alright! Let’s sleep early so we can leave tomorrow by morning. Get to your tents, and goodnight,” Axel said as he yawned. Saber nods and went into his tent. Sky fires an arrow to the sky and smiled. The arrow explodes like a firework and colored the night sky. Sylux goes to sleep and mumbled to himself, “Goodnight…”

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-Four: The Town of Challenge

Sylux awakens and woke up the other members. “Hey guys! Rise and shine!” The team gets up and leaves their tents. They see Lyra, all geared for her first day. “Hello guys!” Lyra greeted. “Good morning... everyone, prepare for departure. We’ll leave in a few minutes!” Axel commanded. “Our next stop is Freewind Town... and just in time, they’re holding a festival right now. In the city stands the Temple of the Octaves, a massive building where most music is created. The entire hall’s bell system acts as a giant music player every festival,” Sentinel said. Saber looks interested and said, “Let’s get going then!” Axel went to the town hall and gave the town a donation for their needs. The team departs and went into the forest again to travel to the next town. “Freewind... it says here that it holds the Challenge Festival, a celebration held when the harvest season begins... they take place in events where people show off their skills. Another competitor will come and try to outmatch the previous one,” Keith read. Sylux laughed and said, “Hey Lyra, want to have an accuracy test? My gun skills are better than you think!” Lyra chuckles and said, “Whatever Sylux... I’m sure I can beat you!” Rylee laughs at the two and patted Saber on the head. “Your friend seems to like Lyra a lot...” Rylee said. Sylux blushes and blurted, “That is not true!” Lyra laughs and said, “Sure...” Keith looks at the two and laughed. “Alright, this trip has been filled with laughter so far, and I’m sorry to ruin the fun but we have four hounds at twelve o’clock!” Sentinel shouted. The four wolves bark and them but the team doesn’t want to just kill them at once. Blue and Sky both fire sleeping arrows, safely putting the wolves out of the way. “Let’s get going before these dogs wake up again...” Sky said. Logan suddenly ran ahead and said, “Race you there!” The team laughs at his enthusiasm. Keith laughs and said, “I’ll catch up to him!” He casts a speed spell on himself and ran after the big guy. Rylee chuckles and said, “I already won the competition!” Rylee flies in her angel form and breezed past the two. She gets far ahead but stops to check on the teammates. “I left them in the dust...” Rylee said. Keith and Logan began to be visible followed by the rest of the team, running as fast as they can. Rylee sits under a tree and waited for them. Soon, the team reunites and they walk slowly to the town. Exhausted, Keith said, “I hope we get there soon... I’m tired!” His wish was granted for they finally catch sight of the rural town. They hurry to the entrance and got inside.

“Welcome to the ninth annual Challenge Festival! This is the place where you can show your skills, and another person will try to best you! Remember though; don’t be too hot headed about defeats!” The emcee shouted. “Haha, this place is awesome!” Keith said as he saw the people showing their skills. “Step right up and try to best the marvellous Big Jack!” an announcer said. Logan takes a look and saw the big muscleman, readying his fists. “We have a first challenger!” the announcer shouted as a man went to the table. The two set their hands and began to heave and arm wrestling match. Big Jack takes the challenger down in a few seconds without trouble. Big Jack lifts his hands and said, “Who’s next!?” Logan grins and went to the table. “Oh, someone your own size, huh?” the announcer told Jack. Logan and Jack go into positions and they began. Logan holds Jack’s hand for over half a minute. Big Jack puts all of his effort in his hand but Logan resists in a single position. Logan checks the time and slammed Jack’s hand down, ending his winning streak. The crowd cheers for him and applause for him. Logan thanks the crowd and left. Big Jack laughs at his defeat and shouted, “Alright! Next challenger!” Sky looks around and saw an archer with fruits. “I can hit these fruits in mid air, cleanly done!” The archer said. Sky smiled and watched the man throw a watermelon in the air. The archer fires a perfect shot, right through the fruit. Sky goes to him and took a pineapple. Sky throws it and fired an arrow right on its mark, cutting the tough skin and piercing the fruit. The archer grins and took a fresh apple. He tossed it in the air and fired through, cutting it in half. Sky catches a half and took a bite. The picked up an orange and shot through it easily. The archer began to get frustrated and took a lemon. He rushed to shoot it and he nearly missed. Sky laughs and took a very small grape. He fires right on its center and the grape’s juice splashes in the air. The archer was shocked and tried to get a smaller fruit. He loses and the crowd cheers for Sky. The two shook hands and Sky departed to regroup with the team. Rylee watches other people doing challenges until she accidentally walked into a crowd. She was mistaken as a challenger and soon she found herself in a magic match. The goal is to deal as much damage to the dummy. For durability, the dummy has been subdued in metal armor. Rylee sighed and tossed a light magic orb to the dummy. She quickly left before the orb hit the dummy. People tried to stop her but she ran father away. The orb touches the dummy and the entire fortress bursts. The people were shocked and they all cheered for Rylee, even though she was already far away. Blue is also in an archery duel, but she’s in a power match, showing off the power of your arrows. Blue pierces through eight wooden planks stacked atop each other, making a new record to beat. The crowd cheers for her and her opponents fail to get a better score. Blue lifts her hands in the air and won the match. Sylux goes for a classic target shooting with his pistol. Sylux puts up a new standard to beat for everyone else, unloading all ten bullets in one and a half seconds. Provided that he shot fast, he even perfectly hit the bullseyes. The crowd were amazed but Lyra claps sarcastically and said, “That’s all you got?” The crowd cheers for Lyra’s challenge while Lyra goes and takes the pistol. She takes two seconds to unload twenty bullets from two pistols. She scored twenty bullseyes on two different targets, beating Sylux with dominance. Sylux’s jaw drops while Lyra sticks her tongue out to brag at Sylux. “Beginner’s luck!” Sylux shouted. Lyra raised her hand and said, “Talk to the hand, Sylux... talk to the hand.” Sylux sighs and walks away while Lyra raised her hands in the air and smiled at the crowd. Sylux sits by Logan in a drinking hall and said, “I underestimated her.... she’s truly something.” Logan nodded and finished his thirtieth bottle, defeating the record again. “Bring it on!” Logan shouted. He took the drunken test, a test done after every bottle to ensure that the contestant is still able to drink more. Logan stands on a foot and wrote the script perfectly once again, enabling him to continue. The rest of the challengers began to feel dizzy and failed the test. Logan wins his second challenge for the day, impressing everyone. Sylux smiles as he drinks his wine as well. Sylux paid for his drink and leaves to regroup with the rest of the team. “There’s the Temple of the Octaves... the huge music player...” Keith said. He went to take a look but the guards prohibit entrance until the festival reaches noontime, which is in about three hours. “Don’t worry... the temple will be playing very soon,” the guard stated. Keith walked back and ran into Sylux. “Hey there!” Keith said. Sylux waved and said, “I just got owned by Lyra... I need to redeem myself... I haven’t won a contest yet!” Keith smiled and said, “You don’t need to win, you had fun anyway!” Sylux nods and looked up to the tower as he heard the music beginning to play. “Such a fascinating machine... it can make sound while at the same time is a large home for people!” Keith said. Sylux nodded and turned around to see Lyra holding a large cup of iced tea. Sylux was shocked at the gift and asked, “It’s not my birthday yet... or did a stone fall on your head?” Lyra laughed and said, “I’ll take that as a compliment... I just thought that I should buy one for you, since you’re my friend...” Sylux was shocked when Lyra suddenly leaned on Sylux’s shoulder. Keith laughed quietly behind their backs and they continued enjoying the festival.

“Protect the King!”A guard roared. Hundreds of men surrounded a lone man, all with attempts to protect him. They were all easily taken down by Garred, without any allies helping him. “You’re the Dimension Slayer everyone’s talking about...” the King and Guardian said. “You’re right, Artas... and Goran is as good as mine!” Garred shouted. Garred charged with a dark flame punch but with the power of air, Artas dodges it without effort. Garred turns and tried to land a fireball but Artas’s sturdy ground shield withstood the damage. Artas thought that it was high time to strike back and launched water waves at Garred. The water then froze, trapping Garred. Garred quickly uses his power to break out of the ice. Artas growled and made stone pillars which acted like stairs to escape the temple. He got onto a Trivoid jet, attempting to take control. He uses his metal manipulating power to pierce through the pilot’s chest. He then tossed the body outside and he escaped. Garred roars and the entire temple room burst into pieces. Garred commanded the other jets to take his jet down but Artas uses his wind element to disturb the flight of the other jets, causing them to crash on the ground. Garred took one last aim and shot a black fireball at the jet. It hits the jet’s tail and the plane began to go downwards. Artas looks around and saw a pod rolling on the floor. He picks it up and pressed the button which sent him back to Kains, right behind Wyvernstone Temple. Artas realizes his location and infiltrated to a safer area up the mountains. Garred looks at the crash site and was angered to find nothing. Garred roars loudly, making a huge power wave that pushed everything back. Droll inspects Acren closely while he battles. Acren takes down the last opponent and he turned around. He saw Droll, crouching behind him and staring blankly into his eyes. Acren find himself in an awkward position and moved away. Droll continues to look at Acren and mumbled to himself, “He’s being mind controlled... how do we break that?” Acren continues to suspect Droll but they resume with their battling.

Saber is training with Axel and Sentinel by the pond outside town. “The Temple is playing... this is the sign that the festival is at its full bloom...” Axel said. Saber looks again at Axel and asked, “What are your limits, Axel?” Sentinel’s eyes dilated and he said, “You might not want to get him put out all of his power here... he might wreck the whole place.” Axel laughed and said, “A little bit of exaggeration on that statement, Sent!” Sentinel laughed and said, “But really... don’t do it.” Axel nodded while Saber moaned. “Get back to training, Saber!” Sentinel shouted. Saber nodded and continues to perfect his swing speed. “We’ll be having a great fight with Trivoid... but we need to get to Breakcliff first!” Sentinel said. Axel nodded and replied, “We’re very near... Breakcliff... then the battle... and it feels like it’s all over... I hope this truly is Trivoid’s last...” Saber overheard the statement and said, “Garred will be overwhelmed at our improvement!” Sentinel laughed and clapped. “What’s wrong?” Saber mumbled. “Nothing... nothing... it’s just that, we barely stand a chance right now!” Sentinel replied. Saber was shocked and he said, “Why?” Sentinel showed him the map and said, “Not until we get to Breakcliff. Once we’re there, our chances are higher than a rocket!” Saber was confused and he asked, “What is it with Breakcliff?” Axel smiled and said, “You’ll have to wait and see for yourself.” Saber groans and went back to training. Sylux takes a walk with Lyra while Logan continues to dominate the competition with his skills. The temple continues to play in the midst of the exciting and enjoyable Challenge Festival in the peaceful Freewind Town.
Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-Five: Derailment

The team continues to have fun in the festival while the three leaders continue their training. Saber stabs his sword into the ground and said, “C’mon, Axel... just tell me already y what you power can really do! You can read minds, presences, dodge almost anything.... but what else can you do?” Axel laughed and asked for an apple. Puzzled, Saber obeyed the command and took a fresh apple from the tree. Sentinel stepped back and warned Saber. Axel focuses and threw the apple in the air. Saber’s jaw dropped in anticipation of whatever amazing thing Axel will do. Axel laughs and caught the apple then took a bite. Saber was shocked and disappointed while Axel laughed loudly. Sentinel sighs and shook his head while Axel continued laughing at his minor achievement: trolling Saber. Saber sighed and took his sword from the ground and continued training while Axel continued eating the apple. The Temple stopped playing and suddenly people cheered. “What’s happening?” Saber asked. They took a look and see a lot of people entering the temple. Keith and the rest were in line, waiting to enter the temple. “Let’s go and take a look at it!” Saber exclaimed. Sentinel nodded while Axel could not respond due to his full mouth. They walk to the plaza and fell in line. Keith suddenly ran to them and said, “Let’s go inside! I got us tickets already!” Saber smiled and they ran to the front of the line and entered the temple. They saw the large facilities that played the music that they heard earlier. They saw different bards and instruments all around the building. “This place is not only a house, not only a music player, but it is even a school for music! How cool is that!?” Keith said. Sylux still feels puzzled why Lyra keeps sticking to his shoulder. Logan looks around and saw a teenaged kid in a jacket, looking around the temple. “Is that... Torch!?” Logan mumbled. He ran and tried to talk to him but he found out that it was a different person. “Torch... did he escape? But... by now, he would’ve caught up to us... but he hasn’t yet... Torch... where is he?” Logan mumbled. Saber sees Logan and went to him. “Are you alright?” Saber asked. Logan nodded and went back to the group to tour around. “Second floor: This is the residential area, where dormitories are very abundant. “There are over a hundred total rooms here, from the second floor to the fourth... Then a buffet is held at the fifth floor... it’s like a hotel you can live in!” Sylux said. They went to the fifth to see the large buffet being held for lunch. “This is where we will eat later after we reached the eleventh floor,” Keith said. Logan looks very excited and he clapped. “Sixth floor... classrooms,” Sentinel stated. They see over nine large classrooms around the storey. They go up another floor and reached the seventh, eighth and ninth floors, all similar to the sixth. “Last two floors... my feet hurt...” Rylee said. Saber laughs and said, “Our trip down will be even harder!” Rylee gasped and sighed then continued walking up the spiral of stairs. They reach the tenth floor, the main facility where the music disks and the machineries are found. Here, there are hundreds of engines pumping to keep the music playing upstairs. “The last floor isn’t even a floor anymore; it’s just an elevated area up there!” Blue shouted as she pointed up. They ran to it and saw the main machine, a thirty-foot tall device that utilizes ten music disks to play at a time. The machine makes a melody using the disks then the sound is created by the large metal plates vibrating all around the temple. “This is a spectacular creation... How do they make these!?” Sky asked. Axel laughed and said, “Going back down is hard... but we’re having lunch on the fifth floor. I’ll meet you guys there.” The team nodded and Axel went back down to reserve seats.

The team watches the workers attach disks to the machine and were amazed by the complex machine’s design. “We better meet with Axel now...” Saber said. They get down and went to the reserved table, where Axel was waiting. “Lunch is served over there at the long table. Just get what you want and return here. Simple as that,” Axel said. Logan appeared very hungry and Keith suddenly chuckled. “Logan, try not to eat all the food...” Keith said. Logan nodded and got up to take food. They see the scrumptious food all prepared to eat. They took food and went back to the table to eat. “Alright! It’s been long since we’ve eaten such a big feast! I recall it was still back at Acren’s coronation night at Gretham...” Keith said. Saber suddenly looks depressed and pouted while he ate. Keith asks why and Saber explained, “I remembered Acren... why was he with the enemies? What happened to him?” Keith nodded and said, “He was a calm, innocent person back then... he must not be in control of himself.” Saber realized it and said, “He was wearing a helmet... similar in design to Sylux’s helmet when he was under Trivoid!” Sentinel was shocked and said, “The prototype... Trivoid’s mind control helmet...” Saber asked Sentinel about the machine and Sentinel explained further. “That mind control machine already cost us a lot of soldiers in battle back at the war... those helmets can crawl around and find a host. Once attached, it controls the host’s mind... Sylux and our soldiers only had the prototypes... but after nearly two decades... I doubt that Acren’s model is any less than perfect...” Saber gasped and said, “How do we get it off, then?” Sentinel ate a piece of his steak and said, “Back then, a good whack to the head is alright, but in these times, who knows what kind of new features and upgrades it has?” Saber shook his head and went back to eating. Logan stood up for the second meal for he already ate all of his food, leaving no leftovers. “What a monster...” Keith said. Rylee laughed and asked Lyra, “Lyra, do you have some sort of liking to Sylux?” Sylux laughs and said, “No-no-no... we’re just friends...” Lyra smiled and said, “He’s a great friend. But right now, friends only...” Sylux sighed in relief as he lay back on the chair. They continue eating and soon finished lunch. Logan ate over seven meals. They struggle going down but Sentinel sees a different road. He jumps out the window, startling everyone. He lands the roof of another tall building and he said, “Meet you there!” The rest of the team go down stairs while Sentinel used the elevator on the building.

The team regroups at the town square, where Sentinel was waiting. “It’s been a great festival, but we need to leave and get back to our path,” Axel said. Saber nodded and said, “Let’s go! I want to see what the big fuss about Breakcliff is!” Sentinel laughed and they got back on track. They went down the hills again to travel further southbound to Breakcliff. They keep moving until they reached a narrow path. “What the!?” Keith blurted. Both sides of the path are covered with traps while its edges are slippery with mud. “Let’s move ahead. Just stay careful...” Sentinel said. They move along and slowly cross the slope. “This is quite the bunch... We just hit the jackpot boys!” a bandit commander said. A whole group of bandits surround the area, hiding in the darkness of the forest. “What the... I sense dozens of presences...”Axel mumbled as he raised guard. They fire sleeping darts at them, taking all of them out. The entire team falls asleep in the middle of the road and the bandits began to take their bodies to their carriage to bring them to the bandit hideout.

“Ugh... what was that!?” Saber mumbled as he woke up. He sees the team trapped in cages, with notable items missing from them. “What happened?” Keith asked. Sylux woke up and noticed that both his guns are gone. “What the... who took my things!?” Sylux roared. Rylee checks her neck and found out that her necklace is missing as well. Blue also lost her rare bracelet while Sentinel’s Resistance badge was also stolen from him. Saber’s sword is also gone, as well as everyone else’s weaponry. “They picked the wrong group to mug today...” Logan said as he punched down the cage door. “Let’s find those crooks and get our things back... then let’s teach them a lesson!” Lyra said with a smile. “We must’ve been ambushed with sleeping darts...” Sylux mumbled. Lyra leaned towards Sylux and said, “Gee Sylux... you don’t say?” Sylux laughed and replied, “I DO say!” The two kept teasing each other until Axel silences them. “I can feel them... they’re close...” Axel mumbled. Sky lifts his hand and rolled forward to breach ahead. He sidesteps along the wall and saw three bandits chatting while tinkering with their items. Sky signals them to come close and he whispered, “I see my bow and two accessories...” Axel nodded and walked towards the bandits. “What the hell are you doing!?” Sentinel whispered loudly. The bandits see Axel and said, “Well, ain’t this a surprise! A victim escapes us?” They began to go aggressive and attacked Axel. The team could not attack for they had no weapons but Logan tried to go and help Axel. Axel then ran quickly and passed by the three bandits. The three bandits were stunned at his speed but took out their weapons and tried to attack Axel. Axel laughed and dodged all their attacks. Axel then used his curse to send all three of them flying to the wall. They crash onto the wall, knocking them unconscious and fracturing their bones. Axel threw the bow to Sky while Rylee and Blue wore their accessories. “That was amazing... and it wasn’t even Axel’s full power yet!” Saber shouted. Axel laughed and went ahead to keep scanning. “Alright... the leader is nearby...” Axel said. “Let’s go aggressive!” Logan blurted. The leader hears them and drew out his axe. “Logan!” Lyra shouted angrily. The leader approaches them and said, “You’re quite the bunch... You have rare items on you. Now, our buyer is about to arrive, so you better stop trying to get it back... you’re risking your own lives.” Rylee frowned and held the leader by the shoulders. Rylee stares into the leader’s eyes and said, “You better give it back... or else!” The bandit laughs at her and said, “You don’t scare me, little girl.” Rylee raised an eyebrow and said, “Wrong answer.” Rylee uses her power to push the leader into the air and send him crashing through the brick walls. Saber smiled and said, “Great job! Now, let’s go get our items back!” They run to a cart and took their things. Dozens of bandits and outlaws were alerted and the team was attacked. The team reacts accordingly and a battle initiated. Saber attacks with his reclaimed sword and shoots runic waves at the enemies. Blue and Sky fire their arrows and take down a lot of enemies. Logan charges recklessly into a carriage, spilling oil and gas. Logan runs far away to keep away from the spilt flammable fluids. Keith then used a fire spell to detonate the big bomb. A lot of bandits were damaged and some began to back away. Soon, the entire bandit camp was extinguished and they finish getting all of their things back. “Let’s get out of this place!” Sentinel shouted. They ran towards an exit and they were happy to see the big wooden door exit. Axel opens the door and the entire team was shocked when they saw that they are in a large forest, far off track. “How are we going to get back to the path to Breakcliff?” Saber asked. Sentinel shook his head and said, “I... I don’t know...” Axel growls and said, “Guys... we’re lost...”

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-Six: Reconnecting to the Past

The team walks around the middle of nowhere, looking for shelter for the rest of the night. “Rylee, can’t you...I don’t know, fly across and look for a path?” Saber asked. Rylee tries but for some reason, her ability fails. “What the... but I had full control over my power!” Rylee exclaimed. Axel looks at the situation and said, “So far, you’ve only been able to control it when it’s daytime...” Rylee was shocked and said, “So, I can’t use my powers at night?” Axel nodded and she sighed. Saber looks around and said, “Let’s look or open fields... then let’s stay there for the night. Logan smiles and said, "Good thing I carried around Sky’s tents and sleeping bags in my bag!” Saber smiled and replied, “That’s great! We can sleep peacefully tonight!” Sky smiles and went up a tree to look for an open area. Sky scans around but he cannot see much because of the tall trees. "Nothing here!" Sky shouted. "We'll have to walk through the forest then..." Axel commanded. The team moved ahead and looked for shelter. They all scanned the area but nobody has found open land yet. However, after a few minutes, Blue finds a perfect spot to stay. The team regroups at her and saw an abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere. "Wow... whoever left this place was out of his mind!" Sylux said. Lyra sighed and said, “Or her...” Sylux turned away and said, “Whatever, Lyra!” Lyra frowned and said, “Hey! That’s my line!” Sylux laughed and they began placing their things in the shack. They see a ladder inside the shack and Saber wondered what it was for. He climbs the ladder and saw a hatch which led to a tree house extension. “Hey guys! Come here!” Saber said. They went to him and saw the beautiful tree house, full of assassin’s equipment and target practice dummies. “Whoever owned this must’ve been someone who uses knives for combat...” Sky stated. Saber picks up a knife from the stash and said, “This one looks like it was customized for throwing.” He throws it to a target and he landed a good shot. “Wow, these are perfect for combat!” Saber exclaimed. The team claps for him and Axel shouted from below, “We have food down here!” They go down and saw Axel and Logan with a boar, ready to be cooked. “Alright! Good job!” Sylux shouted as he went back down. The rest followed and they set up a flame to cook on.

“This is Solo Scout one, travellers are found by the shack,” a woman said as she hid in the bush. She turns invisible and walked towards the team with a mace prepared. “Stop right there. I know you’re here, you’re just invisible,” Axel said with a loud voice. The woman was shocked and she accidentally turned her invisibility off. “I knew it...” Axel said. The woman takes her radio and said, “I have been sighted! Retreating immediately!” She runs away but Axel blinks in front of her and said, “You cannot escape. Who are you? Are you working for Trivoid?” She panics and ran the other direction but once again, Axel blinks ahead and said, “You’re quite a stubborn one...” She was pushed back and cornered by the team. She goes into invisible mode and ran but her invisibility flickers on and off, still making her visible. Axel stops her in her tracks and calmed her with his sonic wave. She stopped panicking and calmed down. “Sit down, and tell us what you want,” Axel said. She nodded and obeyed. “My name is Danica. I am working for the RTCA, the Reconnaissance and Tactics-“she said but she was abruptly interrupted by Axel, “Central Authority... the same organization I worked with at the incident in the Marvel Valley incident...” Danica was shocked and asked, “My father was there...” Axel was shocked and said, “Danica ... Paul’s daughter!? It’s a small world after all!” Danica was very surprised and asked, “How did you know him?” The rest of the team were confused. “Your father and I were friends... we fought against those zombies... he died a heroic death... He always told me about you. He said to me that if he dies in that war, I should say goodbye to you for him... I guess this is the time,” Axel said. Danica wept softly while she listens to Axel’s statement. Axel gave her the silver pendant and smiled. “Your father gave me this. You should have,” Axel said with a gentle laugh. Danica gladly took it and hugged Axel. The team continues to be puzzled but Axel explains soon after.

“So... you slayed zombies with her father? That’s awesome!” Saber said loudly. Axel nodded and they finish cooking their newly caught game. The team eats the steak and it was very delicious. Saber munches on the meat and turned to Danica. “You own this shed?” he asked. Danica nodded and continued throwing her daggers on the tree’s thick bark. Danica perfectly hits her targets with great ease. “Great job!” Sky exclaimed while he eats the boar meat. Sky puts down the steak and took his retractable bow from his shoe. He took some arrows and challenged Danica to a target duel. “Basically, I stand approximately forty feet away from my target, and you stand from a quarter of that. We both keep shooting until we miss. Understood?” Sky explained. She nods and they prepare for the battle. The team spectates from the side with lit torches. Danica only has twenty daggers while Sky has sixty arrows. The battle begins and they start the shots. They keep shooting and neither is breaking a sweat. After mere minutes, they already ran out of ammo. Both sides have perfect shots; neither has missed a single shot. Danica and Sky bows and the team claps for them. “Good job,” Sky said to Danica, who was collecting her dagger. Saber looks around and asked, “Danica, is it alright if we stay here for now? We don’t have a place to sleep in tonight...” Danica cheerfully nodded and suddenly gasped. “Oh no! I complete forgot about my scout mission! I gotta go now, see you guys! And... Axel, thanks for helping my dad... and for informing me about him...” Danica said. Axel nods and waves while Danica runs down the road to return to the headquarters. “That girl has invisibility and great dagger throwing skill; we should get her into our team!” Lyra said. Sylux shook his head and said, “It looks like she has her hands full with the RTCA right now...” Lyra pouted and they entered the shack to prepare for sleep.

It’s nearing midnight and Sentinel goes downstairs to open the refrigerator and have a snack. He sees a can of soda and a slice of cake. He eats the snack on the wooden table and thought about Trivoid. “I need to get better than Garred... We failed enough times against him; it’s time to end this. Breakcliff... we need to get there...” He suddenly receives a pat on the shoulder and he turned around. “Saber? You’re still awake, huh?” Sentinel said. Saber nodded and took a stool. He sat by his dad and said, “What’s so special about Breakcliff? Please tell me! I can’t hold back this excitement anymore!” Sentinel laughs and said, “Fine... I’ll tell you...” He opens his map and pointed to the area. “That area is uncharted... is that where Breakcliff is?” Saber asked. Sentinel nods and said, “Breakcliff is known for its legendary stature for having one of the greatest guilds in existence, The Equilibrium.” Saber was shocked and asked, “They’re the best? Why don’t they fight Trivoid?” Sentinel nodded and said, “They are a very secretive guild. They only fight when it’s a dimensional threat to Kains...” Saber nods and continued to listen to the lecture. “Saber, Breakcliff is very special because it has the legendary shroud around it... One cannot simply enter the city; one must have a kind and good heart to enter. Evil beings can never enter this area, not ever. It is the safest area in Kains so far,” Sentinel said. Saber’s jaw drops and said, “That sound awesome!” Sentinel nodded and said,”Yes it does. Plus the fact that the Guardian Cave is there... Breakcliff is the best place to stay.”Saber is amazed and he said, “I really can’t wait to get there!” Sentinel laughed and patted him on the head. “Let’s get some rest; we don’t want to be drowsy when we venture around tomorrow,” Sentinel said. Saber nods and they go upstairs to sleep.

“They were last seen at Gorgefall.... where are they!?” A man shouted. He flies around Gorgefall, seeking answers. He suddenly dodges a large beam of energy shot directly at him. He sees the attacker and lunged down for an attack. He charges two fireballs and threw it at him. “What do you want!?” the man shouted. “Biohazard... Where are they!?” The flying man replied. “What!? Are you another member of Trivoid!?” The man shouted. Another man arrives and shouted, “Jarrick! I’ll help you defeat that man!” Jarrick nods and said, “Thanks, Baron! Let’s teach Trivoid a lesson!” The mysterious man shook his head and shouted, “Wait!” The duo ignores him and relentlessly attacked. Jarrick’s powerful energy bolts miss and Baron’s axe misses. Baron Tyrus gets angered and slammed it on the ground. The man jumps and evades the attack to subdue both of them with thorny vines. “Listen to what I have to say! Trivoid attacked our dimension! I need Biohazard’s help!” Jarrick was shocked and said, “What!? No... They returned to their attacks...”

The next morning...

Saber is already excited for the trip and he rushingly woke Rylee up. “Rylee! Fly us to the destination!” Saber shouted. Everyone was awakened and got mad at Saber, “Saber... keep it down... we want to sleep...” Logan said. Saber sighs and went down ahead. He hears noises from the bush and prepared his sword as he walked near. He sees Danica, roasting a lamb behind the thicket. Saber greets her good morning and she waved back at him with a smile. “Why are you here so early?” Saber asked. Danica shrugged and said, “I kinda... you know, flunked my mission and got booted from the RTCA...” Saber was shocked and asked, “What!? Are you alright with that!?” Danica nodded and said, “It was an initiation test... I failed, so I didn’t get the part...” She pouts but still puts up a laugh. Saber wondered for a second and asked, “How about... you join Biohazard instead!?” Danica was surprised and said, “That would be great! Where do I start!?” Saber looks at the shack and said, “When they wake up, I suppose.” Danica runs ahead and woke everyone up like a cat pouncing into a house. She screamed at every room and had the entire team awakened by the noise. “Danica!?” Logan asked while he rubbed his eyes. Axel walks down the hallway and saw Danica, running fast around the house. “Why are you here?” Axel asked. Danica stopped and said, “I want to join Biohazard!” Axel was shocked and Sentinel’s attention was called. “You’re going with us, huh?” Sentinel mumbled. “I suppose she can join. After all, her father was an excellent fighter...” Axel said with a smile. Danica thanked the two and cheered as she ran back outside to inform Saber. Saber was shocked at the news and said, “That’s another girl... the third in a row!” Danica laughed and said, “I will gladly fight alongside the powerful team of Biohazard!” Rylee’s voice was suddenly in earshot and Saber rushed over to her. “I found the town! Let’s move now!” Rylee shouted. Saber was happy and he called everyone in the shack. They all ran into the forest to follow Rylee’s path. They ran faster and faster until they finally arrived at the rendezvous point, a large town full of windmills and birds flying all around. “The mountain region... we’re so close to Breakcliff now!” Sentinel said. The team smiled and Lyra raised her hand and said, “Breakcliff is the home of The Equilibrium, right?” The two leaders were shocked and Axel asked, “How... did you know that!?” Lyra smiled and said, “I know a lot!” Sylux tilted over to Logan and said, “She’s a nerd...” Lyra turns and said, “Thank you, thank you!” Sylux laughs and Keith verifies their location. “We’re in Grindstone City, a city built on the destroyed mountain Grindstone a few decades ago. The mountain’s sudden destruction was devastating, but villagers were able to find a way to get advantages with it,” Keith said after checking his map. “Well then, let’s go! I can’t wait to get to Breakcliff!” Saber said as he ran ahead to the city. The rest of the team laughed and slowly followed as their journey continues.

“I still haven’t found an answer yet... how will I restore Acren’s old self...” Droll mumbled as he took off a crown-like helmet he was wearing. “I hope I find answers...” Droll thought to himself. A voice suddenly coughs behind him and said, “Answers to what?” Droll turns around and saw Acren, staring at him with a mysterious grin. “I knew you were nothing but trouble! You’re just a spy!” Acren shouted as he tossed Droll towards a wall. Droll could not respond with his own attacks and got attacked repeatedly with kicks. He was knocked down and unconscious after a furious kick to the head. Acren breathes heavily and picked up a small helmet at the corner of the room. “You will enjoy the power, Droll... trust me.” The helmet attaches to Droll’s head and he roars in pain while Acren smiles mercilessly and walked away.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-Seven: Droll’s Turn

The team goes into the city and looks for a place to rest in before they leave. Logan looks around and saw a martial artist fighting a little teenager. The martial artist releases fire from his attacks while the little boy moves with amazing speeds. “Droll... Torch... Why? Why are they haunting me?” Logan mumbled to himself as he punched a brick wall. He breaks a hole into the wall and the house shook powerfully. He walked away with a grizzly growl and he regrouped with the team. Keith notices his sudden worries and asked him, “Are you alright?” Logan nodded nervously and sighed again. “This town has a lot of restaurants and cafés... why can’t we pause for a while?” Blue asked. Saber dashed ahead of her and shouted, “Because we are going to Breakcliff!” Blue was surprised and said, “Saber... don’t be so excited!” Sky laughs and said, “We will get to Breakcliff, Saber. Just don’t rush too much.” Saber cheers and ran to the city exit. “Such a beautiful city... and we barely even spent an hour in here...” Axel mumbled. Sentinel pats him on the back and said, “Let him be... We’re also hyped for Breakcliff anyway.” Axel sighs and the team stops by the city exit. “Well, the next few hours of our trip will be mountainous. We’ll have to eat before we leave! It is important!” Keith said with a worried tone. Saber sighs and said, “Oh well...” Axel smiles and said, “Good. We can finally stop for a while and rest!” The team goes to a restaurant to eat a heavy meal before the long trip. They eat lots of meat and vegetables to improve their endurance in the long walk. After eating, they stock up on snacks and drinks for the trip. They buy some fruit juice and a lot of snacks like chips, crackers and sweets. “We already used an hour in this town! Can we go now!?” Saber shouted. Sentinel laughs and said, “Fine... let’s go...” They go to the exit again and walked into the mountainous regions.

“They should be headed to Breakcliff now...” Garred said as he looks outside. “Artas escaped me... but I will find him soon enough...” Acren walks in and said, “I eliminated the spy. He’s surely one of us now...” Garred grins and saw Droll, sporting the helmet. “Droll, you’re up on our next mission. Hunt down Artas!” Garred shouted. Droll grins and said, “Will do.” He makes multiple clones and they charged outside and spread all around Grontl.

“Thank you for all your help. I’m moving on to Grindstone City to continue looking for them,” Artas said as he waved goodbye to the castle of Gorgefall and flew to the sky. He flew towards the mountains and began his search. He breezes through Root Town and Freewind Town in mere minutes. He finally arrives at Grindstone City, albeit too late. He sees a civilian and asked, “Did you see Biohazard come here earlier?” The man smiled and said, “Yes! They already left, though. They were on their way to the south into the mountain region.” Artas thanked him and took off again without delay. He zooms across the sky, scanning for the group.

“Last stop: Rewind Bay. It’s the last city before we cross the Heaven’s Sea,” Sentinel said as they cross a crevice. “What is this intense power I sense?” Axel mumbled. The power grows larger and larger by the second. A man suddenly crashed in front of them, leaving a crater in his wake. “What a tremendous power! This is insane!”Axel said as he prepared fir battle. The man stood up and said, “I seek no harm to you. I came here because I need your help. I am Artas, ruler and Guardian of the dimension Goran. I came here for Trivoid destroyed my home and her people. I need your help.” Axel was shocked and said, “They’re... back on the attack!?” Sentinel shook his head while Lyra and Danica seem confused. “Trivoid?” Lyra asked. Danica suddenly gasped and said, “I heard of Trivoid before It’s the evil organization, right?” Saber nodded in reply and said, “They have conquered multiple dimensions already... we cannot let them continue.” Lyra was shocked and said, “If they are attacking all the dimensions... that means... they will attack us!?” Sylux nodded and said, “This is the purpose of training and travelling to Breakcliff: To become stronger and able to take Trivoid down.” Blue suddenly asked, “Artas, what did Garred say to you back at Goran?” Artas suddenly remembers Garred’s phrase and said, “He told me that his team already killed a Goran... and that I was next.” Logan gets shocked and he punched the wall repeatedly until it began to crack. “Torch... his last battle was his greatest... holding back the immortal Tufele...” Saber said. Sentinel suddenly said, “Tufele... where was he in the past few attacks? If he is their strongest demon, why won’t they let him help in battle?”

“Because Tufele is dead!” A boy’s voice shouted. They all looked up and saw Droll, jumping off the ledge. “Droll! You’re back!” Logan shouted as he ran towards him to give him a hug. Droll jumps and dodges Logan and said, “I don’t know why you’re being so excited about meeting me, but I came here only for a sole purpose.” Axel looks at Droll and said, “Droll... he’s being mind controlled!” Logan looks at Droll but he gets hit with a kick. Logan gets knocked back towards a wall and was knocked unconscious. Saber growled and blocked Droll but Droll multiplies and his clones get to Artas. Blue, Sky and Sylux shake off the clones but the clones were too powerful and used their combined kicks to take all three down. Artas covers himself with a stone barrier and made spikes emerge from the outer side, making it hard to get near him. Droll and his clones step back and charged for a powerful attack. “I’ll show you just how strong I am!” Droll shouted as his two clones run ahead. Droll kicks the ground and a razor-like wave was formed. It travels towards the barrier and the two clones kick it again, right when it was about to hit the barrier. The wave connects and the barrier crumbled to pieces. “Droll... not you too...” Keith said as he cast a spell to slow down Droll’s tremendous speed. “What a failure, Keith. You barely grew stronger,” Droll said as he swiftly broke out of the spell. Keith was shocked and he tried to defend but Droll was too fast and he was hit with a kick. Keith gets knocked down and he saw Droll taking down the rest of the team easily. Lyra and Danica join in and helped in the battle. Rylee catches a clone and was able to eliminate it. “Good job!” Lyra said. Lyra aims her pistol and hits a running Droll clone with perfect precision. “Amazing!” Danica said as he turned invisible. She follows Droll and prepared to attack. Droll’s aura sensory triggers and he turned around, kicking Danica on the face. Droll laughs and blinked to Lyra. He lands an uppercut and Lyra fell as well. Saber readies his sword and blocked Droll’s fast punch. Rylee began to use her angel aura to take Droll down. She prepares to attack but Droll jumped up and was still able to hit her with a kick. Everyone was shocked and because of that, Saber was hit off-guard. Only Axel and Sentinel remain and Droll is still in full power. Droll charges forward but Axel hits Droll with a punch and he trips, causing him to bounce on the ground. Sentinel then shot him with his cannon, further taking him down. Droll looks defeated but suddenly, he glowed red and got back up. “No more games! I will finish my job!” He multiplies and caught Artas and Droll uses a machine to send him back to the base. Artas couldn’t escape Droll’s grasp and was brought back to Wyvernstone with him. The team fails and they panic as they lost to Trivoid again. “No...” Saber mumbled as he looks at his fallen allies.

“We can’t do anything about it anymore... We lose men if we have to, we must get to Breakcliff! Sentinel said. Axel nods and coughed as the rest of the team got up. Logan is still sitting down, unable to accept Droll’s fate. “Acren... Droll... that mind controlling machine must stop taking allies from us!”Logan said as he roared and got up. “Let’s get to Breakcliff. I want to begin killing those Trivoid asses!”Logan roared angrily. Keith calms him while Sky, Blue and Sylux help Lyra and Danica up. “I failed on my first battle...” Danica said softly. Lyra cheers her up and said, “Hey, it’s not like you’ve failed us all. We couldn’t beat him altogether... he was a strong enemy.” Danica nods and walked with the team towards the end of the crevice. They hear seawater splashing on the high shores and they all ran ahead in excitement. “Rewind Bay... We’re here...” Sentinel said as he smiled and called for the team. “We will find a boat for us to borrow. If we aren’t able to do so, we’ll have to wait overnight here,” Sentinel announced. Saber smiled and said, “Only one place left before we can finally get there... finally... Breakcliff...”

“Let me go!” Artas roared. Droll and his clones keep strong grasps on Artas, rendering him unable to escape. Garred and Blade came near and saw the subdued Guardian. Garred connects the chains and the process began. Goran’s mightiest warrior slowly grew weak while his powers are transferred to Garred. Droll lets go for Artas is too weak to escape. “Get out of here,” Garred said as the powerless, weak Artas dropped on the ground. “I might have lost to you, but Biohazard will end you and your miserable lives!” Artas said angrily before he walked to the darkness outside the temple. “Good work,” Blade said to Droll while Acren stands nearby. “We have new members, some old, some new.” They turn around and see Acren with the recruits. “A familiar face...” Droll said as he looked at one of the recruits. “This is Nexus, a skilled magician. We’ve met him in the tournament,” Acren said while Droll nodded. “This... is Crash, my personal favorite out of the batch. He was with the old Trivoid, before it failed miserably,” Acren said as he smiled. “Grey introduce himself!” the last man shouted. Droll looks at him and noticed his golem-like skin, as if he was made with stone. “Grey, the half golem. He likes to play around with his words and speaks in third person. Grey likes to smash and wreck... and hurt weak enemies!” he said with a roar. “Well, where did you pick this up, the mental hospital?” Droll asked. Grey growled and said, “Grey did not come from mental hospital! He was just rehabilitated in prison!” Droll chuckled and left saying, “Nothing different...” Blade laughed and said, “Reyl finished off the entire Resistance... Sentinel’s allies are all gone...” Garred interrupts and said, “You, Blade, will come with me to our dimension heist. We only have two more places to “visit” before we take over Kains!” Blade grins and said, “What about the new recruits?” Garred looks at them and said, “Well, they can come if they want to. If they don’t fail, that is.” Crash comes near and said, “Two years in jail, it’s my time to get back into action. You can count on me, boss. I will finish them in ten minutes!” Acren laughs and said, “Droll and I will be busy around here... when we have the chance, we are taking Biohazard down. There’s nothing like losing to your former allies who turned to the other side, am I right?” Garred laughs and said, “They’re headed to Breakcliff... we can’t enter that area. But once they exit the city, they’re vulnerable... and you can attack them. Weaken them until... they can barely fight anymore... Make them suffer... until they die...”

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-Eight: Hazards in the Sea

The team walks around town, looking for a ship to borrow. They see nobody by the bay and they decided to get into the urban districts. “People around here are usually around the piers... why are they all cramped up in the districts today?” Sentinel said. Saber shrugged and said, “Maybe... something’s wrong with the sea?” Axel looks around and said, “Hmm... the sea does have an eerie aura today... as if it had something deadly in it... or maybe... a sea monster!” everyone awkwardly stared at Axel and he laughed. “What? It’s just a guess!” The team laughs and they stopped in the center of the plaza. Very few people are outside; most of them are in their houses. Sentinel decides to ask a vendor about what’s going on. “Excuse me, is there something wrong today?” Sentinel asked. The vendor nodded and said, “A huge beast from underwater attacked most of the fishermen! Our daily livelihood has been ruined! The whole town relies on fishing; but this monster is preventing us to do so!” Axel was shocked and said with a smile, “I was right! In your faces!”The team laughed while Sentinel continues asking. “Most of our residents are in the hospital. That beast is tremendous! It’s so large... like a whale with tentacles and claws!” the vendor said. Sentinel nodded and thanked him as he walked back to the group. “So... a beast is terrorizing the city, huh?” Logan asked. “Gee, no! No! There isn’t a monster attack the seas! The vendor didn’t just say it, didn’t he?” Lyra said sarcastically. Logan smiled while Sylux said, “How will we cross the sea? That beast is huge! It might wreck the ship we’re on before we get there!” Danica thinks for a moment and said, “Why don’t we defeat it?” Axel ponders on that note and added, “It’s in its comfort zone... the sea... we’ll be having a hard time defeating it like that...” Sky sees a farmland and said, “Let’s bait it and attack it on the shore!” Sentinel nodded to the idea and said, “That’s perfect! But, we don’t know what we’re facing. ” Sky looks to the sea and shot an exploding arrow to the sea and it made a loud noise. The sea rumbles and a huge, blue shell-like exterior emerges from the water. Two red, glowing eyes appear from the shell’s hollow area and tentacles with spiked claws surface from underwater. “Oh my... that is... huge!” Saber roared as they see the full view of the enormous beast. It sinks back underwater and the team was shocked at its sheer size. “Where could such a beast come from anyway?” Blue asked. Rylee was scared and said, “If we ever get it to shore, how will we defeat it if it’s that large!?” Saber shook his head and looked around. “We’ll have to subdue the giant first. Then, the melee attackers like me will take it head on, distracting it while you rangers can keep damaging it from farther areas,” Axel said as he saw two poles surrounding the shore. “We’ll tie nets on those poles and when it surfaces, we’ll catch it with the net and then let’s beat it up!” Logan said with a smile. Saber gave him a thumbs up and got ready for the procedures.

The team spreads to look for materials. Sentinel and Saber asks the farmers for bait to use, like cows and other meaty animals. Rylee and the other girls set up the ropes and nets on the poles. Sky, Logan, Sylux and Keith ready the citizens to get more help in attacking the beast. Axel watches from the shore and smiled at the large group coordination. At noon, they have lunch and got ready for the big battle. “That beast will be our toughest enemy yet.... second to Garred, that is,” Saber said as he drew out his sword. “Good luck, I hope you guys make it through!” The town leader said as the team moved to the shore. The cow has been placed on the shore and Sky shoots the arrow again. The beat gets aggravated and swiftly swam into the direction of the bow. The beast emerges and the bait was taken. The team hides behind bushes while the beast chews on the cow. The ladies pull the trap and the net works like a charm. The beast is trapped and the attack begins. It’s amazingly sturdy shell blocks lots of damage but its vulnerable fleshy area is exposed to the melee fighters. Saber targets the tentacles while Axel and Logan wear it down with continuous attacks. “This is going to take too long!” Sky said as he continued to snipe with arrows to its fleshy area. The beast rampages and snapped the net. It began to be mobile on land and the villagers move away in fear. Sentinel’s rapid firing of plasma shots continuously sends the beast back. Axel summons his staff and said, “Here comes the pain!” The beast roars after getting hit with a sturdy slice from the staff’s blade. The beast grabs the staff and Axel panics as the beast swallowed it. Axel frowns and said, “You shouldn’t have done that...” He runs forward without weapons, making a very risky move. He lunges into the beast’s mouth, shocking everyone. “Axel! No!” Saber roared as he attacked faster and stronger. The entire team continuously barraged it and it began to back down. It runs into the water, injured at wounded. The team is still shocked on Axel’s reckless move and they were in panic. “Axel... what was he thinking...” Sentinel said as he punched a wall. “We can’t let Axel’s dumb move hold us back! Let’s get a ship! That beast won’t stay down for long!” Logan said with a big frown. Sentinel sighed while Saber is still shocked. The rest of the team were also shocked and they began to lose hope. “Axel... he never even showed me his true power...” Saber said. Logan holds the boat’s keys and called for the team as he walks to the shore. “It’s a motorized boat... this will take us there fast... I think,” Logan said while he boarded the boat. “Does anyone know how to run a boat?” Saber asked. Danica stepped up and said, “I can! This was part of the RTCA training camp!” The team rejoiced and the boat departs to Heaven’s Sea.

“What’s this? Is this the great fall of the mighty Nightheart?” Garred said as he kicks the guardian, Ragoz, on the side. Ragoz falls on his back and said, “You monster! Harvesting power from others! Such a weak move done only by weak, pathetic beings like you!”Garred laughed and initiated the chains. He sets it into the highest power absorption, risking even his own body. “You fool! A body can withstand only so much power! You will destroy yourself!” Ragoz said. Garred ignores him and his body somehow holds in all of the energy. His skeletal systems grew larger, some beginning to bulge on his skin. His muscular strength also increases and he looks more demonic than before. “You’re the fool,” Garred said as he eliminated Ragoz with an electric blast. He sees his teammates still fighting back the warriors while he sat on Ragoz’s throne and grinned. “Deuce... the last stop...”

The team’s boat sails off and they travel safely into the water. The beast is nowhere to be found, neither is Axel. “Axel... why did he do that...” Saber said as he looked into the water. “Heaven’s Sea... normally a very silent and peaceful sea, calm and clear. People normally have an easy time crossing this sea,” Keith said as he smiled. Danica stops and said, “So, which direction is Breakcliff in?” Sentinel looks at the horizon and said, “It’s pretty unclear where it is exactly, but we know that it is just a straight trip southbound. Heaven’s Sea surrounds the island where Breakcliff stands, and the waters around it are a little bit stormy. That’s what rumor says...” Saber sighed and said, “We will have obstacles after all...” They move on and Danica continues to steer. Lyra and Sylux play games while Logan and Keith read books. Sky sees an underwater cave and said, “Could that be... the giant’s den?” Saber was shocked and he said, “Whatever you do, Danica... don’t stop! Speed up!” Rylee worries and said, “Faster!” Danica goes faster when suddenly, they gradually slowed down. “Danica! I said faster!” Saber said. Danica panics and said, “We’re at our highest speed! Something’s stopping us from moving!” The boat shook and the team panics. They gather around and the gigantic sea monster surfaces once again. They were all in shock but Sentinel frowned and said, “That beast took Axel from us... let’s kill that thing!” Danica begins steering and they moved around the beast, circling around its perimeter and giving it a hard time attacking due to its slow reaction speed. Sky fires explosive arrows, keeping the big beast struggling for movement. It continues to attack and Danica started to see the gas moving. “It’s nearly impossible to kill it with that tremendous armor!” Keith said. “It’s too strong! We’re going with fight or flight now!” Sky said. Sentinel looks at the beast and said, “We’ll have to go with flight now...” Danica suddenly leaves the circular path and went speeding away from the beast. “Keep it far behind! I’m going as fast as I can!” Danica shouted. Saber frowns and slashed the water, making a wave. The beast gets knocked into the water, leaving it far behind. Saber smiles and they escaped from the beast. “Let’s keep going... Breakcliff awaits us...” Saber said as they zoomed across the seas. The stormy skies begin to be visible and the team fears the swirling depths of the sea.

“Be careful...” Rylee said to Danica. Danica nods while Rylee sees the sun setting. Danica turns on the lights and they saw the lightning striking the waters. “Oh my...” Saber said as they see the menacing and roaring storm. “Let’s get through this as fast as possible!” Sentinel said. Danica smiles and speeds through the storm. Lightning bolts shook the water as they pass, making the trip an extremely dangerous path. Lyra shakes in fear and cuddles to Sylux. Sylux holds Lyra tight and said, “Don’t worry; we can make it through.” Lyra smiled and slowly calmed down while Rylee sits by Saber. “If we make it to Breakcliff, I just want to let you know that you are one amazing person, Saber,” Rylee said as she held his hand. Saber smiled and hugged her as he said, “We’ll make it through. Trivoid will end.” Danica smiled and saw the storm zone’s exit. She goes into full speed and the team grabs on for dear life. Sky looks behind them and saw a splashing trail of water following them. Sky thought that it was just the boat’s trail and ignores it, not knowing what it truly is: the same giant beast. The boat makes it through the storm and they see a bright beam of light pointed to the sky. “The Equilibrium’s Beacon of Hope...” Sentinel said with a soft smile. “Bacon of Hope? Is that some sort of food that helps you stay strong in situations?” Logan asked while he pats his starving belly. Keith laughed and said, “He said Beacon of Hope... not bacon.” Logan pouted but swiftly changed into a big smile. Saber sees the daylight fading and the night is about to begin. Just as Danica was about to continue the boat, a big, shaking sensation emerges from below them.

“Can it be!?” Saber shouted. The boat began to be lifted up from the water and the team panics. They are elevated up in the air, on top of the giant’s large shell. “What the hell? It kept following us all the way through!?” Sky said as he took out his bow. The beast roars and flailed around, knocking the boat off into the sea. The beast then uses its tentacles to smash the boat, wrecking it into pieces. Luckily, the entire team jumps off into the sea, dodging the big attack. The waters continuously fluctuate due to the beast’s continuous movement, making it very difficult to regroup. After a long struggle, the team gets on a large remaining piece of the ship. It keeps them afloat and they quickly paddled to get farther from the beast. The beast roars and it tried to chase them when it suddenly stopped. A red, massive light suddenly flashed before them, shocking the team. As lightning flashed, they get a glimpse of the beast. It has a large wound on its abdomen, bleeding fast without pause. The beast shows signs of weakness as it slowly sank into the water, running out of life. Its tentacles flail around wildly, making big, splashing waves. The team get shook and they float adrift across the water, now knowing where they can stay.

“What happened?” Sentinel said as he woke up. He finds himself on a boat, wounded and bruised. The team was lying down before him, still asleep from the incident in the sea. “So, you guys couldn’t handle a job without me, huh?” a man’s voice said. Sentinel looks behind him and saw a bloodied Axel, driving the boat. “What the- Axel!?” Sentinel shouted. Axel laughed and said, “It took my staff, so I retrieved it.” Sentinel was amazed and he said, “You really scared us all...” Axel laughed and clapped loudly, waking the team up. “Alright team, right now, we’re in the big sea located west of Breakcliff. We’re pretty close to the main island, so don’t worry at all. We have clear sight of the beacon, so we won’t expect ourselves to get lost,” Axel said. The team suddenly noticed Axel’s return and they felt relieved. “I thought you really died back there!” Saber said. Axel laughed and pointed at himself saying, “Me? Die after getting eaten by a big monster? I’m Axel, I don’t die that easily.” Saber laughed as he sees the sea, abundant with fish and other marine creatures. “So, where is this barrier thing located?” Sylux asked. Axel looks at the main island and said, “There are two entrances, a cave at the north and a forest at the south. Whichever way, the entire island is surrounded by the barrier, but the barrier begins to be much stricter around the city’s perimeter. We’re closer to the forest route, so we’re taking that path. It will be not that long of a trip, just a couple of hours and we’re bound to be there soon.” Saber smiles and said, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go to the city! I can hardly wait for Breakcliff!” Sentinel pats him on the head and said, “Give yourself a break, we’ll get there soon.” Saber smiled and watched the horizon, staring at the beam of light, hoping to get to Breakcliff as soon as possible.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Forty-Nine: The Arrival

Axel suddenly stopped the boat and said, “We’re here!” Saber smiles and ran to the shore. “I’ve been meaning to ask you, where did you get that boat?” Sentinel said. “I’ve been to Breakcliff and back. You guys fell asleep on the shore of an island and I thought that I’d get a boat from Breakcliff to rescue you guys,” Axel said. Saber was amazed and he shouted, “You... you already came to Breakcliff!?” Axel nodded and said, “I guess I had the dibs on getting the first step in there after all!” Saber pouted and the rest of the team laughed. Sylux looks at the forest and said, “The beacon’s light is very visible...” Lyra sees it and said, “Rylee, you can fly all the way to Breakcliff ahead of us, right?” Rylee nodded and said, “I want to experience this last journey to Breakcliff with you guys, so I’m coming with you.” Lyra smiled and they went into the forest. “The forest is very large; we’d probably take an hour in here...” Keith said. Saber smiled and said, “That gives us more time to plan on our battle with Trivoid!” Sentinel grins and said, “As soon as we get there, we will have to meet with Leech from the Equilibrium. We’ll ask for some help from him and his team. “Danica suddenly asked, “About Trivoid... How powerful are they?” Saber pouts and said, “Very.” Logan smiles and said, “With our new team, there is no stopping us!” The team cheers and they continue to go into the forest. They go up a tall hill and finally met their first obstacle, a cliff with nothing but a hanging bridge dangling over.

“Alright, we have to take turns crossing!” Axel said as he went first. After he goes, he was followed by Saber; then Danica; then Sentinel; then Sky; then Blue; then Rylee; then Keith. Sylux was next but Lyra suddenly dashed through him, shaking the bridge. Sylux panics but the two made it across. Logan is left and he tests the bridge. “Can this thing carry me?” Logan asked. Sky pays close attention to the ropes as Logan takes a step. He hears an eerie sound and ran back to the starting point. “I have a better idea...” Logan said. He knocked down a tree and used its log to make a bridge. He crosses over but the log also snaps, causing him to make a huge jump. He makes it across, crashing on the rocky ground. The team claps for him and helped him up. “Let’s keep moving!” Sky said. Blue looks up and saw huge birds flying in flocks. “I’ve never seen any of these wild animals before!” Blue said. Saber nodded and said, “I can’t imagine any of these creatures before I saw them today...” Sky nodded and agreed. “Let’s speed up... Breakcliff awaits us!” Sylux said. Lyra laughed and said, “Sure... it waits for the great Sylux, hero of all ages!” Sylux laughs and said, “Oh wow, such a great display of sarcasm...” Saber butts in and said, “I’ll break this up before it goes into another argument...” Lyra chuckled and went back to humming a small melody. “What song is that?” Rylee asked. Lyra smiles and said, “It’s called Hymns of Truth, it’s a song my friend taught me while I was travelling around Grontl.” Rylee smiled and said, “I like its melody... keep singing it...” Lyra smiled and gladly amplified her voice as she sang the song. “I’m not on my own on this path, I’ve got friends right beside me...” Lyra sang. Sylux claps and said, “Why don’t good songs like that get so famous?” Sentinel said, “Maybe because Kains is so entangled up with its conflicts... Music has no time to be known.” Sylux nods and they continue moving through the forest.

Garred looks ahead and sees the main capital of Deuce, Mayrath. “Sorry to rain on this parade, but I have issues to take care with the guardian...” Garred said as he deployed bombs on the plains of Deuce. The mountains collapse and citizens evacuate. “I knew it... this would be their next target...” Dime said as he watches from his castle. He runs to his palace and got into his battle gear. “Time to show them how we do it in our land!” He runs outside and attacked the soldiers with his cutlass. He takes down dozens of soldiers in a flash. Garred sees Dime and smiled. “Is it time to attack yet?” Blade asked. “Let him keep battling our soldiers... He’ll tire down...” Garred said. Blade nods and watched the battle from the ship. Dime throws silver coins, setting off a flaming pillar. The pillar shoots a flare upwards, making a loud, high-pitched sound. A beast’s roar suddenly emerges from the far fields west of the city. Garred looks at it and saw a huge colony of flying beasts with soldiers mounted on its backs. “This is what I call a true challenge!” Garred said as he sees some of his ships being attacked by the beasts. “Master, what do we do? They’re on our ship as well!” Blade said. “Hold them back. If I find the right time, I will come down and face the deceiving Dime myself!” Garred replied. Blade nods and ran to the back to call for the other soldiers. They began to defend the ship and Dime looks up to see Garred. Dime grins and continues to take down the Horzen soldiers.

“How much longer!?” Saber said as his feet began to tire. “We’re not even halfway through yet... the halfway point is when we get to a part where the trees begin to be taller in comparison to these...” Axel said. Saber moans and rests. “Do you want to take a break first?” Sentinel asked. The team all nodded and they sat down to eat a snack. “Logan, do you still have that food we bought?” Keith asked. Logan nodded and opened his bag. “This is all we have... we’ll have to deal with it then...” Saber nods and they drank water and ate some snacks. After a while, they get back on their feet and got back on track. “Let’s resume. We have to get to Breakcliff before sundown,” Axel said. The team runs forward and continued their journey. They see Axel stop as he said, “I feel a presence... Something big is nearby...” They hear a big eagle’s squawk. A big, dinosaur-like beast lands in front of them with hungry eyes. “I think we walked into its territory...” Lyra said as the big flying beast squawks again. They split up and began to attack the bird from different angles. The bird began to throw bladed feathers, some of them as large as Logan’s arm. “Those things are dangerous! Didn’t your mother teach you not to shake your feathers at strangers?” Sylux shouted. Lyra shouted, “That IS the mother!” Sylux ignores her and threw a feather right back at it. The bird takes flight and kept throwing feathers at the team. Logan tries to throw them back but his throw speed is too slow and it flutters around. Danica manages to land a knife at it, causing it to escape. “Good job!” Keith said. Danica bows and they return to the forest. They reach the ‘halfway point’ and Axel points to a tree. “Sky, get up there. Locate the beacon,” Axel said. Sky nodded and ran to the tree. He makes it to the top and saw the beam of light at the northwest. “It’s at northwest, sir,” Sky said. Axel thanks him and they moved to the direction. “How much longer?” Saber asked. Sentinel said, “A few more minutes...” Saber groans and began to slow down. Rylee hold Saber’s hand and flew upwards. “You don’t have to walk anymore,” Rylee said. Saber suddenly gasps and said, “I should be the one carrying you... This is very ungentleman-like for me...” Rylee laughs and brought him higher. “You want to get to Breakcliff now?” Rylee asked. Saber shook his head and said, “I’d rather walk with the team than to dash ahead...” Rylee nodded and brought him back down. “Endure the pain of walking, then,” Logan said as he goes ahead. Saber nods and regained energy to walk. They continue to travel towards the north, seeking the grand city of Breakcliff.

“Grey deploy!” Grey roared as he jumped off the ship. His rock-like structure reflects the bullets shot at him by the soldiers. “Grey will destroy puny enemies!” Grey shouted as he smashed the ground to knock everything airborne. His hands suddenly enter his rocky structure and as it came back out, dozens of hands appear. All hands began to punch in all directions, knocking all enemies away. “What as strange guy...” Crash said. Blade grinned and he saw Droll running with Acren while they attack the soldiers. “Siege the castle!” Acren shouted. Droll multiplies and they shattered the first wall by sending out dozens of spinning waves. “Good job!” Acren shouted as he ran inside with Crash. Dime sees the two intruders and he called for an ally. He runs inside the palace to block the two. “You’re not getting in that easy!” Dime said. Acren sends a message to Garred by sending a wavelength with his mind. A man arrives and destroyed the door. “I’m here!” the man shouted. “Graze! Let’s show these boys how we did it back then!” Dime shouted. Graze nods and they fought the two enemies. Crash leaps and continuously send Graze falling back. Graze was able to dodge his leap and used his power to stretch over and wrap his feet. Graze wraps Crash around until he gets immobilized. Dime smiles and he faces Acren. Acren dodges all attacks with ease and Dime couldn’t land a hit. Dime frowns and said, “I didn’t want to punch myself this far...” Dime glows bright blue and punched Acren in a blinding speed. Acren gets staggered and Dime sets up his Drive, Mercy’s Drive. Acren gets hit with the coin, causing a big explosion. Dime dashes with his sword and he stabs Acren, wounding him on the arm. Dime pulls the sword out and uses his pulse attacks to send him upwards. Acren tries to break free but Dime dashes upwards, landing a powerful uppercut. Acren gets knocked unconscious and Graze smiled. “Good job, Dime! You were even be-“ Graze said, but he was stopped by a massive pain on his chest. “Graze, Jr., your father gave us a hard time in our battle for Canria... now, his son will suffer the same fate!” Garred said as he pulls out the sword pierced through Graze’s chest. “Graze! No!” Dime shouted. Crash broke free from the tight trap and got up to help the unconscious Acren. “It’s you and me, Dime. We will see who leaves triumphant!” Garred shouted. Dime tries to use his Drive again, but Garred dodges the first coin. “That won’t work here...” Garred said. Dime laughs and the coin flew backwards, exploding on Garred’s back. Garred was knocked forward and Dime kicks him on the stomach. Garred gets up but Dime once again kicked him. Garred dodges a kick and was able to counter with a strong punch. Dime wipes the blood off his nose and said, “You grew stronger...” Garred smiled and continued his battle. Dime dodges a powerful punch and unloaded all of his attacks on Garred. With no time to react, Garred gets caught in the web of attacks, knocking him down. Garred is beaten and Dime steps on his back. Garred coughs and Dime said, “You can’t go on killing all the guardians like this... it’s time I put an end to you...” Dime stabs his sword through him but somehow, Garred survives multiple strikes. Garred laughs and said, “You can’t defeat me! I took Tufele’s immortality, used it for myself! I am immortal!” Dime gasps and stabbed his sword through him. He was shocked as he saw the sword deal no damage to Garred. Garred smiled and grabs Dime by the shoulders saying, “You fought well, but the show is over now.” Graze trips Garred over and Dime ran to safety. Graze tightens his grip, squeezing Garred’s ankle. “Dime, go away! I can’t hold him back much longer!” Graze shouted. Dime waved goodbye and ran to his ship. Garred roars and his leg caught fire. Graze lets go and Garred threw Dime’s sword, impaling it through Graze’s head. “Good riddance...” Garred said. He watches Dime’s ship escape the dimension and he punches the palace walls so hard, its pillars crumbled to pieces. “Dime will be in Kains... with the Biohazard in Breakcliff...” Acren said as he regained consciousness. “We will be there to put an end to him, and Biohazard as well.

The team continues to walk down the road until Saber suddenly stops as he hears a strange noise. “Guys, do you hear that?” Saber asked. Keith listens carefully and said, “No way!”Sylux listens as well and said, “People talking... we must be near!” Axel cuts and bushwhacks though the thicket, revealing the city of Breakcliff. “We’re here...” Sentinel said. They rejoice as they saw the amazing scenery of the picturesque and serene city by a lake. “We finally reached our destination...” Saber said as they ran downhill to get to the grand city.
Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Fifty: Breakcliff

Saber looks around the city while they walked down the stairs. “This is such a serene place... I haven’t seen anything this peaceful since I first walked into Spiralwood!” Saber said. Axel laughed and stated, “Breakcliff definitely looks serene, but right now, behind this serenity and calmness... we are facing a dimensional threat. We have to be serious here. No time for sightseeing.” Saber nods and the team goes to the center of the town. “That tower is the beacon, right?” Keith asked Sentinel. Sentinel nods and said, “That beacon can power up the entire city because of its eternal light. It is said that it only goes off when an important person in this dimension dies.” Keith nods and said, “Like the guardian?” Sentinel nodded and he walked towards Axel to discuss certain topics. “Days of travel... and we finally made it...” Lyra said. Sylux taps Lyra’s shoulder and signalled a high-five. Lyra cheerfully replied and they high-fived while Logan rejoices for the long wait is over. “We made it to the crown city of Kains... now we have the strongest by our side, we’re definitely beating Trivoid!” Logan said happily. Sky goes to Logan and said, “Droll... we have to get him back with us...” Logan nods and replied, “I’ll get some sense back to that little kid, get him back to our side...” Sky smiled and Blue suddenly appears behind him, holding a gift. “What is that?” Sky asked. Blue smiles and gave him a device. “Whoa... you actually got it!? It’s an actual Bowdriver!” Sky shouted. Blue nods and said, “Cyber Bronze manufactured it. I heard that you wanted one of these so much, so I decided to get one with the money I saved. Now we both have one!” Blue smiled and Sky hugged her and carried her up off her feet. Saber laughs and the two and as he turned around, Rylee hugs him and said, “Saber, we will win against Trivoid, no matter what!” Saber pats her at the back and said, “Yes... there is no stopping Biohazard now!” Sentinel and Axel smiles at the team’s coordination and they see Danica, holding her father’s necklace. Axel approaches her and said, “It looks like you’re sad... what’s wrong?” Danica shakes her head and said, “I’m not lonely; I just miss my dad...” Axel pats her on the head and said, “Your dad really loved you, you should live up to his legacy and help mankind in its troubles as well.” Danica smiles and stood up saying, “You’re right! He helped everyone survive an apocalypse; it’s my turn to help Biohazard defeat Trivoid!” Axel gave her a thumbs up and Sentinel calls for the team. “Alright! Axel and I will go to The Equilibrium to prepare for the planning stage while you guys can look around the place and look for the trainers. They are in the sheds with orange roofs and has a crest similar to The Equilibrium’s. They will teach you how to handle your equipment better.” Sentinel leaves with Axel while the team looks around for the trainers. “So, let’s all train to get better!” Saber shouted. The team scatters, looking for trainers.

Saber finds his training mentor, a swordsman named Brock. “So, what do you want to learn?” Brock asked. Saber looks around the vast variety of weapons on display and he said, “I want to learn how to swing faster with my sword.” Brock examines the Runic Forge Sword and said, “This is an S-Rank weapon on your hands... a weapon like this can show off the user’s entire power... when sung fast... this can take down an average Grontl Spirack in mere seconds!” Saber smiled and said, “It’s a weapon held by the Guardian, Aero. Aero’s son was given this sword, who gave it to my dad, who eventually, gave it to me.” Brock nods and suddenly dropped a large wooden block in front of Saber. Saber jumps in shock and said, “What did you do that for!?” Brock laughs and said, “You need to cut the wood in half.” Saber smiled and said, “This is the training? It seems too easy...” Brock smirks and watches Saber prepare for the attack. As Saber drops the sword, Brock pulls the block in an incredible speed, nearly unnoticeable. “What the-!?” Saber shouted. Brock laughs and placed the wood on the ground again. “Try it again.” Saber does so, and the same routine occurred on and on for minutes and minutes. Sky and Blue test their new Bowdriver by practicing at the bay, shooting arrows at the tree in the middle of the sea. “You go first, Sky,” Blue said. Sky nods and turned on the device. He draws an arrow from his quiver and shot right at the tree. The arrow spins around, making a drilling effect to pierce through its target. Just as the arrow was about to hit, another arrow intercepts it with perfect precision and accuracy. Sky was amazed and saw the archer standing by the shore. “Your shot was too slow... I didn’t have to exert much effort in blocking your shot...” the archer bluffed as she sat down on her bench and laughed. Sky was astounded at her accuracy and quickly went down to talk to her. “How did you do that?” Sky asked. The woman smiled and said, “Ask your girlfriend to take her shot.” Sky shook his head and said, “She’s not my girlfriend!” Blue laughed and did as commanded. Right at the middle of the flight, the arrow was again intercepted by the woman. Sky barely saw her aim and calculate; she just let go immediately and landed a hit. “That shot was amazing!” Sky said. The archer decides to introduce herself. “My name is Jaselle, but you can call me Jas. I am one of the trainers, but I often come here to see if anyone would go target practicing. That’s when I mess with them and block their shots,” she said. Blue also comes down and asked, “Can you train us?” Sky smiled and said to himself, “Please say yes!” Jas looks at them and said, “Alright... After all, you Biohazard members travelled for so long to get here...” Sky rejoiced and jumped up while Blue got her equipment and prepared for training. Meanwhile, Logan and Keith look around for their trainers. They see the three girls walking around, sightseeing while Sylux is forced to follow them. Logan chuckles and patted Keith’s shoulder saying, “Look at Sylux... he’s like the baggage carrier for the girls...” Keith chuckles and saw a shed. “That must be the shed Sentinel told us about,” Keith mumbled. Logan nods and saw Saber, still struggling to hit the block. The duo enters the shed, looking for trainers. “Excuse us, we would like to get training for wizardry and bare-handed fighting,” Keith said. The receptionist looks at the logbook and said, “All of our mentors for wizardry are currently busy, except for our best mentor, Leech. He is at The Equilibrium main headquarters, managing the team. On the other hand, our lead demolitionist Gruwld is available. He is by the mountainside, often carrying rocks uphill.” Keith nodded and thanked her as they walked outside. “So, I’m headed to the building. You’re going to the mountainside?” Keith asked. Logan nods and waved goodbye as he ran to the mountain.

Sentinel looks around the large hall and saw a lady, walking around carrying books. “Excuse us, where is Leech?” Sentinel asked. The lady fixes her glasses and said, “Oh, Master Leech? He said that he’d be out for Gellis Island for the day. We don’t know why he would enter the Spirack territory... Spiracks are very territorial, they tend to attack people when they are provoking them.” Sentinel nods and thanked her. “I believe you are the visitors from Biohazard? My name is May; I am one of the two co-leaders of this place. The Equilibrium is honoured to have an equally powerful team walking in our halls. If you plan on following Leech to the island, feel free to talk to our port’s captain, Kolos,” she said. Sentinel nods and thanks her as he walked back to Axel. “So, I guess we’re going to him?” Axel asked. Sentinel shrugged and Keith suddenly enters the room. “Hey Keith, mind if you join us to look for Leech?” Sentinel asked. Keith smiles and said, “I was just looking for him!” Axel laughed and said, “What a coincidence. Let’s go follow him to the island, then.” Keith nods and the trio goes to the docks to get a boat. “We’re headed to Gellis Island to follow Leech,” Sentinel said to the captain. Kolos nods and sped to the island with haste. The boat suddenly boosts, charging at high speeds. The boat zips across the water, zooming straight to the island. They arrive immediately on the shore and Kolos slows down. “Thank you very much,” Axel said. Kolos salutes and the three get off. “That must be Leech’s boat...” Keith said as he points to another boat by the shore. “This is the jungle... let’s be careful and focus on looking for Leech,” Sentinel commanded as they entered the large jungle.

“Guards! He escaped us! Quickly, deploy all scouts! Chase him!” A loud voice shouted. The dark, stormy sky blurs the view as a man runs away from hordes of guards chasing him. The guards fire their guns, unloading all they can but the man keeps dodging the attacks. The thunder and lightning disrupts the guards’ aim, giving the man a larger lead to escape. “Block the exit!” the commander shouted. The man looks around and ran up a wall. He climbs up and sees guards ahead, shooting him. He dodges them and his hand begins to create fire. He punches all of the guards off the wall, sending them falling down on the ground. He pushes them all off and jumps out of the fortress. Guards mounted on horses began to chase him and his other hand begins to develop a chilly aura. He stops, turns around, and slams the ground, making an ice wall. The horses stop and jump through it, slowing them down. The man finally sees a large ship, full of guards preparing for him. He charges unrelentingly and used both his frozen and burning hand to punch all the guards. He throws them into the water and he finds a speedboat hanging by the deck. He sees the guards catching up and he hotwires the boat. He gets on the water and he escapes into the sea. The guards get on their own speedboats, chasing after him. They fire rockets at him but he dodges them all. A rocket lands behind him, destroying part of his boat. His boat is in critical condition and he has to leave it. A guard aims another rocket and fires it to him. He turns his head and jumps, with both of his hands covered in fire and ice. He steps on the missile to perform another jump, increasing his height. The guards fire their guns at him but he lunges and took down one of the guards. He throws him to the water and stole his boat. He then sped up, making a huge space between him and the guards. He looks behind and saw the guards, still in hot pursuit for him. He leaves the wheel and watched the guards approach. He charges all of his fire and ice, making a gigantic light. “Men... fall back!” the commander shouted. The man claps, sending out an enormous splash of fire and ice. It explodes on the sea, knocking all boats airborne. The man escapes safely; leaving all of the pursuers in is trail. “Luke Bridgewater escaped...” the commander said to his phone as he calls the general.

Sentinel sees the two behind him and said, “Leech must be nearby... let’s keep looking...” They see Spiracks, standing tall by the trees. “Those must be the Spiracks they’ve been talking about...” Keith said. Axel walks slowly ahead, leaving the two behind. He finds a large lake, with a man sitting in the center on a rock. He seems to be meditating. Axel watches him and saw a Spirack approaching him. Axel was shocked and saw the Spirack get closer to the man. “Watch out!” Axel shouted. The man opens his eyes and saw the Spirack beside him. The man remains calm and the large beast didn’t attack. Axel was surprised and he slid down the slope. He sees the man make a stream of water rise, making a road for him to walk on. He approaches Axel and said, “Welcome to Gellis Island. I am Sugere, but I think you all know me as Leech. I was meditating on the lake and I foresaw your team’s arrival.” Axel nods and said, “We would like to speak with you about our battle with Trivoid.” Leech smiles and said, “Come back to the island with me. I’ll talk to you more there.” Axel went up the slope and they returned to the boat. “So, will he help?” Keith asked. Axel nodded and they got on the boat. “Let’s move back to the city! We have a long day ahead of us!” Sentinel said. Leech uses the same boost Kolos did, bringing them back to Breakcliff fast.

“Here goes nothing...” Saber mumbles. He strikes the block again, this time slightly hitting it before Brock’s pull. “Nice one... that’s the start of it...” Brock said. Saber smiles and Brock goes for the second training session: A speed duel. “All you have to do is to hit me before I hit you,” Brock said. Saber was shocked and said, “But, I’ll hit you! This sword is dangerous, isn’t it?” Brock laughs and said, “You’ll see.” Saber tries his first attack but Brock draws his plastic lance and landed an attack on Saber’s neck, causing him to drop his weapon. “There’s a twist, of course,” Brock said as he helped Saber up. Saber smirked and the training continues. “On three!” Gruwld shouted as Logan prepared himself. Gruwld counts to three and Logan dashes uphill with heavy cargo boxes tied to his back. He drags them across but Gruwld rolls stones down the slope, rolling to Logan. Logan punches them apart, clearing the path for him. He makes it up, impressing Gruwld. “You did well, for a beginner. Twenty-six seconds on that one,” Gruwld said. Logan laughs and said, “I’d like to see you do better...” Gruwld lifted an eyebrow and pushed the boxes back down. Logan collects large stones and said, “Go!” Gruwld runs in an incredible speed, giving Logan nearly no time to toss rocks. Logan was able to throw one, but Gruwld simply runs through it, resisting the damage. Logan was shocked and he said, “I must be terrible at this...” He reads the timer and saw that it only took four seconds for Gruwld’s turn. Logan pouts and began to try again. “So, how do you shoot?” Sky asked. Jas shows her position and said, “This is normally how I shoot, it gives me little time to aim but all the power and speed I need. It relies on my quick thinking, though.” Sky nods and Jas shifted her hands’ positions. “This is what I do when I have plenty of time to aim, like a battle initiator. I basically tilt sideways if I want to aim better, but basically, this is how I do it,” Jas said. Sky smiled and saw Blue in the background, shooting a tree repeatedly in a fast pace. “Watch this,” Jas said as she took her bow and some arrows. She stood by Blue and said, “I’ll race you to ten arrows, what do you say?” Blue smiled and aimed for the tree. Jas holds all arrows in her hand, instead of a quiver. He unloads rapidly, landing all shots within five seconds. Blue hasn’t even gotten the time to launch her second arrow. “Amazing!” Blue said. The two shook hands and got back to training. The girls are still strolling around town, looking for cool things. They eventually arrive to the town square, where they see Sylux, sitting on a bench. “Hey there,” Lyra said. Sylux calls for a high five but then dropped his hand, tricking Lyra. Lyra laughs and said, “What are you doing here? You were following us earlier.” Sylux shrugged and said, “I got tired from walking. So, are you done shopping?” Rylee smiled and said, “Yeah, we got you a present... it’s from Lyra, by the way.” Lyra blushes and Sylux opens the gift to reveal an iron pendant with the biohazard symbol on it. “Thanks, Lyra!” Sylux said. Lyra smiled and Danica pats her at the shoulder saying, “Oh you...” Logan suddenly walks into the scene, exhausted from training. “I gave up... enough for the day...” Logan mumbled as he drinks his soda. Danica laughs and him and said, “You can rest here.” Axel, Sentinel and Keith pass by, following Leech. “Out of my way!” A deep, threatening voice shouted from behind. Logan turns and saw a man in a jacket, running towards him. The man bumps into Logan, startling him and causing him to drop his drinks. “Hey, can’t you watch where you’re going?” Logan said. Axel felt a large power spike in the area and he looks at the man. The man grinned and pushed Logan away, angering Logan. The man tries to walk away but Logan chases him and tries to reach for his shoulder. “Hold on, who do you think you-“ Logan said but he was disturbed with a punch on the face. Logan’s temper snaps and he punches back, starting a fistfight. “Get them off!” Sylux shouted. Logan receives powerful, shaking punches, knocking him back and dizzy. Logan blocks a punch and lets go a punch of his own, instantly knocking the man back. The man retaliates with a strong hook, taking Logan down. The man runs and mounted on Logan, beginning to pound away with powerful punches. Logan gets frustrated and used his ground control to make a stone arc which slams into the enemy’s face. While he is dazed, Logan punches him, knocking him airborne and away from him. Sylux grabs Logan and tries to control him while Axel came and tried to stop the other man. “Don’t do this...” Sylux said as Logan tries to charge at the man. Axel places his hand on the man’s shoulders and said, “Look, we don’t want a fight-“Much like earlier, the man interrupts by punching Axel on the stomach, shaking his entire body. Axel feels the punch’s power and his body fell dizzy. The man’s left hand began to burn while his right hand created thick layers of ice. He runs and jumps, attempting to lunge at Logan and Sylux. Just as he was about to land, Axel warps in front of the two, ready with an attack. He uses the back of his fist, swatting the attacker away and knocking him instantly unconscious. “Take him to a cabin. He has some explaining to do...” Axel said as he signals the rest to move along. Sentinel proceeds with his negotiations with Leech while Axel goes to the cabin, heading face to face with the man.

The man wakes up, tied to a chair and trapped in a room. A glass pane on the other side of the room reveals Axel, Saber, Rylee and Logan, interrogating him. “Who are you?” Axel asked. The man shrugs and said, “I don’t know, who are YOU?” Axel laughs and said, “Answer my question first.” The man remains silent, giving no answer. “What is with that guy?” Logan asked Rylee. Rylee shrugged and the man suddenly replied, “I’m Luke Bridgewater... I’m a criminal, serial killer and thief.” Axel was shocked and said, “Really?” Saber turns to Axel and said, “I thought the city had a barrier?” Axel nodded and said, “It does...” “You wanted an honest reply, and you won’t believe it?” Luke asked. Axel sighed and said, “Alright, I’m Axel, one of the leaders of the organization, Biohazard. I am here to inform you that after your display of power earlier, I would like to ask if you are interested in joining Biohazard.” Saber was shocked as Axel added, “you definitely have the ability, strength and performance, all we need is your control over yourself. Remember, if you go out of control, we can always turn you in.” Luke shrugs and said, “I can’t say no anyways, I’m stuck here...” Axel smiled and the door opens, letting Axel enter. He cits the rope and offered a handshake. Luke looks at Axel’s hand and said, “I don’t do those.” Luke leaves the room, leaving the team behind. “What guys is definitely strong, but can he stay in peace with us?” Rylee mumbled. Saber goes to Axel and said, “What’s our objective now?” Axel shrugs and replied, “Call everyone. We’re headed to The Equilibrium’s building to explain our mission.” Saber nods and called everyone and they met at the building, in a meeting room with Leech. “Good afternoon,” Leech greeted. Sentinel nods and began the conference. “We are focusing on countering Trivoid’s plans...” Sentinel said. Leech looks up and said, “They are done with their dimension attacks.” Saber gasps and said, “So they must be here!?” Leech nods and said, “They are most likely planning on reinforcing their power to fight you when you next meet.” Keith ponders and thought, they already have the power... but what more could they need at this moment?” Logan thought, “What if, they were looking for a way to get here?” The team gasps as May said, “Well, Breakcliff is known to be safe with its barrier... but, there could be a chance that it will be broken; if it is attacked with such a great force.” Saber asked, “How can they break it?” Leech tries to foresee events but fails. “I cannot figure it out as of the moment,” Leech said. Axel thinks about it and said, “They could’ve sent a spy...” The team thought about Luke but Saber said, “No... it can’t be him... he really looks frustrated and worn out from battle, I believe he was a criminal...” Then Axel brought up the topic, “About that... Luke was a criminal, how was he able to enter the city?” Leech smiled and said, “He might’ve had a terrible past, but since he made it here, it must mean that he can provide greater contributions to this world... if we guide him well.” Axel smiled and replied, “I’m glad I added him to the team, then.” Saber laughed and said, “I believe in him. I don’t think he will cause that much trouble like he did earlier.” Luke walks around town, looking suspicious at everyone. “Biohazard... will they really help me... or are they just another trash team that doesn’t deserve me?” Luke mumbled as he walks down to the bay, staring at the sea.

“We’ll make some moves now. Kains is the largest dimension...” Garred said. “The guardian is still unclear; who shall we kill?” Reyl said as he polishes his knives. “Reyl... you’re off with Acren and Droll... you are headed to a nuclear headquarters at Cobarr. We need that place for our next move,” Garred said. Blade looks behind him and sees Grey, making noises like a child. “Make sure to come back soon, we need that place fast. It’s the only way we can penetrate Breakcliff’s barrier,” Garred added. Reyl smiled and said, “We can break into the most unharmed place in the world... this is an exciting mission indeed...” Droll looks at Acren and said, “I’ll be nearby if you need me in battle.” Acren laughs and said, “You fight well, Droll. It’s time you get proven for your worth. You’ll be leading the attack force. Take the front line of defense down. Reyl and I will sneak through and open the gate.” Droll nods and said, “That area is as good as ours.”

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Fifty-One: Allies Returned

The meeting ends and the teams have a, little chat before returning to their routines. “Thank you very much, Leech,” Saber said. Leech smiled at him while Axel added, “Your help is very much appreciated by our team. Trivoid really needs to be stopped.” Leech smiled and replied, “Anything that will aid mankind is my pleasure.” Saber smiled and walked back outside, planning on his next move. Luke walks by, as if he was looking for something. “Hello, Luke!” Saber greeted. Luke coughs and looked at Saber. “I’ve heard you are strong, so do you plan on fighting with us in our next match?” Saber asked. Luke looks at him with a confused face and said, “I’m coming, but don’t expect me to follow orders. I’m just here do beat the crap out of those goons and show them what true power looks like.” Luke leaves, leaving Saber startled. “So he’s going to the front line...” Axel mumbled. Saber turns around and nodded saying, “He might get a little rivalry with Logan... I hope it doesn’t carry them away...” Saber went back to Brock to have their last session. “Welcome back, so, what happened at the meeting?” Brock asked. Saber shrugged and said, “A little bit of planning, discussing... we have no leads on Trivoid, though.” Brock laughed and said, “You’ll get there soon. Anyway, our first training... let’s see...” Brock flips around a book and said, “Here we go... a speed test on how fast you can unleash fifteen swings on the tree. I’m estimating it will take your time, considering the weight of that thing.” Saber smiled and approached the tree. Saber begins training again while the rest of the team get ready for the roster set-up. “We can only carry seven people on board with the jet, so hurry, decide on which people will join!” May chattered while she claps and calls for the members. “Sentinel... I’m sitting out this one...” Axel said. Sentinel nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll take it from here.” Sentinel looks at the team and said, “Luke, Logan, Sky, Saber, Rylee and I.” Keith raises his hand and said, “That’s only six.” Lyra looks at May and said, “She’s the seventh.” May nodded and said, “I will be the Balance Partner for this mission. A Balance Partner is a member of the Equilibrium who will accompany the clients in battle.” Keith nods in comprehension and the final line-up was set. Leech calls for Sentinel and said, “They’re headed to the Cobarr nuclear plant.” Sentinel tilts his head and asked, “Why would they head there?” Leech smiled and said, “They’re looking for a way to tear up the walls of Breakcliff...” Sentinel gasps and said, “Is that possible?” Leech nodded slowly and said, “It can happen, but I doubt nuclear power is enough.” Sentinel chuckled and said, “Alright... thank you for the information.” Leech welcomes him and Sentinel goes to the shack to fetch Saber. As soon as he arrives, Saber is done training, but he is using the blacksmith forge. “What is that?” Sentinel asked. Saber lets the metal cool and said, “It’s the return of my mask...” Saber fans the mask and wore it. “So, how does it look?” Saber asked. Brock laughed and said, “It’s alright. Here’s the tinted glass for your mask.” Saber places it on and thanked Brock. “Let’s go. The team is waiting,” Sentinel said. Saber follows him and they got to the jet. “Buckle up, we’re gonna have a long fight after this...” Logan said. Luke looks outside the window and sighed. “What am I doing this for? To redeem myself from my horrible actions? Can this make up for my past?” Luke thought to himself. The jet powers up and they got off, heading west to Cobarr.

Saber looks outside and saw the clouds passing them. “I wonder how we’ll do without our complete team...” Saber mumbled. Rylee pats him at the shoulder and said, “I’m still worried... Luke might...” Luke interrupts and said, “I’m playing it serious for now... but don’t expect me to fight like a pet, I’m not taking orders.” Rylee leaned back to her chair and kept silent for the rest of the flight. Luke sighed and cracked his knuckles. Logan looks at Luke intently, noticing Luke’s troubled look. May chats with Sentinel about the upcoming fight and they came up with a final formation. The jet lands and they get off immediately. “We’re landing on the plains for now... we can’t afford to catch their attentions,” the pilot said. Sentinel nodded and they walked forward to the large power plant. They see some ships flying towards the base far from the north, notably Garred’s large ship. The team rushed to the entrance to make sure they get in ahead of them. “We’re not taking any visitors, please get away now,” the guard said. The team tries to convince them but the guards are very restrictive. Luke gets impatient and looked for another entrance. The guards block him but Luke pushes them away. Luke grabbed both guards and subdued them until they fell unconscious. Sentinel attempts to stop Luke, but to no avail. Both guards have been knocked out and Luke began to punch down the wall, making a hole. “Get inside!” Luke shouted. The team sighed but they entered anyway. “We better tell the guards why we’re here first... before they become hostile...” May said. Logan guards Luke and they enter the base. A single guard sits there, guarding the entrance. “How did you get inside?” the guard asked. “We’re members of The Equilibrium and Biohazard; we’re here to help,” May stated. The guard looks outside and said, “Help? For what?” He sees the two guards lying on the ground and he raised suspicion. “Why are you here? Tell me the truth!” the guard exclaimed. Luke once again became impatient and attempted to punch the guard, but Logan stops him and grabbed to his hand. “We’re here to help, we promise,” Sky said. The guard is still in disbelief when Luke breaks free and knocked the guard down. The guard presses a button, alerting all workers and guards inside. “Luke!” Logan shouted. Luke looked away and said, “They won’t listen; they get my fist...” Logan gets mad but Saber and Sky stops him. “Let’s go in... we’ve triggered the guards anyway... Let’s dash to the main power room and await their arrival,” May said. They got inside the complex and were attacked by guards. Their attacks are powered by the plant, making it very powerful. The team took cover behind a wall while Luke readies his hands. Logan gets a slight guess on his plans and asked him, “Are you going to charge like a fool again?” Luke laughed and ran off, lunging at the guards. Logan sighed and joined along, making it a two-man destruction machine. They dominated over the guards, soon taking loads of them down. Luke gets caught by a large group of guards, placing him in a deadly position. The guards shoot at him but somehow, a large shield protects him. He hears loud thumps and as the shield receded, it reveals Logan, lending him a hand. He refuses the offer and got up on his own. Luke looks at him and thought, “Can I trust these guys?” Logan smiled at him and all guards were knocked out. They hear a large turbine’s noise and Sentinel exclaimed, “They’re here...” They rush inside when suddenly, right from the roof of the room they were standing in, a hole opens up from the roof from which Droll, Acren and Reyl enter. Logan and Luke hide behind the stone Logan created while the rest of the team keep silent. “Looks like someone’s been busy here...” Reyl exclaimed as he wipes a drop of blood from the ground. “Let’s go ahead. These guards are still alive... they might wake up soon...” Acren said. The three ran away and the team regroups at the center. “They don’t have Garred with them...” Saber said. Sky rejoiced and said, “That makes it a lot easier!” The team laughed while Luke still shows mistrust. They walk into the next room, following the Trivoid trio.

They see the trio running upstairs, quickly eliminating the guards. The team chases after them, fending off some guards as well. The trio gets into a room and the door slowly closed. Sky panics and rolls forward. Lying down on the floor, he shoots an arrow, slitting underneath the door at the last second. Sky then activates a device, making his bow glow. The door suddenly opens, surprising everyone. Sky turns around to see that the guards have understood their purposes. “They’re on our side now?” Sky asked. Saber nodded and they ran inside, still chasing the trio. This caught Reyl’s attention, causing him to stop and face the team. “Well...well...well... if it isn’t the glorious Sentinel... you’re one of the last remaining members of The Resistance... considering I killed them all...” Reyl said. The other two ran ahead so Saber and Logan chased them. Reyl has a stare down with Sentinel, until Luke decided to initiate the battle. He attacks Reyl, but Reyl dodges it and growled like a hound. Saber sees the main power room, with Droll and Acren beginning to take the power. Saber and Logan attacks but Droll blocks them. They fight back but Droll simply multiplies and barricaded Acren. “You can’t do this Droll! We’re your allies! Acren! You’re our friend, remember!?” Logan shouted. Saber tries to get some sense back to Droll but Droll seems fully corrupted and he began to attack. Logan blocks Droll’s attacks while Saber attacks the clones. Reyl fights Sentinel, with Sentinel having the advantage. Reyl’s eyes flashed and the team was blinded for a second, giving Reyl time to gain the upper hand. He tosses Sentinel to the wall and May used her Final Strikes, Goosebumps and Buck Pass. Her defense increases and her attacks strengthen. Buck Pass is a powered up attack from her whip, knocking Reyl to the wall. Reyl tries to attack again but May’s elegant dodge deceives him. Reyl gets hit with another attack, wearing him down. Sky fires three arrows, each one increasing in speeds. Reyl gets aggravated and howled, enabling his beat form. He smiled and knocks May up into the air, but thanks to her defense, she barely took damage. Sky strikes again, but Reyl ignores the attacks. Sentinel caught him off guard, striking him with his cyber club. Reyl gets launched to the wall like a baseball struck by a strong swing. Reyl gets mad and attacks again, pouncing at Sentinel. Sentinel drops, attaches a small bomb under Reyl, then kicked Reyl away. The bomb triggers, knocking him down to his knees. Reyl smiled and got up, as if all damage dealt to him was reset. Sentinel growled and gave it his all, striking hard with his club again. Reyl laughs and taunts Sentinel. Sentinel roars and used his Final Strike, Death Wish. He slams the ground, creating a path of Blue light travelling towards Reyl. Reyl gets caught and crystal-like stones smash him. Sentinel then used the rocks to run up in the air and perform a large smash, crashing on Reyl. Reyl somehow steps out of the rubble and said, “What a pathetic move...” Luke lunged at Reyl but Reyl catches him he knocks Luke out with a solid punch and tossed him down, causing him to roll on the rubble. He awakens soon after, seeing May lending him a hand. “We’ll be watching your back.. don’t worry!” May said. Luke smiles faintly and said to himself, “I might’ve found a real group that deserves me... True friends... allies...” Luke gets up and smiled, taking the fight more seriously than before.

Droll still has Logan backed against the wall while Saber notices the Droll clones increasing in number. Saber gets caught in the flood of copies and was tossed around like a toy. He manages to get a grip on his sword and used Runic Cutter, opening a path for him to break free. He makes it safely out of the crowd and from there, took advantage and drove the crowd to the real Droll, who gets caught in the stampede as well. Logan shields himself with stones and all clones lose control, slamming against the wall. The clones vanish, revealing the real Droll. Droll takes off his hood and said, “Face my true power; something I wasn’t able to do... when I was held back by you!” He tossed stink bombs, disturbing Saber and Logan. Logan coughs in the foul odor and Droll began to dash around, kicking them back and forth. Saber uses his training to swing fast, landing a sharp and accurate strike on Droll. Droll rolls on the ground, exhausted and beaten. “Give it up...” Saber said. Droll gets up and his aura began to form up. “50% complete – Power transfer accelerating” Acren smiled and the energy began to be drained faster than before. Saber stops Acren while Logan and Droll fights off. Droll gets punched on the face, knocking him airborne into the pillars. Droll laughed and said, “Logan... you were always weaker than me; I just didn’t unleash my A-game yet...” Droll suddenly warped behind Logan and kicked him downwards, knocking him off his feet. “But now, I’m going to be stronger than you ever were!” Droll spun as he leaped, forming a dark symbol. “Omega Nebula!” Droll shouted as he spun downward, making the dark energy extend to his clones. The clones release sonic waves by kicking the ground while Droll falls down, as fast as the waves. All waves land on Logan at the same time and then Droll crashes on Logan, increasing the damage. The dark symbol then radiated into fire, creating black flames that seared Logan. Logan puts it out and said, “Droll... you can’t become like this!” Logan roars and a large aura of what seems to be a bear emerges from him. Logan punches the air and roared, making a large, shaking feeling. Saber hears the roar and was amazed at the sheer strength of the move. The power shook Droll and the bear aura jumped in the air, followed by Logan. Logan looks down on Droll and shouted, “This is to restore you back to your old self!” Logan lunges downwards with his fist extended out. Droll’s feet get wrapped by stones and he gets hit by the attack, making a large stone crater. The bear roars and fades away while Logan got up, picking up the unconscious Droll on his hands. He rips the helmet off, hoping to restore Droll. Droll awakens, looking confused. “Logan? Why are you here?” Droll mumbled. Logan smiled and dropped Droll. “What was that for!?” Droll shouted. Saber shouts for help and Logan said, “There’s no to explain now... come with me!” They ran upstairs and saw Acren and Saber, strangling each other. “Shut off the machine!” Saber shouted. Acren uses his psychic power and stops Saber. He kicks Logan towards the wall while Droll shouted, “Acren! Face me!” Acren laughed and said, “As you wish...” He attacks but incredibly, Droll dodges and lands a kick so fast, Acren was unable to evade it. Droll bombards him with attacks and Acren is left struggling to break free. Droll’s foot was then caught and Acren slammed Droll on the ground like a toy. He rushes to the machine but Saber breaks free of the psychic trap and lunged at Acren, taking him down. Both of them began to punch each other back and forth, making a close stalemate. “Enough of this!” Acren shouted. He kicks Saber upwards and at the right timing, kicked him again as he fell. Logan catches him into the same bear-like attack, knocking him down. Droll then jumped up and said, “Here’s to you!” He twists a panel on Acren’s helmet, knocking him out. “What did you do?!” Logan shouted. Acren wakes up, calmed down. “78% complete” Acren woke up, dazed and hurt. “What happened?” Acren mumbled. Droll smiled and said, “You’re back!” Acren shakes and said, “I was being controlled...” Logan points to the machine and said, “Acren... only you can stop it!” Saber gets up and saw Acren, which made him smile as well. “I can’t... if I stop it now, the whole thing will explode...” Acren said, “But I can’t let Trivoid obtain this energy. Tell everyone to leave... I’m going to take it down...” Saber gapsed and said, “No... Don’t do this!” Acren shook his head and broke the panel, overriding the system. He then uses an extremely strong psychic barrier, using up all of his power. “I’m holding off the entire nuclear explosion... get everyone out now!” Acren shouted. Droll and Saber couldn’t accept the fact but Logan said, “It’s just Torch all over again... we have to go... or else Trivoid won’t be stopped.” Saber nodded and bids farewell to Acren for a final time. They ran outside, calling for the team. Reyl roars and said, “The power’s overridden! No!” Reyl ran to the ship as fast as he can while the team all ran to safety back to the jet. “Acren sacrificed his life to save us... and bring one of Trivoid’s plans down...” Sentinel said. The jet speeds away and Acren smiled. He releases the grasp on the explosion, unleashing the gigantic explosion.

The team gets back to Breakcliff, reporting the result of the mission. “Droll!” Keith shouted. Droll hugs Keith and said, “I’m back... what did I miss?” Axel laughed and said, “A lot. But we better get you fixed and treated now.” Droll nods and they get inside the Equilibrium’s building, getting ready for rest. Meanwhile, Reyl returns to the temple, alone and wounded. “Acren regained control... he set off the place and sacrificed himself to save them...” Reyl mumbled. Blade punches a wall and said, “Damn it! What will Garred ay when he hears this!?” “I’ve heard enough. If we can’t attack them, we’ll have to bring them out... by calling their attention...” Garred mumbled as he walks to the scene. “How?” Blade asked. Garred looks at the map and said, “By capturing the great Castle of Blight. Taking down Grontl’s leader will attract them... no matter what.” Reyl suddenly said, “About leaders... what do we do about Dime’s escape?” Garred laughed and said, “It’s inevitable. He will make his way to Biohazard... I’m sure of it...”

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Fifty-Two: Trivoid’s Reign

Saber wakes up to see Lyra and Sylux, changing clothes by the lockers. He gets up and said, “Good morning!” Lyra gets startled and covered herself while Sylux waves at him. “We’re gonna begin training today, you wanna watch?” Sylux said with an odd accent, mocking Lyra’s quirky tone. “Stop that...” Lyra said as she wore her red shirt. Sylux sees her look and his jaw dropped when Lyra wore girly clothes, a skirt and a little cap, much different to her usual outfit. “Let’s go!” Lyra said as she ran away, pulling Sylux. Saber laughed and opened his locker, taking out his mask and his leather coat. He looks around and saw a pair of gloves. “Dime’s gloves... I remember these...” Saber said. As he closes the door, he sees Rylee, standing beside him. “You’re up early,” Saber said. Rylee laughed and replied, “You got up first... anyway, and you’re off to training?” Saber nodded and buttoned on his coat as he left. Rylee pats him on the back as he left and he heads to the bay, looking at the sea. “Droll is finally back... we can continue from where we left off...” Saber murmured. He sees a green ball roll beside him, driving him to panic. “It’s empty...” Droll said as he laughed. He sat beside Saber and said, “So... Torch is gone...” Saber nodded and said, “He had to defend the building and give everyone time to escape... Tufele was just too powerful for anyone to handle...” Saber said. Droll then coughed repeatedly, as if he was sick. “Are you alright?” Saber asked. Droll nods and said, “It’s alright... it’s the after effects of Trivoid’s serum...” Saber gasps and said, “Serum?” Droll shows a wound on his arm and said, “They gave us a power serum that amplifies our specialties... it can cause us to break down when we overuse it... but with full control... It’s amazing...” Saber shrills and said, “I’d rather work all day training than to undergo that...” Droll laughed and said, “Come on, I’ll show you the power I gained...” Saber sighed and followed Droll to a training shack. “I’ve been practicing this move for a while now... here’s my best attack yet!” Droll shouted as he ran forward. “Chaos Starburst!” Droll roared as he spun and kicked a dummy, making a large purple burst of energy. The dummy takes critical damage and then flew to the wall, shattering to pieces. “It’s not supposed to resist that much... I must’ve lost power...” Droll mumbled. Saber claps for him anyway and said, “That’ll be terrific if you learned to master it!” Droll bows and said, “Thank you. I’ll really train harder to perfect it!” They went out and saw the other martial arts students training. They see someone doing something similar to Chaos Starburst, but much stronger. “That’s my target... to become that stronger,” Droll mumbled. Saber smiled and patted him on the head saying, “You can do it.”Droll laughed and ran ahead. He crosses Luke and waved. Luke ignores him and walked to Saber. “Hey there,” Saber greeted. Luke replied with a little wave, the first he’s pulled off to Saber. “You’re in a good mood today...” Saber mumbled. Luke smiled at him and said, “That battle yesterday was good. You should really fight a lot more.” Saber smiled and said, “Really? I need more training but thanks!” Luke nods and said, “Tell you what, I can show you the Final Strike I’ve been working on since my days in captivity... you wanna come and see?” Saber nods vigorously and they went to the forest area. “You might wanna move farther,” Luke said. Saber steps back and Luke’s hands began to get covered in fire and ice. His left hand gets surrounded by thick ice while his right hand is on fire. He slowly charges, making trails of fire and ice in his path. He then swung both hands and thrusts both hands forward, knocking a tree down. He loses control and kept ploughing ahead, taking two more trees down. Saber’s jaw drops in shock and saw Luke, standing strong on the fallen trees. “So, what do you think?” Luke asked as he wipes off his sweat. “I think it’s amazing!” Saber commented. Luke laughed and replied, “It’s just the first version. I am planning to evolve this Final Strike further.” Saber was shocked and asked, “Evolving Final Strikes?” Luke laughed and said, “In our place, people like to keep getting better. Our Final Strikes evolve into better ones if we use them often, that’s why I’d like to have mine evolve all the way further!” Saber was interested and asked, “I want to get mine evolved too... I must practice!” Saber and Luke went back to town to get breakfast while Droll watched them and said, “Evolving...”

“We have less than a minute left before the attack begins... You better get ready now,” Garred commanded. Blade nodded and the team gets set. “The cannon is ready. It’s time to bring it down!” Nexus said as he calibrates the cannon’s aim. “Ready your weapons. We don’t want to tear this place down. We just need to take everyone in it down, or out,” Garred commanded. The cannon fires, spilling a corrosive acid, part of the very small amount of the power they took from the power plant. The door gets destroyed and the group charges, fighting thousands of men. Garred has no trouble taking down the enemies, simply punching and kicking them down was enough. The guards were mesmerized by their power and began to go into defense. They fired cannons but Grey caught one and threw it back at them, destroying the cannon. They were able to make it in and soon, Nexus was impatient and used his Final Strike, Dark Creek. The ground becomes water-like, drowning the soldiers while Nexus uses his dark magic to keep his allies afloat. He eliminates all enemies and they run upstairs to face more soldiers. Nexus uses the same move, this time making small puddles around the guards. The soldiers sink under the void and they were sucked into the dark abyss. “Let’s move on,” Garred said. They reached the throne room, where the king was surrendering. “You’ll have to leave this castle, or you’ll be leaving without your heads,” Reyl said ferociously. The king backs away and ran with all of his guards to another area. “What a useless leader of theirs...” Garred said as he sat on the chair, commanding Reyl to do something. Reyl grins and charged at the guards protecting the king. He takes all of them out, expect for one. He then knocks the king unconscious, taking him to a bench where they tied him up. “We have held the king captive. That’ll bring those cowards out...” Garred said as he saw the last soldier and commanded, “Go and tell everyone that the king is in our hands. Make sure to spread it, all the way to Biohazard...”

“Intensity One!” Luke roared as he punched the metal wall which Sentinel set up. The wall cracks, creating a large, gong-like sound. Sentinel checks the power meters and saw the power of impact reaching about 2400 pounds of impact. Luke smiled and said, “That’s just the first of it... if it evolves, I don’t know how much collateral damage it make.” Sentinel laughed and said, “Droll’s working hard to evolve his Chaos Starburst like you...” Sentinel hangs a strong punching bag while Droll continues to kick the plank of metal, but it absorbed the damage and it read only 900 pounds of impact. “I must try harder!” Droll roared. Logan laughed and said, “It comes out at desperate moments... My Wild Impact went to its full potential when I had no moves left against you...” Droll shook his head and said, “I can do it with enough practice.” He kicks again somehow, the power scaled to 1300. Droll laughed and repeated the move, this time breaking the rod. “The rod was broken... that must mean it reached 1500 pounds of force...” May said. They hear an eerie fluttering above them and see a giant bug. “What is that!?” Saber shouted. May laughed and said, “It’s who, not what.” The bug stood straight and said, “I see we have visitors.” May nods and said, “Everyone, this is Swarm. He’s the third leader of The Equilibrium.” Swarm looks at her and said, “Melanie, please tell me why there are so many of them.” May gets shocked and said, “They’re Biohazard. They came here for new shelter and more training capacities. Besides, they have...” Swarm gasped and said, “Which one? Is he the one in the rogue jacket?” Luke looks at him and said, “Me?” Swarm nods while Luke shook his head and wrecked another wall. Saber felt another presence and said, “This one’s familiar. Swarm looks up and said, “This is an amazing power I feel from above...” A hat falls down, fluttering to the ground. Saber catches it and a beam of light lands in front of him. A man falls from the sky, landing safely despite the high speeds he achieved. “Oh my... Is that you, Dime!?” Axel shouted. Dime smiled and said, “So you made it Breakcliff...” Axel shook Dime’s hand and said, “It was just Dime, my friend.” Swarm was amazed at his power and said, “Are you by any chance... a guardian?” Dime nodded and said, “I’m the guardian of Deuce... before Trivoid tried attacking it. My defenses pushed them off and they failed to get me.” Saber stood up and said, “What!? They attacked you!? What happened?” Dime shook his head and said, “They killed some of our soldiers, but I was able to drive them away. Although, there’s something that I need to tell you guys secretly... maybe later?” During the talk, Sylux and Keith pass by and saw Dime. “Dime?” Keith mumbled as he approached him. “Who’s that?” Sylux asked. “Hey, let’s get to the team! I’m sure they’ll love these new outfits!” Lyra cheerfully announced. Rylee and Danica chuckle and they went to the plaza, where they see the new face, Dime. They approach Dime and asked, “Who are you?” “Everyone, this is Dime. He’s a Guardian, like Spire and Zoron,” Sentinel said. Sky smiles and said, “I remember you... You visited us back then!” Dime waved and said, “Where’s your dad?” Sky replied, “At Falrun. They guard Spiralwood’s citizens... after its destruction.” Dime stomps and said, “They got Spiralwood too?” Droll kicks again, making a large star formation splashing outwards from his target. The second rod snaps, reaching a whopping 2000 on the scale. This catches the team’s attention, causing them to glance at Droll, who was laughing at Logan. “Nice one!” Luke shouted as he charges his punch. The team gets to introduce the new members to Dime while Luke and Droll keep practicing to evolve their moves. “It didn’t evolve yet... I merely reached its full power...” Droll said. Luke shrugged and said, “To me, I just want to evolve it.” He finishes charging for the move, but somehow, he gained more speed and power in the charging period. “This is it! Intensity Two!” He spun as he charged, making the ice and fire trails wrap his arms. He then punches, shaking the punching bag with a massive 3100 on the scale. Droll does the move for a last time, showing a stronger splash but making no evolutions. “Bah, whatever... I reached its full potential... I just need more power...” Droll mumbled. The team regroups for lunch and immediately after, Saber tried to use Runic Cutter, but with a twist. Dime and Axel watch him while Sentinel keeps track of Luke’s progress. “Luke’s showing larger trust with us...” Axel said. Sentinel grins and said, “A huge potential on such a strong guy... he can pull us all the way through if he continues this enthusiasm.” Saber roars and instead, Fusion Burst comes out of his hands. He was shocked and said, “How did that happen?” He looks at his hands and said, “My hands want me to evolve Fusion Burst?” He aimed and shot to the air, but amazingly, six small beams surround the blast, different to the older times. “It... evolved?” He tried to shoot at a target and saw the six smaller beams zipping ahead. The beam hits the rock while the smaller beams began to fire rapidly, making a barrage of lasers. “He really used my skills...” Dime said. Saber waved at Dime and Dime said, “Nice job!” Luke crosses Saber and saw his progress. “Everyone’s evolving... this is gonna be a fun day...” Luke mumbled to himself. Lyra and Sylux train at the shooting area while Rylee and Keith get lessons from Leech. “Keith, you are pretty much ready. Rylee needs more training, though,” May said. Leech nodded and said, “Keith, you are skilled in what you do. There’s an inner power that strengthens you...” Keith sees his scars and said, “The crystal?” “Rylee, though, needs some more training, considering how it was just given to her for only quite a short while...” Rylee nods and kept training. “Melanie Arianne Yuri...” Swarm said as he walked in. “Enough with the teases! I like May as my name!” May said. “Alright... I’ll stop...” Swarm said while May sighed. “It’s like Sylux and Lyra...” Keith whispered to Rylee. Rylee giggles and missed her attack. She sighed and smiled as she tried again. A messenger arrives to Leech, giving him a letter. Leech skims through it and said, “Trivoid’s moving again... They’re at Blight... the king’s hometown...” He calls for Axel and Sentinel and they planned on the roster. After a while, Luke, Saber, Axel, Sylux, Lyra, Droll and Swarm were chosen. “Shall we go? I can’t wait to get my revenge...” Droll mumbled. The door closes and the jet took off, going northwest to the Castle of Blight.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Fifty-Three: Saber’s Recoil

Saber and the team are on the jet, waiting for their arrival. “Why didn’t Dime come along?” Saber asked. Axel thought for a moment and replied, “Trivoid is after him, so we better not reveal that he is with us... or they’ll divert all attention to him.” Saber nodded and slowly leaned back to talk with Luke. “Are you feeling better now?” Saber asked. Luke raises his eyebrows and asked, “Why? Was I sick?” Saber shook his head and replied, “You seem more comfortable while fighting with us... It’s nice to see that.” Luke smiled and said, “I will fight... for my son and everyone that deserves justice.” Saber heard the word ‘son’ and asked, “Why? What’s the matter?” Luke sighed and replied, “I only committed crime... to save my son from his disease... When he was born, he had a congenital disease... His body systems were weakening... by the second... My first few heists saved him, but I needed more to cure him... that’s when I had to do the big robbery... I destroyed the place... just to pay for my son’s needs... I failed... and I was caught. I was imprisoned at an island, but they couldn’t hold me back. I escaped... and now I’m here... hoping to get back to my son one day...” Saber shook his head softly and said, “Things people do for love...” Luke snaps out of his gloomy mood and said, “Let’s get back to focusing on the battle...” Saber nods and walked around. “Almost there... just a little closer...” The pilot announced. Suddenly, they were struck by a powerful attack. The jet twirls while the team gets shaken around like beans in a can. “That was a strong power wave... a large gust of air...” Axel exclaimed. They look outside and see Nexus and Grey on the castle, staring at the jet. “Open the door! I’ll initiate the attack!” Axel shouted. The door opens and Axel takes aim for his grand leap. “I’ll do it,” Luke said as he pushes Axel away. “Let’s both do it,” Axel replied. Luke sighed and both of them jumped off, dropping in high speeds. Luke’s hands began to charge and a powerful trail gets formed. “Intensity Three!!!” Luke shouted. He lands on Grey, making an enormous explosion and crushing Grey into pieces. Luke gets shocked while Grey reforms, picking up his stones. “He’s gonna take a while to regroup... Let’s get on with the battle,” Axel commanded. The rest of the team get off by parachuting downwards while Swarm flies down and shoots his bug minions. Nexus gets shaken and he raised both his hands, making an eerie sound and aura. The team begins to get dizzy and Nexus helps Grey rebuild. Grey gets up and they take on the team, fighting hard. Nexus initiated Dark Creek but Axel predicts it and slid below Nexus. He grabs Nexus’s leg and flips him over, dropping him down to the lower area of the rooftop. Nexus tries again but Grey lands on him, after receiving Droll’s Chaos Starburst. “Nexus?” Saber mumbled. Nexus laughed and he disappeared with Grey. The floor below the team suddenly collapses, bringing them down to the castle’s inner areas. They get up and see multiple copies of Reyl, dashing around the hall. “Which one is real!?” Sylux shouted. He receives a powerful attack from behind, knocking him down. Lyra aims her pistol but she gets hit as well. She gets up and shouted, “I’m not backing down to you!” Reyl kicks her down, wounding her on the face. Sylux quickly got up and used Dawn Dust, knocking Reyl back. “That must be the real one! Focus attack!” Swarm shouted. The team bombards Reyl, giving him a struggle. Reyl and all of his copies disappear and the hall brightens up, revealing a second room. They get in, seeing Nexus standing before them. They get trapped and Nexus used Dark Creek, slowly lowering the team down like quicksand. “No! This can’t be!” Saber shouted as he tries to get up but they sank, blacking out the view and soon, causing them to pass out.

Luke awakens, seeing the team beside him. “They’re here... time to get rid of this nuisance...” Garred mumbled as he holds his sword tight. Luke pretends to be asleep while Garred walked to Axel, who is still unconscious. Garred spins the sword and lifted it up. Luke clenches his fist and lunged at Garred, causing him to drop the sword. Luke bombards the stunned Garred with punches, nearly giving Garred no time to recover. Swarm awakens and sees Luke and used his bug minions to help while he awakens the team. “We’re here!” Reyl shouted as he enters the room with Blade, Nexus, Grey and Crash. The teams face off and the battle began, with every person in a fight. Lyra and Sylux team on the sporty Crash, who dodges the shots; Saber goes face-to-face with his ‘copy’, Blade; Droll faces both Grey and Nexus; Axel and Swarm face on Garred and Luke goes against Reyl. Swarm claws Garred followed by Axel’s kick, forcing Garred backward. Swarm uses his wings to propel himself upward to strike Garred. Garred dodges it but he gets hit by Axel’s swift punch. Garred laughed at the two and said, “Even both of you can’t hold me down!” He throws dark pulses, one of Zoron’s abilities. Axel gets trapped and snared while Swarm gets surrounded by the orbs, each filled with intense power. Garred contracts all orbs, bursting them all on Swarm. Swarm falls to his knees while Garred frees Axel to take the battle to him. Garred began to create rocks, Artas’ ability. The rocks fly at Axel, who blocks the attack. Axel moves near Garred and kicks him, knocking Garred to the wall. Saber and Blade duel off, with Saber on the advantage. “You can’t defeat me anyway, what’s the point!?” Blade roared as he took Saber’s attack, which cuts his shoulder. It heals incredibly fast and Blade punches, knocking Saber down. Blade laughed and said, “You can never win!” Saber fired his evolved Fusion Burst, Paragon Burst. Blade gets launched in the air and Saber went with Runic Cutter. Blade gets severely damaged but his healing ability keeps him going on and on, taking the battle nowhere. Crash continuously dodges Sylux and Lyra’s attacks, wasting their ammo. Crash then jumped on Lyra and hit her with the tip of his blade, injuring her shoulder. Sylux roars and kicks Crash hard, sending him up to the ceiling. Lyra rolls out of the way as crash landed, doubling the damage. Sylux was amazed at his kick’s power and said, “Can it be? Trivoid’s serum is still in my blood?” He drops his guns and faced Crash in a hand-to-hand battle, with Crash bluffing, “I’ll take you down in only a minute!” Crash proves the statement, knocking Sylux down in the first hit. “He has an increased power... the serum they gave him must be better than mine...” Sylux mumbled as he got up and kicks high, stunning Crash. He then begins to strike hooks and jabs, soon knocking Crash down. Crash kicks up and regains balance as he jumped very high, all the way to the ceiling. He lunges downward, taking Sylux down with him. Both men are down while Lyra watches with her injured arm. Droll looks intently at his opponents, keeping up a high guard for Nexus’ Dark Creek. He jumps up, trying not to touch the floor. He used Chaos Starburst on Grey, sending the big golem backwards. Nexus and Droll then faced off in a combat, neither of the two is breaking a sweat. Grey looks and aims his Final Strike, Grey Shard. “Grey will show you how he does it!” Grey roared and rocks erupted from the ground, zipping towards Droll. Droll flips over and grabs Nexus, slamming him to the ground on the rock, knocking Nexus out cold. Grey gasped and Droll taunts Grey, ready for another battle. Grey charges and Droll jumped, flipped, and roared as he used Chaos Starburst. Grey absorbed the damage but suddenly, three large stars shoot outwards off the kick. Grey gets disassembled again as Droll smiled. “Chaos Starstorm!” Droll shouted. Luke sees Droll’s evolved Final Strike and said, “My turn...” He faces off with Reyl, who drops his knives to make the battle fair. Reyl lunges at Luke, who smacks Reyl’s face hard with an uppercut. Reyl gets knocked upwards and back, damaging him gradually. “Intensity... Four...” Luke mumbled as he attempts to charge up to a higher point. It fails, bringing him down to Intensity Three. He strikes Reyl, ragdolling him around. Reyl got angered by this and charged, spinning while he powerfully jabs with his fist. His hands became more bear-like than before and he pounces on Luke, clawing him repeatedly. Luke gets wounded but Reyl was caught into Luke’s submission hold, disabling Reyl’s hands from moving. Luke has one idle hand, which he uses to pound repeatedly on Reyl. Reyl gets knocked out after some punches, ending the battle. Garred kicks Axel back, sending him into a pile of crates. “What is this? Your team has grown stronger?” Garred mumbled as only Crash was able to get up. “Time to end this!” Garred roared as his aura changes, tearing up the room. “This is my true power, the entity of power!”

Garred’s hands grew long claws and his back reveals symbols, resembling the crystal’s pattern. His teeth sharpen, bones thicken and his eyes became pitch black. Some of his flesh is coming off, around his chest and waist. Garred smiled and said, “This is what I’ll reveal to you... for now...” He blinks to Saber, punching him hard on the stomach. Saber crashes beside Axel, who was already set to fight again. Luke and Swarm attacks Garred, but both attacks were caught. Luke uses the feint to strike another shot, knocking Garred’s head back. Garred snarled at him and dropped Swarm. He tosses Luke up and waited for his fall. As he was falling, Garred follows a kick, knocking him forward to the team. Luke coughs and said, “He’s... intense...”Luke rests while Droll used Chaos Starstorm, knocking Garred back in the wave of energy. Swarm then uses his true bug form to create an enormous swarm of insects, pestering Garred. Axel then fired his Final Strike, Absolute Defeat. Garred gets hit, and soon, the cosmic rays bombard him. Swarm charges for a close attack, knocking Garred down. “Lucky for me... you brought your strongest members to this battle!” Garred shouted. He kicks Swarm away and used the chains to quickly drain Swarm’s power. Swarm roars and his bugs began to nibble on the machine, slowing down the process. Axel cuts the connection by lunging at Garred, taking the chains off of him. Garred punches Axle and reattached the cables. Saber awakens and sees Axel, receiving a deadly hit to the chest. Axel falls down, with his heart beating rapidly. His chest bone stabs his heart, creating an extremely hard time to breathe for Axel. Axel falls down and blood began to come out of his nose and mouth. Droll roars and charges for a kick, but Garred flipped him over and used his knee to take him out. Saber falls down and said, “I can’t let this continue... it’s up to me to save everyone...” Axel crawls, slowly escaping the battle. Garred steps on Axel’s back, causing him to cough again. Axel curls in the intense pain and reached for Saber. Saber falls to his knees, getting an amazing power. “I must do it... To save them!” Saber roared and he stood up, catching Garred’s attention. Swarm uses this distraction to escape the chains, slowly backing away to Lyra and Sylux. Saber stands in the room, face to face with Garred. Saber’s red aura blazes around the room, startling Garred. “This is what I call a true match!” Garred shouted. Axel crawls to a safe area, tending to his injury while watching Saber. “It’s you and me, Garred... there are no more distractions...” Saber said as he draws his blades. “He’s... in control...” Axel mumbled. Luke awakens and sees Saber. Luke is in awe as Saber walks valiantly to Garred, staring intently at each other. Garred draws the first attack, which Saber dodges quickly. Garred follows with a second punch, which somehow was dodged again. Saber kicks Garred and spun around, wounding Garred on the chest area. Saber then shot two pulse barrages, taking Garred down. He does not give in and he continues to bombard Garred. Saber blasts away with Paragon Burst and said, “This is to end Trivoid!” Garred gets sank underground, leaving a large crater. He then used his blades to continuously cut and wound Garred. Garred tries blocking, but his hands were wounded and he felt the intense pain, despite his invincibility. Garred tries to escape the combo, to no avail. Saber continues to strike fiercely, keeping Garred down. Soon, Garred gets hit by a critical attack, knocking him out cold. Saber stands up and walked out of the large crater. “It’s... not over!” Luke shouted to Saber as he points to Garred, who just stood up again. Garred’s aura glows dark purple and his demonic features increases. The torn flesh increases and he began to grow horns and a tail. His muscle mass again grows and he said, “Trivoid... will not end!” He dashes to Saber and continues the battle.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Fifty-Four: Garred’s Corruption

Saber blocks Garred’s attack, but he was also sent backwards in the extreme force. Saber was amazed and he said, “You’re better than you were...” Garred attacks but Saber counters with his own and he kicks Garred back to gain some space. He turns around and charges for Blade Storm but Garred is quickly approaching. He finishes and lands the powerful attack, knocking Garred back. Saber smiles at his attack and charges again, but Garred was finally able to counter with his own attack, knocking Saber down. Saber gets up but Garred takes advantage to kick Saber on the side as he got up. Garred finally gains his momentum and was able to somewhat take Saber to his knees. Garred strikes with an uppercut but Saber’s aura gives him wings. He flies up, keeping away from Garred. Garred jumps and hits Saber, knocking them both up into the throne room. “Time to finish this!” Garred roared as he kicks Saber all the way to the throne, which breaks on impact. Saber coughs and gets back up but he nearly failed to because of the damage he took. He stumbles as he walked, making him vulnerable to attacks. Saber’s aura then increases in power again, making him healed and ready for battle all over again. Garred frowned and kicked Saber downwards, sending them back to the dungeon. Garred heals from the impact and Saber began to take advantage. He attacks swiftly, taking Garred down again and again. Saber tries to use Blade Storm again but Garred interrupts his charging period. Saber gets hit by his own move, damaging him and giving him wounds. Garred laughed and said, “How pathetic...’ He kicks Saber, but Droll intercepts with his kick. “What the!?”Garred shouted. Droll helps Saber up and said, “Let’s do this!” Garred frowns at the uneven match-up but he ignores the number and continues to fight back both men. Droll’s aura surges, giving his attacks more power. Saber charges Blade Storm while Droll keeps distracting Garred. Saber finally finishes and Droll ran to Saber. Droll drags his foot to the Blade Storm, damaging him a little but giving him massively increased power. Garred is still dazed from Droll’s barrage and he gets hit by the new fused Final Strike, Chaos Bladestorm. The kick connects, splashing into star-shaped blades. Garred is deeply wounded while Droll’s foot is partially damaged. Saber helps Droll move away but Garred beats him in speed and grabbed Droll. Garred throws Droll up the hole created earlier, then closes the hole with dark magic. Droll is trapped outside and Garred grinned at Saber. “You’re mine!” Garred shouted as they continued. Minutes have passed; neither of them is giving in. They are evenly matched, without anyone taking advantage. Saber grew tired and intensified his aura again, giving him a jolt of power that he needed to outmatch Garred. Garred finally gets knocked down and Saber began to barrage him with punches. Saber goes to impale Garred, but he was shocked when it did nothing. “Can’t you see? You can’t kill me!” Garred said as he shoves Saber away. Saber gasped and was hit by a punch. “The reason that Tufele is gone... is because I took his immortality, used it for myself!” Garred attacks Saber again, putting him down. Saber is on his back, looking at Garred. “I am immortal!” Garred stomps on Saber and ensnared him with dark bindings. He attaches the cables to Saber and Garred began to drain his powers. Luke could not help because of his injury; Swarm is deeply wounded, while Axel is too weak in his current condition. Reyl awakens and sees his master’s triumph. “Garred... you did it...” Reyl said as he rests on the ground. Saber’s powers are completely gone, from his blades to his pulse attacks. Saber roared and picked up his sword. Garred laughed and caught the ancient blade with a single hand. He snaps it into two and tossed it away. Saber was in a state of shock and he was pushed away. “Goodbye...” Garred mumbled. This is when Axel snapped. Axel opens his true curse and Garred was magically caught in a rift in space and time. His arm was being torn apart, even though he can heal. He was caught in excruciating pain, forcing him to escape. Axel closes the rift and passes out. The rest of Trivoid escapes, leaving Biohazard alone. Saber stands in the middle of the room, still and idle. He suddenly passes out, lying on the cold ground.

Saber awakens, seeing Axel lying on a bed beside him. They are in the medical room, being treated to. “So... you’re awake...” Sentinel mumbled. Saber looks to the other side and sees Sentinel standing by him. “Hi dad...” Saber said as he coughed. “I heard what happened...” Sentinel said as he patted his son’s head. “It was fun while it lasted...” Saber replied with a joking tone. Sentinel laughed and said, “It’s alright... I know... one day, we will get it back...” Saber shook his head and said, “It’s gone... The only way it can be restored is through our medical team at Spiralwood...” “Not necessarily...” Axel said from behind. “Axel! You’re alright!” Saber said joyfully. “He broke some of my ribs... but I’ll be alright...” Axel responded. Saber smiled and said, “What do you mean? There’s another way to regain it?” Sentinel silences Axel and said, “That’s a secret meant to be kept...” Saber pouted and said, “Axel used his true power yesterday...” Sentinel laughed and said, “That wasn’t yesterday... you’ve been sleeping for three days... Axel was lucky enough to wake up ahead of you...” Saber was shocked and he said, “Three?” Sentinel nodded and Saber laughed at himself. “How is the team doing?” Saber asked. Sentinel raised a shoulder and said, “They’re alright... Trivoid attacked more places, but they were pretty minor. The Equilibrium sent their members to the scene.” Saber nodded while smiling and Axel got up. Lyra enters the room, with an injured shoulder. “Lyra! Are you alright?” Saber exclaimed. Lyra nods and Sylux helps her. “You fought really hard there...” Lyra said. Saber smiled and said, “It could be the last time I’ll fight like that...” Saber decides to get off the bed and he walks around the place. “I have no powers...” Saber mumbled as he left the place. He sees Logan and Luke by the bay again, enjoying the sunset. Saber greets them and they had a little talk. “How are you feeling?” Luke asked. Saber pouts and said, “Powerless...” Logan pats him on the back and said, “Whatever... Power or not, you’re our ally...” Saber thanks Logan and said, “Trivoid... can they be stopped?” Luke nodded and said, “We’ll beat them... Besides, I’m on your side...” Saber laughed and saw Blue, passing by them. “Hey there!” Saber greeted. Blue waved and sat by them. “So, how is your training?” Saber asked. Blue replied, “It’s going well... Sky has new arrow maneuvers and I learned Jas’s stance...” Saber claps for her and said, “Good job... How I wish I can train further...” Blue cheers him up and said, “Hey, why don’t we all go to the mall? We girls found our favorite snack stop...” The boys stood up and joined her inviting all members to the shop. They gathered all members and they went to the mall. “Wow... I’ve been training so much I haven’t even seen this place before...” Saber mumbled. “This is Honor Mall, the largest in Kains and the only one in Breakcliff,” Blue said as they went to the upper floor. They find the shop they were looking for: Dyna’s Treats. They walk in and see lots of customers eating. “So... ice cream?” Keith mumbled. Logan began to salivate just at the looks of the meals. “So, you guys stay here all the time?” Sky asked. Blue nodded and the girls cheered. “Lyra, are you going to eat?” Danica asked. Lyra laughed and said, “I’m fine... I can eat with this... thing...” Sylux leans to her and said, “It’s called a cast.” Lyra shook and said, “Fine! It’s a cast...” Sylux laughed and they found a large table. Blue and Rylee order the meals and the rest began to chat. “So... I heard Garred took Tufele’s immortality...” Logan said. Saber nodded and replied, “I saw him crumble in our battle though... there might be a chance that we can beat him...” Luke nodded and said, “But his power was amazing... he nearly killed Axel...” Droll laughs and said, “I kicked his face... it was an achievement for me!” The team laughs and Sylux added, “His cohorts are gaining power too... Crash, Nexus, Grey.... Reyl... they grew better...” Saber laughed and said, “I outmatched Blade... I feel better... but, that was the last time I will face him...” Rylee and Blue return to the table and sat down. “So, what will we do while we wait? We ordered our favorite...” Rylee asked. “Who wants to play Truth or Dare?” Logan roared. The team cheered and they began playing. Sky places down a device which randomly selects a name. After some shuffling, it stops on Lyra. “Sky, you give the call,” Saber said. Sky nods and asked, “Truth or dare?” Lyra thinks and said, “I’ll go with dare.” Sky smiles and said, “Hug Sylux for three seconds.” Lyra laughed and said, “I can do longer... but okay.” She hugs Sylux, despite the struggle with the cast. The team claps for Lyra and Sky passes the device over to Lyra. The device selects Luke and Lyra asked, “Truth or dare?” Luke smirked as he said, “Truth.” Lyra ponders for a while and asked, “Tell us three words to describe Leech.” Luke thinks for a while and replied, “Weird, creepy and strange.” The team laughed and Luke pressed the device. It got Rylee and he asked, “Truth or dare?” Logan whispers something to Luke and Luke said, “Kiss Saber.” Rylee blushes and she did it, shocking everyone. They laughed as Rylee smiles and pressed the button, getting Logan. The waitress arrives with their meals and she placed a large bowl of ice cream for everyone. Rylee watches Droll’s motions and saw Droll, slowly sinking a bundle of chilli peppers in Logan’s ice cream. Rylee smiled and asked, “Truth or dare?” Logan quickly chose dare and Rylee said, “Eat your ice cream in under 30 seconds.” Logan laughed and said, “Too easy!” Droll contains his laughter and Logan gobbles down, draining the sweet treat quickly. He suddenly stops and panicked. Rylee began laughing wildly and Logan gets caught in an extreme mixture of brain freeze and over-spiciness. Logan ran to the restroom to wash off the spice and to cool down from the intense cold. “Alright, let’s eat first,” Saber commanded. Axel, Sentinel and Dime looks at the team from outside and smiled. “They really do have bonding moments...” Dime said. Axel laughed and replied, “That’s what friends do... we don’t only have a team of strong people, we have a team of close friends. Losing a single one of them would be tragic.” Dime nods and looks at Saber intently. Saber is halfway through his while Luke puts in his finger to the cold delicacy. He places a small fire into the bowl, reducing the coldness. He then ate it all up with such ease. Droll mixes his ice cream around and waited for it to melt. Saber laughs at him and said, “Such a kid...” Saber finally finishes his and Logan returned to the table. He finishes his, enduring the brain freeze this time. They all continued playing ‘Truth or Dare’ and they had a very fun time in the mall.

“Saber... is the guardian of this dimension...” Garred mumbled as he snaps a twig. “What!?” Blade asked. “His power... that amount I drained from him is almost equal to all the ones I’ve taken from the guardians. I can feel it... he’s the guardian.” Garred mumbled. Blade nods and said, “It turns out my rival is the guardian...” Reyl laughs and said, “Finally, after such a long time... we can meet the guardian of this dimension again... and this time, we have the rights to kill him! This is such a great situation!” Crash and the rest sat down and chatted. “So... they have two guardians in their team... how great...” Crash said. Grey pounds his chest and said, “Grey can take them! Trivoid can take them!” Garred sees the rookies and said, “Give them more of the elixir. We can’t let them lose to those fools again.” Blade nods and he brings them to the stock room, where they were given more power. Garred smiled and said, “I will draw them out of their hole...”

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Fifty-Five : Opening Trivoid's Plans

Saber laughs at Logan’s jokes and they continued to walk in the mall. “What should we do next?”Saber asked. Sky laughed and suggested, “Why not go to the arcade?” The team agrees and they walk to the arcade, not noticing that the three leaders are behind them. They arrive at the arcade and they began to play different things. Saber plays an arcade game, March of Warriors. He sat down and inserted a token to begin playing. He faces computer opponents, giving him such an easy time. Suddenly, a challenger appears from the other side. He watches the enemy as he chose a random character. The enemy selects Mark, a normal-looking opponent. Saber smiled to himself and looks intently at the screen. The battle begins and his enemy stands still, idle without defense. “Hmph... too easy,” Saber mumbled. He goes near and the enemy suddenly kicks upwards, knocking Saber’s character upwards. Mark then constantly uses a move, keeping Saber in the air. Soon, Saber lost and the next round began. “He didn’t even take damage...” Saber mumbled. He tries to defend but the enemy attacks from all angles, quickly ending the match much like to the previous one. Saber peeks at his enemy and saw Axel, smiling. “Wow... how did you get so good at this!?” Saber asked. Axel shrugs and said, “I’m just like that.” Saber laughed and tries again against computer opponents. Sky and Blue go for accuracy games, giving them no challenge at all. Sky then misses, causing Blue to laugh. Sky wagged his finger and the ball bounces onto the wall, up the ceiling then into the hole. Blue’s jaw drops and Sky smiled softly as Sky continues to throw at the target. Sylux and Lyra are walking around, looking at the others playing. Lyra suddenly pats Sylux and said, “Hey look, cotton candy!” Sylux smiles and gets two, paying for both. Lyra eats hers fast while Sylux laughs and slowly bites his. They stroll around the arcade’s outskirts and they see other shops. “Hmm... how long will the injury last?” Sylux asked. Lyra shrugged and said, “A couple of weeks, that’s what they said.” Sylux pouts and said, “You’re off the roster for now, huh?” Lyra nods while Sylux cheers her up. “You know what, Sylux?” Lyra asked. Sylux shook his head and Lyra suddenly surprised him with a swift kiss. Logan and Droll run around the mall, snacking on every stand. “Look!” Droll shouted. They both stared at the stall at the end of the hall, a burger shop. “They serve dual patties!” Logan shouts as he ran so fast to the stall, dropping Droll who was hanging on his back. Droll walks behind and they get order their meaty meals. Danica and Luke looks around the mall and they decided to sit outside and wait. Sentinel and Dime joins them and said, “So, since you guys are the newest around here... what can you say about Biohazard?” Luke shrugged and Danica replied, “They’re awesome... I mean, even though I’m not really much of a help as of my current position, I feel like this team is the best place for me right now.” Luke nods and added, “They have some great talent, great friends and bonds... they aren’t only teammates but friends too.” Sentinel nods and said, “That’s exactly what Axel told us...” Luke smiled and said, “Really? I must be on his level, then.” Sentinel and Dime laughed and Danica asked, “So, Saber told me about your son, what happened?” Sentinel was shocked and said, “You too, huh? Why does destiny always pull away our children from us...?” Luke nods and said, “Lars has a congenital heart disease which soon spread all over his body. From time to time, he passes out, gets trouble in breathing and many more... he’s a very kind kid... he always greets me and cheers me up... but that disease began to worsen... he was dying, and it was up to me to cure him...” Sentinel nods slowly and replied, “I see...” Dime suddenly joined in and said, “We can help you cure him...” Luke shook his head and said, “No thank you... He was cured... it wasn’t removed completely, but it was gone and its symptoms vanished. He was cheerful again.” Dime smiled and said, “That’s good.” Luke got up and said, “I’ll be walking around.” He leaves the group and looks at the large window of the mall, revealing the sunny city of Breakcliff.

“Six Guardians’ powers... those are all I need to complete my task...” Garred mumbled. Reyl’s eyes enlarge and he said, “No way! Is your plan going to be unravelled now?” Garred nods and invites the team to the backyard. They climb up a high tower and on the peak; Garred spreads out his hands and said, “This is what I’ve been waiting for...” His arms scatter dark forces around the mountains, mostly on a single area, right between two peaks. The two peaks connect and a large rift opens. Then, a set of stairs appear, leading them to the rift. “Let’s go.” Garred commanded. Grey smiled and said, “Amazing... Grey will see Garred’s home...” Crash was shocked and he said, “This... this is Horzen?” Garred nods and they enter inside, revealing Garred’s dark castle. “Here... is where the fun begins!”Garred roared as bats and dark beings flew out from under a bridge. They cross it and enter the large castle, leading them to the place where Trivoid was formed. “You guys stay here, I’ll go and talk to them,” Garred commanded. Blade salutes and leads the team to a better place to wait while Garred enters the large room. “Garred! You’re back!” A woman exclaims. Garred smiled and said, “Yes, Liara. I got the six powers... only one of them stands, but I know exactly how to defeat him.” Garred looks around and asked, “Where’s Dranox?” Liara points to a room and said, “He opened up the book, he found out what you truly are, Garred.” Garred’s expression shifts and he softly said, “My... true self!?” He runs into the large, circular room and saw Dranox, dressed in dark robes as usual. “Garred, you’re here...” Dranox stated. Garred bows and said, “You opened the book?” Dranox smiled and said, “The Liturgy of Shorric, Enigma of Death. You have one of his forms sealed inside of you... and that form, is the ‘Dread’ enigma, a powerful beast, balanced in dark magic and physical attacks. You, Garred, can channel this energy and destroy nearly anything, in a god’s body! You, Garred, are gifted with a god’s spirit!” Garred was in awe and he asked, “I... can’t be really that powerful, right? Shorric’s death destroyed him; body and soul... how can I possibly be one of him forms?” Dranox laughed and replied, “That is the mystery.” He opens a spell tome and from the large ritual circle on the center of the room, a dark soul appears. It forms up a shape and soon, became an illusion. Garred stares at the hundred-foot tall beast with a large claw and a pointed tail, roaring from the circle. “What is that!?” Garred asked. Dranox laughed and replied, “It’s your true form.” Garred is in amazement, he would not believe that even himself can become such a strong being. He notices his receding flesh on his abdomen and he looked at the beast’s back. “That’s exactly what my back looks like now...” Garred mumbled. Dranox was shocked he ran to Garred. He sees promise, his back has already become like the enigma’s. Dranox was amazed and he mumbled, “You began your transformation...” Garred smiled as Liara sees them. “Garred is Shorric’s spirit...” Liara mumbled as he closes his eyes and mumbled, “Trivoid will return...”

The team trains at the Equilibrium’s training grounds, with none of the team feeling motivated. “I feel bummed today... It’s like I need more rest or something...” Droll mumbled. Logan sat down and grew lazy, eventually falling asleep. “Why don’t we just look around Breakcliff then? Saber’s doing it!” Keith stated. “Saber doesn’t need to train at his state... at least, not now,” Axel stated. “Not now?” Rylee asked. Axel nodded and replied, “We have something to reveal to him very soon...” Rylee smiled and said, “Saber isn’t going to be useless after all!” Saber walks around the place and sees a little girl, playing with a stick. She swings it like a sword, pretending to be like a swordswoman. She swings too hard, launching the stick at Saber. Saber catches it and the girl came to him. He gives her the stick and smiled as he said, “You’re just like me back then... swords and all...” The girl chuckles and said, “I want to be like one of your friends... I will save the whole world like you guys.” Saber smiled and said, “Go reach for your dreams... girl.” The girl smiles with her gapped teeth and said, “I’m Ux. I will become a swordswoman!” Saber laughed and said, “Let me teach you then.” She smiled and Saber got a longer branch and showed her some tricks. Rylee watches him and laughed as they do silly swings. “Hey Rylee,” Danica shouted, “we’re coming to the city peak; ask Saber if he’ll join!” Rylee nods and calls Saber. “Saber? Your name is funny,” Ux said with her little girl tone. Saber smiled and waved goodbye as he ran to Rylee. “You’re good at teaching!” Rylee complimented. Saber smiled and said, “I’m making a little warrior!” Rylee smiled and they climbed up the hill. They got to the highest point in the city, a tall statue of a strange pattern. “What is that?” Saber asked. “It’s a statue symbolizing the complexity and vastness of Kains,” Leech replied. “The multiple numbers of curves and near-random shapes formed were thought out by Melanie and it was created by yours truly,” Swarm said. Keith wonders and asked, “Who’s Melanie?” May sighed as Swarm said, “Melanie is May’s true name, Melanie Arianne Yuri. She’s very secretive about it... oops, I spread it again...” The team laughed and looked at the amazing structure of the structure. “How did you get this idea?” Lyra asked May. “It’s simple, actually. I drew lost of lines and curves, forming up the outlines, then we filled it in and chose the color orange, because it is the main color of the city,” May said cheerfully. Lyra nodded and said, “You’re creative...” May thanks her and Saber stood by the big statue and said, “Art is so amazing....” May nods and said, “I also paint, but they’re terrible...” The team chats for a while and had a long day, enjoying the sunset and the beautiful land of Breakcliff. A few minutes later, an unexpected disturbance shocks the team: A letter from the sky. “Hey Sentinel, have you thought on how we will beat Garred yet?” Axel asked. Sentinel shook his head but replied, “I can hold him back... way back. I know I can do it.” Axel smiled and said, “Alright then, but if things get rough, I won’t hesitate to use my eye...” Sentinel laughed and looked behind him, where a dark, crystal-like object falls from the sky. It lands right near Sentinel, as if it was aimed at him. “What is that!?” Saber exclaimed. Sentinel took it and it bursts, revealing a letter from Garred. “What is this!?” Sentinel shouted. “Sentinel, meet me tomorrow when the sun shines bright, right outside your safe zone, Breakcliff. Fight me alone, and I will test your strength. If your allies interfere, though, you better be ready for severe consequences.” Sentinel laughed and said, “He’s challenging me... alright then...” Axel looks shocked and Sentinel checks on him. “Are you alright?” Sentinel asked. Axel holds a fragment of the crystal that fell and said, “This crystal... only one place I know has this...” Saber approaches him and asked, “Where? Why is it such a big deal?” Axel shook his head and replied, “It’s a very big deal... this crystal... only grows on Horzen itself...” Sentinel gasped and Axel added, “Garred... he... he is in Horzen...” Saber was shocked and he stares at the crystal intently.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Fifty-Six: Trivoid’s Return

Sentinel looks at the crystal and mumbled, “Horzen... the true Trivoid will return?” Axel laughed and said, “We can handle those.” Saber smiled and said, “Always keep calm, we can outlast them!” Sentinel laughs and said, “So, I guess I’m facing Garred?” Saber was shocked and he said, “You’re really serious about fighting him?” Sentinel nods and said, “A fight I will bring to him, I guarantee it.” Saber smiled and the rest of the team grouped up. “We’ll be at your back if ever you need us,” Logan said. The entire team smiles and prepared for the battle. Sentinel refuses to go train, though; he says that he is ready. Saber sat down at the park while planning out, at the same time enjoying the sunset. “It’ll get dark soon. You guys better get ready for bed,” Leech said. The team approves and they got into their rooms at The Equilibrium. Surprisingly, their things weren't there, and the room looks like it was to be discarded. “What’s going on?” Axel asked. “Hey guys, come with me,” Swarm said as he opened the door. He leads them to a large mansion, tall and wide. “What is this?” Sentinel asked. “It’s your new place. You guys have your own place to stay at, now,” May said. The team was surprised and they entered, seeing a large decoration along with some statues. It has a large set of stairs, spiralling up to the rooms. At the back, there is a large swimming pool along with a nice view at a hill. “Wow... this is amazing... I don’t know what to say...” Saber said. Dime smiled and said, “They have a training compound in there too... this is a perfect place, thank you very much!” The Equilibrium smiled and left, leaving them alone with their new home. “So, what should we do?” Saber asked. “Dinner goes first,” Droll replied. The team agrees so Danica and Rylee began cooking. The team sees the roasted chicken and an exotic dish, their first attempt at stewed Spirack horn. Logan looks interested and said, “Spiracks are edible?” Rylee smiled and replied, “Yes they are. Leech said that Spiracks grow abundant all around the world, so we got some Spirack meat from the market.” Logan smiles and tasted it, seeming very delighted. “It’s really good! You guys did great!” Saber said. Keith likes it as well while Droll and Logan can’t talk while their mouths are busy drinking the soup. Lyra tasted it and smiled, saying, “You guys got much better...” Saber laughed and said, “Lyra, you should try cooking with them next time.” Sylux nodded and said, “I’m sure it’s going to be good.” Lyra smiled and said, “Well then, let’s wait for this arm to heal first.” Danica laughs and said, “Don’t mind that, we’ll teach you how to do it. Besides, the doctors said that you can move it freely without your cast tomorrow.” Lyra nodded and ate while Luke silently gets so much food. He eats down almost half of the prepared food, leaving scarce leftovers for the chefs themselves. “Don’t mind, we can make a smaller batch,” Rylee said. The team went on to eat while Axel, Dime and Sentinel watch them from afar. “I gotta admit though, this soup is excellent!” Dime said. Axel nodded as he drinks the soup, bursting with a flavor resembling a fresh crab. Sentinel smiled and said, “Garred will most likely have something up his sleeves... I wonder what...” Axel shook his head and said, “We’ll guard you, don’t worry.” Saber finishes and ran to the TV, seeing the news. “It’s headlining Astrogolt today!” Saber shouted. Blue rushes over and sees their old hometown, fresh and rebuilt. They see Zoron, Spire, and someone who appears to be Artas, standing in town, monitoring everyone. “So, what is your insight on Biohazard’s success at both the castle and the power plant?” the reporter asked. Zoron replied, “It’s very pleasing to see them rising. A lot of new members and some more skill on every member, they changed amazingly in comparison to when we separated after Spiralwood.” Spire nodded and adds, “I can see them beating Trivoid very soon. I trust them very much.” The reporter announces some things before ending the interview while the team smiles at Astrogolt’s progress. “I thought that our old place could not be returned to its former glory...” Blue said. Saber smiled and said, “That town brings back memories... let’s go back there one day...” Blue smiled and Sky enters, dripping wet and shivering. “Sky? Where have you been?” Blue said as he handed him over a towel. “I was still training after we went down the peak... but a wave just slammed on me and ruined my aim. Like that wasn't enough, it began to rain bit by bit,” Sky explained. Blue laughs and invited him to dinner while the rest of the team watch more TV and read some books. Hours later, the rain increases in power, soon becoming a thunderstorm. The loud thunder and flashing lightning startles them, giving the boys a hard time at playing a game. “It’s Phantom Clock, that racing game Torch used to play,” Keith said as he smiled softly. Luke takes the lead and wins, beating Logan by a split second. Saber smiled and the two shook hands. “Losers rotate, so I’m next...” Sylux said. They began racing and Logan watches intently. Luke goes zooming ahead again while Sylux blocks him, creating a small collision. Soon, Sylux fakes a turn and boosted, taking the lead. He zooms across the computer enemy, grabbing first place. Luke chases him but Sylux drifts in to a hidden shortcut. Sylux’s car jumps, flying over a ledge. It lands on the finish line and Luke falls second. The team cheers for Sylux while he shook hands with Luke. “Alright, time to sleep; we have a long day tomorrow!” Axel commanded. They wailed but soon turned off the system to get upstairs to bed. “Let’s go then, Garred will fall to us tomorrow!” Droll said. The team goes to their bedrooms, getting straight to sleep.

Saber wakes up and sees Sentinel fixing the closet. “You’re up early, “Sentinel said as he felt Saber’s presence. “Good morning,” Saber replied as he happily stood up. “Garred will be coming soon... better get ready...” Sentinel said. Saber wakes the team up and they all got ready for Garred’s challenge. “Good luck, guys,” Lyra said. Sylux waves goodbye and said, “We’ll return unharmed...” Lyra smiled and waved as the team went downstairs. They eat breakfast and dashed to the pier to get a ride back to Rewind Bay, where the grand faceoff shall take place. The boat takes a while, arriving at the right time. “Thanks a lot,” Sentinel said as they got off board. They saw the citizens, back to fishing and the town leader sees them. “Welcome back! What happened?” he asked. “We’re here to battle someone, we will just wait for their arrival,” Sentinel said. The town leader was shocked and said, “Alright, the forest clearing there should suffice. We wish you luck.” Sentinel thanks him and commands the team to go to the forest. They see a ship, slowly descending towards them.  Out of it comes a figure, presumably Garred. Right as he lands, the entire team has hidden and Sentinel is facing Garred. “Where are your allies?” Garred asked. Sentinel smiled and said, “Just get on with the fight....” Sentinel smiled when Garred raises his arms to fight. Sentinel goes immediately for a takedown and went relentless, taking Garred down/ He does not stop, continuing the barrage. Saber watches his dad battle and he was amazed. Sentinel keeps going, giving Garred nearly no time to react. Right as Sentinel got tired; Garred counters and kicks him off. Once again, Sentinel carries the advantage and kept attacking. Garred was unable to attack, as if he lost his power. Saber smiled when suddenly, he hears a man’s scream. He looks around and tried scanning for the source and he found Logan, lying down on the ground, with a wound on his arm. “What happened!?” Saber asked. Logan was knocked out cold and soon, two more screams were heard. Sky and Blue are down, both with injuries and Sky having a long cut on his shoulder down to his waist. Soon, Saber finds most of his allies falling one by one. Garred smiled and kicks Sentinel hard on the chest, knocking him flying. Saber sees Luke, ready for the attack. He feels the assassin coming and he unleashes Intensity Three. He hits, revealing an invisible Reyl with his daggers. Reyl laughed and warped away, vanishing out of sight. “He... took our team down...” Saber mumbled. Axel gets up from his attack and only Rylee, Droll, Sylux, Dime, Luke, Saber and Sentinel left standing, not counting himself. Garred laughed and said, “This was all a setup... we just distracted you to take your allies down...” Garred suddenly warps away, vanishing and dodging Sentinel’s furious last-second swing. Sentinel growled and dropped his weapon as he looks around, seeing his fallen allies.

They get on a medical boat, bringing the injured members across. “Are you alight?” Sylux asked Danica, who had a broken nose from a vicious punch. Danica nods and her nose kept bleeding. “They were really caught off guard...” Droll said as he pouted. Logan roared and said, “He placed something in that attack... as if.... my healing won’t work....” The wound continues to bleed, scaring the physician who calmed Logan down. Logan sighed and said, “Well then, I guess I’ll be off the roster...” Axel shook his head and said, “Reyl’s stealth... it’s something Horzen warriors use... it completely covers you, even presences and aura. We can’t get through that...” Sentinel punches a pole and said, “This is my fault... I should’ve come alone...” Saber pats him and said, “No... We all suffer defeat; we will rise back through it anyway.” Sylux gives Saber a high five and said, “You’re right, let’s stay positive.” Saber nods and Luke crosses his arms. “Trivoid’s focusing on our members’ status, putting us into a state where we cannot fight...” Luke mumbled. Rylee nods and said, “They took down three of our best ranged shooters...” “Must be because they only have one ranged fighter?” Droll guessed. Sentinel looks at Dime, who is squeezing a coin. “They’re good at this... but we’ll fare better!” Dime stated. Axel looks to Sentinel and signalled a sign. Sentinel nods slowly and the boat continues back to Breakcliff.

“It was a success, Biohazard is falling...” Garred mumbled.Blade polishes his blades and said, “We’ll be taking them down in no time...” Grey and Nexus rejoice and said, “Biohazard is slowly weakening, that’s the time when we strike them hard!” Crash nods when suddenly, a large thud echoes in the halls. “What was that?” Reyl inquired. They check and see Dranox and Liara, standing in the halls. “We will help you, Trivoid will rise again,” Dranox said. Liara nodded and stated, “We grew better after you left... the rotten confinement in the dimension... it gave us more time to harness Shorric’s blessings and train more. In fact, we might have reached your level, too.”Garred laughed and said, “Oh really? Well then, I guess the original members must stand up and finish the job... Once Kains falls, Horzen will spread out to all the outposts we’ve placed on the dimensions. Horzen will take over it all... and our reign will have no end.” The other team members get clarified and Reyl said, “You never told us about this...” Garred nodded and replied, “Indeed. I kept it private to keep us in a low level of excitement. Now is the time to unleash our power... to end Biohazard....” Blade smiled and added, “Dime is still there, how will he get him?” Garred shook his head and replied, “We won’t. Saber’s power was enormous, it paid off even for Dime’s lacks... Besides, I have opened Horzen; there is no need for that. Tufele’s longevity, the guardians’ powers, our willpower and teamwork... we can finish this... Trivoid will reign forever. It will change the world as you know it.”

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Unravelling

The injured members were quickly brought back to the hospital to get their injuries and wounds aided. Logan will be unable to punch hard enough, unless he wants his hand to give up on him. Danica’s broken nose is in vulnerable state, and will be treated to. Blue’s wound is minor but Sky’s is deeper and much more painful. They get treated and the rest of the team went outside. “Our team is collapsing... we need to pick it up... get our momentum up...” Saber mumbled. Dime nods and said, “We need to get better power to substitute the power in our injured members...” Axel and Sentinel began to discuss privately and soon, Sentinel said, “Come with us,” Dime and Saber nods and they follow the two, leading to a shore. “What is this place?” Saber asked. Sentinel refused to answer and they kept walking. They reached the island’s tip, a peninsula with plain sand, without anything special. “So, what did we come here for?” Saber asked. Sentinel walks forward and reveals an invisible path on the water. He seems to be walking on water, headed to a large stone in the middle of the sea. Sentinel punches it, making the path visible and enabling the rest of the team to continue. The large rock lowers and a large circular stone plate appears. “What is that?” Saber asked. Dime smiles and they walked to the stone plate. Arcs of stone began rising from the water, surrounding the stone path. “The arcs only rise once the guardian walks the path...” Axel mumbled. They stand on the stone plate, with insignias all around it. Sentinel threw a knife to Saber, who catches it and panics. “What was that for?” Saber shouted. “We need the guardian’s blood to open the cave...” Axel replied. Dime tries to shed his own blood but Sentinel blocks him. Saber was in awe. He could not believe that he was the guardian. He cuts himself, releasing a single drop to the plate. After a second, the stone plate spirals, revealing a set of stairs. “Let’s go, it’s the last journey...” Sentinel said. Saber’s jaw drops and he was brought to the hall, filled with the engravings of past Guardians. “And here is your stone...” Dime said as Saber looks at it. “What is that?” he asked. “It’s the Guardian Stone. Touch it, you won’t believe what power it brings,” Dime said. Sentinel smiles at the side while Axel looks over intently, awaiting Saber’s reaction. Saber touches it, creating a gleam and imprinting his handprint on the wall. “So... how do you feel?” Axel asked. Saber smiled and out came his blades, ready for battle. “I... can’t believe it... I’m the guardian!?” Saber exclaimed. Dime smiled and Saber began to hover slightly, flying across the room. Sentinel claps and said, “Yes... now we are ready for our battle against Trivoid.” Saber laughs and flew outside, flying all the way upward to see the island. “Go! Sylux has the ball!” Danica shouted as she coaches the team playing switchball, a new sport created by Danica’s friends in the RTCA. The goal is to kick the ball into the goal post, but in order to score it, one must complete a formation. It could be a crescent arc or a V-shape. Sylux shoots but Logan blocks it with his earth powers. Droll smiled and Logan passes it to him. Droll, Keith and Lyra complete the V-shape and Droll strikes with Chaos Starstorm. As the ball flies, it gets stopped by a falling object from the sky. “What is that!?” Droll shouted. Saber was revealed from the smoke, smiling with the ball. “Saber!” The team shouted as they ran to him. “You... can fly!?” Blue asked. Saber smiled and said, “It turns out... I am the guardian!” The team gasped and went closer, revealing Saber’s stronger aura. Saber shows his blades and flew away. Soon, he sees Dime flying by him. “So, how does it feel?” Dime asked. Saber cheers and shouted, “Woo-hoo! This is awesome!” They both land down, standing by the sea. “Your power is only the beginning. Your responsibility of protecting this dimension has only begun,” Dime said. Axel and Sentinel looked at the from behind and grinned. Saber nodded to Dime and Saber flew again, enjoying his new skill.

“Blade Storm!” Saber roared. The usual move appears, but in a green and blue coloration, different from the old red version. “What happened?” Saber mumbled as he lands the attack on the dummy, significantly weaker than the red one. “The red one was powered by rage... this one is calm... That must be it,” Saber said as he lifts off his hand. Sentinel looks at his son and mumbled to himself, “He’s getting good... once I see that moment... we will go offensive...” He goes inside the building to talk to Leech regarding Trivoid’s plans. “They’re at Horzen... that’s all we know...” Axel said. “Where are their whereabouts?” Dime asked. Leech tries to foresee it but he fails. Sentinel thought for a while and said, “They fought for Canria to claim its land... can they actually still be there!?” Axel smiled and said, “Canria... That must be it... they must be there!” Sentinel nods and marked it on the map. “We’ll be heading there with all we got,” Dime said. Leech stops them and said, “Wait up; we’re going too.” Swarm and May walk in, seemingly prepared for a battle. “The Equilibrium will fight with you,” they said. Sentinel smiled and said, “We’ll just let Saber have a little more practice and we’ll be on our way.”Leech nodded and peeked outside, seeing Saber performing Runic Cutter, even without the sword. “It’s that girl again...” Dime mumbled as Ux approaches Saber. “Saber!” Ux shouted. Saber sheathes his blades and pats the little girl on her head. “How are you doing?” Saber asked. Ux smiled with her gap-toothed youth and replied, “I’ve been working on my swordsmanship... or should I say swords-woman-ship...” She chuckles while Saber laughs softly. “So you’re the guardian?” Ux asked. Saber nodded and Ux said, “My father’s been waiting for the next Guardian. It’s good that we found him.” Saber laughed and said, “We’ll be leaving for a big fight, so keep training, maybe when we come back; you’ll be joining us!” Ux laughed and ran to her father, who was by the bay. Her father waved at Saber and Saber replied with his own wave. Soon, more people heard about Saber being the Guardian and they began to ask him loads of questions. Saber patiently answers all. Besides, Breakcliff has a small population. Saber soon finishes and unleashes his tiredness in a punch, which suddenly releases an astounding impact, creating a large splash on the water. He smiled at his attack and said, “The more I get worn down, the stronger the punch gets...” Luke sees the attack and said, “That was a strong punch...” Saber nodded and Luke mumbled, “Our last battle is near... since you’re the Guardian... we can fight them now, right?” Saber laughed and said, “I’m still getting used to it... but we can fight them. I’m sure; we always could’ve beaten them, if only Garred wasn’t immortal...” The rest of the team arrives and waved at Saber. “So many of us can’t come... but we will fight for them!” Sylux shouted. Lyra hugs Sylux and said, “Be careful...” Sky and Blue apologize that they cannot come but Logan joined them and said, “We’ll be cheering for you from here, don’t worry.” Saber smiled and Dime suddenly called for everyone by detonating a coin. They rush to their house, revealing a grand feast prepared by Danica, May and Rylee. “We’ll be gone for three days, so let’s get our starvation down to zero before we sweep the ground with Trivoid’s remains!” Axel shouted. The team laughs and took their seats. Everyone was there, both Biohazard and The Equilibrium. They began eating and after several hours of talking and eating, they got out do begin their final training.

Luke and Droll began to sprint around the city, improving their speed. Keith and Rylee were randomly firing their magical attacks to the sky, making the sunset even more colourful. Saber spars with Dime, both men are evenly matched. Saber keeps his defense up and counters an attack, instantly knocking Dime down. Dime loses and was helped up by Saber. “You’re doing great; keep that up and we’ll beat them in no time,” Dime said. Saber thanked him and began to walk around, watching others train. Sylux is at the shooting range again, just shooting around. “I’m only a gunner...” Sylux mumbled to Saber. Saber pats him at the back and said, “No, you’re a hero. You can help change the world... defeat Trivoid.” Sylux smiled and continues shooting. Droll eventually beats Luke in their race and he began to practice his reflexes. Luke goes to the punching bag, shaking it with the newfound Intensity Four. The flames wrap it while it gets covered in ice, mixing two powerful elements. Luke smiled and said, “This could be it... one more and the final evolution is reached.” Sentinel swings around his battleaxe, trying to remember Garred’s style to counter it. He laughed at himself, fighting an invisible opponent. Axel then joined and volunteered as the enemy. They spar around, but Axel just seems to catch every attack. Saber flew around again, seeing Danica and Lyra by the house. Soon, he sees Rylee joining them. He goes down and looks closer. He sees them, cooking a little snack. It’s steamed dumplings with fresh fishes, then wrapped in seaweeds and vegetables. “What masterpiece are you making today?” Saber asked as he landed, with a joking tone. Danica laughed and showed Lyra the right process. “So, you wrap it with the dough we made earlier, put some salt and then close the hole. You then wrap it with the seaweed and keep it tight. Then we place it in the steamer to cook the fish inside and to make the dough crispy. Finally, you dress it with some sauce and there it is,” Danica instructed. Lyra smiled and follows the instructions, making her own dumpling. “Here Saber, taste it...” Rylee said. Saber takes Rylee’s and tastes it. “It’s really good; its flavor is amazing...” Rylee smiled and Saber went with Danica’s he tasted it and said, “It’s very crispy but very delicious, good job.” Lyra gave him hers and Saber bit it. He didn’t want to sound embittered so he said, “It’s... nice for a first try.” Lyra smiled and turned around when Saber sticks out his tongue and scrubs off the overwhelming amount of salt. A buzzer suddenly alarms, calling all of the team. Danica and Rylee brought their dumplings and placed them in a box. They ran and saw the large Equilibrium Jet, ready for departure. Lyra joined the injured group. “Good luck,” Logan said. Sky and Blue wave goodbye while Lyra went to Sylux and kissed him again. “Good luck...” Lyra said. Sylux smiled and went inside. Keith waved goodbye and said, “We will be cheering for you from here.” Logan gave them a thumbs up and said, “Fight well and have fun! Make sure to sweep the ground with Garred’s carcass, alright?”Axel laughed and said, “Alright, we’ll make sure to put up a good show.” Saber gets on the ramp and sees Ux was standing there, waiting for him. “Good luck, coach!” Ux said. Saber laughed and he and Rylee entered the jet. “Coach, huh?” Rylee asked. Saber nodded and laughed as they sat down. “We brought a snack!” Rylee said. They laughed and had a small meal before the departure. They see the three Equilibrium leaders, standing there in the jet. “We’ll be joining you, and win it!” Swarm said. The jet began to take off and the final battle finally began.

“Shall we begin?” Dranox asked. Garred nods in reply and Dranox pressed a button, activating a beam of light which shot to the infinite darkness of Horzen. “Once the beam destroys the inner barrier that those Biohazard fools made, Horzen will be fully opened; we can call all of our people to wreak havoc all around the world!” Garred shouted. Liara smiled and saw the rest of Garred’s troops, ready for battle. “Sir, they’re coming here, most likely,” Blade said. Garred laughed and replied, “They can’t stand up to me, how do they expect to beat us!?” Reyl laughed and took out his knives. “Plus, they’re not complete. I took down so many of them...” Reyl added. Liara roared, “Trivoid forever!” The rest of the team follows and they all rejoiced as they too, prepared for the final clash.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Fifty–Eight: Garred’s Obstacles

The jet flies forward, zoomingto the mystical Canria. “We’re near, be ready for anything that will transpire here. We’ve fought here before... and trust me; it’s not fun in these environments,” Sentinel said. Saber smirked and replied, “I’m ready for anything.” They land on a safe area, just meters away from Canria’s premises. “Let’s go!” Axel shouted. They ran into the dark, misty land, where nothing is visible. “Everything is so clouded... we can’t see anything!” Sylux said. Saber shoots pulses around the area, making very small light orbs that reveal through the fog. “Let’s just try...” Saber mumbled as he shot Paragon Burst, clearing some fog but barely giving them a hint on where to go. “Let’s just keep guessing, we might get there faster,” Rylee said. Luke takes lead, preparing for battle. They hear a roar from a distance, shocking everyone. “What in the world was that!?” Axel said. The roar is heard again and they began to track the noise. “Are you alright!?” Dranox asked. Garred nods and continues to be zapped by electricity, causing him to roar. “It’s working... Shorric’s form is growing in you!” Dranox said as he stops the machine. Garred sees his flesh, slowly disappearing around the arms. “I feel... better!” Garred shouted as his power once again strengthens.  “They’re here?”Liara mumbled as she felt an unknown presence. “I don’t care; we can defeat them...” Garred replied. Liara laughed and went down the castle to head back into Wyvernstone. She calls for all members and said, “Reyl, Blade. Come with us to the castle. We have more things that you can do... and more power that you can earn...” The two grin and followed her into Horzen. “No fair...” Crash mumbled. Grey nods and said, “Grey feels like he’s being underestimated!” Nexus shook his head and they split up, lurking the temple. “We’re near...” Leech said as he feels the temple’s structure. “I can see it!” Swarm said as he ran ahead. “Let’s go!” Saber shouted as they ran, catching Trivoid’s attention. They hide while the team began to search the temple. “Garred!” Sentinel shouted. Dime flips a coin and said, “He’s not here... but some of his troops are.” They get ready for the battle and raised their defenses. Grey roared and charged in, taking Sylux’s attacks. Grey resists the team’s damage and unleashes it with a roar. “You guys go on ahead into Horzen!” May said as she attacks Grey. Biohazard exits the building while The Equilibrium keeps fighting. Soon, Nexus joins in and attacks with swift punches. May attacks Nexus but Grey grabs her and threw her through a wall and into a room. She stands up and sees Crash, wielding his sword. “Are you ready to fall? Three minutes tops,” he said as he attacks recklessly, swinging wild. He hits the wall, jamming his sword. May steps on his sword and attacks him from behind, dealing heavy damage. “Swarm! Let’s do it!” Leech commanded. The two grouped up and they prepared for their Final Strike combo, Parasite Infusion. Leech shoots a wave of blood-like energy, which Swarm then fills with his bugs. The wave hits Nexus, scattering the bugs all around him. “Go!” Swarm shouted as Leech rapidly attacks Grey, cracking his hide. Grey soon stumbles and fell, causing lots of damage. “Let’s finish this!” Swarm shouted as he used his Final Strike, Hive Shower. The bugs bombard Nexus with their corrosive venom, poisoning Nexus. Nexus warps away but a bug follows him, detonating the venom into an explosion. Nexus falls down, burnt alive. Grey throws Leech into the air but Swarm lunges to Grey and took him down. Grey cracks into pieces but is reforming. Grey crawls and said, “Grey... won’t back down!” He tried to punch with his dismembered body but Leech took the core and smashed it, finishing Grey off. “They didn’t even put up a fight...” Leech said. Crash swings again, this time May dodges it. She spun around and kicked Crash, knocking him down. “Any last words?” May asked. Crash laughed and said, “Me? No, YOU say your last words!” Crash got up and tried to attack but he was hit by a powerful whip to the neck, cutting off his blood flow and snapping his neck. “I told you to say your last words...” May said as she left with a smile. The three regroup and went up to the portal, following them into Horzen.

Saber looks at the dark land and sees the machine, continuingto destroy the barrier. “So, let’s get to it. We only have a few more moments before that beam disintegrates through the barrier,” Sentinel said. They see the victorious trio entering the portal and then all of them went to the castle. “It’s gigantic...” Luke mumbled as they walk down the hall. “Yes it is, isn’t it?” Garred’s voice roared. They look around and see nobody, but his voice echoes everywhere. “He must be toying with us...” Dime mumbled. “Exactly, my power has reached its limit for my human body. I cannot go further, and that’s an advantage for you! Unfortunately, I am immortal; and you cannot stop me!” He triggers the door, opening the path to the next area. “Come on in; you’ll definitely enjoy my first obstacle. But be warned; two of you will have to stay in that room,” Garred mumbled as they entered. “Welcome to the league of Horzen... The best monsters are in this room. Nine hundred meters circumference, a large arena and the perfect mood to it... Enjoy the battle.” They see monsters, coming out of drainages and shafts. “These are my personal favorite:  Predoss. Amazing speed andpower, strategic battling and an unbelievable leap, be warned, these things will kill you.” Dime backs away and said, “His minions are getting stronger!” They draw their weapons and battle. Saber easily slices and dices through them, but slowly gaining fatigue. “Saber! You’ve gotten your Guardian blessing! I guess we’ll have a better battle than the previous one, am I right?” Garred shouted. Saber laughed and cuts off the head of a fallen enemy and replied, “You better be ready. I’ll destroy you!” Garred’s laugh began to echo around the room and he said, “Choose who shall stay; or be trapped eternally!” More and more monsters appear and Rylee opens her wings. She takes an entire group down by creating a wave of light. Sylux rapidly shoots with his guns and slowly began to use his improved melee abilities. “Rylee and I will stay! Just go now!” Sylux shouted. Saber nods and the door opens, leading them to the next room, where they face a split route. “Decision time! You’ll have to split up... oh wait, let me do that for you,” Garred said as he creates a barrier in between them, separating them into two groups: Saber, Droll, Leech and Axel; Sentinel, May, Swarm, Luke and Dime. They take their paths and lurk into the next challenge.

Saber’s Group
Saber’s team walks into their dark path, revealing theirfirst enemy under a spotlight, a werewolf-like figure with two knives. “Reyl...” Saber mumbled. “Reyl, choose your opponent!” Garred shouted. Reyl snarls and spun around his knives. “Saber and Leech,” he said. Garred makes a barrier around the two and he opens the next door. “Go in. Your next challenge waits,” Garred mumbled as they entered the room. The rest of the team stumbles into a throne room, where the demonic Dranox stands. “I am Dranox, the best when it comes to magic. I can devastate you with ease!” he shouted as he walked down from his high throne. “Keep your guard up,” Axel mumbled to Droll. Droll nods and lean forward to begin the battle. Saber roars and spun around, giving Reyl barely any time to defend. “Saber... you’ve grown better!” Reyl shouted as he kicks him down. Leech strikes with barrages of blood energy, constantly knocking Reyl back. “I want to bring this match to a one on one!” Reyl shouted as he sets up the deadly one-hit maneuver, Blood Trench. Leech gets surrounded by a ring of blood, setting up the inescapable death move. Leech laughed and spun his arm around, pulling all of Reyl’s gathered blood. Reyl tries again but failed this time, driving him to a rage. “You gather blood from your opponents, and then use them once you have enough... to position your move...” Leech stated. Reyl grinned and said, “Smart man... but you need more than just brains to beat me!” They brawl while Saber unleashes Paragon Burst, ravaging Reyl with burns. Reyl laughed and picked up the pace, wearing down both opponents. Leech takes a critical hit and falls down. Saber attacks with Blade Legend but it was blocked and Reyl kicked Saber away. He charges for an attack but Leech stood up and tripped him, driving all of Reyl’s focus to Leech. Leech sees his fate and slowed down his attacks. He foresees his death and took one last attack on the neck, before falling down, losing his life. “I can see it.... this is my end... it’s up to Saber now...” Leech thought to himself as he fell down, lying on the ground lifeless. His neck disconnects from his skull, breaking a number of bones at his spine. Saber sees this and panicked, speeding up his brutal assault. Axel tosses Droll upwards, who uses his leverage to perform Space Bound. The waves hit Dranox, but seem to have done no damage. Dranox laughed and shot chains them in dark energy, strangling the two in powerful dark force. They try to break free but Droll gets thrown up while Axel was slammed on the ground. “Trivoid isn’t only Garred, you know!” Dranox shouted as he fires lightning bolts. “He may have overused the legendary Shinko Crystal, but I am still on the same level...” He fired orbs at Droll while Axel somehow caught the attacks. “Sorry, I used the crystal too,” Axel said as he kicks Dranox’s face, knocking him down. Saber gets up from Reyl’s attacks and said, “Leech’s death won’t be in vain!” He kicks again, this time successfully knocking Reyl into the air.

Sentinel’s Group
His team enters a room and the doors close themselves andthen Garred’s voice began to play again. “At last, the grand battle with Blade! It’s time to decide; who will you face?” Blade points at Swarm and said, “Bug guy.” Swarm nods and he was sealed into the room. “You can only leave when one of you dies; others shall move on to the next room!” Garred shouted as the door opens for them. They enter and saw a room with three metal gears. Mechanical beasts began to come out from the corners of the room and metal pumps began toactivate, heating up the room. “Two will stay; two will go on. You better decide soon, before this heat kills all of you!”  Garred shouted. Luke and Dime volunteered andthey fought the mechanical beasts while May and Sentinel go into Liara’s chamber. “Another head of Trivoid, elegant and charming, that’s Liara; who is standing in front of you. You better prepare, for she is ready to destroy you!” Garred said as he laughed. Sentinel laughs and Liara slowly descended from a high platform, ready for battle. “I’m not as good as Garred said I am... I’m better than that,” she said as she surprised the duo with an attack, so fast that it wasn’t noticeable. Liara does it again, going on and on for a while. Sentinel takes his time to scan the attacks, surprising him with the results. Liara is moving in an impossible speed, attacking them and moving back to her original position as if nothing happened. They continue to be hit and he created a shield with special effects. Liara falls for it, colliding with the powerful shield. She gets knocked back and she sees her speed has ultimately decreased, lowering it by a massive amount. She moves at an average human’s speed and she said, “I see you’ve deciphered my moves, but let’s see if you can handle my Six Stages of the Temptress!” She gains a massive aura which gives her six abilities, varying on how intense the battle has become. The first effect activates the “Charmer” stage. She blows a kiss, stunning Sentinel while May gets trapped in a shaky illusion. She attacks May and landed an amazing attack, causing her to drop on her knees in pain. “Oh... did I hurt you, little girl?” Liara said as she moves to Sentinel, who is still defenseless. Sentinel tries to break free but the charm has taken over, and he has been attacked by a vicious kick. “These beasts aren’t giving in!” Dime said as more and more of the monsters came. Luke laughed and shattered them to pieces, continuously draining the amount of enemies. Dime smiled and detonates his coins, creating an increasingly powerful explosion. Soon enough, they see the enemies going to numbers as low as ten; but suddenly, they spawn again, bringing them back to the original number. “Damn it!” Dime said as he kicks the dirt, engaging in battle again. They have no difficulty in beating them, but if the constant spawning continues, it might be a tragic moment for them. “Keep it up! We can do this!” Dime said as Luke crushes a creature’s head completely, flattening it like a pancake. Swarm catches Blade’s attacks constantly for over a minute, keeping both of them in pressure. Neither one of them has landed an attack yet throughout the battle. Soon enough, Blade retaliates with the first hit, kicking Swarm on the side as he caught Swarm’s punch. Swarm counters with a kick of his own, wounding Blade because of his spiked legs. “I hate bugs...” Blade said as he pushes him away and drew his blades. “I hate haters,” Swarm replied as he charged, taking him down. Blade attacks with his sharp blades, but Swarm’s beetle-like exterior shields him. “Years of training with Spiracks gave me a new adaptation; and this will lead me to my victory against you!” Swarm said as he opens his wings. He flew and carried Blade up, smacking him up on the ceiling. Blade crashes down and coughed, saying, “I won’t lose to a pest that should’ve been dead long ago! It’s time to end this!” Blade lunges with both blades drawn, aiming for the kill.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Fifty-Nine: Clashes to Clashes

Saber roared and kicks Reyl hard on the face, knocking him into the air. Reyl laughed and wiped blood from his nose, grinning and saying, “Well, well, well... Saber has grown stronger, but I’ve become better too!” Saber gasped as Reyl’s werewolf form became even scarier and beast-like. Reyl jumps and strikes with an amazing speed, knocking Saber back. Saber regains balance and attacked with his pulses, creating a space to set up Paragon Burst. It connects and an amazing explosion that sends Reyl crashing on the wall and recoiling back on the ground. “Amazing... you’ve definitely grown into a stronger person!” Reyl shouted as Saber laughed and attacks. “You make it sound like we’re in a friendly battle,” Saber replied as he smirked. Reyl shook his head and said, “What’s the matter; you don’t like compliments?” Saber shook his head in reply and said, “No, I’m just saying.” They clash twice and then Saber falls down, landing on his back. Saber compliments his attack and stood up, striking with a quick counter punch. Reyl coughs and turns around, spinning around and landing a kick, knocking Saber back into the stack of barrels. He stands up and wine began to pour from the cracks, making the terrain slippery. Saber stumbles for a while but he releases a powerful Paragon Burst, causing him to get pushed back in by the beam’s force while Reyl receives the powerful ray. Saber readies Blade Storm but Reyl counters and uses his primary Final Strike, Assassin’s Predation. He lunges and began to claw on Saber, draining his energy. Reyl roars and tries to finish him off but he gets thrown into the air, all the way to the ceiling. Axel and Droll maneuvers through Dranox’s strong dark magic, shortening the distance between them down into a smaller size. The duo sets up for a combo, where Axel aids Droll into a large leap for a big kick, but Dranox reads it before they could land it and he dodges it, sending Droll straight to the wall. Dranox laughed and said, “You have to do better than that to defeat one of Trivoid’s best!” Axel smirked and warps forward, kicking Dranox. “It was a feint; Droll’s miss was a setup for this!” Axel stated as Droll suddenly reappears from behind, charging at Dranox. Axel steps back and kicked at the head, synchronizing with Droll’s Chaos Starstorm which aimed at the feet. The two kicks sandwich Dranox into a powerful impact, flipping him over and causing him to land on his face. Dranox laughed and the battle continues, slowly building momentum for Axel’s team. Axel suddenly feels an incoming power surge, surprising him with the result. The second wind blows for Dranox, sending his power to a level almost as high as Garred’s. “Amazing, where did you get that power?” Axel asked. Dranox chuckles and replied, “It’s just my skill; deal with it.” Axel signals for Droll and they jumped behind a fallen pillar, where they began to plan out while defending against Dranox’s orbs of dark energy. “His power is escalating... we need to get a single attack strong enough to drop him back down... his energy regenerates faster than we can shred it!” Axel exclaimed. Droll nods and he grinned, drawing back his foot. The two jump over the pillar and charged, fighting with a plan.

Swarm takes three straight attacks, wearing down his exoskeleton. He fights back but keeps getting countered by Blade’s unique fighting stance. Soon enough, Swarm was able to memorize Blade’s attack sequence, enabling him to create a powerful counter within the gaps between Blade’s attacks. Swarm’s kick cuts through Blade’s defense, knocking Blade into the wall. Swarm grabs Blade and whips him all the way to a wall, causing him to bounce back in the powerful toss. Swarm tries to finish it but he misses, falling into Blade’s hands. Swarm coughs and pushed Blade away while the two blades leave a deep wound through his chest. He loses balance and Blade laughed, watching Swarm die. Swarm hears Leech’s voice, calling for him. “Leech is dead too? May... I hope you make it through,” Swarm thought to himself as he died, disabling Garred’s barrier and opening the door, enabling Blade to move in. “The temperature keeps rising! I don’t think we can last longer!” Dime shouted. Luke hits the ground, scattering ice all over the place. “Good job! Time to bust these fools open!” Dime shouted. Suddenly, the droids deactivated and the enemies vanish. “What’s going on?” Dime mumbled. Blade enters the room, facing the duo. “Swarm...” Luke mumbled. Blade laughed and they battle, putting Luke down for a while after he received a sharp kick to the head. Dime spun and slashed with his cutlass, wounding him but dealing no damage, due to the powerful regeneration that Blade has. Luke awakens and roars. He charged forward and pushed Blade back into a steel pole, shaking him and the entire room. Luke then spun and kicked Blade on the head, knocking him down. Luke sees a mechanism on the flooring and he shouts to Dime, “Open the hatch!” Blade charged at Dime but Dime dodges it and pushes him head-first into the metal floor. Dime opens the switch, opening a door which reveals the gears of the pumping machine. Dime laughs and Luke carries Blade, carrying him toward the hole. He tosses him in, impaling Blade in one of the poles. Blade roars and Dime helps Luke toss a spare gear, sandwiching him between the two heavy metals. Blade pounds the gear and shouted, “I will get out of here! You’ll see!’ Luke shook his head and said, “Oh no! He’s still alive; what do we do now?” Dime laughed and said, “Remove your icicles. It’s time to end this.” Luke nods and melted the ice around the room with his fire. Dime watches the temperature tracker rise and he smiled. “Alright, that’s enough. Get to that escape hatch,” Dime commanded as Luke nods and entered a hatch, where he sees a path to the room where Swarm died. “Blade... you heal faster than you can die... or can you!?” Dime said as Blade tries to break free. Dime tosses a coin upwards and he dashed to the escape hatch, hurrying to Luke. He slams the door and sealed it tight. The coin hits the ceiling, breaking a pipe which activated the emergency cooling system, activating multiple chutes where water began pouring in. The water fills the room, slowly rising to the top. “No... This can’t be! I am Blade! I cannot die!” Blade shouted as the water enters his mouth. He tries to break out but to no avail. He drowns and is left stranded in the room. An alarm rings, signalling that the room is full. “How will Sentinel and the rest get out?” Luke asked. Dime shook his head and said, “I don’t know...” Liara sees the alarm and said; “I guess your fools drowned...” Sentinel growled and broke out of the charm spell, engaging attack on Liara. His swift blows deal damage to Liara, but she smiled and strikes back, dealing the same damage. May breaks out of her illusion and charged at Liara, hitting her with her whip. “Alright... let’s just see you beat this!” she said as her second stage activated the “Deceiver” stage. She opens her arms and created an eerie aura, placing them into an illusion. Their visions darken and everything began to shake. They take attacks from Liara, but they aren’t sure which one is the real attacker; for there are multiple copies of her. “She’s really good...” Sentinel mumbled. May nods and spun with her whip, damaging the surrounding areas. She hopes to hit Liara, and it works. Liara gets hit but the illusion continues, intensifying into an even stronger illusion. Every item in the room formed into the shape of a dummy, giving them no idea on which one to attack. To make matters worse, the dummies seemed like they were moving around, switching places. “May!? Where are you!?”  Sentinel shouted. May calls for Sentinel but he cannot find him neither. “Biohazard... you fools!” Liara said as she began her attack.

“Activate all of the outposts! Make them witness Trivoid’s wrath!” Garred shouted as the machine rips the barrier, beginning to deploy his troops to all outposts around the dimensions. Darkness began to cover the skies and the civilians panic. “Trivoid...” Basalt mumbled as he looked up to the sky, where thousands of civilians watch the sky get covered in darkness. “Guys... I hope you make it...” Spire and Zoron mumbled as they saw the sky. The citizens of Astrogolt panic, but Artas and Gavin calmed them down. “Guys, we have to gather the Guardians...” Spire said. Gavin smiled and said, “I know the fastest route to Karganz. There’s a portal nearby.” “This must be those Trivoid guys’ work, huh?” Krorik said to the man beside him. “I suppose...” Borneir replied as he closed his eyes. “Rylee... I hope you’re okay...” Kason said as he proceeds with his walk down the road, travelling to a new country. The beasts emerge from Karganz, where the powerless but strategic Heinside aids his soldiers in tactics. “We won’t back down!” Heinside said as he used a blade to attack. The large war at Karganz continues when suddenly, a ship arrived at the scene. “What is that?” Heinside mumbled as it came closer. “Go! Go! We can’t’ let them in!” Jarrick shouted as the monsters emerge from a rift that opened from the sky, right above Gorgefall. Some civilians from Root Town helped them while Tyrus leads them in battle. The entire population of all dimensions fought back, creating an all-out war. Garred laughs and watched the skies darken. “Trivoid will rule!” he shouted as his power rises again. He looks into the puddle of water, revealing his true reflection. His true form is revealed: a monster with no humanity left, only Shorric’s darkness. Garred smiled at his tragic true form and walked to the plains.

“Prepare to die ” Reyl shouted. Saber dodges Reyl’s rapid attack but Reyl unleashed a follow-up attack, taking Saber down. Reyl lunges carelessly, falling into Saber’s blades. He roars and ran away, bleeding from both wounds. “It’s over, let me finish it,” Saber said. Reyl shook his head and roared, activating his transformation. Reyl becomes feral and attacks again, drawing blood on Saber. Saber wipes it off and covers it with a bandage. “Game over!” Reyl roared. Saber laughed and the two clashed. Saber slowly builds momentum and he smiled, pushing Reyl away. Reyl coughs and he feels the pain from the wounds. “I won’t lose to you!” Reyl shouted as he fought with a kick, causing Saber to bend forward. Reyl grabs him and slammed him down, damaging his back. Saber gets up and kicks away. He charged a swift Blade Storm, taking Reyl down. “Saber... you’ve definitely grown... You... win...” Saber’s jaw drops and he sees Reyl’s body fall down. His spirit leaves, appearing in a wolf form. He hits it as it jumped, killing it instantly. “Rest in peace...” Saber said as he left the area. Dime and Luke move into the room where Rylee and Sylux defends and they helped in. Saber also entered, making a larger group. “Let’s show these guys what we’re made of!” Saber said. They smiled and attacked, fighting back the hordes of monsters. “They’ve scattered all around the world... Garred succeeded...” Dime mumbled as he felt the power. “Well then, let’s end Trivoid fast!” Rylee replied. They fight for a while, keeping the enemies down to a small number. “Give up!” Dranox shouted. Axel blocks his dark whip and spun around, throwing the projectile for Absolute Defeat. Dranox gets bombarded by the cosmic rays while Axel helps Droll up into a mid-air Chaos Starstorm. Droll connects with the move, taking Dranox down. Dranox struggles to get up but his energy returns and he attacks Droll. Droll gets hit real hard, knocking him down and unconscious. Axel growled and used a part of his curse, amplifying his power. “The crystal...” Dranox mumbled as Axel moved closer. “May the best man win,” Dranox said. Axel smiled and helped Droll up. “Take your rest; I’ll fight from here on,” He said. Droll nods and walks to a safer area, but his foot is injured. He trips and crawled, making Dranox giggle evilly. “Isn’t that sad... only one of you is useful now...” Dranox said as he laughed maniacally. Axel punches but Dranox catches it and squeezes his hand. Axel kicks him on the side, forcing Dranox to let go. Dranox unleashes his attacks, which Axel dodged easily. Dranox finally hits and readied his magical sword. “Let’s see who wins...” he said as he lifts the sword up.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Sixty: The Battle Begins

Axel catches Dranox’s attack and kicked him away, taking possession of the sword. He uses it against Dranox, wounding him bit by bit. “You can’t defeat me!” Dranox shouted. He punches Axel but Axel blocks and counters with his own punch. “Neither can you,” he replied as he kicked Dranox’s face. Dranox gets impatient and attacked with his full power, taking Axel down. Axel coughs and ran back towards Dranox, readying for a big attack. Dranox kicks but Axel ducks below it and grabbed his knee. He lifts Dranox up, causing him to fall face first on the ground. Axel laughs and repeated it, wounding Dranox’s face. Dranox gets mad and spun, kicking Axel on the face and knocking off his shades. Axel frowns and stared at Dranox,irritated. He lifts Dranox up with a single hand and slammed him down on the other side. He then stomps on him, keeping him down. Dranox rises and his aura began to glow. “You shouldn’t have done that,” He said as he kicks Axel on the face, knocking him airborne and crashing face first into the ground. Dranox continues his relentless barrage, placing Axel on ground level for minutes. Axel receives dozens of hits, keeping him on the ground and in pain. The unstoppable attacks began to slow down, tiring out Dranox. Axel sees the opportunity and pushes Dranox away, making a distance. He then ran and kicked Dranox, knocking him far back. His hand gets covered in black smoke and he summons his staff, drawing out the blades. Dranox sees this and drew out another dark sword. The two prepare for an armed battle and they started to get going. Liara gets impatient and opens her next two stages, “Demon” and “Agony”. Her power increases with her “Demon” stage while her attacks hit harder with the “Agony” stage. Her attacks began to have spikes on them, hurting the duo with an increased damage. “Damn it!” Sentinel shouted. He creates a cannon from his hand and began to shoot through the illusion, but he fails again and receives attacks from Liara. “How will we find out which is which!?” May shouted. Sentinel stays calm and focused his mind. “We can do this... if we focus,” Sentinel whispered as he opens his eyes. He punched forward; creating a burst of wind that pushed everything back. “Only Liara would resist the air’s push... so that must mean...” Sentinel mumbled as he approached a dummy, “this must be her!” He slams down with his cannon, staggering Liara and breaking the illusion. May sees the true target and they unleashed all of their power on her. Liara screams and released a large gust of wind, pushing them back. She activates her last two stages, “Death” and “Temptress.” Her power and defense amplifies up to an extreme height due to the “Death” stage while her physical form became like a demon, which is a result of the “Temptress” stage. She pulls Sentinel with a powerful psychic grasp. He tries to break out but he was pulled to a close distance and he was punched on the face, shattering a tooth and cracking part of his jaw. Sentinel spat blood and said, “This will be a challenge!” May aims and used her Final Strike, Ultimate Balance. She draws back her whip and aimed at Liara, who was flying up in the air. She strikes, extending her whip to an impossible range. Liara crashes downward while May helps Sentinel up. “Are you alright?” May asked. Sentinel nods and wiped off the blood from his mouth. Liara gets up and used another wind gust to separate them. She focuses on May, but Sentinel shields her. “Use that move again; I have an idea,” Sentinel said. May nods and connects with her Ultimate Balance, knocking Liara down. Sentinel then jumps and slams his battleaxe down, rupturing the ground and heavily damaging Liara. “Is that all?” Liara asked as she screeched, distracting Sentinel’s ears. He covers them and Liara kicks him away. Liara and May face off, each unleashing powerful hits at each other. May gets a lucky shot and knocks Liara down. May tries to finish it but Liara fires a spiked projectile, wounding May around the arms. May falls down and Liara approached her. “Sorry, it’s time to finish it...” Liara said. She aims another spiked projectile and fired it at May. May smiled and it hits her, but it bounced right back at Liara. “Sorry... Goosebumps,” May said as she stood up. Liara gets enraged and unravels a seventh stage, the “Nether” stage. Her body becomes shadow-like and filled with evil. “Damn it... another one!?” May shouted. Sentinel recovers and said, “We’ll just have to deal with it...” They prepare to battle with Liara’s new form.

“Keep incoming  You’re feeding my soul!” Dranox shouted as he roared. Axel stops and thought, “Could he be absorbing our attacks all this time!?” He scans Dranox’s power and saw his own power and Droll’s, mixed up with Dranox’s original power. “He’s gaining power as we attack him!” Axel shouted. Dranox nods and said, “You can’t defeat me!” Axel smiled and taunted at Dranox. Dranox gets angered and attacks wildly. Axel catches it with a powerful shield, which steals energy from Dranox. Dranox couldn’t stop his will to shatter the shield, wasting his power. Axel smiled and watched Dranox’s power drop lower and lower. Axel then smiled and unleashed all of the shield’s power, sending Dranox back into a wall. Axel laughs and attacked with full power, surprising Dranox and disabling him to steal power. “Damn you!” Dranox shouted as he kicks Axel away. He surges again, granting him bonus power which cannot leave his possession. “Fight fair or lose horribly!” Axel shouted. Dranox gets impatient and kicks Axel, knocking him into the ceiling and back on the ground. Axel shook his head and used another part of his curse, increasing his power. Axel shoots cosmic pulses and spun his staff around. He releases a large beam from it, burning Dranox in the impact. Dranox’s wounds began to catch fire but he pats them off. Axel smiled and fired another Absolute Defeat, keeping Dranox down. Axel follows his dominating attacks with a downward punch, once again angering Dranox. Dranox rises and kicks Axel insanely hard, blasting him to a wall and the impact was so powerful; he bounced back off the wall and broke a rib. “Oh my...” Droll mumbled as he watches from the sides. He looks for a way to help but he fails to move with his injured ankle. “Can this be Axel’s end?” Dranox mumbled. Axel shook his head and replied, “No... It’s not!” He gets up and heals the damage, activating his curse again. He surprises Dranox with a punch, blasting Dranox into the ground. Dranox coughs and fought back, having a hand-to-hand brawl. Axel laughs and unleashes an uppercut, knocking Dranox down. Dranox kicks up and does a spinning back kick, staggering Axel. Dranox laughs at him and lands an elbow drop, dropping Axel on his knees. Axel looks at Dranox and said, “You hit like a woman!” He kicks Dranox with an insane power, sending him flying through the wall. Garred’s barrier shields Dranox from leaving the room, dealing even more damage. Dranox gets pissed off and stood up, ignoring all of Axel’s attacks. He gets to a close range and uses his dark whip to wrap him. Axel gets squeezed in the tight grapple and had a hard time breathing. Dranox aims to kill Axel and said, “Any last words?” Axel couldn’t reply because of the difficulty in breathing and instead coughed as he tried to talk. Droll gets worried and threw a rock on Dranox’s head. Dranox looks at Droll and Axel kicks free of the trap. Axel smiled and kicks Dranox on the head. Axel moves away and regained some breath.  Dranox charges fora big punch but Axel pushes him away. He opens his curse and created a rift. Dranox gets surprised and resists the powerful pull. He gets damaged and said, “No! This can’t be!” The rift pulls his arm off and it closes. Dranox roars in pain and looked at his decapitated arm. “No!!!” Dranox shouted as he charged near. Axel punches him at the right timing, knocking off his jaw and cutting out his breath. Dranox chokes on the ground while Axel rushes to Droll’s aid. “You did it!” Droll shouted. Axel smiled and said, “Not without that rock on his head.” Droll laughs and Axel helped him move out of the area. Axel moves nearby Dranox and picked up his shades. They looked at Dranox, who was losing his breath and dying on the ground. “He brought up a good fight,” Axel said as they left the room. They all rejoined at the first room, where the rest have finished fighting the enemies. “You made it!” Saber shouted. Axel nods and said, “Sentinel and May left... good luck.” May gets knocked back, landing back first into the rubble. Sentinel fires his cannon but the shots pass through her shadow-like structure. Sentinel takes his time to plan his attack on a shadow. “How can we hit something intangible?” May asked. Sentinel tilts his head and thinks. Sentinel tries to use melee attacks, but his attacks deal no damage and he just passes through her. “You cannot defeat me!” Liara shouted. Sentinel looks up and saw a glowing red orb around her chest. He shot it with his cannon, causing some damage. Liara laughs and said, “Smart man. But it’ll take more than that to defeat me!” She covers her weak spot and laughed, fighting back the duo. Liara keeps her attack going, running smoothly without errors. “Too bad, I’m too good for you,” Liara bragged. Sentinel scans the weak spots and saw three areas. One on the head, two on the body. Sentinel tries to point it to May but she cannot understand. Sentinel goes ahead and left May behind. Liara’s form is too tall for his reach and he fails to hit anything. “May, you can reach it, right?” Sentinel asked. May shook her head and said, “I can’t even see it!” Sentinel points them out again but once again, she fails to understand. “Let me try something...” Sentinel said. He fired a tracking dart with a powerful light. “Shoot around those areas,” Sentinel commanded. May aims and extended her range, hitting the first target. Liara gets hurt and said, “You found out my weakness?” Sentinel nods and said, “It was too obvious.” Liara heals and another weak spot was added. “You need to hit all of it quickly, before she heals,” Sentinel explained. May tries but her second attack missed. “She’s too big and tall, we can’t hit her!” May shouted. She struggles and kept trying, but she failed again. A fifth weak spot was added and it was on the back. “Damn it, now we need to hit her from two sides!?” Sentinel shouted. Liara laughs at them and attacked, destroying the ground. They dodge the big attack and tried to strike the weak spots. May focused and said, “I can’t miss this one!” She hits three in a row and smiled. “Only two to go! Keep going!” Sentinel shouted. May hits the fourth one and drew back a powerful shot. Her last attack pierces her, hitting the weak spot at the back. Liara screams and her shadow form began to become unstable. Her shadows implode, finishing her off. Sentinel and May smiled and rejoiced. “Done...” May said. Sentinel looks at the door and said, “There’s something behind the door...” May got ready and the door opens, revealing the water. They panic and the water pours in, like the waves in the ocean. “Get near! We have to charge through it!” Sentinel shouted. May gasped and shouted, “What!?” Sentinel pulls her close and they ran through the water, under Sentinel’s force field. They get through the water and opened the door. They get in and closed the door as quick as possible. “That was close...” May mumbled. Sentinel turns around and saw Swarm’s dead body. “May...” Sentinel mumbled. May sees him and began to tear up. “No... Swarm!” she shouted as she saw her best friend’s corpse. “No! No!!!” she screamed. Sentinel helps her up and said, “It’s alright... he fought valiantly until his death... we need to go now.”  May wipes off her tears and they got back to the room. “Sentinel! May!” Saber shouted. The entire group were back together and they celebrated. “There is still another battle...” Axel mumbled. They looked at a hole in the ceiling, revealing the darkness. “Garred...” Dime mumbled. “Let’s destroy that bastard and end it!” Luke shouted. They help Droll to a safe area as the rest of the team went outside. They see a Garred, standing on the plains with the enormous Shinko Crystal, sitting atop a plateau.

“Garred!” the team shouted. “You made it!?” Garred shouted. They grinned and replied, “We won’t back down that easily!” Dime and Axel lead the team and Garred raised his arms. “The crystal gave me all the power I need!” he shouted as he used a spell on the team. They all got healed back to their full power. “I can beat all of you... even if you are in your full power!” Garred shouted. Axel laughed and said, “Alright! Let’s give it our best and defeat Garred! It’s our last chance!” They lifted their hands and shouted, “For Biohazard!” They all get into positions and readied themselves for battle.

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead

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