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Biohazard V2
I just called it V2... what is this, M3O? Yes... I know what you think... me again? Biohazard again? Spam again? Yeah... it's spam, unless you read it... so read it XD
Biohazard has restarted, with a new format... and much, much less errors... hopefully. Well, here it is:



In a battlefield, bombs and missiles ravage the land; the plateaus and mountains crumble, and an army of robots and soldiers push forward towards a large camp. Standing tall in the center of the camp is a man. His comrades sit below him and he turns around and gazes at the destruction of the ongoing war.
“Sentinel! What are the commands?” a soldier asked while his face changed into a worried look, face covered in dirt from war.

Sentinel, the leader, stands tall on his stack of sandbags, eyes fix on the approaching army. Sweat flows down his tanned skin as his black eyes scans the number. His grey, neck-length hair spikes backward, and his gray goatee sways with the wind. His blue armor and gauntlets are worn and his grey pants and black boots are torn. His entire appearance looks like a veteran soldier. He takes out an earpiece and turns it on.

“This war will continue. We will keep fighting until the end. Trivoid cannot continue their havoc,” he replied while he created a spectral knife from his gauntlet. He raised it up and the other members of the group do the same while they cheer “Hail Resistance”.

Sentinel walked over to a woman holding a child in her hands. The woman had long, brown hair and the child was wrapped in a blue blanket. Sentinel patted the boy’s head and smiled.

“You have to go now. It is too dangerous in this war,” Sentinel said as he holds her hand and hugged her and the child.

“We can’t leave you here; we’ll help you,” she replied as she tried to help, but she gets pulled back by Sentinel’s soldiers.

“Jade, this is for your own good. Saber and you need to be brought away immediately. It’s too dangerous,” Sentinel said as an evacuation pod opens.

“The pod is ready. Waiting for your commands, sir,” a soldier said as he typed in coordinates on a console.

“I love you,” Jade said as she walked backwards with Saber to the pod. Sentinel smiled and waved goodbye as the pod began to take off.

“Be careful...” Jade said as she looked down to the battlefield while her son is wrapped around her hands.

“Alright! This is Canria’s last stand! It isn’t over yet!” Sentinel shouted as he now created a machinegun from his gauntlet. The other soldiers prepared their guns and the battle began.

Seventeen years later...

"Saber!" a girl's voice shouts. Saber hits a metal frame with a hammer, clouding the call.
"Saber! Are you awake yet!?" the girl shouted again. This time, he heard it and put down the hammer.
Saber peeked out the window and said, "Good morning, Blue!" Blue waved and climbed up the tree to get into Saber's room. She was wearing her same green clothes and her blue shorts. Her brown hair was tied into a ponytail and was swaying to the wind.
"What are you doing?" Blue asked. Saber sat back down and wiped his face with the sleeve of his grey t-shirt. He scratched his golden brown hair and smiled.
"It's... a mask. I never liked talking to random people... I never liked being social as well. So I made this. I want to keep my identity a bit low key. Besides, it looks cool!" Saber said. Blue laughed and watched Saber carve markings into the mask.
"Blue? Are you there?" Jade said.
"Yes, Mrs. Aces!" Blue replies. Blue runs downstairs to talk to Jade. She sees her, holding a book. Her bright yellow apron is covered in stains and her brown hair was let loose on her shoulders.
"Your mother told me to hand this over to you when you come by our house. It's a medical book about herbs and medicines. Your mother knew how much you liked these things," Jade said as she handed it over.
"Thanks..." Blue said. A bell suddenly rang outside, startling Blue. It was the school bell, calling Blue’s attention.
"I have to go now, bye guys!" Blue shouted as she ran outside. Saber looked out the window and saw Blue running down the beige path towards the school.
"Saber, I'm going outside for a while to get some groceries, are you coming?" Jade yells. Saber goes downstairs and nodded, agreeing to join. They walk outside the house and take a look at their old home. The round roof of the blue house was cracking, their large front door was losing its color, and the tree beside the house is starting to bear fruit.
“This just brings back beautiful memories,” Jade said. Saber nodded and smiled. They then took off to the market, right by the seaside.
Jade chatted with some vendors and bought fresh fish and vegetables. Saber looked around and saw a small stall selling weaponry.
"A knife... This might be useful..." Saber mumbles. He asks for the price of the dagger and buys it for a few gold coins. He sheathes it and walks to other stands, looking for other objects.
"Target acquired. Preparing for assassination," a rogue man said from atop the bell tower. His dark red hood covered his face and he had a long dagger, sheathed by his pocket. The man grabbed onto a ledge and slid down the tower. He reached the ground and looked straight ahead. His focus was fixed on Jade and evil was all around his aura.
"Saber! Time to return to home!" Jade shouted. She walked with some groceries while Saber held the other items. Jade walked innocently when suddenly, the assassin dashed to her and swiftly punched her. 
Panicking, Saber drops the items and rushes to help. The assassin kicked Saber away and he landed back first into the ground. The assassin stabbed Jade repeatedly and grinned as he lifted his hand one last time. Saber gets enraged and dashed to the assassin again. He got punched on the face and he got knocked down.
"I don't know why you can care about this woman so much, kid. Leave me alone and let me finish my job!" the man shouted. The people all around town tried to stop him.
Police arrived. They began to shoot him, but their regular guns were useless. His aura was extremely intense that it deflected bullets.
More citizens tried to help but their attempts are all failures for their attacks missed. The man gets enraged and stabbed his knife on Jade one more time.
Jade reaches for Saber and said, "Son... Your father..." Jade fails to complete the sentence for she already died.
Saber roars loudly and throws his knife in a blinding speed. The knife wounds the man and his face bleeds. The man laughs and fights again, this time punching Saber on the stomach. Saber kneels down in pain and cringes, curling up in pain.
"Your father gave Trivoid a hard time with our plans," The assassin draws his blade and adds, "now his legacy will end!"
He stabs Saber on the back, placing Saber in intense pain. Saber growls in anger and a blazing red aura emerges all over him. His hair stands spikier and his posture changes into a much more beastly form. The wound vanishes without him noticing it and his eye changes color into red.
"What is this!?  Sentinel's son... They never told me his power was this intense!" the man shouted. Saber snarled and a long blade emerged from both of his hands. He dashed and impaled the man with the two blades. The assassin was shocked and the pain began to build up.
The assassin spat blood on Saber's face and said, "Trivoid will prevail..." the man bled out and fell on the ground as Saber's hand blades withdrew themselves.
Saber rushes to his mother and looks at her lifeless eyes. He kneels down in sorrow and lamented on her corpse.
“They will pay for what they’ve done!” Saber shouted, echoing across the seaside town. Flocks of birds flew out of the shore in shock of his voice. The aura vanished and the civilians came to comfort him.
Later that evening, he is left home alone; without his mother to cook for him. The body was brought to the morgue to be buried tomorrow. The groceries they bought were on the table, sitting uncooked. He remembered Jade and again wept softly. He went upstairs to his bedroom and closed the door.
He sits on his bed and tries to use his strange blade power once again. He fails and moans.
“What was that power?” he mumbled to himself as he grabbed the remote.
He turned on the TV and saw a commercial regarding a company. "Do you have a special skill that you don't know? Then come to DMOUR! We can help you with your skill, and maybe, you could put it into good use! We're at central Fallaway City, so go there!"
Saber switched it off and saw his reflection in the TV's screen. He noticed that his back doesn't even feel the pain from the wound anymore. He rushed to the mirror and was shocked when he saw that his wound healed completely.
“What is this!?” he groaned to himself as he stared at the mirror. Suddenly, Blue entered through the window again and saw him, shirtless by the mirror.
“Hey there...” Blue said as she looked worried. “Did I come at a bad time?”
“No... Not really,” Saber said as he took his shirt and wore it back on. He shook his head and breathed out.
“I’m sorry on the death of your mother, Saber. That attack was extremely sudden... I just can’t imagine the pain you are going through. Both your parents are gone,” she said. Saber sat down on his bed again and sighed.
“It’s alright... I’ll find a way to see the cause behind her death... he mumbled the word Trivoid before he died... Do you have any idea?” Saber asked. Blue simply shook her head in reply.
“No, sorry,” she responded. Blue walked to the stairs and said, “Well... I gotta go now... see you tomorrow...” Saber lifts a hand and waved. Blue returned to her home and Saber was again left alone.
“Fallaway City... it’s not far from here,” he mumbles as he looks around. He thinks for a while and stands up to turn off the lights and lock the windows and doors. He returns to his bed and lies down, heading to sleep.
The next morning, he woke up early and got to his desk. He took his mask and gathered food from the fridge. He found a picture of him and his mother and closed his eyes. He placed all items neatly in a backpack and wore the mask.
“Fallaway City...” he mumbled as he opened the door. He headed outside and sniffed the fresh seaside breeze. The seas were yet again calm and quiet while seagulls flocked over it. He looked to the door and locked it, with the keys held in his hand.

“I’ll be back,” he said as he walked away. He walked towards the city exit and saw Blue, who was headed to his house.
 “Saber! Where are you going?” Blue asked. Saber waved goodbye as a response and left without a word. Blue looked at him, headed to the forest. She breathed in and scratched her hair as she said, “Be careful...” 

Chapter End

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Constantly dying yet never dead
Good job! You deserve a like my friend, but I forgot that this isn't youtube.
I realized I can't do the kooky Author's Notes now that people already know hat's to happen because the original Biohazard is on this forum as well, so no more spoilers here...
If there was any mistake regarding the line skip between dialogue, it's the forum that messed up the spacing XD

Fallaway City

Saber looks around, scanning the green lands in the forest. Tall trees cloud most of the vision to the sky, giving him no ability to navigate to the exit. He continues to walk around, still searching for the exit. He reaches a river, with an unrecognizable carcass, bloody and laying by the bank.

“Who is this...?” Saber mumbles to himself, unknowing of what approaches behind him. Its scales are thicker than stones and its hull is as large as a log. The gigantic crocodile boasts its huge size and prepares to attack Saber.

Saber calms down and focuses, taking out his knife. He quickly charges to attack, but the crocodile’s tail knocks him off with its weight. Saber falls down and gets back up, this time going to retreat. He trips on a vine and is subdued. He drops the knife and it falls out of reach, leaving him entangled in the forest. The crocodile approaches, crawling to its prey.

“This can’t be the end!” Saber shouted. He opened his eyes and pushed his arm forward, as if he was to unleash the blades. It failed, but the crocodile suddenly stopped and quickly dashed to the river, where it swam away.

“What happened?” Saber mumbled to himself as he looked around. A man approached him, with a gun in his hands and a smile on his face. The man’s long, spiky maroon hair sways left and right, brushing along his blue long sleeved vest. His green eyes showed anger as he approached Saber and lent him a hand.

“What are you doing here? It is unsafe to go into the forest without proper training and preparation!” he said as Saber grabbed his hand and shook off the vines. Saber then shook his hand and thanked him.

“Thanks a lot! I’m really sorry though, that you had to go and shoot it because of me...” he replies with an embarrassed-looking face. The man turns away and smiles.

“Don’t mind. This isn't really anything compared to the countless lives I saved,” he boasts, flaunting his rifle at Saber. “I’m Sylux; Sylux Grey, from Fallaway. I’m a full-time gunner and a part-time lifesaver. Who are you?”

Saber smiled and scratched his hair. “I’m Saber Aces. I came here to search for DMOUR. I wanted to ask about my power, and what I can do to control it.”

“Power struggle, huh? It’s a common case in our company. Don’t mind, I work for DMOUR, so I can bring you there... if you’d like to,” Sylux replies as he points his gun to the other side of the river.

“This river extends to Cloud Ocean, but first it goes to Astrogolt Bay. From the direction you came from, you’re from Astrogolt, am I right?” Sylux asked.

“Wow, you really know this place!” Saber replied as he nodded to the question. Sylux laughed and led Saber to a stone path across the river.

“Just cross this and you’ll find the exit eventually. You’ll find the DMOUR building really quickly after that,” Sylux said as he raised his hand and waved. His leather glove on his right hand patted Saber on the shoulder before they split up. Saber crossed the river and looked back, and Sylux was already gone.

 “He’s gone... he’s really fast,” Saber mumbles as he walks forward. He sees two signs and an end to the forest, leading to the city. He smiles and runs forward to the exit, finally arriving at Fallaway City.

People crowd the streets, each person doing little things. Tall buildings are built upon every block while stores and malls are scattered around. Saber walks and searches the city, until he stops by an alleyway to see two people having an argument.

“Where is he!?” a man asked to an old man, who he held on the collar and pushed onto the wall. His menacing height and voice gave Saber goose bumps. His black trench coat flowed with the cold air and his dark blonde hair is styled into spikes at the front.

The old man had greying hair and wide frame glasses, a lab coat and an innocent look, which shifted into an evil grin as he pulled out a gun from his coat. He covered his eyes and pulled the trigger, creating a flash of light which illuminated the entire alleyway. The tall man and Saber were both staggered, allowing the old man to escape.

“Damn it!” the man said as he hit the wall, making the brick structure shake and crack.

“His power is amazing...” Saber thought to himself as the man walked to him, with a smile on his face. The two crossed each other, which left Saber shocked at the man’s presence and aura. He turned around to ask the man, but he was gone.

“Strange...” he mumbled as he left. Up on the roof of the building Saber was standing by, the man stood and watched Saber.

“He’s here... He finally began,” he mumbled as he suddenly vanished from the area.

Saber bumps into some people but his haste proves useful as he catches up to the old man, walking hastily as if he was still escaping from the earlier man.

“Excuse me!” Saber yelled. The man stopped and turned around, and so did Saber.

“Oh... it’s you,” he said, looking relieved. Saber came closer and introduced himself.

“I am Saber; Saber Aces, from Astrogolt Town. I am looking for DMOUR, do you have any idea?” he asked.

“Why would you ask me?” he replies, toying with Saber.

“You looked like a professor who would know,” Saber replied honestly.

“Alright then, Direct Mechanism Operative Under Resistance, or how you call it, DMOUR, the central attraction of Fallaway City and the leading company in machinery. You came to the right person, young man. I’m Ganymede Drozone, or as you can call me, Drozone. I founded and operated DMOUR, and I am its CEO until today,” he replied, leaving Saber in awe.

“That’s amazing! I really wanted to look for you!” Saber replied, like a child in joy.

“What is it that you need?” Drozone asked as he led Saber to the building.

“I wanted to find out the source of my power, and how it is controlled,” Saber replied as he showed his hands.

“I see. Come with me,” he said with a strange look on his face. Saber began to feel doubt, yet it is his only option.

Saber and Drozone entered the laboratory, where multiple androids are put on display. Saber looked around and Drozone offered him a seat.

“Tell me about your power...” he said. Saber showed him the notable scar, the only wound to have not fully healed after the event.

“Blades came out of it, just when I was in extreme frustration. I wasn’t in control; like there was another person in control. It was sheer power and rage that took over...” Saber replied. Saber said more and more details, and as he ended, Drozone nodded and stood up, heading to the back. His face changed into an evil grin and he took a syringe.

“I’ll have to take a drop of your blood to see more about it. It might be that you have it in your bloodline; do you?” Drozone asked.

“My mother had no powers... but I never knew anything about my father... he’s dead since I was a baby,” he replied, which shocked Drozone. The blood sample was taken, and Saber was given a pair of gloves, which would suppress pain and bleeding.

“Thank you very much, Mister Drozone!” Saber said as he gave a bow. Drozone grinned and waved. Saber left the room and Drozone looked at the sample.

“A power surge...  power from a native Canrian... Only a mother without a father... could it be him?” he mumbled as he leaned back and thought deeply.

Saber wonders where to go next, so he goes to a local noodle shop and takes a meal. The oriental shop was painted deep red while banners were hanging by the entrance. The chef was an old man, and he seemed lonely. As he ate, he remembers about the tall man he met earlier on, and he asks himself, why did he grin to me? He finishes the bowl and pays for his meal. He leaves the shop and continues to travel around the city. He sees the main building of DMOUR and enters.

Inside, he saw a sign saying, "Accepting applications for new workers!" Saber figured he won't be doing much anyway, so he went on and took the tryouts. The large building was painted light blue, and all its floors were connected by escalators. Before he was able to begin, he gets interrupted by Drozone.

"Saber, you don't need to go through all the applications. I can allow you to join anytime," Drozone says as he brings Saber inside the facility. Saber is mesmerized by the hundreds of machines being tested inside the large building. Each subject had a room, and they were all showing their abilities. The escalator goes higher and higher, until it reaches the second floor. From there, they go on another escalator, going on and on until the fifth and final floor. Drozone takes Saber to his office, and asks him what he would like to do in the facility.

The room was simple, grey carpets and a closet by the window. The wooden desk had notes and files on it a potted plant was by the back. An insignia was on the closet, which Saber believed to be the DMOUR logo. He sat down on a chair and Drozone came up to the other side and sat on his large seat.
“So, what would you want to do here?” Drozone asked as he raised one of his white eyebrows.

"I met Sylux earlier, and I wanted to join him in whatever he was doing," Saber replied.

"Very well, you are assigned into the missions team. You can take on missions and help clients. You can check the bulletin board downstairs for the list of quests you can do," Drozone tells Saber as he takes an official DMOUR Uniform out of his closet. Saber wears the suit and goes downstairs to check the board.

The wooden cork board had various notes on them. He saw dozens of reports about stealing, crimes and outlaws. As Saber read the notes, he gets tapped on the shoulder by Sylux.

"Hey...It's good to see you've taken interest in what I do am I right?" Sylux jokingly said.

"Well, I have nothing to anyway, I can call it my pass-time," Saber replied.

Sylux gets an idea, and asks, "Why don't we go take on a mission together?" Saber seems interested and nods. "So, which one are you going to take? I'm all free and I will go with you whichever mission you choose," Sylux adds.

Saber takes a mission, and shows it to Sylux. “You’re heading to Barren Fields? Well, that’s a surprise,” Sylux says.

“Why?” Saber asked.

“Barren Fields is home to ogres and beasts... plus the fact that the methane in there is so high... it disgusts me... even the thought of it does... but, your choice is your choice, I guess,” Sylux responded as they walked outside. They strolled around for a short while and prepared to face the Barren Fields to take back stolen items and to embark on their first group mission.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Nice job Rock
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Drozone's Disappearance
Sylux and Saber begin to stroll around Fallaway, eventually entering the noodle shop again.

“Aren’t we supposed to go to the mission?” Sylux asked. Saber shook his head and found a table.

“Try their noodles first. You’re too serious on the mission; try to cool down a little here.”

Sylux sighed and leaned back, while Saber went to the counter to order.

“Oh, it’s you again,” the owner said after remembering him from earlier.

“Two specials again, please. I just wanted to show a friend how good the food here is,” Saber said with a smile.

“Alright; just wait a moment...” he replied as he went to the kitchen to personally cook the special noodles.

Saber returns to their table, right beside the wall. It had two black chairs placed by a maroon, square table.

“Just wait a little,” Saber told Sylux as he sat down and waited.

After a few minutes, the chef comes out and personally approaches the duo to serve the dishes. The other people are surprised to see the chef to go out for a special order.

He then stood down beside Saber and handed them the utensils.

“Enjoy your meal,” he said as he smiled and watched Sylux’s expression change into a delighted look, both eyebrows raised and eyes wide open.

“This... this is great!” Sylux exclaimed. The chef laughed while Saber ate his as well.

“You seem to like noodles,” he told Saber, who still had noodles hanging from his mouth. He pulled them in his mouth and laughed.

“Well, it’s just that my mother cooked noodles for me all the time back then...” Saber replied.

“Really? What happened? Why did she stop?” he asked. Sylux finished the bowl and gave a big exhale of delight while smiling.

“She was attacked yesterday... She was killed in the event,” Saber mumbled as he looked down and his face looked gloomy.

“Some hooded man with weapons attacked her. I didn’t know what he wanted, but he mumbled the word ‘Trivoid’ before dying...”

Sylux’s eyes suddenly opened wide and he looked shocked. He stood up and wiped his mouth as he said, “I’m going to the gate now. Meet you there...”

Saber looks at Sylux walking out and the chef sits down on Sylux’s chair.

“I’m Basalt, owner and chef of this restaurant for 34 years. I hope to see you again here,” he said. Saber nodded and finished his bowl.

“Will do! I’m Saber, I’ll make sure to return and have another meal one day, Mr. Basalt!” Saber replied as he waved goodbye and left. Basalt looked at the running Saber and took a picture from his wallet.

“Saber... he reminds me of you... where are you?” Basalt mumbles as he holds it in his hands, a picture of him with his son.

“Hey! Wait up!” Saber shouted when he caught up with Sylux. Sylux exhaled deeply and looked at him.
“Trivoid... why would they attack you? Did you interfere with their plans?” Sylux asked seriously, which made Saber shocked and nervous.

“I swear, we are innocent! We were shopping one day, when we were just attacked!” Saber replies raising both his hands in the air as if he is surrendering.

“But... why would they attack innocents?” Sylux mumbled.

“Why? What is Trivoid, anyway?” Saber asked. Sylux grinned and brought Saber to the city exit, a green gate leading to a forest. He took his gun from the storage and sat down.

“Trivoid is an organization who researches and develops biologically engineered mutants and soldiers, all for the purpose of their tyranny. They starve for power, and always attempt to invade the land of Falrun, and soon the whole Kains. However, they have the equal counter force that repels their plans, Biohazard. They research on weaponry optimizing and war equipment to be used in liberation and repelling Trivoid. They are well known for having strong people with powers trained to protect the people. In my opinion, if you want vengeance, join Biohazard. Although, their standards are extreme,” Sylux explained. Saber was left speechless in amazement and smiled in his loss of words.

“That’s amazing!” Saber shouted. Sylux laughed and they stood up to go back to the gate. Sylux opened it and the first thing in sight was a split path.

 “North leads to Grand Flower City; west leads to the fields. We better go west, if I ain’t stating the obvious,” Sylux said as they walked forward while Saber read the mission briefing.

“Eliminate the group of orcs up on the hill at Barren Fields. They have been stealing from passersby and occasionally threatens civilians,” Saber read out loud as they went into the jungle.

“Orcs... they’re physically strong, but mentally retarded. It’s fairly easy to beat them once you’ve outwitted them, though. At least, that’s the stereotype orc,” Sylux states as the skies darkened as they walked.

“We’re near...” Sylux mumbles as he looks up the horizon, seeing purple gasses and darkness in the distant land.

A few more minutes pass until they arrive at the target location, Barren Fields.

“Welcome to the dirtiest place in existence. This is Barren Fields,” Sylux said. Saber chuckled and looked around, who barely saw anything through the dark purple fog and the dark skies.

“By the way, when we do bring everything back to Fallaway, how will we bring it back?” Saber asks while he scratched his head and looks around again while covering his nose from the stench. Sylux begins to check his pockets and brings out a circular device.

“With this: a transport pod. It can take a small item to the DMOUR main building in a flash. From there, they can be delivered to the owners,” Sylux stated as he waved the glowing disc. Saber was impressed with DMOUR’s technology and smiled faintly while nodding. Suddenly, voices could be heard from a distant area. Saber took a closer look and hid behind a rock.

“Hey, take a look at this; at a ruined town, I found this necklace. It looks really rare!” an orc told another as they walked in the darkness. They held lanterns to navigate through the fog, which gave light to their ugly faces, snaggleteeth and huge nostrils, their greenish complexions made them even uglier.

“Blue’s necklace!” Saber mumbled as he ran up the rock and charged at the two orcs.

“Saber! What are you doing!?” Sylux warned, but he was too late. Saber falls into a trap and was knocked unconscious.

“Intruders... luckily he was dumb enough to fall into a trap!” an orc said as he looked behind the rock, and he saw Sylux.

“You take that man to the temple. I’ll take care of the other one,” the orc commanded to the weaker-looking one, who nodded in reply. He began to carry Saber to be brought to the temple while the other orc ran and chased Sylux, who made haste to escape.

“Saber, you’re paying for this!” Sylux said as he ran faster, accelerating to inhuman levels. After a few more accelerations, his ability is revealed: he can teleport short distances repeatedly to make greater distance. The orc was left behind while Sylux laughed and stopped by a wall, unnoticed by the orc. The orc continued to run ahead, Sylux left behind and safe.

Saber, however, did not end up as great as Sylux did. He was tossed in a room to be kept captive. Saber growled and checked his pocket, relieved that his gun, which Drozone gave him, was still there.

Saber looked to the left, then to the right, and smiled for the coast was clear. He backed away and shot the door down, and began his escape. Orcs arrived soon, and began to chase him. Saber smiled and dodged their spear throws and stopped to turn around and eliminate the orcs. His accuracy didn’t fail him; and he knocks all the orcs down.

“They didn’t stand a chance...” Saber mumbled as he laughed, blowing the excess smoke from his gun. Suddenly, loud footsteps sounded behind him, which came from the leader of the orcs. His massive size towered over Saber, and his menacing red eyes glare at Saber. All across its body, scars were scattered. His tattered clothing gave him even more formidability, but Saber disregarded all of his looks and faced the leader without fear.

“You may look tough, but that won’t stop me from beating you!” Saber taunts and the beast smiles and draws a huge club.

“Let’s see about that!” Saber shouted as he charged with his gun. He shot only thrice, until the gun jammed and stopped shooting.

“Why now!?” Saber groaned as he tossed the gun to the orc, which made it furious. He raised his club and slammed it down, but Saber dodged it easily due to its slowness.

Meanwhile, Sylux progresses through the temple, following the noise from the two battlers. He finds the source and teleports to it, finding himself in front of the two, still battling each other.

“Alright! Let’s see what I can do here!” Sylux yells as he draws his gun and cocks the first bullet. He fires and it pierces the orc’s arm, bringing it into more anger.

“Even a thousand of you can’t stop me!” the leader shouted, slamming his club. It narrowly missed Sylux, but knocked him down. The transport pod fell out of his pocket, and the club smashed it into pieces. Sylux growled was hurt a little but he failed to stand up in time due to the minor, but extreme pain in his foot. Saber looked at the leader and frowned.

“I won’t let you hurt him!” Saber shouted, jumped and roared to the leader. His aura developed and the blades once again revealed themselves. Saber’s actions were again uncontrolled, which turned him into loose cannon. He lunged and knocked the leader down, but hurt himself in the impact.

The leader laughs and flings Saber away, but he fails and gets attacked by Saber. He once again falls down, this time falling into his defeat when Saber pierces his chest with the two blades. The leader growls and tries to get back up, but the wounds hits the heart, critically damaging him. Saber’s blades go back to his knuckles and it vanishes once again, and returns command to Saber.

“What was that!?” Sylux shouted as he got up, unharmed. Saber jumped off the orc and smiled. The other orcs surrendered, after they saw their leader’s fate. Sylux demanded answers while Saber calmed him down.

After Saber explained himself, they searched the temple and looked for the stolen items.

“So you have an amazing power, but you cannot control it?” Sylux asked. Saber nodded in reply and smiled.

“I hope I can control it though. Back then, rage was able to bring my power out. Now, it wasn’t rage. I need to inform Drozone about this,” Saber mumbled as he bumped into a door, which led them to the storage room.

“They’re all here!” Saber exclaimed. They scavenged around the items for hours, placing them into sacks while Saber inspected them to find Blue’s necklace. He wasn’t able to find it and he went outside to ask every orc. He threatened them, until the orc who had it gave it back. Saber smiled and went back to Sylux, who hauled all the sacks outside.

“Why are you bringing them out?” Saber asked. Sylux gave him a sarcastic smile and showed him the broken pod, which made Saber disappointed.

“We’ll bring them all back manually...” Sylux mumbled as he began to tug the sacks. Saber sighed and joined Sylux in the long delivery.

Hours passed, night came. They were barely halfway and they began to give up.

“We’re hopeless at this rate; we won’t be back there until tomorrow!” Saber sighed. Suddenly, a light from nearby surprised the duo.

“I’ll help you!” An eminent voice shouted. They turned and saw Basalt on a horse-drawn carriage. They smiled in relief and carried the sacks onto the carriage.

“It’s great that you came!” Sylux said as he let out a big exhale of relief. Saber smiled and the carriage travelled back to the city.

The next day...

Saber went into the building, his face still pleased from yesterday’s success. He went upstairs to see Drozone, but he was shocked at the sight that Drozone was not there, but a large, gaping hole in the wall was present. The papers were scattered, glass was shattered, and destruction was everywhere.

“What happened...?” Saber mumbled as his mouth was left hung open and he stared into the hole.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
All the chapters are attached to this post; I'm too lazy to format all the words into separate posts... Besides, with this, I am sure someone read, because of the download feature xD

Chapter Seven... Dang, I missed it...

The Spiralwood Winds

Saber was still shocked while he stared at his giganticenemy. Guards called for him, and gave him a choice between three weapons: An axe, a sword and a hammer. Saber quickly chose the sword, reflecting on his skill at swift attacks. The battle began, and Saber asked for a fair fight.

“Fair? What’s the matter, scared of getting hit a littledirty?” Brolius roared as he smacked Saber on the belly with the hilt of his axe. Saber was knocked down, mostly due to his inattentiveness.

“I... wasn’t ready!” Saber shouted as he got up and picked uphis sword. The girl sitting on her throne was shocked at his persistence and wondered how he got up from a shot like that.

“Strange... normally a droid like him would’ve crumbled topieces...” she mumbled as she took an apple and made a big bite.

Saber roared and remained positive, despite the pain he wasgoing through. He dodged three attacks from Brolius’s hammer, then countered with a bash. He spun and slashed Brolius, leaving a wound around his back.

“I’ll crush you to pieces; if that’s what it is needed!Trivoid won’t be allowed to continue!” Brolius roared as he carelessly ran into Saber. Saber was knocked down and he was shocked yet again.

“Trivoid? I’m not part of Trivoid!” Saber shouted as herolled away from the attack and pulled out his hand. He suddenly felt a jolt of power and a faint red sphere of energy shot from his hand. Brolius was knocked down and the fans began uproar.

“He has abilities other droids don’t have... what is withthis guy?” she mumbled from her golden throne. She stood up and looked to the right, seeing a hooded man sitting down in the crowd.

“He’s here...” the man mumbled as he watched the battle.

Saber roared and jumped as he brought down a last attack,wounding Brolius to the point of surrender. The fans were surprised, but cheered for Saber anyway.

“The undefeated falls to the droid!” the announcer shoutswith a strange tone, bordering between worried and excited. “Trivoid’s droid will now be faced with Spiralwood’s iron golems, the indestructible machines of battle!”

Two golden robots enter the arena, scaring Saber.

“I am not a Trivoid droid! Why won’t you believe me?” Saberroared. He looked up to the girl and frowned.

“You cannot fool us... You must face your demise!” shereplied as the golems charge at him. Saber ran and picked up Brolius’s hammer. He slammed it onto a golem’s head and staggered it. The other golem charged at Saber, who dodged it and dropped the hammer in mid air. It fell on the other golem’s head, knocking it down.

Saber grinned and saw a crack on the golem’s chest. Saberpicked up the sword and stabbed it into the crack and revealed a power core. Saber used the sword to keep the crack open while he took the core.

“Agh! It’s hot!” Saber shouted as he panicked and threw it atthe other golem, which was just about to get up. The blazing hot core melted the other golem, and finally both golems fell and Saber won once again.

The crowd was shocked and silence filled the arena.

“He... He made it through again!” the announcer shouted.Saber looked at the girl again, who seemed very mad.

“Release the giant! I’m sure it will get the job done!” shecommanded. The crowd gasped and the saw the next opponent. Saber’s jaw dropped in the sight of the fifty-foot beast, wielding a club designed with bones. It had a large head with a long black beard, long black hair and a frown on its face.

Saber picked up the hammer and charged. The hammer collidedwith the giant, but nothing happened. Saber dropped the hammer in shock and looked up to the tall beast. He tried to escape, but the giant made its move and attacked him. The attacks barely missed, but Saber slowly felt the fatigue.

He ran and ran, but he slowed down and fell on his knees. Thecrowd began to cheer and the giant lifted its club up. Saber rolled onto his back and looked at the giant. His vision began to blur and he closed his eyes, in pessimism and hopelessness.

Suddenly, a golden power glowed in front of him. He looked atthe source and saw a mere silhouette of a man in front of him. He was really glad and he saw the giant, very mad.

The giant charged at the man, but the man held a golden chainin his hands and spun around a bladed wooden staff. He threw it at the beast and it sank into the beast’s chest area. The man held a tight grip on the chain and pulled, tearing a huge amount of flesh off the giant. The giant’s dark red blood spilled all over the ground and the man vanished, and soon, so did the light.

Saber was relieved, but despite his victory, he passed out onthe ground.

He wakes up in a cabin, surprised to see the girl from thearena, sitting in front of him. The cabin was again made out of wood, the bed was colored bright pink, and there were posters of Biohazard and pictures on a desk. There are ice bags and bandages all over him, shocking Saber.

“What are you doing!?” Saber shouts as he gets up, making theice bags fall off his head and chest. The girl chuckled and gave him a glass of water.

“You’re awake... Good,” she said. Saber was confused, seeinghow different her attitude was compared to earlier.

“Who are you? What do you really want?” Saber asked loudly.The girl chuckled and insisted him to drink the glass. Finally, Saber took it and drank.

“My name is Connie. I am the owner of the arena from earlier.Sorry about earlier; you didn’t tell me that you were part of the Triple Gate!” she said with an apology. Saber finished the glass and got up.

“It’s alright; I know that I look like those droids that havebeen attacking places lately.  I can’tblame myself for looking great,” Saber replied, followed by a big laugh.

Connie laughs and said, “Axel’s waiting for you inSpiralwood... well, we are in Spiralwood as of now... Welcome to Spiralwood Village. Right north of this area, just one mountain away, is the Biohazard Facility Main Building. I know Illumina already informed you about this, so I won’t bore you with my lectures anymore.” Saber chuckled and saw his bag by the door.

“Before you leave, Jack wanted me to give you these,” Conniesaid as she handed over two polished katanas.

“Oh... those again?” Saber mumbled as he took the two, seeingthem even shinier and sharper than before. Saber smiled and thanked Connie, took his bag and went outside.

Across the yellow door was an amazing sight. The valley wasbetween two long snowy mountain ranges, birds of all kinds flock over the cool breeze. Saber smiled and saw the building, not so far away. His smile enlarges and he ran forward. He saw villagers, farming, wood cutting and the like. The rural paradise was in its greatest beauty.

Saber runs for a few seconds, until he slowed down and rests.He was still a little fatigued after earlier, so he sat down by a park near the building. He turns to see two people, having a chat.

“There is no way he did that. I will never believe you,” aman said. He wore a light brown shirt, which was tattered and torn. His body was huge, and he was very muscular with tanned skin. He had no hair, his eyes were dark brown and his pants were long and loose, covering his feet.

“Axel himself told us that. We have to believe it when itcomes from him,” the other person said. He looked like he was in his early twenties, but wore teenager clothes. He has shiny black, spiky hair, crimson eyes and a pale complexion. He stood much shorter than the other guy, or probably just because he was very tall. He wore a white jacket with orange marks around the hood, sides, shoulders and wrist areas. He wore blue pants and grey sneakers.

“Fine then, Torch... we’ll wait and see if this “Saber” guythat Axel is talking about really as big as he said,” the muscular guy said as he grinned. Saber gasped as he heard his name, which alerted them.

“A droid in Spiralwood!? How could our guards let one past?!”the smaller guy said, and began to pose a stance. The bigger guy pounds his fists together and pulled off a stance as well. Saber, feeling shocked, placed his hands forward and made a pose as well. The big guy chuckled but they get serious and charge at Saber. Saber, on the other hand, did the opposite, and ran for his life.

As Saber ran, the young-looking man lands in front of him,with both his hands on fire. Saber gasps and the man grins and the flames grow stronger. The big guy jumps into the air, blocking the sun and coming back down with a huge pound on the earth, ravaging a large part of the peaceful village. Civilians panic and run away from the fight.

Saber felt dazed but he got back into balance and back kickedthe flame guy and knocked him back. The other man came with a huge punch, but Saber dodged it and tripped him. They both fell, because Saber took damage as well while putting his foot out.

“His footwork has such a great force!” Saber remarked tohimself as he got up. The two get back and synched their attacks for a coordinated combo. Saber blocked some off but soon he fell on his back.

The flames grew larger and hotter and Saber felt great pain.He roared and a flash of red aura burst out. He turned his back and bent, then swiftly faced to the duo. He released a wave of red energy, similar to earlier. The two were knocked down, and Saber gained the upper hand.

Saber walked to the duo, with his rage blazing stronger. Hisaura glowed stronger and it began to form, but in a flash, it vanished. The teenager got up and grinned, then used a flaming uppercut to blast Saber upwards. The muscleman jumped and grabbed Saber, then threw him back down, colliding Saber with another flaming uppercut. Saber was knocked out, and was at the brim of death...

A golden flash appears and the duo stopped and stood still.Saber was protected again by the mysterious man from earlier.

“Axel! Why would you protect him, sir?” the smaller manasked. Axel grinned and used a single move to help Saber regain consciousness.

“Torch... he’s Saber,” Axel stated, shocking him.

“He can’t be... a droid is the man who beat me!?” themuscleman roared. Axel nodded and smiled.

“That’s right, Logan... partially, at least. He isn’t adroid... He’s human, like us,” Axel said. Torch was shocked and ran to Saber, who was still dazed.

“We’re sorry... we didn’t know...” Torch said as he sighed. Axellaughed and looked at Saber.

“Talk about tough luck... this is my first memory ofBiohazard...” Saber mumbled as he sighed and closed his eyes as he removed the mask.

“Saber’s been having a bad day... you guys should let him geta break,” Axel said as he looked at Logan, who seemed very mad.

“We should introduce ourselves... I’m Torch Fireside, I’mtwenty and I can create fire, like you saw. Nice to meet you...” he said as he lent Saber a hand. Saber opened his eyes and his orange eyes looked straight at Torch. The grasses on the ground sway back and forth in front of Saber’s face, but Saber grabbed Torch’s hand and got up.

“This pipsqueak beat me... unacceptable!” Logan roared as heleft with his arms crossed.

Torch sighed and watched Logan leave. “He’s Logan Clay, thebruiser of the team and primarily the main attacker. He strikes first in battle and breaks their defenses so we can attack. He’s not in the mood right now, though,” Torch said as Saber laughed.

“Seems like he needs some anger management sessions...” Sabersaid as he pats the dust off his shirt and wore the mask.

“Try not to make your mask identical to theirs; that’s goingto get you in trouble...” Torch reprimanded. Axel laughed and tapped Saber’s mask, making a hollow sound.

“It’s the droids that were based off him; he was theoriginal,” Axel said. Saber was shocked and Torch gasped.

“Why didn’t they base a design off me?” Torch said with ajoking tone. They all laughed and entered the building of Biohazard.

Saber’s mouth was wide open as he saw the facility. The wallsand floor was light and dark blue, respectively, contrast to the white ceiling. Directly from the entrance, to the right was a storage room, and to the left was an entrance to a bunker, concealed behind an iron vault-like door.

They went a few steps forward and Saber saw the cafeteria tothe right, and a dining room to the left. The cafeteria had large orange walls and wooden tables, beside a counter. The dining room was for the members only, while the cafeteria was for all guards and maids.

A few more minutes later, Saber saw two rooms on the right,and one room to the left. To the end of the hallway at the left were a restroom and a closet; while on the right was an entrance to the cafeteria.

Finally, straight ahead, Saber and Axel entered a room, witha red door and golden design around the edges.

“Guys, I’ll return to my work now, see you around!” Torchsaid as he ran away, waving. Saber waved back and they entered the room.

“Saber... it’s time you meet someone,” Axel stated. Saber wasin awe of Axel’s amazing bedroom design, with a huge blue bed in the center on an elevated platform. The entire floor was blue carpeting; there was a TV set beside the bed, a locker and drawer at the corner, a closet at the right and a door by the upper right corner.

“Who?” Saber asked as he looked at the door, where he heardnoises. Axel laughed and looked at the door as well.

“Your guess was right; she’s in there,” Axel said. Saber wasshocked on Axel’s perfect guess but he ran to the door and opened it. He saw a console beside it and tried to spam letters for the passcode.

Axel came near and laughed, then dragged his hand on theconsole and switched to another screen, where there was a handprint scanner.

“Let the machine read your hand; I’ll register you on thesystem,” Axel said. Saber nodded and placed his hand on the metal device. The machine scanned for a few seconds and the door opened.

“Alright... go in,” Axel said as he walked back. Saber wentdown the stone stairs and reached the bottom, where there were large bleachers, as if it were a college football stadium. Saber looked at the center and saw a glass arena, with a person training in it.

“I can’t stop yet... keep going!” she shouted as she grabbedher bow and pulled back. She focused her power and the arrow glowed white before it launched. She smiled and the arrow changed into a crystal-like projectile. It landed perfectly on its mark, and Saber was impressed as he came closer.

He came even closer and his face suddenly turned into a hugesmile when he saw the face of the girl. The same green clothes, blue shorts, red shoes and brown hair; it was Blue, standing in front of him.

“Saber?” Blue said with a large, happy tone. Saber smiled andran ahead to give her a hug. Unexpectedly, he rammed into the glass wall and fell flat on his back. Blue chuckled and Saber laughed at himself. Blue went through the door and helped Saber up.

“Thank goodness... you’re okay!” Saber said as he gave her ahug. Blue smiled and patted him at the back.

“I knew you’d make it here; from the second Axel returned oneday and told me you were coming...” Blue mumbled. Saber laughed and gave her a thumbs up.

“You don’t know how much challenges it took to get here!”Saber said as he placed his hands away from each other, showing how long the trip was.

“Silly you, I got a free pass on my way here...” Bluereplied. Saber moaned with envy and patted her shoulders.

“That’s just so unfair! I nearly died, thrice! Axel saved meagain and again, though...” Saber said as he laughed. Axel looked at them and laughed.

“Axel... always saving people,” Blue said with an exhale ofrelief and adoration. “He saved me, too.”

Saber was shocked and asked, “Really? How?”

“Astrogolt... when everyone was running away from the army, Iwas left stuck under the fallen walls of my house. I couldn’t escape, so I hid under and watched the attack continue... they were looking for a person, but after their failure, they started to blow everything up... when it was over, Axel walked to me and lifted the debris. He saved me and I saw the sheer destruction of our homeland...” Blue said as she pictured the memory in her mind.

“That’s what a man told me...” Saber mumbled. Axel gasped andwalked into his room.

“Axel told me that I could help in getting even with thearmy. I couldn’t decline the offer; it was the only way I can avenge our land. Besides, it will prevent the army from attacking anything else,” Blue said and faintly smiled. Saber smiled and praised her heroicness.

“We should go upstairs now; there’s still lots of things todo!” Blue said as she pulled Saber’s arm to go up. Saber was shocked and he fell down, but got back up, laughed, and went upstairs. Blue bowed to Axel and she left the room, while Saber was stopped by Axel.

“What is it?” Saber asked. Axel asked him to sit down andAxel’s hand was glowing, and the same weapon from earlier appeared.

“You... saved me again?” Saber asked. Axel laughed andnodded.

“Why? Am I such an important person for you to save my life?Sure, I am still young, but why? It’s not like I will become the world’s mightiest hero or something!” Saber said. Axel laughed and sat down.

“Never say that you won’t make it far. If you don’t try; youwill never know... Besides, you’re already important the day you left Astrogolt,” Axel said, which made Saber shocked.

“Important!?” Saber shouted. Axel nodded and stood up to geta machine.

“This is what your father used to talk to me, minutes beforehe vanished...” Axel mumbled. Saber was shocked and looked at it.

“My father!?” Saber exclaimed. Axel smiled and sat downagain.

“Your father... Sentinel. He is the true leader of Biohazard,and the greatest threat to Trivoid!” Axel said as he smiled. Saber’s face was in complete shock as his face was left mesmerized.

“My dad... is the greatest warrior of the world?” Sabermumbled slowly. Axel nodded and played the recording of the last memo.

“Axel... This might be the last you’ll hear from me. You see,the war, we won it. But the damned Trivoid was persistent; and they went with another attack. Another army arrived, much larger in number. Most of our men were already injured, and we cannot fight on. So, whether we make it out of here dead or alive, I just want you to know, you’re in charge of Biohazard... and you will have the responsibility to scout... scout for my son. When the time comes, find him. Bring him to his fate, and let him fight Trivoid.”

Saber slowly fell into tears while the message was playing.

“Your father, we don’t know if he’s alive, or dead... all weknow is that his wish was to have you fight Trivoid... and her you are... you must not fail him,” Axel said.

“I don’t know if I can handle such a large responsibility...”Saber replied. Axel gave him a pat on the back as he stood up.

“You can do it,” Axel said as he left. Saber looked at Axelleaving and he smiled. He looked at the blue device and held it to close to his heart.

“I won’t fail you...” he mumbled as he smiled.

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead

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