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Remake!!! Chapter One was short, so I lengthened it by... a half thousand words. It'll be at least 1000 words now Big Grin

Chapter One: Discovery

"Sentinel! What are the plans!?" a soldier shouted. Their commander, Sentinel, stood tall on the hills and said, "This war will continue. The Resistance will not fall to Trivoid... not now, not ever!" The soldiers began roaring and cheered. Sentinel calls for his other team members and said, "We're going in! This is the last stand of this barren place!" Sentinel lifts a knife and all the other members of the Assault team did the same. Sentinel walks to his wife and patter his son's head. "You need to leave this place... you need to be brought back home..." Sentinel said. "What about you?" his wife asked. "I'll be alright here, Jade... Leave now, I want you to be safe," Sentinel replied. Jade tried to resist but the soldiers bring her to an evacuation pod. "The coordinates are set to mainland Falrun! Wherever they will land, only time will tell..." The soldier said. "Good job, Graze, send them off now," Sentinel commanded. Graze nodded and pressed a button. "This is the last battle for Stormsurge Peak... we will fight!" Sentinel roared. The team charges out of their camp and ran to the army of droids. "Sentinel... be careful..." Jade said as their pod flew farther away.

Eighteen years later...
"Saber!" a girl's voice shouted. "Saber! Are you awake yet!?" the girl shouted again. Saber peeked out the window and said, "Good morning, Blue!" Blue waved and climbed up the tree to get into Saber's room. "What are you doing?" Blue asked. "It's... a mask. I never liked talking to random people... I never liked being social as well... I want to keep my identity a bit low key. Besides, it looks cool!" Saber said. Blue laughed and watched Saber carve markings into the mask. "Blue? Are you there?" Jade said. "Yes, Mrs. Ace!" Blue replied. Blue ran downstairs to talk to Jade. "Your mother told me to hand this over to you when you come by our house. It's a medical book about herbs and medicines. Your mother knew how much you liked these things," Jade said as she handed it over. "Thanks..." Blue said. A bell suddenly rang outside, startling Blue. "I have to go now, bye guys!" Blue shouted as she ran outside. "Saber, I'm going outside for a while to get some groceries, are you coming?" Jade yelled. Saber went downstairs and nodded slowly and they went to the market.

Jade chats with some vendors and bought fresh fish and vegetables. Saber looks around and saw a small stall selling weaponry. "A knife... This might be useful..." Saber said. He asked for the price of the dagger and got it for a few gold coins. "Target acquired. Preparing for assassination," a rogue man said from atop the bell tower. The man grabs onto a ledge and slid down the tower. He reaches the ground and looked straight ahead. "Saber! Time to return to home!" Jade shouted. She walked with some groceries while Saber holds the other items. Jade walks innocently when suddenly, the assassin dashed to her and swiftly punched her. Panicking, Saber drops the items and rushed to help. The assassin kicks Saber away and he lands back first into the ground. The assassin stabs Jade repeatedly and grinned as he lifted his hand one last time. Saber gets enraged and dashed to the assassin again. He gets punched on the face and he gets knocked down. "I don't know why you can care about this woman so much, kid. Leave me alone and let me finish my job!" the man shouted. The people all around town tried to stop him. Their attempts are all failures for their attacks missed. The man gets enraged and stabbed his knife on Jade one more time. Jade reaches for Saber and said, "Son... Your father..." Jade fails to complete the sentence for she already died. Saber roared loudly and threw his knife in a blinding speed. The knife wounds the man and his face bleeds. The man laughed and fought again, this time punching Saber on the stomach. Saber kneels down in pain and the man said, "Your father gave Trivoid a hard time with our plans..." The assassin draws his blade and said, "Now his legacy will end!" He stabs Saber on the back, placing Saber in intense pain. Saber growls and a blazing red aura emerged all over him. "What is this!? Sentinel's son... he never had a power this intense!" the man shouted. Saber snarled and a long blade emerges from both of his hands. He dashed and impaled the man with the two blades. The assassin spits blood on Saber's face and sad, "Trivoid will prevail..." the man bleeds out and fell on the ground as Saber's hand blades withdrew themselves. Saber rushed to his mother and got very sad. He sobbed in his mother's death and the people around town tried to comfort him. He ran back home, crying and angered.

He sits on his bed and tried to use his strange blade power once again. He fails and moaned. He turned on the TV and saw a commercial regarding a company. "Do you have a special skill that you don't know? Then come to DMOUR! We can help you with your skill, and maybe, you could put it into good use! We're at central Fallaway City, so go there!" Saber switched it off and saw his reflection in the TV's screen. He noticed that his back doesn't even feel the pain from the wound anymore. He rushed to the mirror and was shocked when he saw that his wound healed completely. He was very shocked and he rushed to take his mask. He wore it and took a backpack then ran outside. Blue just left school for lunch time and she encountered Saber, walking down the road. "Saber, what happened?" Blue asked. Saber ignores her and continued to walk ahead, into the forest. Blue waved goodbye and mumbled, "Be careful... Fallaway Forest is a deadly place to lurk in..." Saber continues to travel ahead and the journey has begun.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
So...I will try to put longer chapters but..meh.
Also, I don't think this thread fits here, so...Super Mod move it to a different section where it fits (I dunno where)

Chapter Two: The Secrets of Fallaway City
(This chapter may be kinda more on talking and blah blah)
Saber enters the forest to Fallaway City. He finds a river, which has a bloodied dead body at the bank, signifying a possibility of a deadly animal nearby. He continues to go around the river, but at the end he meets a crocodile, which is much bigger than normal. Saber struggles to slowly escape it, but he trips on a vine. He is tangled on the vine, but he cuts it with a knife that he brought. The crocodile grabs the blade with its jaws, then tosses is into the river. Saber thinks he may face his near demise, but a sudden bullet hits the crocodile, forcing it to retreat.

The shooter was a man named Sylux, a renowned gunner in Fallaway City. He jumps off the cliff he shot from and talked to him. "What in the world are you thinking?" Sylux asked madly. "I'm looking for a certain organization. I have heard that they are able to make research on odd abilities" Saber replied as he shakes free from the vines. Sylux helps Saber up and answered: "Well, I might know what you are talking about..heck I may even be working for it." Sylux said and he also added: "Nice mask. Saber is your name you say? I'm Sylux." Sylux guides Saber across the large forest and they make it into the outskirts of Fallaway City. "You see that big building? That's what you're after. well, you make your way there from here. I need to get into a mission I was entrusted to." Sylux said as he bids farewell. Saber continues to travel around the large city of Fallaway. He sees a local crime occurring in an alley.

"Where is he!?" The tall man in shades and a robe asked to an old man. "I know nothing! Leave me alone!" The old man replied as he grabs a strange looking gun and shot it. The gun released a bright light, stunning the tall man as he gets away. The tall man walks by Saber, grins, and leaves. Saber follows the old man, who was actually the owner of the company he was looking for. "Excuse me, do you know anything about a company that does research on strange abilities?" Saber asked. The old man laughs and replied: "Well, you are looking at the owner. Nice to meet you. The name's Ganymede, but people refer to me often as Doctor Drozone. I own Defense Mechanism Offensive Under Resistance, or as you guys call it, DMOUR." Drozone takes Saber to his secret laboratory, full of weapon designs, robots under construction and other contraptions. "You have a nice place here." Saber complimented. Drozone replied: "So, what seems to be the matter, Saber's your name, you say??" Saber shows the wounds on his hands and explained what happened earlier. " a blade appeared on each of your hands? Can you show how it happened?" Drozone asked. Saber shook his head. Drozone took some observations, and asked: "What made them appear?" Saber thinks about it for a while, and he suspects a fact. "Could it be because of my rage? I couldn't do it when I was calm, so its a possibility." Saber answered. Drozone understands what Saber means and grabs a pair of gloves. "Wear these. These gloves has been designed to stop any further bleeding on hands." Drozone hands it over to Saber, but before Saber could have worn it, Drozone added: "Let me take a sample of your blood. Maybe further research will help." Saber agrees and gives him a drop of his blood, wears the gloves, nods to Drozone and leaves.

Drozone grins to himself and starts to work on the drop of blood. Drozone was able to recreate the power Saber has and apply them onto his robots. Drozone laughs to himself and leaves the lab.

Saber wonders where to go next, so he goes to a local ramen shop and takes a meal. He remembers about the tall man he met earlier on, and he asks himself: Why did he grin to me? He finishes the bowl and pays for his meal. He leaves the shop and continues to travel around the city. He sees the main building of DMOUR and enters. He sees a sign saying: "Accepting applications for new workers!" Saber figures he won't be doing much anyway, so he enters and takes the tryouts. Before he was able to begin, he gets interrupted by Dr Drozone. "Saber, you don't need to go through all the applications. I can allow you to join anytime." Drozone says as he brings Saber inside the facility. Saber is mesmerized by the hundreds of machines being tested inside the large building. Drozone takes Saber to his office, and asked him what would he like to do in the facility. "I met Sylux earlier, and I wanted to join him in whatever he was doing." Saber replied. "Very well, you are in the missions team. You can take on missions and help clients. You can check the bulletin board downstairs for the list of quests you can do." Drozone tells Saber as he takes an official DMOUR Uniform out of his closet. Saber wears the suit and goes downstairs to check the board. "New feature: You can also see a list of wanted outlaws for you to arrest." "Look for a shard of the gloomy ember at Crevice Mines" "Arrest Delta, a criminal for stealing gold from citizens" As Saber reads the notes, he gets tapped on the shoulder by Sylux. "Hey..It's good to see you've taken interest in what I do am I right?" Sylux jokingly said. "Well, I have nothing to anyway, I can call it my pass-time." Saber replied. Sylux gets an idea: "Why don't we go take on a mission together?" Saber seems interested and nods. "So, which one are you gonna take? I'm all free and I will go with you whichever mission you choose." Sylux said. Saber takes a mission, and shows it to Sylux. Sylux nods and goes with Saber outside to go on their first group mission.

(I haven't decided which mission they'd take yet TBH, so Imma start a poll.)
Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
(Winner of the poll, and swept with the votes, Barren Fields Mission is in place.)
PS: In this chapter, I will try to bring in the bloodshed and also see the new comment thread: (Shrunken link )

Chapter Three: Drozone's disappearance

Sylux and Saber go outside the building as Saber reads the mission info. "Eliminate the group of Orcs up on the hill at Barren Fields. They have been stealing from passersby and sometimes even threaten citizens. They are notably strong physically but their wits are extremely low." Saber reads as they take a stop in the ramen store. "The usual one, Saber? You seem to be a regular visitor nowadays." The ramen store owner said. "Well, its just that my mother used to cook them for least..back when she was alive." Saber responded. " sad. Was it an accident?" The store owner asked. "No..she was killed by a man in robes saying something about...'Trivoid'" Saber replied. Sylux chokes in shock, and pauses for a while. "Meet me at the city exit. I will be waiting." Sylux said as he pays for his meal and walks out of the store. "That was the way, my name is Basalt. I've been in this business for 34 years." Basalt said. "Well, I guess I should be leaving now. Duty calls." Saber said as he pays for his meal and leaves. "Saber...he reminds me of someone for some reason..." Basalt thought to himself as he looks into a picture of him with his son. Saber meets Sylux at the gate. "What was it about you a while ago in the store? You were all weird back there." Saber asked. "Trivoid...that name..sickens me. Trivoid is an organization who makes research to make biologically engineered soldiers for their evil purposes. There has been many groups against them, but most notably an organization under the name of BioHazard, a large group of people who have been trained to fight back evil and end Trivoid's plans...I see Saber that you may want to fight back Trivoid as well...maybe DMOUR isn't the organization for you. You should join BioHazard." Sylux explained. Saber remains silent for a while. They continue to push through the long road and they finally arrive at Barren Fields.

Barren Fields
The intense heat and blurry vision due to the smoke clouds nearby make this place a perfect place for a thug group. "We're here. Welcome to the dirtiest place on this planet." Sylux said. Saber laughs, and asks: "Do we have to bring all the items back to the owners?" Sylux shows Saber a pod with a bright gleam. "This. This thing is called a transporter pod. Once a pod has been installed in a place, DMOUR's teleporter can be accessed from that place. We can send all items to the base, And our units can send them all back to the owners." Sylux replied. Saber hears voices nearby, and he runs behind a rock and watches. "This single piece of gloomy ember can power up a whole city. We can sell this for an extremely high price." an Orc said to another. Saber notices that the piece of gem was familiar, and he remembers the necklace that Blue used to wear. Saber was afraid, so he quickly attacked the two Orcs. "Saber what do you think you're doing!? This place has hundreds of traps!" Sylux warns saber, but it was too late. Saber gets caught in a pitfall and he was put to sleep with a special powder. Saber was brought back to the base. Sylux had to infiltrate, so he went through another route, but making sure he is still on the Orcs' tails. Sylux finds their base, which is a big temple in a shape of a skull. Sylux slowly sneaks into the temple and infiltrates through the high floors and gaps.

Inside the temple
Saber wakes up, but he is inside a small room filled with clubs and axes, typical Orc weapons. "Where is Sylux? I wonder if he's nearby...I must find out." Saber said to himself as he leaves the storeroom and goes and finds himself inside a big corridor. He sees a room which glows in the end of the room. He sees tons of gold, weapons, and many other stolen items. Saber understands that their leader must be nearby. "Hey! What are you doing in here?" An Orc yelled. Saber escapes but more and more Orcs appeared. Saber brings out a pulse gun, a weapon he's been given by Drozone. Saber shoots and a wide blast hits all the Orcs and they are all out of the picture. The so called 'Leader' of the Orcs appear and hits Saber with a very strong blow, instantly knocking Saber back. Sylux continues to walk around the upper parts of the temple, but he stumbles upon a trap. He gets caught up in chains and he is immobilized. He sees Saber struggling to fight back the giant Orc leader. "Urghhh...I need to help Saber. Maybe I can still channel my teleporting powers." Sylux mumbles as he is using some kind of power. A black cloud bursts in front of Sylux and he breaks looses of the trap. Sylux now appears above the Orc leader and blasts him with his gun. "Impressive moves..I believe that gun can be useful in our stash!" The Orc leader boastfully shouted as he fights both of them back. Sylux drops the pod and it was unfortunately stepped on by the leader. Saber picks up his pulse gun and tries to shoot another blast, but the gun is in some kind of cooldown period. Saber grabs an Orc weapon and charges towards the leader. Sylux is still shooting, but none of his bullets have done any actual damage to the leader. The leader said : "You are foolish enough to attack me, but with this Gloomy Ember, I could channel all the power in a province into a single attack!" Saber realizes that the ember would be destroyed in the process. He also thinks that his best friend Blue was attacked. He had to make sure that she was alive. He quickly tried to channel his blades again. this time, he successfully did it. He thrusts towards the leader, impaling him and killing him in the process. Saber picks up the ember and keeps it in his pocket. "Why didn't you do that when you were being attacked by the crocodile, or even earlier?" Sylux madly asked. Saber responded: "Well, it never comes out when I need it..Drozone said it may have been linked to my rage..but I wasn't mad there..but I was able to do it...I need to tell this to Drozone. the way, I found the place where they keep all the stolen items. "About that....the pod is broken...we might have to bring them all home manually." Sylux said with a sarcastic smile. Saber sighs, and starts to pick up the items. Near sunset, they have collected all items, and are ready to return to base. "You know what, when we get there, it's gonna be midnight." Sylux said while lugging around the sacks . "Not exactly." A loud, eminent voice said. It was Basalt, riding a horse-drawn carriage. The duo puts the sacks on the carriage and rides it. "Thanks a lot, Basalt." Saber happily said as he feels relieved after carrying the heavy items.

The next day...
Saber enters the DMOUR building with Sylux. They were greeted with warm welcomes for their successful mission. Saber goes upstairs to talk to Dr Drozone, while Sylux shows off his gun and tells stories to co-workers. "Doctor! Doctor? Are you there?" Saber said as he knocked on the door. He notices that the door was open, and he opens it. Dr Drozone was nowhere to be found, and there is a large, gaping hole in the wall. Saber looks outside, but he sees nobody around. He goes outside and finds the laboratory that he and Drozone went to before. He wasn't there as well. Saber continues to wonder where he is as he goes to Sylux to have another mission. "Blue...I hope you're okay..." Saber thinks to himself as he goes on.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
It's not bad to have more than one for the day, right? HAHAHA!

All right in this chapter we will be introduced to the character who will play a huge role in the whole story. Yes, I know..his name reminds you of Axel in Kingdom Hearts? They both wear robes :p

Chapter Four: The return of Axel!

"Saber, where were you?" Sylux asked Saber as Saber was getting into the building. "Drozone's been gone...he could've been held captive..." Saber said worriedly. "Don't worry. He can defend himself. After all, he was the man who taught me how to shoot." Sylux replied. Saber had a small smile on his face and went back outside. "Let's rest for today. Let's go examine that new world tomorrow." Saber said before he left. Saber goes down the alley where he met Dr Drozone and the tall man. He saw that the flash gun was still there. He picks it up, and examines it. "Noting special..." Saber mumbled as he turns around and walked towards Basalt's store again. "Hey there Saber! You're gonna-" Basalt said as he was surprised by a shake on Saber's head. "What's the matter?" Basalt asked. "I had a childhood friend...her name was Blue...recently in our mission, I found the necklace we made together when we were kids." Saber replied as he shows the ember necklace to Basalt. "You know, You remind me of my son. His name was were both adventurous...both brave...He went to a distant planet once. Little did he know that there was war there. He also met his wife there and they also had a son" Basalt said as he takes the picture on his desk. "He may not be able to return. Unfortunately, he never did...He had his wife return here first, followed by his son. Since then, I don't know what happened. I don't know where they were they landed, nor do I know their names. I couldn't contact him anymore. I became worried but I am an ordinary human. He inherited his power from my wife, Silver." Basalt said as he wept softly. Saber remained silent for a while. " If Sylux looks for me here, tell him I am travelling to Astrogolt. I need to make sure of Blue's situation." Saber said. Saber went back into the forest where he met Sylux.

Back into the forest
Saber has an easier time in the forest than before. He stopped by the river and sat down for a while. "I wonder what changed back at home..." Saber thought to himself. He stands back up and continues to head to Astrogolt.

Saber sees a lot of rubble and destruction left of what used to be a peaceful village. Saber goes into his house. Nothing was left but the destroyed walls. Nobody was left in the whole town. Saber continues to worry. But he sees a man in a hood. "You looking for survivors? Heck, they were all killed. An overlord just swept the whole town with his large band of clones. To be look exactly like one of them! Wait a second...don't tell me you came back for more!" The man said. "No, no wait! I wanted to look for my friend. You see, I used to live here but I moved to Fallaway City." Saber replied. "Well, I don't think your friend made it." The man sadly said. Saber, looking very sad, left the destroyed town and went back to Fallaway.

(Skip the forest. Nothing to see here)

Fallaway City
Sylux meets Saber at the City Gate. "Well, what did you see?" Sylux asked. "Nothing..." Saber said, as if ignoring the whole statement. Saber walks into the dark alley again. He sat down there and felt sad for a while. "I lost my parents, I lost my best friend, I lost my hometown...What else can I do with my life?" Saber whispered. He senses the presence of another man. He sees the man's shadow from above, so he went on top of the building. "You again? What do you want?" Saber asked. "You won't need to worry about me. For now. Feel free to look around for me in Spiralwood Valley. Say you're looking for an individual named Axel." Axel jumps off the building, landing perfectly safe. He walked around normally. Saber followed, but he could not find Axel anywhere. Saber reenters the store to take a last meal before he plans on his activities. "Hey Basalt, do you know where Spiralwood Valley is?" Saber asked. Sylux also comes in and overheard the question. "Spiralwood...A place I never dared to visit. The path from here to there is an extremely difficult road. Full of high mountains to go through, caves, and very large forests. But, they say that when you enter Spiralwood itself, it is a very peaceful place." Sylux explains. Saber asks again: "Where do I start?" Sylux laughs and said: "Are you serious!? You'd be dead when you get there." Sylux said. "Well, I know where you can begin." Basalt said. Sylux looks shocked and said "You can't possibly lead him there! He might die!" "Not to worry. I believe in Saber and I know he can make it through." Sylux nods and hands something over to Saber. "Take this. My first ever pistol. Ganymede himself gave it to me when he was teaching me." Sylux softly said. "Take care. I want you to maybe put a pod there so I could take a visit!" Sylux added. "About Dr Drozone...he still hasn't arrived?" Saber asked. " news here." Sylux said. "Now, take this with you. Its an herbal medicine that I used back then. It can heal wounds faster than anything else." Basalt said as he hands it to Saber. "Thank you guys. And don't worry. I will visit soon." Saber said as he leaves again. Basalt accompanies Saber to the entrance, as Sylux follows. "Here it is. It's a long journey from here on. Take care." Basalt and Sylux said. Saber walks into the cave and looks for Axel and maybe find clues on Blue and Drozone's disappearances and Astrogolt's destruction.

Chapter End

I didn't expect this Chapter to be so short...
Constantly dying yet never dead
Whazam! If you played TWEWY (The World Ends With You, DS game, try it its awesome) before, you might know how to picture the animals in this forest.

Chapter Five: The Forest of the Wanderers

Nearly 100-foot tall trees and gigantic rocks surprise Saber as he enters the first obstacle towards Spiralwood Valley. Saber follows a long bloodied path, as if it was a dragged carcass being dragged by something else. " This would be very interesting..." Saber said with a grin on his face. He continues to around the large rocks until he reaches a crevice. " It is very narrow, it might fit two people side by side" Saber examined. The blood stops in the middle of the crevice. He turns around to see his shadow is changing shapes. His shadow lifts up from the ground and forms into a shadow-like wolf with dark ghost-like legs. Saber starts to shoot the wolf, but all bullets simply pass through it. Saber attempts to run away but the wolf turns into a shadow again and gets in front of Saber. Saber tries to uses his pulse gun but he gets bitten in the hand and he drops the pulse gun and it slides into a hole in the mountain. Saber feels hopeless and tries to make his blades appear once more. He fails and gets knocked down. As he lands, the flash gun Drozone used fell out of his pocket. He uses it and the wolf gets dissolved in the intense light. Saber picks up his pulse gun and moves on. He hears more growling and now a tall bear with ghost-like claws face him. He tries the flash gun but the bear was just stunned, but his claws shrunk a bit. Its claws regenerate and it goes after Saber. They run around the seemingly endless crevice until Saber grew tired. "Now I know what Sylux meant..I was just too foolish.." Saber mumbled as he starts to use the gun Sylux gave him again. The bear seems to be damaged but it simply roared and it was fine again. Saber feels hopeless but he gets an idea. Saber uses the flash gun and shoots. The bear's claws shrink once again as is stunned. Saber took advantage and shot each claw and the bear starts to look really damaged. The bear roars again and its wounds heal and it fights back once again.

Saber runs out of ideas and is about to give up. He then realized that the bear's roar heals Saber as well. he then tries to examine the happening and wore the bear down until it roared again. As the bear roared, a giant creature flies above the two and seems to be releasing a healing powder. Saber grins and uses the flash gun upwards. The creature falls down and drops someone. There was an elf on top of the flying monster all along! The elf was holding a sack of special healing powder. Saber threatens the elf as she explains herself. "Wait no-no-no no wait! I can explain!" The elf said as she makes the bear disappear. " Who are you?" Saber asked threateningly. "I'm Illumina. I live around here. Those were my summonings . I use them to protect this forest from strangers." Illumina said as she stands up from the high fall. " Do you need help?" she added. "Nah. I can take care of myself." Saber said as he runs to the end of the crevice. "Suit yourself, but don't tell me that I didn't warn you." Illumina said with a big smile. Saber runs north for a long time. He notices that he's been running for very long and a fog thickens as he runs. He gets a huge shock when he sees the same rocks that crumbled from the creature's crash with Illumina sitting on top. " Are you teleporting ahead of me?" Saber asked while he is resting his very tired feet. " boys never learn to listen to us for once." Illumina said while she laughs. " This place has been cursed. when you run to the edge you will be brought back to the other side." she added. "Now, come with me." she said as she walks to a small crack on the mountain wall. She puts her hand inside and grabs an egg. "May this egg bear a creation of light, a lizard created with power and might!" She chanted. Saber thinks it was a joke but his jaw drops in shock. Illumina backs away from the egg as it hatches out a gigantic lizard with a long, powerful tail and it seems to be tamed by Illumina. "Come on Saber! Ride on it! It's safe!" she happily said as she rides on the lizard. Saber is surprised how she knew his name without a formal introduction but rides along. "So, how did you know my name?" Saber asked. "Mind reading..haha just kidding! I've heard about your successful mission with Sylux. You guys did well. I got my boots back because of you guys. Thanks, by the way." she replied. They reach the spot where the two ends meet. Saber points out his hand holding his pulse gun through the end and shoots. Minutes later, the pulse crosses him and he gets hit. "Lift down the curse that surrounds this road, to open the path to my humble abode!" Illumina chants as she waves her hand. The thick fog surrounding the place disappears and Saber wakes up from the shot he received. Saber notices the clear weather and smiles. "All right fella, you can go on now." Illumina said to the lizard as it walks to the forest. Saber and Illumina walk north until they reach a small hut. " Here's where I live. Feel free to rest if you want to...but I only have things my size, so my beds, tables and chairs may be too tiny."Illumina said with a laugh. Saber smiles and enters the house with Illumina. "Oh, right. I got an expanding space spell somewhere here. I casted it in my crate right there." Illumina said as she looks for the spell in her spell book. She casts the spell on the house and Saber watches the house expand yet the look of the house from outside remains the same. " I also have a size increasing spell, maybe you can sleep on my bed tonight. I need to take guard for more strangers that visit." Illumina said as she casts the spell on her bed and she leaves the hut. Saber ponders about what to do next, if he should continue now, or rest for a night. Saber grew tired and sleeps.

The next morning...
Saber sees Illumina outside cooking a meal. "So, why are you here?" she asked as she puts out the fire with a spell. "I was kinda referred by somebody to go here..his name was Axel." Saber replied. Illumina gets shocked and asked: "THE Axel? Leader of BioHazard and the greatest warrior of our dimension?" Illumina asked in amazement. "Hold on...Axel is the leader of BioHazard? Is he really that strong? And what do you mean of our dimension? There are others?" Saber asked. "Alright then. Axel is a pure human who was exposed to the Shinko Crystal...his left eye has a disorder for staring at the gem and he had an unbelievable power after that. He was attacked by my bear once. He was able to execute the bear before I knew that my bear was in a battle. And to answer your other question: There are 7 dimensions we have today, there were originally eight dimensions, but three dimensions merged long ago, while another split. Today we only have Deuce, Nightheart, Sine, Gora, Karganz, Void and the one we live in, Kain. Originally, Nightheart and Void were one dimension, but the members of the region Nightheart wanted to separate and they were successful. Karganz used to be Balkry, Trinux and Karganz but due to an agreement, the latter took over the first two, forming up the giant dimension of Karganz." Illumina explained as she readies food. Saber nods his head and takes a bite on the food. "What is this?" Saber asked he wolfs down on his meal. "I hunted down a giant boar yesterday. I hope you liked it. It was my favorite as well." Illumina replied with a smile. " just left DMOUR?" she added. "Yes I guess..Dr Drozone went missing and so did my friend and my whole hometown. I wanted to know more since Axel looked like he knew something." Saber replied. "I see, in that case Spiral wood isn't that far anymore. You can leave now." Illumina said. "Thanks for your help." Saber said as he bids farewell and continues his journey.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Comeback time! Now we will be introduced to the technique system, and the Final Strike system.

Chapter Six : A Warrior's Class

Saber enters the next trial as he gets faced with a large flat field with different kinds of creatures lurking about. " Might be better if I don't get seen" Saber said. " Well that is true since those wild creatures would kill you" A high pitched voiced said that shocked Saber. " I'm Jack. Jack Nickel. I am a warrior, trained in using melee weapons and the like." Jack said as he draws out a long, thin blade. " So I suppose you are the guardian for this place, huh?" Saber said. " well actually, I am also the owner of a stable in Spiralwood that raises different kinds of creatures for riding purposes" Jack replied. "Now you have met Illumina, right? She's just the easy stage. This is stage two. Now things get tricky, so don't get too confident about this." Jack added. Saber nods and asks: " So, what is the challenge now?" Jack replies: "Easy, you get through the fields and through the forest and meet me at the checkpoint." Saber then brings out his gun and reloads. "Now those aren't enough. You might need to use a lot of spirit techniques in this place." Jack said. "Spirit techniques? I haven't learned any..." Saber replies "Well, better start training. First, it's up to you for what kind of spirit technique you will have. May it be an offensive, defensive or just a power- up." Jack said. "Now, let me show you how it goes." Jack bragged. He steps up in front of a gigantic beetle and prepares his sword. "Now, for my next trick, I will make me a full meal of beetle stew!" 'Vital Swing!' Jack's sword glows in a strange light and he pierces the enemy and slices it around from different directions. "That was my Vital Swing, my first Spirit Technique" Jack said as the dead monster crashes behind them. Saber could not think of any spirit technique ideas yet, so he shoots down a bunch of monsters. "Maybe, guns aren't really your style." Jack said as he hands over a blade. Saber seems to be skilled with the sword yet he couldn't do a spirit technique. "Whatever. I'll just get through without a Spirit Technique." Saber said as he enters the forest. He quickly moves forward, not knowing he was followed by a monster. Jack watches from behind a bush as the first monster attacked.

"Scrofillas. Apes with tusks and boar-like Saber might have a hard time at this." Jack thought to himself. Saber uses the sword and attacks repeatedly as he gets rammed by the monster. Saber uses the pulse gun and stabs the monsters under the throat. He then cuts off the tusks, and uses Sylux's gun to finish it. He hurries and continues into the forest. He sees a large group of perched bird-like monsters. "Quailforna...huge birds. Saber could just run from these." Jack said. Saber sneaks around the birds but a large, orange colored one sees him and they duel. The Quailforna throws dust on Saber and rapidly pecks him. Saber kicks the bird as he uses the pulse gun. The Quailforna flees and Saber continues. Saber is then caught by a cannon of webs, as a spider-like creature gets him trapped. "Arachnights...Crepuscular creatures. This might take a while." Saber then tries to break loose but his whole body is trapped. Saber's rage is then helping him slowly destroy the web. The spider puts one of its sharp legs near Saber, as if it wants to pierce him. He then releases a massive aura that breaks the web. His blades appear as he wildly slices the monster and does an uppercut, finishing it off. Saber's blades disappear as he seems to be extremely exhausted. Saber faints, and Jack rides a tortoise-like monster and brings Saber to his house.

"What happened?" Saber said as he wakes up. Jack grabs a potion and heals Saber. "What you did was more than a Spirit Technique...It was more of a Final Strike." Jack said. "Final...Strike? What is that now?" Saber asked. "Final strikes... they are like Spirit Techniques, but immensely more powerful and harder to perfect...but you did it there without any effort."Jack softly said. "Might as well name it, Saber."Jack said. "Hmmm...a name....I want to call it....Blade Legend."Saber said as he laughs. "Saber, you are a very powerful person. I expect a lot from you. Here's two katanas. Might as well help since you did good with it earlier." He added as he bids farewell. Saber nods and goes outside. He goes into the third and final obstacle. Saber is amazed as he sees a large coliseum. Two men carries him into a hallway and tells him he has a match. Saber seems extremely shocked as he is faced by a large, muscular, ogre-like man. Saber gets hit by a massive punch and falls down. He gets up and fights back, noticing his weapons are gone. Saber fights in hand-to-hand combat but is beaten by a shoulder bash followed by a hard punch. Saber is brutally hurt, as he stands up and his aura begins to develop. His blades do not appear, though. He beats the enemy and begins to wear it down. He beats the man until the man finally falls down. Saber's blades then appeared, and he put it on the man's throat. He stops and withdraws his blades. He looks up as he sees a little girl laughing. Saber is surprised as he is now faced with three armed warriors. Saber is given back his double katanas as he prepares to battle.

Who is this strange girl, and where is Saber? Find out in Chapter 7!

Chapter End___________________

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Chapter Seven: The Spiralwood Winds

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Saber is still in the battle as the giant man is brought out of the arena. Saber shouts at the girl, "Who are you!? What do you want!?" The girl laughed and replied, "My name is Connie. I run this arena. You went near the arena, that means you are in." Saber growls. "You'll just see! after I get through these enemies you're paying for this!" A shady man sits in the empty audience seats. "Hehe...this will be interesting..." Saber picks up a sword as he is faced with robotic warriors, made of thick metal and looks very durable. Saber's attacks fail to do any damage and weakens his sword. Saber is enraged as one robot rams him. He gets an axe and hits the enemy. The attack leaves a hole, but it repaired itself. Saber tries again and he sees a power source inside the robot. He repeatedly chops the robot and uses his axe to clog the hole and prevent it from closing. He tears out the power core. "Ouch...Aggh!!It's burning hot!" Saber screamed as he throws the core. It lands on the other enemy and it dissolves it completely. Saber made it through the second match. "You got lucky there, let me see how you deal with this." Connie exclaimed. Saber smiles but his smile turned into a face of shock as he is faced with a giant, 10-feet tall giant warrior, with a deadly club designed with sharp bones, hard metals and other materials. Saber is dodging all attacks and runs up towards it but gets kicked hard and gets knocked down. Saber is extremely hurt. The monster slams the club as Saber dodges, but slightly hitting him on the side. The small hit turned into a large wound as Saber is in pain. The shady man stands up and leaves. Saber gets up but collapses due to the pain, as the enemy is about to finish him off.

The enemy lifts up the club and is going to slam it hard on Saber. Saber gives up and watches the club drop. Before the enemy could fully lift the club, he gets pierced by a harpoon-like energy, grappling on its chest as it drops its weapon. The long energy line is then pulled out and tears a large part of the enemy's chest. Then a long, heavy wooden weapon is thrown through the enemy's abdomen, as it crashes on the ground. The weapons vanishes into black smoke. The crash leaves a large smoke covering around the entire stadium. Saber wonders who the attacker was as he gets up, though still in heavy pain. Connie goes down and shouts, "You didn't tell me that you were a challenger for the Triple Gate!" Saber is shocked as he walks towards her. Connie brings Saber to a modernized house as she heals Saber's wounds. Saber tells Connie about how he completed the first two challenges with ease. "You're lucky I was told in time. You could have died in there!" Connie cheerfully said. "Sorry about the sudden attack, though. I am really sorry. You looked like one of those robots that destroyed multiple cities." She said with a gloomy face. Saber remembers what happened to his hometown, Astrogolt. She then shows Saber the village. "If you haven't realized, this is actually Spiralwood Village. You just need a long walk up a mountain to get to where you wanted to go. Spiralwood is a really highly secured area, since it is where the legendary Biohazard is built. The team began a long time ago. The founder, Sentinel, was the former leader, but he went on a trip to a distant planet, sadly he never returned, nor have we heard of him since then. Axel, his apprentice, quickly took charge as the new leader. You need to be careful. Your appearance might trigger the security. Take care, Saber. " Connie said as she returns Saber's weaponry. Saber smiles and goes up the mountain, looking for the legendary Biohazard.

Saber walks over a mile but his fatigue was repaid as he sees the large facility. He walks toward the building as he sees guards on patrol. He hides behind a bush and looks at the building. A large, muscular man is talking to a teenager in a jacket. " He really did that? No. I don't believe it. Nobody masters a Final Strike on their first try."The man said. The teenager smiles and laughs as a patrol guard catches sight of Saber. " A droid has been spotted! It is dressed differently from the others! Must be stronger!" The guard calls out to other security as they attack Saber. Saber dodges the plasma bullets as he gets faced with the teenager. The teenager frowns as his arms catch on fire. Saber backs away but he bumps into the muscular man. The man punches Saber very hard, hard enough to send him flying. The teen shoots a barrage of fireballs as the guards continues the shootout. Then, a huge light erupts in the middle of the battle. An explosion occurs and both the man and the teen stepped back. The light fades, revealing Axel standing in the middle. Axel smiles and helps Saber up. "Now guys, why don't you welcome your newest member?" Axel gladly said as the two members were shocked. "You recruited a droid?! But, they are the enemy!" The teen said. "Torch, now....let me put it this way: The droids you've battled before? They were based off this guy. Now he's been through a lot today. I think you should give him a break." Axel said. "Hmm...well then Logan, let's welcome this guy." Torch said. "I'm Torch. Torch Fireside. As you've seen, I can generate fire." Torch happily said. "'re smaller than I expected. You perfected a Final Strike in a single try huh? beginner's luck." Logan said boastfully. "Logan! Why can't you learn how to talk properly!?" Torch said. "well, he's Logan Clay. He's 5 times stronger than normal humans and he can take a ton of damage." Torch explained as Logan crosses his arms and leaves with a grin. "I'm Saber... Saber Aces. I go by Saber. I see Logan has some anger issues" Saber said with a laugh. Torch laughs as he follows Logan. "Saber, I've talked to Illumina, Jack and Connie. I want to to see someone." Axel said as he opens the door. A girl is seated in front of a work desk, seemingly creating something. Saber is confused but as he gets closer, the girl turns around and sees him. Axel smiled as he walked away. The girl was Blue! She smiled as she runs and hugs Saber. Saber smiles and asks her, "Where did you go!? I was worried!" Saber said with a worried yet happy look. "I was there...I saw the attack on Astrogolt...I was useless. They swept the town, destroying it completely. Axel then appeared out of nowhere and told me that I could help in defeating that army. I took the offer and I practiced on archery. I discovered my hidden ability. I was able to create bolts of energy in my arrows. I also create weapons here now." Blue said cheerfully. Saber hands the necklace to Blue, as she seems happy. "I thought I would never see this again! This thing gave me the power do do my ability. wever since the goblins and ogres stole it, I was a normal archer." Blue explained.

Saber sees the bow on the table as Blue covers the view. Saber keeps trying to look until Blue kisses Saber on the cheek. Saber is dazed as Blue pushes him out the room. Saber smiles and goes down the halls of the large facility. He sees a lot of people training. Logan then passes by him, still mad and furious. "Wait up Logan!" Torch shouted as he runs after him. Torch sees Saber and stops. "Saber! Hey there! You've seen Blue?" Torch asked. Saber nods and says, "What is with Logan? He's making my lucky Final Strike such a big deal." Torch sighs and said, "Well, Logan and I were training for our own Final Strikes. I mastered mine after two weeks, but Logan couldn't do one even after a month. He is just like that. Let him cool down." Torch then waves goodbye as he runs towards Logan again. Saber sees a large room in the end of the hall. Saber goes into it and sees Axel training. "Now! 'Constellar Divide!' " Axel lifts his hand as black smoke surround his hand. It forms a shape and turns into the same weapon he saw earlier. "So, you helped me back there?" Saber asked. Axel smiles and nods. "Saber...I know Sylux is your close friend...but...since you left Fallaway City...Sylux defended a nearby city from the army of robots. He was defeated and the city was destroyed. I hope you don't get too worried though. I know he can defend himself." Axel said. "No! I need to make sure he is safe!" Saber shouted. Axel nods and tells him, "Fine. Tomorrow, you go into a mission with Keith. You go check on the city and investigate. You might find more information there." Saber agrees and thanks Axel. He crosses with Logan again, but this time, Logan stops and smiles at him. "You know what? You seem to be a nice guy. So, what is your ability?" Logan asked. "I can make blades appear from my hands...although...I have no control on them." Saber explained. Logan then brings Saber to his room. "You're in this room, together with me, Torch and Keith. You should meet soon." Logan said. Torch is up on his bed, playing video games. "Oh right! Level up!" Torch said as he sees that Saber was staring at him the entire time. He feels embarrassed and keeps quiet. soon, Saber sat on his bed. The door opens, as Keith enters. He gives Saber a strange look and shakes his hand in a nervous way. Torch and Logan laughs as Keith looks extremely nervous. "Y-y-you m-m-must be Saber! The great warrior Axel talked about. Y-you are v-v-very st-t-trong! It is very nice to m-meet you..s-s-sir!" Keith said very nervously. Saber laughs and replied, "Don't worry. you can talk to me normally, like you would to a friend. And, about being called powerful, well, that's exaggeration!" Saber said as he laughs. Keith is amazed as he bows to him. "We are going to the destroyed city tomorrow! I heard your friend was involved in the recent attack there. I hope he's safe." Keith said as he turns off the light. Saber thanks Keith as he bids everyone goodnight. ("So this is the legendary Biohazard...I haven't began seeing its power in combat yet...I can't wait until tomorrow!" Saber thought)

Chapter End_____________

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Chapter Eight: Enter the Mist!

Saber is Waken up early by Logan's loud snoring. He goes outside to see Blue awake already, eating breakfast. "Why up so early, Blue?" Saber asked. Blue smiles as she replies, "I must finish my creation by today. I am taking a mission with Euphoria in two days." Saber nods and replies, "I see. Logan woke me up with his loud snoring.Keith and I are going to a mission today. We heard that a nearby city was destroyed. Sylux might've been killed in the attack, since has was defending the place." Blue is shocked and replies, "I see. sorry for that. I hope he is okay." She stands up and asks Saber to go in her workroom with her. Blue and Saber work on the bow for a few hours. After some hard work, the bow is complete. "This is it. My Crystal Bow. It fills its arrows with pure unstable light energy. Once it hits, it releases a small but powerful flash of light, and also acts as a small grenade." Blue explained. Saber looks happy as Blue hugs him. "Now to test this." Blue added. They went to the target practice room and deployed a forest simulation. Tall trees are scattered around the area. Blue aims the bow and fires. A tree is hit and it collapses. The tree creates a chain effect and knocks down a lot of other trees. "What's with all the noise?!" A voice shouted. Blue hides behind a log as Saber hides behind a bush. Axel looks around and said, "Blue, I know you did it." Blue stand up and looks remorseful. "Don't worry. there isn't any punishment. I was just messing with you. And, as for you, Saber. Do you plan on hiding behind that bush forever?" Axel said. Saber is shocked and wonders, "How did you see me?" Axel laughs and replied, "It's my thing. You can't hide from me." Saber nods and Axel asks, "Keith up yet?" Saber shakes his head. "Well, when you guys return, meet me. I need to tell you something important." Axel leaves as Blue and Saber look at each other. "We nearly got into trouble!" Blue said. Saber laughs and leaves with Blue.

Keith goes outside the room and goes to the dining area and eats. "Logan needs to control his snoring." he exclaimed. Saber and Blue pass by as Saber joins him. "Logan too?" Saber asked. "Yeah. I wonder how Torch could endure that." Keith replied. The two boys laugh as Blue thinks to herself, "I'm lucky I don't have snoring roommates." She goes into the girl's bedroom as Keith and Saber pack up. "You guys are heading for North Harrow City?" A patrol guard asked. "Yeah. It's very creepy there." Keith replied. "Hey Keith, I think we should rent a ride on Jack's stable. He said he had one in Spiralwood." Saber said. "Good luck." The guard said as the duo go up to Spiralwood. Saber sees the beauty of the village for the first time. He sees people helping each other out, buying food and some others just doing chit-chat. "This place reminds me of home...those droids will pay for what they did to my hometown." Saber said. "Sorry for that, Saber. I'm sure we can defeat them." Keith said. They reach Jack's Stable as Jack was there, sleeping. "Why aren't you guarding the 2nd station?" Saber asked. "Eh? Oh hi Saber. Illumina left a bunch of her summonings around the area. I'll just go there when somebody gets that far." Jack replied. "We're going to North Harrow City. Any suggestions?" Keith asked. "North Harrow...I think a Haliaiter would work. Jack directs them to the creature. They get on as Saber asked, "How much will it cost us?" Jack replied, "For Biohazard members? On the house. But considering it's you, Saber, it'll cost 12 thousand gold. No big deal." Saber's jaw drops as Jack laughs. "Just kidding. You can get free rides. But your returns are on your own. You should use your teleport pods." Jack said. Keith shows Saber the two pods that he brought in his bag. "All right, people! Get ready to take off." Jack yelled. The Haliaiter takes off through the roofless launch room.

*On the flight*
Saber watches the mountains that they pass by. "This will take a short time, considering we're riding a Haliaiter." Jack announced. "So Keith, I've been wondering, what's your ability?"
Keith remains silent for a moment. "As of now, nothing." Keith replied. Saber tells him, "Don't worry. It'll come to you. Just wait." Keith smiles and says thanks. After a few minutes, Jack shouted, "We're here! We're going down now!" The Haliaiter swoops down and lands on a plaza. "So guys, here we are. take care. Rumour has it that there are ghosts here." jack said. Keith shivers as Jacks takes off with the Haliaiter back to Spiralwood. The duo enters the wrecked city to search for details on Sylux's disappearance and the attack.

They see a thick mist around the city, but it was colored dark red. A pile of dead droids are in a corner and some are blown to pieces. Saber picks up a droid head and says, "They really look the same as me." Keith sees more dead droids and some dead humans start to appear. Soon, Saber comes across scattered dead droids, each having notable bullet holes. "Sylux must have killed these ones." Saber examines. Keith begins to cringe but Saber comforts him and says, "Don't worry. There aren't any enemies left." Saber and Keith walk a bit further until they stumble upon a broken rifle. "This...this gun is...Sylux's!'s broken in half...." Saber said. "I guess the droids did have my powers too." he added. Keith shivers more and senses stepping nearby. Saber senses an incoming attack and dodges. It was a pulse fired straight at them. The ground became shaky as they see a mob of droids incoming. Saber throws Keith a gun and says, "Shoot them down!" They are able to take on a bunch of them and Saber brought out his katanas and pushed through. He sees more coming and shouted, "There's way too many of them!" Saber takes the broken gun but he couldn't leave as he saw Sylux's glove worn on a droid. Saber starts to shake as the red aura develops. His blades come out and he shouted, "Keith, bring the gun and meet me back in the base. I'll take care if these." Keith won't leave but Saber pointed his blade at him. Keith takes the gun and uses the pod. Saber locks his sight on the one with the glove and released an explosion. He then slashed around in many directions, wiping out most of the enemies. A larger droid appears and fires rockets at him. He endures the damage and slashes repeatedly until he was able to slay the droid. Then he sees the one with the glove escaping as he chases it and tears it to pieces. He takes the glove and wiped out the remaining enemies. All droids are gone and Saber clenches his fist. the glove has a hole in it, due to the blade from the droid's hand. He looks determined to find Sylux, dead or alive. He thinks that it's about time that he went back so he used the pod. He sees Keith waiting for him outside the building. "Hide the gun in the bedroom. I'll keep it later." Saber told Keith as he goes down the hallway towards Axel's room, determined to find out what he had to tell him.

Chapter End__________________________
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Chapter Nine: Revelations

Saber enters the room as he sees Axel seated on his chair, waiting for him. Saber then said, "We found Sylux's gun and glove. His gun was chopped in half, by a blade. I guess those droid really have my power. Heck, they even do it better than I do. If only I stayed in DMOUR...If I had come with Sylux to defend the city...he could have been safe." Axel sighs and tells saber, "Saber, I know this is hard to believe but DMOUR and Drozone, they aren't your allies. He was actually behind the repeated attacks around several areas. one of the leaders of Trivoid." Saber gasps and thought, "That blood sample...he used it to trick me all along!" Axel stands up and tells him, "And your father, he is alive. I worked with him and was even trained by him. Drozone and the entire Trivoid was behind his disappearance. That's why I attacked him in Fallaway. Sentinel, former leader of your father." Saber is shocked as Axel adds, " He kept you a secret from everyone except me, to train you and continue his missions. I know these are hard times but we need to move along. We must defeat Trivoid, no matter what it takes. "So my grandfather...but where is Sentinel?" Axel grabs an ornament from his table and gives it to him. "This thing gave me a short conversation with your dad before he disappeared. He cut off all communications towards him. Nobody knows where he is right now. Saber nods and tells Axel, "I promise to help defeat Trivoid, no matter what. I must avenge my father, whether he is dead or alive." Axel smiles as Saber leaves, determined to carry on. He crosses paths with Keith, still unknowing of his ability. "Hey Saber. Let's go training today. I might find out my power, or not." Keith said with a laugh. Saber nods and follows him to the back of the building, where they see a somewhat angry Logan.

"I...MUST...DEFEAT...SABER!!!!" Logan said as a tree collapses as he punched it. Saber thought of something and told Keith, "Hey, have you tried to get hurt? Your ability might be a defensive move." Keith rapidly shakes his head in fear. Logan continues to wreck down trees as a large tree catches Logan's sight. Keith sees the tree and remembers that it was the same tree that he trained under on his first day of joining Biohazard. He runs towards and defends the tree as Saber tries to stop him. Logan yells, "GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!" Keith blocks the attack as he began to glow in a golden aura. The aura becomes a force field, slowly expanding until it explodes, launching Logan into the mountain wall. Logan is severely damaged as Keith collapses in exhaustion. Saber runs to Keith and helps him up. The two check on Logan as Logan murmured, "He...did some sort of final strike too...Am I cursed?" Logan faints as the duo brings him to the medical team. Axel watches the whole thing as he is surprised by the power Keith has. "He has a lot of bruises around his body, but it wouldn't cause him any further problems." The medical leader said as Keith looks at his hands an thought, "So this is what it feels like..." Saber takes an exhausted Keith to the room as Torch finally stops playing games. Hey Saber, wanna go for training? Saber nods but first helps Keith on his bed. Keith waves goodbye as he takes a nap and the two go into the training room. Blue and a girl are in the room as Blue hits every target with perfect accuracy. "You're great, Blue! You seem to have a hundred percent accuracy!" the girl shouted. Blue smiles and replied, "Thanks for the compliment, Euphoria! But it' s because of the bow i created that makes it so strong." Saber sees Torch go on the other side of the room and goes to the control panel. Torch activates the Final Strike training system as targets begin to appear, one by one. Torch grins as Saber steps back. Torch begins to release a massive amount of fire and goes up to a high area. He moves all the flames into his hands and claps, scattering the flames all around the room. "This is my Final Strike, Inferno Storm!" The targets get easily wiped out as the system takes out the excess fire. Saber claps as the two girls move toward them. "Let me give it a shot, it'll be fun!" Euphoria said. "She lives up to her name, all happy all the time." Blue said. Euphoria begins as a bright light gathers to her hand. The light becomes a staff, and she begins to defeat the targets. She spins the staff and said, "This is my copy of Axel's Arcane Portal! Light Ascension!!" The staff shoots bolts of energy around many enemies, blinding them in the process. She then grabs the staff, causing all targets hit by the bolts to explode. "That was easy!" Euphoria shouted. "Good job! Now maybe I could give it a go." Blue said as she steps up. She uses a function called: Super target every 10 summons. This enables a stronger enemy to appear every 10 enemies. She draws her arrows and shoots them down. The super target appears as she takes out a specialized arrow. "This is my Final Strike! Particle...Alignment!" The arrow flies towards the enemy, slowly creating a giant aura of light. The arrow lands and explodes, knocking the enemy down. She smiles as Saber watches. "I can't control mine, so I'll pass." Saber said. The four members then go outside as Axel crosses them. "Saber, you and Logan are going on a mission tomorrow. To check on Fallaway city. We heard a rogue warrior has been helping out citizens. We think it may be Sylux." Axel said. "And Blue, Euphoria, you guys are going to go on a mission to Canyon Cave tomorrow, just reminding you." The two girls nod and go to their room. Saber smiles and replied, "What about Torch?" Torch smiles and said, "I just go on patrol from time to time. No problem." Saber nods and thanks Axel. Axel stares at Saber and Torch as they go into their room.

The scene shifts into a dark room, with three spotlights aimed at three people sitting on chairs in a triangle position. "So Saber now knows about your true colors..." a woman said. "They may know my true plans, but they cannot find out what I have in store for them." Drozone said. "Shadow Empire will make their move soon, and i'm sure we will surpass your contributions to Trivoid." the woman said as she laughs. "Well your team barely has members or soldiers, while I have all the soldiers I can want!" Drozone angrily replied. "But once I make my move, I will have the world in my grasp!" The woman shouted. "Solyst, Ganymede, you two stop it. you are both in Trivoid. You both are in this team together. There is no need for arguments." The two settle down and said, "We are sorry, lord Damus." Damus laughs maniacally and said, "Axel...he will pay for what he has done to me..."

*Early morning*
"Rise and shine, lazy head. We have a mission!" Logan screamed to Saber. He was the only one left sleeping as all other people are out of the room. "Where is everybody?" saber asked. "Out on their missions. Keith got one and left in a rush." Saber nods as they go outside and meet Jack again. Jack isn't around, most probably due to a busy schedule with other members. "Now what?" Saber asked. Logan grins and walks into the stable. After a few minutes, Logan tells Saber to get in. He tames a dragon and they ride it. "Are you sure you can do this?" Saber asked Logan laughs as they take off. After a long travel, the duo lands on the landing pod of Fallaway City. Logan grabs some chains and locks the dragon in its place. The duo begin to travel as the rogue warrior watches them. "Biohazard members..." he said as he keeps following them. The duo enter the ramen shop as Basalt is glad to see Saber back. "Hey Saber! Welcome back!" basalt said as Saber smiled at him. "Not eating today. I'm on a mission, grampa." Basalt is shocked as he gives out a big smile. " wonder you are so much like Sentinel..." Logan is shocked as he heard his name. He goes outside and waits for Saber. "Sylux...I know what happened to him." Saber said as he looks depressed. "Don't worry. I think he may be fine, but Saber, being in Biohazard is a great responsibility. You need to be a top-class warrior to enter. I think this 'rouge warrior' guy is fit for the job." Basalt replied. "He is who we were looking for. That';s why we went here. We thought he was Sylux." Saber replied. "Sadly, he isn't Sylux. He was an assassin-like fighter, swift and agile." Basalt said. Saber seemed sad but said, "Well then. maybe we can still look for him. He could be a wonderful recruit to the team, like you said." Basalt smiled as Saber goes back outside. Logan meets him and told him, "So you're the son of Sentinel, no wonder you were so strong." Saber smiled and told him, "I can only be a fourth of how great he is, knowing that I have no control over my ability. And by the way, he isn't Sylux. But we can still look for him,right? We could recruit him into Biohazard. Logan smiled as the duo continues to look for the mysterious man.

Chapter End

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Chapter Ten: Hustle! DMOUR'S Attack Continues!

Logan and Saber search for him for 30 minutes, but there is no sign of the mysterious man. Saber feels tired as Logan told him, "Hey Saber, you look for this guy yourself. I'm starving." Saber frowns and said, "Lollygagging in the middle of a mission would get you in trouble." Logan laughs and drags Saber towards an arcade in a mall. "Hey look! A food stand!" Logan shouted. Saber sighs and goes outside the mall and goes to the nearby seafood market near the docks. A suspicious man walks by and pulls out a weapon. Saber hides behind a wall to see if the mysterious man appears. "Give me your money!" The robber demanded. The lady is scared and gives the money but in a split second, the robber's sack was sliced by a knife, thrown from above. "Hey you! Work for your own money you lazy bum!" The man shouted from on top of the lighthouse. He jumps off as the robber laughs at him. "Nice costume. A little early for Halloween though." The robber shouted. The mysterious man dashes in massive speed and punches the robber on the face. The robber wipes the blood on his nose as he counters with punches, despite the mysterious man dodging them all one by one. The robber lifts the man but he spins and kicks him on the head, knocking him unconscious. The mysterious man ties the robber with a chain to the small bridge nearby, leaving him hanging upside down for the cops to get him. Saber is amazed as he tries to go near him. The man sees him and runs. Logan leaves the mall as he sees the man running in an astounding speed. He sees Saber incoming as well as he joins the chase. "So, that the guy?" Logan asked. Saber nods as the chase is brought into the city dump, filled with gigantic, tall dumps of trash. Saber sees the man far ahead as he is already very tired. "Logan could you give me a boost?" Saber asked. Logan smiled and grabbed him and threw him up in the air. "This is not what I meant!!" Saber shouted as he flew in the air. He sees the man as he lands just a few feet away from him. Saber keeps running until they exit the dump, back into the city. The man runs up the wall of the building and does some parkour methods. He grabs onto a flagpole and swings to the window and uses the ledges as stairs to get to the rooftop. Saber stares at him as he goes in the building to take the elevator. Logan uses the other elevator as all three of them get to the top at the same time. The man smiles as he jumps off the ledge, landing on a ladder connected to the wall. Saber looks down and said, "We'll never catch him at this rate." He thought of something and told Logan, "You feeling lucky?" Logan replied with a yes. "You thinking what I thinking?" Saber asked. Logan grins and charges at Saber, grabbing him and jumping off the building. "This wasn't what I thought of!" Saber screamed. Logan crashes, keeping Saber completely safe. Logan shakes his head and gets up as the man lands on the ground, surrounded by the two. He turns around and said, "Alright. You got me." He surrenders as Logan and Saber take him into a small cafe in the mall.

The duo introduce themselves as the man said, "My name is Shard. Nice to meet you." Saber shakes his hand as he gave him a cup of coffee. "So we wanted to recruit you to our team, Biohazard. We fight back evil and the organization Trivoid. I saw how you fought that robber and I thought that you would be the perfect addition to the group. So, do you accept?" Saber said. Shard stands up and replied, "Teams? No, sorry." Logan is furious but Saber calms him down. "If you would ever want to join us though, feel free to go to Spiralwood Valley. But the path there is very dangerous. Be careful." Saber said as Shard bids farewell. A series of beeps begin to play in Logan's pocket as he takes his communicator out. "Saber! Logan! Abort your missions for today! This is a critical situation! Grand Flower City is under attack by the army! Get there ASAP." Axel exclaimed. Logan and Saber rush towards the outside to ride on the dragon. "Grand Flower city is to the west from here. Let's move!" Saber said. Logan detaches the chain as they take off. Shard watches them as he runs after them, passing by the forests to keep stealthed. After a few minutes, Logan and Saber catches sight of Grand Flower City. "Landing in a few seconds!" Logan shouted. Shard takes an alternate route and rushes on top of a building. Logan and Saber meet Axel and Keith as the army comes closer. "Logan, Keith , evacuate the civilians. Me and Saber take on these guys." Axel commanded. Keith and Logan begin to evacuate the citizens as Saber and Axel close in on the army. "Drozone isn't here..." Saber thought to himself. Saber slices some droids with his katanas as Axel watches. "Axel, why aren't you helping?" Axel laughs as Saber steps away. Axel exclaims, "My turn." He slams his palm on a droid, creating a massive burst of energy and blasting the droid away. Axel summons his staff and rams the enemies. He spins it around and shreds many of them. Axel smiles and jumps up, releasing the blades on his staff. He bushwhacks through the large mob of enemies, scattering the body parts. Saber continues to charge through the enemy as he gets hit by one. The droids close in around him as they got shot down one by one by arrows. "Glad I could help!" Blue exclaimed. Logan and Keith keeps evacuating the citizens as droids attack them. Logan squashes the droids as Keith continues to evacuate. Logan tears apart the droids but a rocket hits him, knocking him down. The rocket came from a gigantic droid, bigger and stronger than the rest. It releases its blades, as if it would slash Logan, and charges. Logan grins and steps back. "This is my Spirit Technique!" 'Infinite Breaker!' Logan's punch breaks through the enemy, killing it instantly. Logan laughs and takes its hand. He uses the hand as his own sword and shreds the droids. "Help me!" A civilian shouted while she is in her house. The droids are going to attack her but Logan throws them outside and squashes them. He accompanies the woman to the other civilians. "Evacuation complete. Moving on to offense." Keith said. Logan smashes more enemies as Blue gets up on a high area to shoot down more enemies from a distance. The temperature rises as a large fireball drops down on a group of enemies. Torch flies down as Euphoria comes in from a car. "High standard much, Euphoria?" Keith said. Euphoria laughs and summons her staff. She begins to break down some enemies as Keith runs to Axel. Torch burns down some droid as Logan crushes enemies under his hull. Keith sits with Axel, who is just watching the battle. "Why aren't you helping?" Keith asked. Axel smiles and said, "They remind me of us back in the, Sentinel...all of the old Biohazard members....I just want to cherish this moment, where they could all battle together as a team." Axel hands over a pair of gloves to Keith. "My old friend used to wear this. It helped him control his abilities. Maybe you could use it." Axel said. Keith wore them and smiled. "So this is the feeling of being a true Biohazard member!" Keith said. "No, you are always a part of the team. Ability or not." Axel said. Keith smiled and jumps off the building, using his energy to slow down the impact. He punches the air, releasing a fist of electric energy every punch. Keith takes on more enemies as he and Saber bump into each other back to back. "Duck." Saber commanded. Keith replied, "What for?" Saber grins and said, "Just duck!" Keith ducks and so does saber as a large wave of flames slice through the surrounding area, burning the droids. Torch lands and sees Logan, struggling to beat 3 giant droids. "You should go help him." Axel said. Shard looks down and jumps off. "You can't defeat me!" Logan said. He punches the droids down, killing one of them. The last two barraged him with rockets as he collapses on the ground. A giant was going to finish him off but it stops as a bolt breaks off.

The droid falls down as its head detaches. Shard steps on the dead droid as he jumps into the mob, shredding droids with his knives. "I....I WON'T LET ANOTHER GUY DEFEAT ME!" Logan angrily shouted. He charges towards the third giant droid and jumps. Axel smiled as Logan smashes the ground, destroying it and raising multiple stones do devastate the enemy. The giant gets buried underground as Logan is in a fury. "A Final Strike....You did it!" Torch shouted. Logan smiles and roars, releasing a burst of aura. He runs through the mob, destroying everything in his path. Shard is amazed as they all group up. "There's only a few of them left..." Axel said. "Let's finish it off." Logan said as he smacks his first. Saber's head began to hurt as he feels an intense aura nearby. Axel grins and whispered, "Drozone..." Drozone arrives in a specialized droid suit. "Saber! I see you've joined them! Bad move in my opinion!" Drozone shouted. Saber's aura develops as he charged in a massive speed. Everyone was shocked as Saber's attack hit a force field. Saber's rage is still pushing him through. After a long while, he was overpowered. Saber is launched back, crashing hard on the road. Saber is knocked unconscious as Drozone recalls his droids and leaves. Axel attempts to charge to Drozone but Blue stops him. They go to Saber, who is still knocked out. They bring him to the jet as Logan decides to ride the dragon with Torch. Shard bows to Axel and said, "You were awesome. All of you. I hope you win in your battles." Shard runs up into the woods as the team take off. Saber wakes up in the medical room, being cured by the medical team. "Good thing you woke up." Axel said from the corner. "You've been sleeping for 2 days." Axel said. Saber gasps and gets up. "You took a ton of damage from Drozone. You can call it a day off." Axel said. Saber goes outside and sees the sunset. He climbs to the top of the mountain and sits. "Drozone...he destroyed my town...he could have killed Sylux...I want to defeat him...but...I was swatted an insect...I'm hopeless at this rate." Saber murmured. He hears the bushes shake as he stands up and prepares. "You wouldn't give up THAT easily now would you?" A voice said from above. Saber turns around to see the man land in front of him. "Shard? Why are you here?" Saber asked. "After seeing you there, I knew that you are better than what I thought. You're power was way higher than mine. I want to join you guys. I might be fast but I need to get better. Fast is not enough to beat evil." Shard said. Saber smiles as the duo shakes hands, officially making Shard a member of Biohazard.

The next morning...

Axel wakes up the entire facility, telling them to prepare. "What's going on?" Saber asked. Everyone asked as well as Axel arrives to silence the commotion. "Today we are having a visitor...the guardian of the dimension Deuce, Dime. He has intense power, so don't get to his nerve. The members nod as they continue their daily rituals. Shard looks around and looks very amazed. "This place looks awesome..." He said. Keith goes into the training room with Torch and Logan. "Now I have my ability, maybe I should create my Final Strike!" Keith said. Shard watches from the top with Saber. "Saber, do you have any best friends?" Shard asked. Saber remains silent and remembers Sylux. "Sylux....he saved my life long ago. We did missions together, eat together and just random things...but recently, he was defeated by the army we fought back then. He might still be alive...but where is he?" Saber replied. Shard smiled and replied, "At least you had a friend...My parents were killed by men who said that they were going to destroy a certain organization. Since then, I swore to fight back evil. I had no allies. I was alone." Keith claps as a giant fist is formed. He draws his hand back and prepares to punch down a super target. He shouts and punches, but it dissipates in mid-air, failing. Logan assists and uses Infinite Breaker, launching the enemy into the wall. "I'll call it Legend Fist! Even though it's incomplete, it needs a good name!" The group laughs as Saber and Shard get up and go with Torch, Keith and Logan. The alarm rings, as all members group up into the front entrance of the building. Axel goes outside as Saber, Shard, Blue, Euphoria, Keith, Logan and Torch follow. They look up to see clouds forming in a circle as light particles are trapped in that area. It bursts, sending out a ray of light towards the ground. A man crashes to the ground, creating a small crater in his wake. He gets up as he tosses a coin in the air. Axel steps up and said, "Welcome back, Dime."

Chapter End_____
Constantly dying yet never dead
As suggested by my friend, A Day with A Guardian it is.

Chapter Eleven: A Day with A Guardian

"Welcome back, Dime." Axel said. Dime stands up, with a golden aura and the coin balanced on his fingertip. Saber tries to get closer as a hat falls down from the sky, as Dime catches it and wears it. "So, how's my little Axel doing?" Dime said as he smiled and walked towards the group. Axel and Dime shake as Saber slowly walks towards Logan. "Hey Torch, remember that guy?" Logan asked. Torch nodded as Axel stares into Saber, like he is reading his mind. Dime whispered to Axel as Axel nods. Dime gasps and walks towards Saber. "So, you're the one, huh? You're quite smaller than I expected." Dime said. Saber looks confused as Axel calls everyone inside the building. Dime looks around and said, "This place looked better back then..." Axel replied, "Yes, but the fighting spirit is still strong." Saber joins the others as Axel and Dime enter the main meeting room. "So, who was that guy?" Saber asked. Blue joins Saber and said, "We're kinda new to him...we never saw him before." Shard, Euphoria and Keith also join the two, saying that they too, have never seen him before. Torch and Logan laughs as Logan initiates the story. "Dime... The guardian of the Deuce dimension, home of violence and mishap. All there is in that place was riot, greed, and hatred. No one was was working together. Being a dimension without a guardian, the place was vulnerable to attacks, especially from Trivoid." Logan said. Torch continues the story by saying, " We were sent there on a critical mission. We all went there. Several battleships from Trivoid arrived to begin their attack. Dime, was one of our old teammates in Biohazard. We fought back Trivoid's army, though we barely won. For once, the dimension was working together to fight back. Everyone was happy, but after only a few weeks, the dimension began to fall into riot once again. Dime asked Axel if he could visit the dimension and Axel allowed him. After a few months, Dime didn't return, but left a message. It said: 'To all the members of Biohazard I left behind, I sent this to say that I am staying here to reorganize peace and unity. Although I know this means I won't be able to permanently return there, but I will make sure to visit again from time to time. See you soon.' And that's pretty much how he left." The four new members understood and quickly began to do their daily tasks. Saber sneaks into the Main room, where he sees Axel and Dime talking. "Hey Axel, Is that really him?" Dime asked. Axel remains silent and does not reply. "Saber, stop hiding." Axel said. Saber quickly reveals himself and walks towards the two. "So, A while ago... you were thinking how strong Dime was, right?" Axel asked. Saber is shocked as he thought, "How did he know?!" Dime laughs as Axel stands up to click a button. A door opens up in the corner of the room as Dime grins. "Saber, follow us." Dime said. The trio enters the door and enter a large room with an arena-like area. Saber stares around the place as Axel tells him to take a seat. Shard sneaks into the place and hides in the back. Axel uses a small console near the entrance of the arena. The arena shifts into a grass land battlefield near a stream. Saber gasps as Axel summons his staff. Dime tosses a coin and grabs it, turning it into a long cutlass. The two begin to put up battle stances as they run towards each other.

Saber watches as Axel creates a small energy wave from his hand, knocking Dime back. Dime throws coins, which exploded on Axel. Axel gets up as he gets up and swing his staff around. Dime dodges the attacks and swings his cutlass, releasing a gust of wind blasting Axel away. Axel releases the blades and dashes, but Dime blocks the attack with his cutlass, making a powerful collision that knocks both of them back. Axel recovers and dashes, making a pulse and blasting Dime into the water. Dime gets up quick and jumps high, leaving a trail of golden aura behind him. He flies towards Axel and blasts him into a rock. Axel stands up and spins his staff. Small traps land on the ground and sink underneath. A portal opens as Dime's leg's are snares by Axel's traps. The portal shoots a barrage of small homing bullets, exploding on Dime. Dime gets very tired as he tosses a coin and sashes it, releasing a gas which he used to hide. Axel uses his sensing ability but Dime was too fast and hit him with coin bombs. Axel now withdraws his staff's blades and stamps it on the ground. The ground begins to get covered with symbols as it traced Dime. Dime's legs are once again trapped as the ground underneath him looks like it's about to erupt. He smiles and withdraws his cutlass and takes out a silver coin. He clenches his fist and punches, firing a massive wave of energy to Axel. Axel triggers the eruption as he is hit by the powerful wave. Both men are down as Saber gets up and runs to the console. He clicks a button saying: End Battle. The terrain reverts to normal as both fighters are healed by the system." You two didn't have to fight to show me you're strengths!" Saber shouted. Axel and Dime replied, "We do this all the time. It's our little way of seeing our progresses." Saber nods and smiled. Axel laughs and shouts, "You still haven't rusted Dime! That's how a guardian should be!" Dime laughs as Saber is amazed by the massive power the two of them have. Shard escapes again as Axel stares at him while he runs away. Saber shakes Dime's hand as they all come back outside. "Saber, today , you will be assigned to a mission." Axel said. Saber is psyched up as Axel states, "You will go training with Dime for the rest of the day." Dime grabs an emblem from his pocket and grabs Saber's hand. He removes Saber's gloves and takes out new ones with a special divot on one glove. "What are those?" Saber asked. Dime attaches the emblem to Saber's right glove. Dime then grins and says, "Saber, now we will visit a place where only a few Biohazard members are allowed to visit." Saber is excited as Axel laughs. "Isn't the difficulty level there too high for Saber?" Axel asked. "It will depend on the difficulty level. As long as it isn't over nine." Dime replied. Saber follows Dime to a spot in Spiralwood Village. Dime places his hand on a stone in the mountain wall where there are noticeably no houses and people. Dime walks in as Saber examines the cave walls. "This, is the Biohazard training area. Axel trained here when he was younger. You will not believe how many times he failed in summoning the staff." The two laughs as Saber sees many facilities that train different skills. "So this is how legends are made." Saber murmured. Dime walks towards a giant machine. "This is my target shooting practice machine. It's...pretty tough. Try not to miss too much." Dime said. Saber is confused as Dime grabs his hand." Aim your fist. Focus all your power to your right hand, like when you use your blades." Dime commanded. "But, I can't control my powers!" Saber said. Saber attempts to focus his energy as his glove began to glow. He was shocked but since he lost his concentration, the light fades. "Concentrate!" Dime said. He takes out a silver coin as Dime lifts his fist and aims. "Here's how you do it!" Dime shouted. His hand glows white as a powerful burst of energy shoots straight to the target. Saber tries again but the light fades all the time. After hours of trying, Saber rests for a moment. Dime laughs and sets up two targets, positioned very far from each other. He swings his arm when he shoots, making a wide wave of energy that knocks both targets down. "C'mon... You just need to put a bit more focus to it!" Dime said. Saber gets up and growls. He grips on his wrist and aims steadily. He focuses on the target and on his hand. The light glowed in a light blue color as it slowly built up on his hand. He clenches tighter and releases, sending a small but powerful burst to the target. Saber finally did the move! He is very happy as Dime walks to an upgraded version of Biohazard's robot training system as Saber followed. The screen said: One rank-12 robot.Saber steps back as Dime shouted, "Now, see my Final Strike!" He glows in a white aura and floats, as he tosses a coin in the air and catches it, throwing it at the robot. He dashes as his blade forms on his hand. The coin exploded on impact. He slashes a lot of times, giving the enemy no time to react. He finishes off by throwing the blade, jamming it on the robot's armor. The blade explodes, sending the enemy crashing down on the ground and making a gigantic gust of air all around Spiralwood. " who told you that you can use your Drive here?" Axel exclaimed as he felt the gust from outside the building. "Wow...that was...very powerful!" Saber thought. Dime's aura fades away as the coin rolls back to Dime. Dime picks up the coin and puts it in his pocket. The two decided to get back to the building.

Dime stands in the halls of Biohaazard's facility as everyone came close to him. Many questions emerge from the crowd as Saber goes into his room and puts his things in his closet. "Guys, let Dime pass first."Axel commanded. The crowd makes way for Dime as he whispered to Axel, "Saber learned something new. A pulse move like me." Axel replied, "You used your Drive again, huh? It got stronger." Dime thanks Axel as he turns to the members. "Thank you for your warm welcome and sorry for the crater I left outside." Dime said. The people laugh for a while as Keith asked, "How can you control so much power?" Dime shows him his Guardian seal. " I got this because of my years of practice. I bet you can get good in the future too. Just wait." Keith smiled as a guard asked, "Why did you choose to leave Biohazard?" Dime replied, "Well, I was the only one who only gave a little help to Biohazard...Might as well expand more." Axel prevents further questions and brought Dime into his main room. "But I had more questions..." Torch said. "Do you have any details about our guardian yet?" Axel asked. Dime shook his head and said, "How about you?" Axel took out a folder with papers in it. Dime skims on the words and shook Axel's hand. "This information could really help in finding Kains' guardian. Thanks a lot." Dime said. "I guess it's time to leave now?" Axel asked. Dime nodded as the two go back to the main hall. Everyone bid Dime farewell as Saber gets out and notices his glove had Dime's silver coin attached to it. Dime is surrounded by the light which would teleport him back to Deuce as Saber tries to run after him. Saber reaches Dime but it was too late. He already vanished. "He left his silver coin..." Saber murmured. Axel pats Saber on his back and said, "It's part of his plan, more or less. You better keep it for now. It might help you with your new skill." Saber nods as everyone returned inside.

"So I've heard that your attack on Grand Flower was a failure...what more would I expect from you?" Solyst said as Drozone growls. Damus commands the two to quiet down as he gets up and walks to a seat in the back of the room. "Time for you to be deployed." Damus said as he check's the man's pockets. He finds a crushed teleporter pod and he threw it in the trash. He takes a small device and let it sit on the man's head. The man began to scream in pain as Damus watches and laughs maniacally. Solyst grins and said, "It's my turn to move."

The next morning...
Saber opens his eyes and gets his mask. He wears it as he gets surprised when he saw Axel standing there inside their room. "You guys, you will be having a training vacation. You will go to a remote land where you could train, do some research, or just relax." Logan and the rest of the boys get up. "By the way, where does Shard sleep?" Keith asked. Axel opens the closet as they see him sleeping on a hammock. "So, vacation for three days. Have fun. Try to keep peace while you're at it." Axel said as the boys see the girls already packed up and ready. "How did you get fixed up so fast?" Saber asked. Blue replied whit a smile, "We overheard the conversation so we packed up while you were staring at Shard." The group laughs as Shard began to feel ashamed. "Don't worry man. It's normal." Torch said to Shard. Shard smiles as they see Keith, also finished packing. "I got everything in this backpack." Keith said. Logan begins to stash random objects in his bag while Saber gets some clothes, food and his pair of gloves. "You will use the Biohazard Caravan and travel by the back path. It's a straight ride that will take more or less 4 hours. The destination, Pelmet Town. There are a lot of fire troops there." Axel said. Torch makes a small flame on his hand and looks excited. Axel leads them to the caravan while Logan is struggling to keep his baggage shut. "The driver will be Gavin, a patrol guard and also a specialist in machines." Axel stated. Gavin waves hi to the group as they all go in the caravan. They quickly find a seat and prepare to leave. "Axel, why aren't you getting on?" Saber asked. "I'm not coming. I need to keep guard here, of course." Axel replied. Saber nods and sat in the front seat with Gavin. "So, you're Saber, the warrior with great potential?" Gavin asked. Saber replied, "I suppose so. Why did you call me that though?" Gavin pointed to Logan and said, "That's what he kept calling you before you arrived." Logan sits on his bag and it finally kept shut. The car began to move as they take the path to Pelmet Town

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Hmm...Since I need to get 2 done before I can move them to my notebook, I must do this NAO! (Crud...printer outta ink!) And yes, Aodh is a LEGIT name. It's an old English name. It means FIRE.
Chapter Twelve : Where Legends are Made

The gang are still driving through the forest and up the mountains towards Pelmet Town. Logan is snoring in the back while Blue and Euphoria are having a small chat. Keith tries to cover his ears from Logan's snoring and Torch is just playing games on his handheld. "I knew there was gonna be a problem with going out so early." Keith murmured. Shard stares outside and thinks about something. "Sylux....where are you?" Saber thought to himself. Gavin stops at a small stop as he announced, "We are having a break from the ride! Quickly do your small things since we are leaving in a couple of minutes!" Everyone went down except for Logan, who is still sleeping. Some used the toilet while others took snacks. Saber drinks water when he was approached by Keith. "Pelmet Town...If I remember...that village was destroyed before. But it was restored soon after. They say Sentinel recruited 2 members there. We might find out who." Keith stated as Saber closes the bottle. Shard gets back on followed by Euphoria. Blue suddenly shouted. Saber gives the bottle to Keith as he runs to Blue. He finds Blue surrounded by strangers who are supposedly working for Trivoid. "Our chief commanded us to find as many Biohazard members as possible. I think we just hit the jackpot." one of the men said as he pulls out something which is supposed to put them to sleep. Saber ducks quickly as Blue kicks one of the men down a small hole. Saber punches the men as they dodge it easily. "We learned your way of battle and there is no point in fighting." They taunted. Saber attempts again as this time he focused his energy on the fist. His punch may have missed but the bolt fired, hitting the man on the face. "We have no data on that one! This is unfair!" He shouted. He retreats as his two allies dropped a note. it said, "Tell them that we have something that Saber might be interested in." Saber tears the paper while he accompanies Blue back to the vehicle. "What happened?" Keith asked. Saber replied, "Some men who may be working for Trivoid attacked us. We defeated them but they left a note which said that they have something that is interesting to me." Keith nods as Blue told Saber, "They might attack again. We better keep guard." Shard also approaches Saber. "Hey Saber, could I sit in the front seat this time?" Shard asked. Saber replied, "Yes you can." Shard goes up to the front while everyone go back to their seats. "Alright! Nothing left behind?" Gavin asked. Everyone replied, "Nothing." Gavin laughs as he starts the car and they begin to drive again.

They arrive in Pelmet Town but Logan is still fast asleep. Torch puts his hand on Logan's belly and began to make heat. Logan is still asleep even when Torch is already placing fire on his abdomen. Keith draws back his hand and slaps in mid-air, making a palm of aura that slaps Logan's face. He suddenly wakes up and sees the fire on his shirt. He screams and puts it out immediately. Everyone laughs as Saber gets down. He sees a small town in front of him, with a pond and a park. Everyone is amazed by the red houses and beautiful stone paths. Some troops arrive as they punch in the air, releasing a burst of fire. "Welcome, Biohazard members!" they shouted as they made flames in the air. Torch looks at his hand and thought, "Why can't I do that?" They go to the house where they were assigned to stay in for the vacation. They see a large room with 5 beds. "We need two more." Gavin stated. "Don't you mean three? How about you?" Saber asked. Gavin shows Saber the keys to the car and said, "In the car, of course." Gavin leaves while Keith walked to Saber. "Should we go ask which Biohazard members were recruited here?" Keith asked. Saber nods as they go downstairs. They walk outside and see a small hut where an old lady lives. "Anybody home?" Keith asked. The woman opens the door. "Good morning, ma'am. We would like to ask if you know which Biohazard members were recruited here." Keith said. The woman lets them in and gave them some tea. She uses her own flames to boil the brew. "Axel and Dime...I remember those two usually making trouble here. Then the battle began. It was Trivoid as usual. The fire troops fought valiantly but they were overpowered. Some of the missed attacks began a fire. Sentinel came and drove them away as the village burned down. Axel and Dime were trapped in the Stricken Rune Forest up north. Axel was rumored to have gotten his powers there. Sentinel noticed that the two had no parents. He thought that he would take care of them and he did. when they reached the proper age, They worked for Biohazard. Our village was restored back to its former beauty and Trivoid never attacked again." She told the two. "Stricken Rune Forest? I suppose that is the location of the Shinko Caverns?" Keith asked. The woman nodded as Saber drinks the tea. "Thank you very much for the help, and for the tea." Saber said. The old lady smiled and waved goodbye. Keith gave a mischievous smile to Saber and asked, "Do you want to go to the forest?" Saber was shocked but he couldn't resist. The two went to the forest entrance.

They get inside the forest, seeing some strange trees and rocks. After an hour, they reach the cave where the crystal is found. Saber said, "We'll get into trouble for this..." Keith goes inside as Saber looks around. He also enters after a while. even without torches or any lights, the halls of the caverns are well-lit, due to the light made by the runes on the wall. They hear strange growling from inside the cave as they both get scared and run away. They run back to the house and see everyone eating lunch already. They join in and decide to keep their visit to the cave secret. "So, what happened?" Torch asked. Saber and Keith both replied, "Nothing much. Although now we know that Axel and Dime used to live here before they joined Biohazard." Everyone was shocked after hearing this. They all began to eat their lunch. After lunch, Saber couldn't hold his secrets inside anymore. "We found out where Axel got his powers and we tried to get some too." He blurted out. Keith looks down while everyone looks at him. "I'm interested. I think we all want some of that power." Logan said. Shard agrees while Blue, Euphoria and Torch are still thinking. Euphoria said, "It will be fun! Let's try it tomorrow!" Torch then said, "Maybe I could be as good as the fire troops if I get some of that." Blue sighs and said, "Fine. Let's do it first thing in the morning." Everyone agreed and they all prepared for the exploration. Torch goes out and sees a temple. He goes in and sees some fire troops training. He attempts the techniques but the flames were very small. "You want to learn?" A man asked. Torch turns around and sees the instructor looking at him. "I'm Aodh, the instructor and leader of the fire troop." he said. Torch shows his fire techniques as Aodh notices something. "You are limited to shooting flames. You must learn more styles, like a steady flame spout." Aodh said. He takes Torch to the other troops who are using a spirit technique called 'Incinerate'. Torch attempts to create a steady shot of flames but it was very small. Aodh shouts a code to the troops as they all take aim at the sky and shot tall towers of fire. Torch could not do it and instead he shot a straight fireball up to the sky. Aodh trains Torch a bit more until he slowly got the hang of it. Soon after, he was successful. He made a wide consistent flame in front of him, dealing heavy damage to a small area. "It may be short ranged, but it will get better if you master it!" Aodh said. Torch thanks everyone and got outside. When he entered, everyone was doing different things. Logan was sleeping, Saber was reading a book, Blue was doing target practice while Euphoria is practicing a new spirit technique. Torch decides to keep practicing his new move while Shard is sitting on the roof, looking down around the town.

"All systems are fully functional. MASS is ready for battle." A system said as Drozone presses a button, releasing a gigantic robot. Solyst laughs at it while Damus is impressed. "They are in Pelmet Town. We better leave them alone for now." Damus stated. Solyst creates a small ball of dark energy on her hand and said, "I want to attack them already!" Damus commanded, "No, you must wait for them to finish their vacation. Knowing Pelmet Town, they already know how to counter us. Besides, I heard that they are entering the Shinko Caverns. Let's see if they make it out alive." Solyst bows down as she leaves the room. "Machinery-Automated Sabotage System. This is the best robot we have so far." Drozone stated. Damus goes outside to check on the man. The machine on his head has completely controlled his brain. Damus grins as he left the room.

The next morning...
Gavin readies breakfast while Blue goes down the stairs, seeing Gavin. She helps in preparing the table while Gavin serves the food. As soon as the food was read, Gavin called out to everyone. Everyone went down and saw the breakfast. They all thanked Gavin as they began to eat. "The Shinko Caverns. I wonder what lies in store for us?" Keith said. "I bet there are more things inside, other than the crystal." Logan said with a laugh. Blue said, "Let's all just be careful, okay?" Euphoria then added, "Let's all just have fun and learn more things during the trip!" Everyone agreed while they all ate their meals. After eating they clean up their messes and went straight to the forest. The group gather in front of cave entrance, with everyone looking ready. "Be careful. We heard something in there." Keith said. Everyone nodded as they all enter the cave.

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Thirteen: The Mystery of the Caverns, Part One

The group begins to explore the cave. The growling begins again but saber and Keith remain calm this time. They keep going deeper into the cave until they reach a forked path. "Three ways...there are seven of us. One team will have three members." Saber said. "Let's try something new, shuffle it up a bit!" Euphoria happily said. She uses spins her staff, making differently colored orbs. They all get one each and looks that the color. "Green." Saber, Torch and Blue said. "Red." Logan shouted. "Blue here." Shard said. Keith shows his red orb while Euphoria shows her blue orb. "All right then, we take the right. Meet up back here." Saber commanded. Shard and Euphoria took the left lane while Logan and Keith go to the middle path. Saber sees a faint light on the ceiling of the cavern. Blue shoots it with her arrows until it fell off. They pick it up and stare at it. "This isn't it, but it is also rare." Blue said. She puts the crystal down as they continue to travel. Approaching them was a group of shadow-like bats, very fast and venomous. Blue had no time to aim and was hit and bitten on the arm. Saber quickly attacked the bats, making them flee. Torch runs after the bats, looking for where they came from. Saber looks at Blue's wound and sees signs of poison. He thinks for a while as Blue said, "We weren't expecting this...I guess this is as deep as I can go..." Saber thinks harder and remembers Basalt's medicine. He takes it out of his bag and tends Blue's wounds. Shard and Euphoria manages to reach a dead end as the wall behind them began to move, covering the exit. "we're trapped in this room!" Shard exclaimed. Euphoria, cheerful as usual, begins to inspect the walls of the room. She then shouted, "I found it!" Shard moves towards Euphoria as she points out a dent in the wall. She then commanded," Shard, please step away." Shard obeys the order as she smiles.She casts a spell on the wall which covered it in ice. She then casts another spell, which shots a fireball towards the frozen wall, shattering it to pieces. "Where did you learn elemental spells?" Logan asked, who was on the other side of the wall. Keith then goes to Logan, meeting up with Euphoria and Shard. "Before our mission in Grand Flower City, I got a spellbook from the wizard in the bell tower." Euphoria said. They find themselves in a split path. "Remain in our original groups. We'll take the left path." Euphoria cheerfully said. She grabs Shard's hand and happily ran towards their path, leaving Logan and Keith speechless. Keith shows Logan a bright red shard, similar to the Shinko Crystal. "It's very similar...but that's not it." Logan stated. Keith nods and they continue their search.

"How will we backtrack to the meeting point?" Blue asked while she holds the bandage on to her wound. "I left a mark on every turn we've took so far, so we can find the path." Saber answered. "Torch ran ahead. I wonder where he is?" Blue added. Torch is still running after the swarm of bats until he ended up in a large hive. The hive was glowing red, as if a stone was behind it. "The Shinko Crystal?" Torch asked to himself. He takes caution in walking but he triggers a group for bats. He runs away while using Incinerate in his trail. He trips, causing him to shout. All the bats awaken and begin to charge at him. He spins around using Incinerate, making a defensive but also offensive shield. Bats begin to retreat while the red core stopped blinking. The wall cracked, revealing the glowing crystal behind it. "It isn't the crystal!" Torch shouted. He runs away, meeting Blue and Saber. Saber and Blue stare at him as he runs away. He constantly shouts in fear while running as Saber ignores him and continues to walk. The colony began to come closer as Saber slowly saw it. He began to panic and shouted, "Bats!" Blue hurriedly ran away together with Saber. The trio meets up in the end ans the quickly push a boulder to block the path. "I guess we got the wrong path." Blue said. The trio walk back to the entrance and begin to take the middle path. Logan and Keith began to hear the growling, this time louder. Logan prepares himself as bulky rock golems attack them. He beats down some while Keith starts to shoot some using his energy. The golems began to form up behind them, pushing them towards a cliff. The fight back but they were easily outnumbered. The golems began to attack Keith while Logan defends him. Keith takes out the red shard he picked up earlier and notices that they are attracted to it. He throws it down the cliff, causing some golems to jump off following it. Logan gets caught in the stampede as he falls off the cliff with them. Keith tried to help but he was too late. Logan lands on a slope, sliding him down to the pit where another path exists. "Logan!" Keith shouted. Logan looks up and replied, "Take another path! I found one down here and I'll enter it!" Keith nods and sees a large crack in the wall, leading to another path.

Euphoria senses negative energy nearby as a small group of golems pass by. They choose to remain silent for the golems to not notice them. After the golems pass, they follow them, leading to a large room with another exit in the other end. They sneak around one a high platform but Euphoria steps on a rock, causing some pebbles to fall on a golem's head. Saber, Torch and Blue find the split path. They take the left path. Shard jumps off, beginning to slash the golems with his knives. He struggles in breaking their rock-plated hulls when Euphoria shoots them all with the Frost Spell. Their armors weaken so Shard can have an easier time. The golems are defeated as Euphoria gets down from the platform and they meet Saber, Torch and Blue. They all go into the exit, finding a large waterfall area with cracks that show the sky. "Are we really this deep underground?" Euphoria asked. They all smile at the scenery as the find Logan in walking in from one of the holes on the walls of the room. He is holding on one of the golem's arms and plays with it. "Where's Keith?" Everyone asked Logan. Logan makes a sarcastic smile in reply. Keith slowly walks down a narrow corridor and finds the Shinko Crystal. Before he can take it, a larger stone golem falls from the sky, defending the crystal and ready for battle. Keith prepares himself as the battle begins.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Fourteen: The Mystery of the Caverns, Part Two

Keith readies himself and began to move forward. The golem attacks swiftly, knocking Keith back. He sends out a barrage of bolts to the golem, keeping it immobilized. The golem charges in a great speed toward Keith, who tries to dodge the attack. The unstoppable charge slams into the wall, making a crack. The golem roars and began to slash around with its sharp rocks. Keith gets hit and he falls down. He clenches his fist as he gets up, draws his hand back and prepares. "This is it! Time to put it to the test!" Keith shouted. "Here goes Legend Fist!!" He punches out, making a massive aura of a fist that launched at the golem. It pushes it towards the wall, making the crack into a hole as it crashes through. The golem is enraged and dashes again, slamming into Keith. He falls back and tries to get the crystal. He slightly placed his hand on it as it glowed very bright. The golem charges at Keith, knocking him straight away from the crystal. Keith's hand is being covered in strange symbols until it went up to his arm. He was immobilized as his aura went from gold to bright red. The golem roars again, making his red indentations glow bright. It charges as Keith begins to float and dodge the move. It shoots spiked rocks as Keith uncontrollably dashed towards the golem, dodging each attack. He punches the golem, making a spiked fist emerge from his hand, piercing though the golem's crust. The light on the golem fades as the crystal began to light up again. Keith is still in an uncontrollable state and he cannot control himself. His energy bolts began to turn red and cause massive damage around the room, destroying the walls all around him. The crystal flashes again as it vanished, warping to another room. Keith erupts all his energy into a single blast, bursting into a massive beam up to the sky. "What was that!?" Saber asked. The caverns began to shake as everyone escaped. Keith flies up into the air, crashing through the cave ceiling. His aura burns even more intense while the group are still looking for him. The cave shook stronger than before, causing everyone to retreat. They make it to the exit, but Keith is still up in the air, flying higher and higher. His massive aura explodes, sending out a gigantic explosion of arcane energy. The wave forms a gust that shook the entire town. Keith's aura fades as he stopped levitating and began to crash downwards. "That was.." Torch murmured. Keith lands in a patch of trees, wounding him as he lands. Everyone quickly brought him back to the town to get treated. "His injuries are very minor, as if he was cushioned by an intense power." The medic said. They see his wounds healing in a rapid pace, fast enough to be noticeable. They all gasp in shock but Keith is still unconscious.

"What happened!?" Gavin asked as he rushed to the door of Keith's room. "He went berserk. He destroyed everything with massive rays blasting all around the place." Saber explained. "We failed with the search. We had to stop. The place could have gone down." Logan said. "We had fun though. That's the good thing!" Euphoria said followed by a smile. The medic comes out, with a good look on his face. "His wounds are all gone, healed and not even scars were left behind. It was a miracle!" he said. "Only one thing could cause this...the crystal..." Saber murmured. "You're right...nothing could have created this much power other than it." Torch exclaimed. "He cannot leave this place. Not unless he's awake." the medic added. Euphoria raises her hand and said, "I can volunteer to stay behind and help." Everyone was shocked but Euphoria nods and said, "Everyone. i can do this. I will help." Gavin nods and said, "Very well then! She made her mind; we have no control over that. We're leaving tomorrow morning!" Everyone returns to the house to get dinner. "Euphoria, you have everything you need for the stay?" Blue asked. She nods and smiles as Logan said, "The trip was fun! I got a lot of experience here!" Saber looks at Shard, finished eating and going outside. Saber quickly follows and sees him going up to the roof again. "The moon's bright tonight, huh?" Saber asked while climbing up the ladder. Shard nods slowly in reply. Shard remains silent, causing Saber to end the conversation. "Well, see you then. I'm going back now." Saber said. Shard waves and gets out a phone. Saber takes a bath and changes clothes. He places his mask on a small set of drawers by his bed. "So you got Dime's skills too, huh?" Blue said. He nods and replied, "Training for it was tough. It took very long for me to do it. In an abandoned training center in Spiralwood." Blue looked excited and asked, "Why can't we train there?" Logan and Torch walk in. "An abandoned training center?" Torch asked. "We can all train there when we return. But with Axel's permission of course." Saber said. Everyone settles into an agreement with Saber's decision. Euphoria visits the hospital. She sees Keith, still unconscious. Euphoria walks out and sees Aodh and the troops helping the civilians in their daily chores. She decides to return to the house. She gets into the bedroom and sleeps.

The next morning..
Gavin wakes everyone up early, preparing them for the trip. Euphoria is already awake, helping around the people in the town. Everyone is ready and get up to the van. Euphoria stands there, watching them get on. "Well, I guess I'll just see you around!" Blue said. Saber waves goodbye while Logan and Torch said, "Take care of Keith. Goodbye." Euphoria smiles and says goodbye as the door closes. Gavin gets ready and yells, "It's time!" He turns on the engine and they leave. Euphoria watches them depart. Shard wakes up, who slept in the car. They pass by the stopover, thick forests and many mountains. They arrive in Spiralwood and everyone gets down. Logan manages to stay up due to the coffee he drank earlier. Axel was waiting with a frown on his face. "You tampered with the crystal!?" Axel shouted. Saber hurriedly explained, "It was our fault. We heard you got your ability from the we wanted some of it it nearly killed Keith..." Axel pats Saber on his back and said, "Do not worry. Everyone who gets interrupted while harnessing the crystal's powers fall into that state. It will be gone, but in Keith's case, there is no sure time." he then added, "Where's Euphoria?" Gavin explained and Axel nods. "Alright everyone! Resume your daily mission and training procedures!" Saber interrupts and asked, "Could we use the Biohazard Training center?" Axel laughs and said, "If Dime let you train there, well, I won't." Everyone became sad while Axel laughed. "No intense training then, huh?" Logan said. Everyone returned to their room as Blue notices a girl reading the bulletin. "Who are you?" Blue asked. She waved and bowed politely and replied, "My name is Bloom. I joined yesterday after I discovered my powers. I wanted to help with them. Hearing Biohazard was a great team, I joined." she replied. Blue gets shocked and asked, "How did you make it through the triple gate?" She shows a wound on her arm and said, "I took it. It was actually easy. That bear thing was too predictable, and the jungle of monsters was easily avoidable." Blue is surprised as she looks at Bloom. Torch passes by and sees Bloom talking to Blue. He pauses and stares at her. "Who is that?" He said in a infatuated voice. Logan passes by and grabs him and pulls him to the bulletin board. "Oh, other Biohazard members?" Bloom said. She smiles at the and bows to them. "This is Bloom, our newest member." Blue said as Bloom greeted them. "My Torch...and..this is... Logan..." Torch said. Logan looks at Torch and gives him a big smile. "I know what this means!" Logan shouted. Torch leaves with an embarrassed face while Blue and Bloom are confused. Saber and Shard are walking down the hall towards the bulletin board. "I think Torch likes you." Blue told Bloom. Bloom looks flattered as she said, "It's alright. I've experienced this before." The two laughed while Saber got a mission. Shard looks around and finds on as well. "Wait, who are you?" Saber asked when he saw Bloom. "I'm Bloom. A new member. I joined yesterday." she said with a smile. "I'm Saber, this is Shard." Saber said. Blue notices Saber's chosen mission and said, "Hey Saber, why don't we try to make that mission into a partner task?" Saber nodded and replied, "Alright then. We're going to Mystic Forest then." Blue looks excited as Bloom asks Shard, "How about we go on that mission as partners too?" Shard thinks for a while and agreed. Saber decides to return to the room while Bloom and Blue go to theirs. Torch is wrapped in blankets in his bed while Logan is teasing him. "You like her don't you?" Logan said. Torch kept silent while Saber laughed. He sees Keith's bed and thought, "I wonder how Keith is doing..." Keith is still asleep while Euphoria is helping the people in the town. Shard walks all the way to the top of Spiralwood Valley and takes out his phone again. "They have a new member..." The man on his phone laughs as Shard turns it off and returns to the building.

"Sir, we have recruited two new members to Shadow Empire." Solyst said. Damus laughs as he sees Drozone's MASS robot destroying droids. "MASS is now a weapon of mass destruction. We can conquer easier with it." Drozone said. Damus grins and said, "We'll use it when we're sure we'll finish them off. Right now...the chief will take care of them." Damus grins and began to laugh maniacally as he continues his plan to destroy Biohazard...

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Fifteen: The Shroud of The Forest

Saber is all ready for his mission. Blue is getting ready while Bloom is fast asleep. Blue decides change her clothes to a new style. She finds a black and purple top and a pair of grey shorts.
Blue ties her shoes and goes outside. Saber waits outside wen finally Blue came out in her new outfit. "Why so dressed? It'll get dirty in the mission anyways." Saber said. Blue smiles as she gets her bow ready. "Let's do this." Blue said with a fist pump. Saber reads the mission description and says, "Go to the Mystic Forest and find a Shard of Luminance for an alternative power source." Blue takes out her map and finds the forest on the northwest side of the island. "That seems to be a long trip." Saber states. They go to Jack's Stable and sees Jack working on a big vehicle. "Whoah, what is that!?" Saber and Blue shouted. Jack taps a panel and sees it spark. "My Levitator, the car I made only for Biohazard members. It flies really fast, plus it's easier to control." Jack boasted while Saber and Blue got on. "Wait a minute, that thing is not yet complete. Nobody can use it yet." Jack said. The two laugh and get off quickly while Jack takes them to the back of the shed to look for a ride. "So, the Mystic Forest, huh? Wow. Such a long ride towards there. I'm not surprised if our monster gets tired during the flight." Jack stated. He thinks for a moment and brings them back to the Levitator. "We'll take the Levitator. But don't blame me for its malfunctions!" Jack shouted. Blue and Saber smiled and high-fived. Everyone fastens their seat belts, which are very tight. "Why so tight, Jack?" Blue asked. Jack laughs as he starts the vehicle. They take off, slowly ascending towards the sky. Jack shifts the brake and went full speed, giving Saber and Blue a hard time moving. "High speeds, huh?" Jack boasted. They can see the villages and cities pass so fast, some even visible for only a second. "This is fast!" Saber said. Blue nods but has a hard time because of the speed. "Here we are! The Forest is nearby!" Jack shouted. The Levitator quickly drops with its gravity then stops only inches away from the ground. Saber gets off and felt dizzy. Blue cannot get down while Jack simply laughs at them. The vehicle's panels spark and it stops floating. "Uh oh...I guess I won't leave this place till I fix this." Jack examined. Saber goes ahead and Blue finally gets off and follows.

Growls are heard everywhere, from every direction. "Mystic Forest has a lot of wolves." Blue stated. Saber senses rustling nearby and a wolf jumps out. Blue fires an arrow, putting it to sleep. "I don't want to kill these guys..." Blue said. Saber nods while Blue gives him something. "Sleep darts. Just put them to sleep or something." Blue said. Saber checks the dart size and takes out Sylux's gun. He loads it in and it fits perfectly. He smiles and continued with Blue. They continue to knock out wolves until they got into the deeper part of the forest. A shroud of fog surrounds the inner parts and the temperature is dropping quickly. "Wow....It's very cold here..." Blue said as she shivered. Saber withstands the temperatures and goes on. Jack is sleeping, by his car. A rustle comes from the bush as a large grey wolf comes out. Jack prepares his knife but more wolves arrive and surround him. "Oh no...Now what?" Jack whispered. He cleaves three small wolves but the large once pounces at him. He drops his knife as he kicks free from the Wolf. a smaller wolf steps on the knife and growls. "I'm doomed now!" Jack shouted. Suddenly, as the large wolf pounced, an arrow hit it straight on the neck, causing it to flee in pain. The other wolves bark at Jack and retreated as well. "Wow...that was close!" Jack said as he picked up his knife. A dark figure of a man stands on the branch in one of the trees behind him, holding a bow. "Blue? No...It can't be her!" Jack said. He becomes confused and began repairing his vehicle. "There it is, I think." Blue said as she pointed out a glowing green crystal stuck on a rock. "Why is it lying here?" Saber wondered. He gets near but before he could grab it, another large grey wolf pounces at him, followed by a pack of smaller brown wolves. Saber put four to sleep but he ran out of darts. Blue's hand was scratched and wounded, rendering her unable to grab onto her bow. She wraps he wound in bandages but it was too painful. Saber stared at Blue's eyes and she nodded. Saber grins and charged forward with aggression. He dashes to the smaller ones and blasted off with his pulses. The wolves get knocked back but the big grey one is steadfast and powerful. It won't back down and continued to dominate against Saber. Blue tries to help but her hand still cannot hold onto her bow. She fell down and sat down to heal her wound. Saber took out his katanas but a small wolf grabbed one and ran away. The grey wolf began to dodge Saber's attacks until it catches an attack and bites the katana, breaking it in half. Saber grins and began to fight in hand-to-hand combat. The wolf is very powerful, knocking Saber down and placing one of its paws on Saber's chest. It raises another paw and growls as it stares at Saber. Another arrow hit the wolf on the body out of nowhere. It looks around and senses nobody. A man jumps off a tree and fires two arrows, both missing. Saber laughs at it but the arrows both boomerang back, striking the wolf and wounding it. It howls and calls other wolves to fall back. The man places something on the ground and jumps up a tree and ran away. "Who was that guy?" Saber asked. He picked up the item and it was his katana, all soiled with wolf saliva. He cleans it up and assists Blue to get the crystal. "Here it is. The crystal." Blue said. Saber took the crystal and they left as fast as possible.

Jack is done fixing his ride as Saber and Blue exit the forest. "Hey! You made it just in time." Jack said. He sees the wound on Blue's hand and asked them to go up and get ready. He takes off but they fly much slower than the previous ride. "The wound might worsen if we move too fast." Jack shouted. Blue smiled as she said to Saber, "That man...we really owe him a lot." Jack noticed the topic and said, "A man? He helped me earlier with a wolf attack too!" Saber is surprised and said, "When we meet him again, let's talk to him formally." They agree and continue on going back home. They arrive in Spiralwood and rush back to the Biohazard building to give the crystal and rejoice on another completed mission. "Good job. You guys really did great." Axel said. He sees Blue's hand and asks her to get treated by the medics. He pats Saber on the back as he takes the crystal to the power room.

"Crash, you're up." Damus ordered. The man walks forth holding his blade. He grins and jumps, leaving a trail of violet aura behind him. He flips forward and slams his sword, making a powerful impact on his crash. "Increased human strength, high jumping height can take more damage." The system said. "And Lynn, you said?" Damus asked. Lynn nods and begins blinking around repeatedly. She then casts a spell, sending out an exploding sphere of energy. "Teleportation and multiple energy projectiles." The system said. Damus grins as he left the room. "So, what was that?" Crash asked. Lynn laughed and left. Crash stays inside the training room and is confused. "How are you doing?" Damus asked man sitting in a corner. He grins and gets up and faces the light. " two days, Fallaway City is your target. Search the DMOUR building for useful objects, then destroy it. If any Biohazard members interfere, ...tear them to pieces." Damus said as he leaves. Sylux grins again and gets a shotgun from the corner of the room. He loads it in as he left his room. MASS is in the testing room, destroying minor droids in ease. "This will be our assault weapon during the attack." Drozone boasted to Solyst, who is quite impressed. She smiled and said, "To be honest, that thing is tough...for a piece of scrap." She left laughing while Drozone picks up a blueprint. He leaves to create another weapon to amplify MASS's power. "Tell us Shard, what happened to Saber's mission?" Damus said on the phone with Shard. Shard replied, "A rogue assisted them in accomplishing their task. without his help, they would've been defeated on the mission." Damus is shocked and then said, "Was there any details on who it was?" Shard didn't answer as Saber passes by. Damus sighs and left. "Who was that on the phone?" Saber asked. "Nobody." Shard replied as he ran away. Damus began to train in his room as he began to punch a punching bag, hitting it extremely hard until it broke and got knocked flying into the wall. Damus laughs as he got another bag and hung it. He left and passed by the rooms. He sees a new recruit, sitting on a chair with his hands engulfed in black flames. He sees another recruit sleeping upside down like a bat. He then crosses paths with a man which looked just like him. As he turns around he sees the copy shapeshift and laugh. He continues to walk down the hall until he reached a large room with a gigantic machine. He looks at it as he sees his master being reconstructed inside the tank. "My master... I will take them down for what they have done to you, and to me." He said as he left, seeking revenge.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Sixteen: A Crash Course of Crash

"The archer was spotted in the Mystic Forest, so he must live nearby." Shard told Damus through the phone. Damus smiles and hung up on Shard. He leaves the room and finds Crash's bedroom. He finds Crash slicing the air with his sword as Damus cleared his throat. "Oh, I didn't see you there, boss." crash said as he drops his sword. " Today you will be going on your first mission. An archer helped Biohazard members in accomplishing a mission. Look for him, and bring him here. Make sure he is alive. We will need his power for our purposes." Damus commanded. Crash lifts up two fingers and shouted, "Two hours is all I need to capture this archer!" Damus laughs as Crash quickly left to go on his mission.

Saber wakes up very early to find everyone still asleep, except Shard. He wears his mask and goes outside the room. He sees Shard running down the hall with his phone. Saber follows him but Shard runs outside. Saber decided to follow him and to take a stroll around the village. He walks by the market, a park, a playground and a lot of houses. He arrived at Jack's stable and found Jack polishing the Levitator. "Is it complete yet?" saber asked. Jack gets off and nodded as he took the keys. "Where are you going, Saber?" Jack asked. Saber sat and fastened the seatbelt as he replied, " The nearest town to the Mystic Forest. I want to look for that guy who saved us." Jack gets on and starts the vehicle and takes off. They arrive in just a few minutes. "Here we are. Starfall Peak, home of the Vermilion Comet. It is only visible here from the peak of the mountain. It says all that see its tail gets good luck for the rest of the year. It comes once every century though, but it will return in two years or so so, don't worry, you'll live up to that point." Jack said with a smile. Saber gets off as Jack said, "I'll wait for you here. Make sure to return as soon as possible." Saber gives him a thumbs up as he ran to the village. A fisherman walks up the hill but is having a hard time pulling the cart up the slope. Saber decides to help him and pushes the cart from the other side, making the task much easier. "Thank you." The man said. Saber smiles as he goes on to the village. He walks around the village but gets surrounded by a lot of people. "Whoah, what's going on?" Saber asked. "We heard about you, and Biohazard! You guys are the best!" a little girl said. Saber feels proud but then said, "Do you guys know any archer here?" A man pointed at the mountain's peak and said, "Sky is at the Starfall Peak. He goes there every morning to relax." Saber thanks them all and ran to the hill. "This place is...tall!" Saber exclaimed. He saw a sign on the foot of the hill saying : 'Starfall Peak - 1200m upwards ' Saber gets shocked but decides to walk up the path. He sees various stalls in the path upwards, with games, food, prizes and many more, but there is nobody there. He reaches the top to find Sky, perfectly balanced on a pole on the edge of the cliff. Saber remained silent and sat down on a bench. "Good morning." Sky said as he slowly got off the pole. "Hey you saved me there last time in the forest, and my friends as well, so we'd like to thank you very much for your help." Saber said. Sky picked up a water jug and drank. "You're welcome." Sky replied. Sky packs up and prepares to leave when Saber said, "I thought of something, why don't you join Biohazard? You are a great warrior, you have great accuracy and you help others!" Sky the explained, "I'm not from here, not from this town, not from this island, not from this dimension." Saber is shocked as he asked, "Where are you from then?" Sky points to the far west and said, "Keep going west until you reach the dimension gap. Once you made it through, You will find the dimension of Sine, the land of tacticians, where everyone makes strategies, everyone is skilled." Saber is amazed. "Also, I am here only for 2 years, since my father Spike, the guardian of the dimension, asked me to train here." Sky added. Saber understood but still insisted, "Well then, maybe you could join us for the rest of your vacation?" Sky thought for a while but remained silent. They reached the bottom of the hill and went back to town.

Sky found a little child, having a hard time getting an apple from the tree. Sky climbs up the tree and took the apple. "Thank you, Sky! You are a hero!" The boy said as he ran back to the plaza. Saber smiles and Sky returned to his hut to unpack some items. "Here's my bow, specialized to be able to shrink down all the way to pocket size." Sky said. Saber is amazed as Sky gets his arrow bag. Saber follows but Sky blocked him. "I'm gonna have to go and train alone." Sky said. He ran off to the coast and entered the Mystic Forest. Saber still decided to follow him. Sky stopped at the foggy are and took a different path. Saber followed and found a different part of the forest, warmer than the foggy area. A strange creature charges at Sky but Sky quickly fired an arrow, slicing it. Saber is amazed at his speed and accuracy until Sky suddenly noticed that the creatures are using tactics to make a new fighting style, much dissimilar to the style Sky was used to. Sky has a hard time until he ran out of arrows. "I forgot my glove!" Sky shouted. Too many goblins surround him but he fought back with two knives, holding them back until only a few were left. Some goblins snatched the knife and tossed it into a bush. The bush shook and a big goblin emerges from it. Sky had no weapons left and felt hopeless. Saber thought that it was the perfect time to move and tested a new Final Strike he created, Fusion Burst. His normal energy bolts became one steady energy beam, knocking the goblin back and causing it to drop both knives. "I guess we're even." Saber said as he went out of the bush. Sky laughed but he feels a much more powerful force nearby. "HERE WE GO!" a voice said from above. The man crashed down on them, but the two dodge the ambush. Crash gets up and targets Sky. He tried to quickly carry Sky and get away, but his idea had too much miscalculations. Crash gets caught in Sky's trap as he got some spare arrows in his leg pocket and stabbed him. Saber could not just watch so he fired a bolt on Crash's back. Crash becomes enraged and smiled at Saber. He charges in great speed and rams Saber. He jumps up and spins forward, slamming his sword into the ground. The impact released a violet shock that tripped Sky and damaged Saber. Crash laughs at them but Sky throws a knife, wounding Crash's arm. Crash laughed and attacked Sky, hitting him on the head with the dull tip of his sword. Sky gets knocked unconscious and Crash carried him to get to the ship that will return him to Stormsurge Peak. Saber got up and fired a barrage of bolts, getting Crash really mad. "You little squirt! You'll be down in 5 minutes!" Crash shouted. Crash spun around and kept wounding Saber around the upper body. Saber is in pain but he gets back up and fights back with his single katana. They had a duel until Crash found an open area and kicked Saber down. Saber laughs as he kicks Crash back and fired another barrage of bolts. Sky gets up and takes his bow and collects some arrows which are still usable. He connects a small machine to the tip of his arrow and fired. Crash was going to finish Saber off, but the arrow hit him and exploded, knocking him down. Crash got up to find Sky aiming his bow at him. Crash surrendered and pressed a machine on his belt, warping him back to the Trivoid base. Sky helps Saber back to the village. Saber gets healed then Sky stood up and told him, "I...I accept your offer." Saber become really happy and shook hands with Sky.

Stormsurge Peak
Crash arrives in failure but Damus is calm. Crash said, "There were two of them...I couldn't take two down in five minutes! That would be like...ten minutes or something." Damus silences Crash as he walked down the halls and talked to Sylux. "Tomorrow is your day." Damus said. "I'm already prepared." Sylux replied as he grins again. Damus leaves and reenters the Reconstruction Room. "B....Bio...hazard..." A voice said. Damus is surprised as he saw his master's finger twitch a little. Damus gets a big smile on his face as he said, "My master...welcome back."

Pelmet Town
Euphoria is helping villagers and decided to go to the hospital and check on Keith. She sits beside Keith, who is still unconscious. Euphoria sees the symbols on his arm glowing and she is shocked. She called the doctors for help. "The symbols are glowing, you say?" A specialist asked. Euphoria nodded and the specialist said, "When somebody who touched the crystal receives symbols on their body, these will be special indicators....and if they glow...something bad is going to happen to some of the people close to the person." Euphoria gets worried as she remembered, " Everyone in Biohazard?"

Saber introduces Sky to everyone in the team. "Welcome." Logan said. Sky smiled and thanked everyone for their welcomes but the introductions became interrupted by the alarm ringing. "Another attack is incoming...On Fallaway!" Axel said through the announce table. Everyone got ready while Sky wore his special glove. Everyone rushed towards Fallaway City, some by the Levitator some by monsters. They all arrive in the City when they find a huge amount of droids approaching. On the other side, an army of strange warriors made of darkness emerged and began to attack the city. "Bloom, Torch into evacuation!" Axel commanded. Sylux arrived with MASS and Crash as they begin the attack on the grand city of Fallaway.

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Seventeen: Sylux , Shard , Enemy or Ally?

Bloom helps the civilians run to the evacuation point. Logan begins to charge through the enemies, acting like a lawnmower. Saber throws a sword in to Sky. Sky quickly grabs it and began to bushwhack through enemies. He gets caught into a trap and he became surrounded. A droid aims its gun at him, and asked him to surrender. Sky puts his hands behind his head and dropped the sword. Before the sword could reach the floor, he kicks the sword into the air and stabs the droid with a knife. He grabs the sword and swiftly slashed some incoming enemies. A large Shadow Axe man charges but he gets hit by the sword, thrown though him. Sky humphs and gets his knife. He went back into offense while Blue and Axel work with each other. Blue is low on arrows while Axel keeps on attacking with his staff. Saber finds Basalt, hiding behind his store. "Blue! Get grandpa evacuated!" Saber shouted. Axel covers fire for Blue as she took Basalt to the evacuation group. Axel spins his staff quickly until it began to spin by itself in mid-air. He aims it and it opens a portal of arcane energy. “My Final Strike, Arcane Pulse!"Axel shouted as a huge beam blasted through the enemies. Saber is amazed, distracting him from the fight. "Saber! Get to the building!"Axel shouted. Saber ran to the DMOUR building but he gets hit by a falling projectile. "Here we go again..." Saber murmured. "Five minutes!" Crash shouted as he dashed outside the crater and slashed his sword. Saber dodges the attacks but once again he was kicked down. "My Final Strike...Will leave a mark on you for a million years!" Crash shouted. He jumps up and spun around fast, forming a large sphere of energy. "Here we go! Halberd Crash!" Crash drops, making the sphere explode and ravage the ground. Saber is brutally beat up as Crash said, "Any last words?" An arrow hit him on the back and shot a net, wrapping him and snaring him. Saber's aura began to form, healing his wounds. "What the..." Crash said as Saber grins. Saber dashed and executed Blade Legend, wounding Crash but breaking him free from the net. "This is no fair! I'm out of here!" Crash said as he escapes again with his escape mechanism. Saber's aura faded as Sky comes in the scene and said, "Two points for me." They go inside the building to look for enemies with destructive weaponry that they found in the building.

Saber goes up while Sky searches at the bottom. He finds the main weapon room and looks around. Logan is outside, defending himself with car doors as a shield. He then receives a bullet shot on the shoulder, causing him to drop his shield. He finds Sylux approaching at high speeds towards him. Sylux jumps and kicks Logan and swiftly fires a missile from his gauntlet. Logan punches him as hard as he can but Sylux was only knocked back and continued fighting as if nothing happened. Saber hears footsteps nearby so he entered a closet. MASS walks in and began searching. MASS is about to open the door to Saber's cabinet when Saber found a cannon beside him. As MASS opened the closet, it got blasted by the cannon, launching it through the wall and into the main Office of Drozone. Saber runs away but was spotted and chased by MASS. Sky finds MASS and Saber so he fired a volley of explosive arrows at it, detonating and knocking it back. Sylux was about to finish Logan off but he heard the explosion, driving his attention towards the building. Saber shoots a barrage of pulses while Sky bombards it with arrows. MASS became frustrated and smacked Sky hard. Saber dodges a punch but got hit by its laser cannon. MASS notices Sylux approaching so it immediately left the area. Sylux comes in through the roof. Saber sees him and quickly ran towards Sylux and gave him a hug. Sylux remains emotionless and aims his gun at Saber's back. Sky fired an arrow on his, hand, causing him to drop his gun. Saber gets pushed away as Sky fires an intense barrage of exploding missiles at Sylux. As the smoke cleared, Sylux walked out as if nothing happened. "What!?" Sky exclaimed. "Forget killing those members. Leave the premises. We have our item." Drozone said through the phone connected to Sylux's pocket. "Sylux, wait!" Saber shouted. "What's going on!? I thought we were friends!" Sylux remained silent and got out using the same gadget Crash used earlier. He dropped a device before he left. Saber is stunned at Sylux's reactions and attitude. Sky finds out that the device was counting down bombs connected to the building. They ran away and warned everyone. "The place is about to blow up!" Sky shouted. Everyone moved further away from the building while the droids collapse to the ground and the Shadow Warriors fade into darkness. Torch tried to get near and prevent the explosion. He got close but then, the explosion began inside the building, setting a chain reaction around the area. He tried to absorb the flames but he failed to contain it. The flames die out swiftly but Torch faints. Basalt finds his house and restaurant torn down to pieces, as well as most other houses. "We'll get this place fixed. Right now, everyone can safely go to the south and stay in the abandoned city."Axel said. The citizens all disagreed but they had no choice. Basalt went to Axel and asked, "What can I do to help prevent these?" Axel thought for a while and replied, "You can join us for the meanwhile." Basalt had no choice as well, since he did not want to stay in the barren city. Torch was carried by Biohazard facility medics to the medical jet. Everyone quickly returned to Spiralwood.

Damus is grinning as a Hexosphere Power Core is delivered to him in his room. Crash gets treated for his wounds in the clinic. "I swore I'd take him down in five minutes....a miscalculation at my hand." He mumbled as the nurses were tending his cuts. Damus once again entered the large room and began to hear voices in his head. "Lord Garred!?" Damus shouted. The man in the tank was revealed to be his master named Garred."The Hexosphere Power Core has been collected." Damus reported.“Very well... continue my plans...defeat Biohazard and have them falling to their knees in our power!" Garred's voice said while Damus grins and leaves the room.

Saber wakes up early in the morning to find Basalt in a room in the end of the hall. He is monitoring a security system that covers the entire facility. "Hello, Saber. Good morning." Basalt said as he saw Saber's reflection from the monitoring screen. Basalt hands over a device to Saber. Saber wore it on his ear. Basalt took a microphone and said, "Can you hear me?" Saber nodded. Basalt is glad and said, "I will keep in touch with you guys using this during missions. I'll be a hidden eye for you guys." Saber is amazed at how good Basalt is with those things and asked, "Where did you learn all of these?" Basalt pointed to Saber and said, "Your father was very talented. He had too much talent, he had to teach others as well." Saber is proud and replied, "By the way, Sentinel...he's alive." Basalt is in shock as Saber added, "We lost communication to him, but judging on his last words, he was safe." Basalt's mood elevates and it gave him inspiration to keep making the devices. Saber is happy and returned the device as he left. He suddenly just noticed, "Where is Shard?" He looks around the building but he didn't find him. Saber bumps into Sky who was carrying his bag. "Good morning." Saber greeted. Sky bows and headed to the village. "Helping others became a part of my lifestyle...I need to do it everyday." Sky said. Saber is amazed as he assisted as well. "You truly are hardworking." Saber said to Sky. Sky carried heavy items and helped reaching high objects. By dawn, they find Bloom and Blue returning home from a mission. Saber noticed a flower on Bloom's hair and he took it out of her hair. The flower suddenly wilted, as if he had a cursed touch. Bloom laughs and held Saber's hand. The flower bloomed once again like magic. Saber was astonished at her ability as an apple quickly fell off the tree they were under, even though it just recently bore fruit. "Plant manipulation, huh?" Saber asked. Bloom nodded and returned to the building with Blue. Sky was already far up the mountain, leaving Saber behind. Saber runs after Sky and found Sky on the peak, meditating. "Peace in my mind. Do not let fears and worries overcome you. Always find balance." Sky said as he meditates on a rock. Saber sat on another rock, although not meditating, but also remained silent. They see the sun set in front of them with the sky perfectly bright orange and red. "What happened to Sylux?" Saber asked as he remembered him. He sees Sky remaining peaceful so he focused on that problem first and planned on solving it. "Sylux...What happened?" Saber thought to himself as he began to meditate as well.

The next morning...
Saber gets up and noticed his mask wasn't on his desk. He goes to the comfort room and washes his face. He gets out and found Logan wearing his mask and posing. Everyone was surrounding Logan, laughing at his jokes. Saber laughed out loud, catching Logan's attention. Logan is surprised and threw the mask to Saber, who catches it and wore it. Sky is already out helping people so Saber chose to travel around the facility. He sees the Shard of Luminance connected to the energy manipulator and remembered once again, "Where is Shard?" Saber said as he went back outside. He finds Shard walking towards the facility with a huge face of guilt. "Saber...I cannot hold my secrets in any longer." Shard told Saber and added, "I...I work for Trivoid." Saber's expression goes into extreme shock as he remembered how Shard used to help others out, to find out he is working with the enemy. "But you...You were all helpful and stuff back then..." Saber said. Shard struggles but said, "I am a spy, sent by Damus to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. I didn't want to do so much betrayal...seeing you guys working hard and fighting Trivoid back...I cannot just stab so many people in the back...I'm tired of this. I... I must stop. I promise." Saber is glad at his decision and said, "I forgive you...This secret I will keep between us....Just don't turn back on your promise." Shard shook hands with Saber.

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Eighteen: A Personality Confusion

Saber finally gets a heavy cart uphill containing foods and items. "Is that all?" Saber asked. The old merchant nodded and thanked him. Saber looks up and sees the Levitator flying above him. "I wonder who was that?" Saber wondered. "Saber!" Blue shouted from behind him. "Saber...Keith woke up!" Blue stated. Saber smiled and replied, "Really? So that means he can return with us now?" Blue nodded while Axel walked into the scene. "Torch's condition is getting better as well. Soon enough, we will be complete, and we'll be the one charging at Trivoid!" Axel said. Blue is surprised as he finds Torch walking outside the building, wrapped up in bandages. "Torch! You aren't ready yet!" Blue shouted. Torch just raises his hand and shouted, "I can take it!" Torch is feeling numb and collapsed. Everyone rushed to bring him back to medication. "Don't be stubborn. We want you to get better." Axel said. Torch was helpless and just slept. "Where is Sky?" Saber asked. Blue replied, "He flew back to Starfall Peak on the Levitator. He said he needed to get something." Saber nodded when suddenly, a car's horn beeps from the back exit of the building. Keith and Euphoria have arrived . "Keith! Euphoria!" Saber and Blue shouted. They rushed and had a group hug. Keith's arm symbols began to glow again, catching Axel's attention. "His symbols are glowing...Quick! Everyone! Think who could be in danger right now!" Axel shouted. "I couldn't be Sky or Blue...since Keith doesn't know them yet..." Axel said. Everyone suddenly said, "Logan!?" They look around and they couldn't find Logan. Shard is up on a tree when he sees a large explosion from a forest far away. "What was that!?" Shard shouted as he jumped of the tree. He ran to the location and found Logan crashed on the ground after getting his by a massive blast by MASS. MASS notices Shard and it began to run after him. The other Biohazard members get to the area and helped Logan up. Logan is scratched and bruised, but he still wants to fight. Bloom uses the tree's roots to scan for the enemy. She feels force coming from the west so they all begin to search. Another explosion occurs and they all find Shard stuck under a tree and MASS is aiming it's weapon at him. Saber began to shoot but gets punched. MASS suddenly turns invisible and hides. They help Shard out of the log and begin to sense MASS again. It can't be found so they all left. MASS deactivates its stealth and shrunk into a smaller droid and copied Bloom's form. It followed them all the way back to the village. MASS arrives in the village and found the real Bloom approaching. It switches into Saber's form behind a tree. "Hey there Saber, I thought you were in the building?" Bloom said. MASS was formulating a speech and replied, "I wasn't in there, I was out here." Bloom is confused so she just continued walking. MASS goes into the building and copied a patrol unit's form inside the weapon closet. MASS walks around the huge halls and infiltrates. It found Axel with a small piece of the Shinko Crystal in a large room. Sky returns with a small pack and entered the boy's room. "Keith is we're going to have another struggle in fitting in the room." Saber said. Axel directs Sky to a room on the other side, which was only for two. "Shard and you could stay here." Axel said. Sky agreed and so did Shard. Sky leaves his things on his bed and went into the halls. He saw MASS in its patrol guard form, stuck on a wall moving its arms up and down. Sky is puzzled and ignores it, continuing on his strolling. Saber catches up to shard and proposed another helping trip until the evening. MASS followed them, this time in the form of Blue.

Saber finds a child trying to reach an item stuck on the roof of her house. Saber grabbed it and handed it over. MASS was following them when suddenly, Keith called her. "Blue!" Keith shouted. MASS walked oddly towards Keith but stumbled on a branch, hitting Keith and pushing him back. Keith regains balance and said, "Be careful!" MASS groaned and left to follow Saber and Sky again. Sky asks help from Saber to set up some training targets. Sky prepared and began to shoot. He took down the most visible targets then shot at the hidden ones. He shot three with one arrow, one on the tree's trunk, on on the tree's branch and the last hidden in the leaves. "Wow!" Saber exclaimed. MASS steps on a branch, causing Saber and Sky to notice it. "Hey Blue, why don't you give it a shot?" Sky said as he handed over his bow and an arrow. MASS stumbles and aimed. MASS fired an arrow, followed by a huge laser beam. MASS wrecked a part of the forest, leaving Sky and Saber astonished as MASS left. Sky and Saber checked the explosion and were simply surprised at the massive damage. Just as they reach the place, MASS already switched into Shard's form and followed them again. "I'm retrieving your data." Damus said through MASS's built-in communicator. MASS continued to follow the members, finding Torch in the clinic, with his bandages on fire. Torch sees MASS and made his flames stronger. Shard passes by and finds MASS, surprising him. MASS ran away quickly, hiding its face. Shard is completely confused. "Hello Torch! How are you doing?" Shard asked. Torch waved at Shard, leaving trails of fire. MASS becomes a patrol guard and looks into the weapon storage. "So that prototype cannon Saber found was the bomb...We need to get those." A patrol guard said to a female guard. The guards laugh as MASS looks at the weapons. It leaves and finds Logan in the cafeteria eating a huge meal. Saber passes by, holding a sandwich. MASS watches them eat and stood there for a while. Logan burps out loudly and laughed while Saber sighed. MASS leaves and moves around the perimeter. It finds Gavin talking to multiple guards, having a chat. It finds its way to the Biohazard Caravan and finds that it has a secret weapon storage. "Hey!" Gavin shouted as he saw MASS tampering with the car. MASS runs away and finds Sky walking.

Sky crossed paths with Blue and they decided to stroll around the place together. Sky sees MASS again in his patrol guard form, standing in the middle of the way. "Excuse us." Sky said. MASS walked out of the way in an odd manner and followed them. Blue and Sky find a dark area and began to travel in the spooky environment. MASS enters and closes the door, locking it shut. It then realizes that it locked itself inside as well and is therefore trapped with them. "It's too dark!" Blue said. Sky uses his glove as it slowly formed an arrow made of light. Blue is amazed for Sky made a lot of these arrows, making a small light acting as a flashlight. Sky accidentally trips on something. He picks it up and finds a wooden bow, dirty and old. He keeps it with him when he noticed something following them. MASS approaches them in the form of Axel and said, "We trapped in dark place, Now what do we do?" Sky is confused with Axel's way of speaking and tried to check if it was even Axel. He taps Axel's neck, causing it to spark. "What in the world!? " Sky said as MASS began to revert to its robot mode. "It followed us all the way here?" Blue exclaimed. They ran away, for they cannot shoot with their bows in the darkness. Sky hands the wooden bow over to Blue and gave her some light arrows.Blue finds an elevated area and climbs up. She notices a red dot moving around, possibly the light from the eye of MASS. She fires at it, hitting MASS on the shoulder. She continues to fire but she ran out of arrows. Axel is outside the room, walking by when he senses a force from inside. He tries to open the door and noticed the lock system is broken. He called a repairman to open it but it will take a while. MASS shoots it's cannon in random directions, causing shock waves around the building. Sky follows the light emitted by the light arrows stuck on it's shoulder and fired arrows at it. The repairman couldn't open the door. Logan notices the problem and he punched the door, breaking it down. Sky notices the door open and continues to fire barrages of arrows to MASS. Axel flips a switch, opening the lights. MASS quickly sent its data back to Damus. Sky notices the light open and quickly drew a modified arrow. "Oh right! Weak Point!" Sky shouted as he fired his arrow, puncturing MASS's power core and shot it down. MASS crashes down and shuts down, surprising Axel, Logan and the repairman. Blue is amazed at Sky's performance and clapped. Axel grinned and clapped as well. "MASS? Are you still online?" Damus asked. "MASS has been defeated, my lord." Solyst said as she grinned at Drozone. Damus slams his fist and said, "Drozone...You better make something that will amaze me, or you will face severe consequences." Drozone is sad while Solyst laughed at him. "Clean that up." Axel commanded to the clean-up team, cleaning MASS's scraps. Axel said, " They have began their full offense on us..." Saber nodded and stared at MASS's pieces and whispered, "We should make our moves...Soon."

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Nineteen : The Conquest Begins

Basalt traces MASS's communicator location details. He finds a foggy area in the south where the messages came from. "We don't know that place yet...none of our members reached that point." Axel said. Keith checks his old map and said, "Here it is. Stormsurge Peak, a stormy and dark area down south." Axel grinned and said, "Our first mission! Get closer to the Peak! Let's begin." Torch healed completely as he began to get on his clothes and prepare to go into battle once again. Saber goes to the back and said, "Why not use the caravan?" Gavin approached him and said, "There is a different vehicle waiting in that room. We will take it to our journey." Gavin directs Saber to the car and said, "Behold, the Biohazard Reconnaissance Utility Safety Truck, or the RUST. It can resist tons of damage and moves fairly fast for a truck. Although it doesn't have a gun or any offensive weapons, it's great to transport a team." Saber is amazed as Gavin asked him to get in. Gavin takes the truck outside the building and called out to all Biohazard members. Everyone got on the truck and they began to take the path. "We'll begin by passing at Pelmet town and taking the exit there to Baleclaw Village to stay for the night. We will pass by the Gretham - Baleclaw War heritage site while we're travelling. Finally we take the long path down to the Gretham Bridge. From there, we will have to walk all the way until we reach Stormsurge Peak." Keith said as he marked the route on his map. "We'll be walking quite a lot." Axel stated. Euphoria smiled and said, "Walking sounds fun though, more bonding moments!" Saber drinks some water and polishes his katana. He looks outside and finds a floating sphere following them. "What is that?" Saber said. Axel looked at it and replied, "Basalt's surveillance camera. It can watch out for us, so we could get an extra eye up in the sky." Axel handed over communicators to each member and said, "Wear these. Basalt will give us heads up with those." Everyone puts them on. A few hours later, they pass by Pelmet Town. Most of the team fell asleep already. They continue to drive up the path. They stop by a waterfall. "Why did we stop?" Keith asked. Gavin unlocked the doors as he replied, "We're here... Baleclaw Village is right behind that dam. The truck cannot get through, so we'll take an alternate route after this." Everyone got off and entered the quiet village. Saber notices the people in the town, doing ordinary hobbies like farming, woodcutting, fishing and the like. Saber finds Shard running towards a blacksmith. "Helmsley?" Shard greeted as the blacksmith saw him and said, "Shard! You've been gone for quite a while. I think you found some good company." Shard smiled and said, "This, this is the legendary Biohazard from Spiralwood." Helmsley gasps and sees Axel incoming. "Axel...welcome back." Helmsley said. Axel remembers the man and said, "I remember...we went on a scouting mission here back then...The good old days where we camped out nearby. Helmsley paid for us so we could stay in the inn." Axel shook hands with Helmsley as he said, "If you're staying for the night again, I'll be glad to pay for you again." Axel declined the offer this time and said, "No thank you, it's all on me." Helmsley nodded and got tapped on the shoulder. Shard gave him his daggers and said, "May I ask for a small favor? I think my daggers might need a bit of improvements... It's been worn out after tons off battling." Helmsley gladly accepted the request and went on to forge the dagger. Axel asked the team to get into the inn. "Welcome to the Southern Breeze. Would you like to rent a room?" the innkeeper said. She notices the large number of them and instead assisted them to two separate large rooms. "Since it's for Biohazard...I'll charge free for the night." the innkeeper stated. "No, please, take some of our gold. It's a token of appreciation for your town." Axel said as he handed over a thousand gold. "Oh my dear...thank you so much for this! I don't know what to say..." the innkeeper said as she smiled. Axel waved goodbye and smiled back. "Wow Axel..That was... amazing!" Saber said. Axel said, "Well, it's part of the job, and it helps others at the same time. Well anyway, decide in which room you would sleep, we need to get rest." After they have settled. they prepared to go to sleep.

The next morning...
Sky wakes up and walks out of the room. He sees Euphoria and Keith eating in the dining area with the innkeeper. "We're currently going to a faraway area to find the root of our enemies." Euphoria explained. The innkeeper nodded as Saber and Shard come out of the room as well. Torch followed them, who is still drowsy. "Where's Blue and Bloom?" Saber asked. Bloom is outside, helping in the woodcutter's sawmill. Blue watches Helmsley as he forges arrows for her. Shard arrives and claimed his daggers. "I replaced their materials with a stronger mineral I found in the Gretham Caverns." Helmsley said. Saber arrived and asked, "Could I use your grindstone? I'd like to sharpen my katana a bit." Helmsley allowed him freely and even gave him some metals to fortify the blade. Saber thanks him and began to sharpen his blade. A flock of birds pass by above them while herds of deer run by. Axel took a walk outside and decided to head to the dam. In the Baleclaw Dam, he found Sky looking down on the village. "This place is peaceful, isn't it?" Axel said. Sky nodded as he saw a man mounted on a horse incoming. The man gets off and quickly handed out a letter to the innkeeper. He left swiftly, without any further procrastination. The innkeeper rushed inside and called somebody. A warrior comes outside, wielding a large sword. The members rush down to meet him. "To Krorik, Meet us in the Gretham Caverns if you want to get your family pendant back... Who do they think they are? I could take them down fast anyway!" the warrior shouted as he prepared to leave. "What seems to be the matter, Mister...Krorik?" Saber asked. Krorik pointed out to the southwest and said, "I will go on a mission in the caverns. I must leave now." He quickly left. Saber was surprised at his swift departure. Axel went down the dam and said, "We can leave now. Just go to the truck when you're ready." Axel, Sky, Saber, Shard and Blue rode on the truck and began to wait. Logan goes outside the inn and gets on the truck. Torch fell asleep on a chair as the woodcutter woke him up. Torch gets surprised and heard the truck's horn. He got on and found Keith, Blue and Euphoria getting on as well. "Where's Bloom?" Axel asked. Bloom finished helping the woodcutter and finally got on the truck. The truck began to move as they went back to their path. They passed by the heritage site and found some tourists and adventurers. They can see the bridge, in front of a waterfall. Basalt's camera is inside the vehicle, turned off and placed in a bag. "There's the guys are going to walk soon." Gavin said. Saber sighs as they slow down to reach an upward slope. "We can't go up from here on, we might trigger the guards. I guess you're walking now." Gavin said. Everyone got off while Logan brought the bag with the camera and they went up the slope. "Halt! Why are you here? Biohazard members..." A guard said as he drew his blade. "We're on our way to Stormsurge Peak. We know that Trivoid is there and we need to get there fast." Axel said. "Stormsurge Peak? Sounds like suicide to me. Very well then. Carry on." the guard said as he let them cross the bridge. They reach Gretham City, full of warriors, archers, mages and the like, training in different camps. "The Capital of Battling in Kains..." Keith exclaimed. "It's just like old Soronox back at Sine...The land where everyone is training and learning new things." Sky said. "We better get to the other side. We need to get to Stormsurge as soon as possible." Axel commanded. They make it to the western gate and exited the city. Krorik passes by them, holding a pendant covered in blood. "They thought they could mess with the likes of Krorik!" Krorik boasted as he grinned at the group. They continue to walk down the path. "Krorik must be a powerful warrior... He faced those guys alone and left victorious...amazing." Saber said. Keith said, "Axel could do that as well, right Axel?" Axel smiled and shrugged. They find a horse-drawn carriage passing by. "Maybe we could get a lift with from them?" Blue asked. They tried approaching the carriage but they made a wrong decision, for it was driven by a Shadow Warrior. "Hey there...Biohazard can't get through us!" The warrior said as more arrived. One threw an orb at Axel very quickly. Axel couldn't access his powers and growled. The shadow warriors laughed as they handcuffed all of them. "Don't bother breaking free. Those cuffs nullify powers." an elite shadow warrior said. They were brought to Shadow Empire's dungeon where they were placed in separate cells.

"We'll get out of here! Just wait!" Logan shouted as he tried to break his cuffs. "Trying is useless; those things aren't breakable unless broken by the same material." Solyst said as she left the dungeon laughing. Saber growled and attempted to break as well. Axel shook his head repeatedly. Saber wondered what he was doing. Bloom attempted to make a vine sprout to break the door but the vine wilted prematurely. Axel's shades fell off as he opened his cursed eye. A small force began to form and slowly broke the door. A guard flipped a switch and raised the cuff's nullifying capacities. Axel's cursed eye disappeared. "What the!?" Axel shouted. The guards fixed the door and locked it. "Don't even try. We warned you." the guard said. Torch tried to form a small flame but the flame would die out too fast. Logan roars and tried to break free. A guard came to him and casted a spell. His arms stiffened and became enveloped in pain. "What the- Argh!! This hurts!!" Logan shouted as his arm muscles contracted and overstretched. Euphoria became worried and asked the guard to stop. The guard quickly halted and laughed. "I suppose those cuffs will keep you in place for the night...I'm leaving this place." He said as he went out. Damus noticed that Shard was with the captives. "I guess he turned against us." Damus said. Solyst replied, "We won't need him anymore, if you are able to revive Lord Garred, it will all be easy." Damus nodded and replied, "You have a point. His return is approaching... By tomorrow's dusk, Trivoid will return!"

Chapter End

Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Twenty: The Breach

Saber awakens, seeing Logan still trying to break the cuffs off. Saber notices that there aren't any guards watching them. Saber wakes everyone up, calling their attention. "What now, Saber?" Blue asked. Saber grinned and replied, "I have a plan." Soon after the discussion, Logan began on initiating the breakout. "Hey! Are you there!?" Logan shouted. Guards arrive and approach Logan. "What is the problem?" the guard said. "That Sky guy over threw a rock at me, so I called your attention so you could, I don't know... punish him?" Logan replied. The guards laughed as they nodded. They opened the door to Sky's cell and asked him to get up. "Well then, if I'll be making others suffer, I'm in." the guard said. He drew out a mace and drew his arm back. Sky kicks the man's legs and ran up the wall to do a flip. He lures the guards towards the center, taunting them. The guards approach him, but Sky kicked their weapons out of their hands. Shard kicked his daggers outside the cell, nearby the guards. The guard picks up the dagger and uses it to battle Sky. Sky waited for the right time, and timed the guard's attack with a block using the cuffs. The cuffs break, signifying that the cuffs and the dagger were made of the same material. Sky grinned and punched the guard down. He took his bow out of his pocket and activated it. He saw a guard trying to escape but he fires an arrow, puncturing him and causing him to fall down the stairs. The other guard gets up by misses his attacks, causing him to become tired. Sky shot another arrow, which contained a net. The guard gets trapped and was knocked unconscious by Sky. Sky deactivates the console, returning everyone's abilities. Axel tore down all of the doors with his powerful psychic strength. They escape as quickly as possible, but enter a guard barracks room. "Keep quiet. We need to sneak around them." Axel commanded. They slowly crossed the small plank, directly above the guards. Logan's weight could not be supported, so he couldn't cross. "Now what?" Logan asked. Bloom tried to make a vine that will carry him across. The vine worked perfectly but it caused some crust to fall on the guards when it returned underground. "What was that?" The guard wondered as he grabbed a sword. "Must be your imagination." another guard told him. They return to chatting and ignore them. "Alright. Now we get out of this Shadow Empire place." Keith said. They travel around the dungeons until they saw the exit. "Only one door left." Saber exclaimed. They make it out the dungeon, and they find themselves in Stomsurge Peak, a wasteland full of evil. "That must be the Trivoid building..." Saber said as he pointed at a building. They enter inside and find a split path. "Where do we go?" Bloom asked. Axel decided to split the team up. "I'll go with Bloom, Euphoria, Blue and Keith. You, Saber, will go with Logan, Torch, Sky and Shard." Axel said. They agreed to the decision and they began to take their paths.

Saber's Group
They arrive in a large room, with a large mechanical door at the end. "This must be...DMOUR's section..." Saber said. Saber suddenly feels headaches. He notices the camera droid behind them, floating around. "Oh right, let's wear the communicators Basalt made." Saber commanded. They all obey and hear Basalt's test sequence. "Alright guys, let's begin." Basalt said. They enter the door when suddenly, Drozone's voice suddenly said, "Well done! You made it this far. But it will be the end of the line, for I prepared something really special... for all of you, especially Saber!" Saber growls as they continue to move forward. Droids begin to spawn and attack them. Logan shields the others while they attack. "Alright. Let's keep moving guys!" Saber said. Basalt looks at the screen when he found a black shadow jumping around the high ledges. "Watch out guys... somebody's coming." Basalt warned. Sky looks around but sees nothing. "Okay...I did feel a presence too..." Sky said. Torch lit his flames and sensed the wind. The stalker remains motionless, causing them to give up on looking for him. They continue to plow on through waves of droids and traps. "Okay... Now I really sense someone..." Sky said. He turns around to find Sylux, with a blade on hand. Sylux charges at him, but Sky counters with a left hook. "You're that guy who withstood my exploding arrows!" Sky remarked. Logan interfered with a punch but Sylux resisted it. Torch began to shoot a steady flame which followed Sylux. Sylux runs in circles, dodging all flames. He shoots Torch with his micro-missiles, which emerged from his gauntlet. Sky fired an electrifying arrow, hitting Sylux and immobilizing him for a while. Sylux grinned while Saber couldn't fight him. "Sylux...what is going on!?" Saber asked. "Aww, isn't this a nice friendly reunion? Well, no. Sylux has been brainwashed, and all he will obey, are my commands." Drozone said. Sylux punches Saber repeatedly, with Saber just taking the hits. "I've had enough of this! I'm taking him down!" Logan shouted. "Calamity Shock and Terror Disaster will do the trick!" Logan added. Logan's experimental Final Strike, Calamity Shock, fired a wave underground which followed Sylux's movements. The tremors stop suddenly, without harming anyone. "So I guess it failed..." Torch said. Logan growled and followed up with Terror Disaster, his Final Strike. He slams the ground, making the ground spiked. The spikes strike Sylux, damaging him and knocking him back. Sylux grinned and used a machine gun connected to the gauntlet. The bullets were absorbed by the spikes, which served as a shield. Sylux turns his attention to Saber, who is still motionless and defenseless. Sylux takes out a long blade but Shard jumped off a high area and used his Final Strike, Dagger Flow. He threw millions of illusion daggers, which damaged Sylux heavily. Sylux is enraged and punched Shard to the wall. Logan and Torch make a combo and initiate a burning Infinite Breaker. Logan's attack missed, leaving him open for strikes. Sylux kicks Logan's face with his knee and pushed him away. Sky and Torch battle Sylux but they were overpowered again. Sylux is enraged and quickly redrew his sword and prepared to kill Saber. Logan roared as Calamity Shock suddenly activated, making a large tomb of earth clamp Sylux, trapping him inside. The tomb contracts, squeezing Sylux inside. The tomb finally stopped and exploded, dropping Sylux. "That took care of him." Logan said as he slapped Saber. "What is wrong with you?! Get serious or let Trivoid win. It's your decision!" Logan shouted. Saber stood up and said, "You're Sylux will join the enemies.. then fine. I will stay true to Biohazard!" Logan is happy as he helped the others up. They arrive in a room filled with laser traps and mines. "We're going to have a bad time crossing this..."

Axel's Group
Bloom noticed that the place is heavily medieval-themed area. "Shadow Empire must be in this sector..." Blue said. "Then, Saber and the rest got into Damus's lair?" Keith asked. Axel looks around and found incoming shadow warriors and soldiers. Bloom crates a wall using a vine and Blue climbs it to begin shooting enemies from above. Keith and Axel got ready while Euphoria created an orb of energy. Axel charges and attacked a lot of enemies. Keith fights them one by one and noticed the slow pace. Keith groans as his aura flashes from gold to red. Keith regains control and suddenly released a large pulse, sending the enemies back and ragdolled towards Axel, who finishes them off. "Whoah! Nice one, Keith!" Blue said. Euphoria noticed his aura's flickering and asked, "Are you alright, Keith?" Keith gave her a thumbs up as he moved forward to fight more enemies. Bloom wrapped a lot of them in vines and squeezed them tight. She used the vines to toss around some enemies. "You're good at this!" Euphoria said. Bloom smiled and continued fighting. Euphoria finished charging the orb and fired it, making a huge explosion of light energy. The room was cleared and they continued going deeper in the lair. "You make bad decisions at times." Solyst said from an elevated platform. "So you're Solyst, huh?" Axel asked. Solyst laughed and shouted, "Crash and Lynn will take care of you." The doors suddenly closed and Solyst left when Crash and Lynn appeared from the hidden doors. Ogres and trolls began to arrive as well. "Let's get ready for a real challenge!" Axel said as he initiated the battle.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter Twenty-One: The Fall of the Empire

Saber tried to trigger some traps with his katana but some are too dangerous. "We need something to trigger all those traps so we could cross..." Sky said. Logan thought of an idea and left. "Wait Logan! Where are you going?" Saber shouted. Logan came back with droids at hand. He tosses them on the traps, making large explosions. "Alright! Great thinking Logan!" Shard said. Logan mumbled and said, "I was actually going to make a bridge with them but... well good enough!" Everyone laughed as they went deeper to the lair. They notice the room having multiple turning points and hiding areas. They hear a thunderous roar and face off with a gigantic robot. "MASS G2! The second gear has been upgraded to completely destroy your team!" Drozone shouted. Torch fired a storm of fireballs but they were all ignored by MASS's tough armor. Logan runs and aims to take the droid down but MASS catches him and throws him to the wall. "That power... Far different from the previous one!" Sky said. He began to fire continuous arrows but all of them just bounced off its exterior. MASS roars and fired three consecutive pulses, hitting Shard, Saber and Sky. Torch and Logan prepare for the combo again. Torch fires a slow fireball to MASS, which Logan catches and absorbs with his Infinite Breaker. His Infinite Breaker went ablaze and hit MASS on the back. MASS absorbed the fire and took the punch, although it did not show any sign of damage. "No way!" Logan shouted. Torch followed up with his Final Strike, Inferno Storm. MASS walked through the fireballs and grabbed Torch. He slammed Torch hard on the ground and crushed the floor. "Torch! Oh my! How will we beat this guy!?" Sky shouted. Sky grabbed a widget from his pocket and attached it to the end of his arrow. "My Repulsion Tract Arrow should work... I think."Sky said. he fired the arrow, and it explodes on impact. The explosion created an electric field that surround MASS. MASS broke through the field and aimed at Sky. Sky was shocked as he was punched hard. Sky tried to get up but he was really hurt. Saber and Shard group up and focus on MASS. Saber charged and blasted Fusion Burst. MASS was moved back in the collision and Drozone was shocked. "Well done, Saber! The impossible is possible after all. But, can you beat it?" Drozone said. Shard charged and began to strike MASS from different angles. MASS calculated Shard's movements and it caught him into a punch. MASS's hand becomes a blade which it then pointed up in the air. Logan growled and pounded the ground, causing it to shake again. MASS ignores the move and grabbed Saber. It held Saber up and prepared to impale him with its blade. The ground suddenly collapsed and formed a tomb, causing MASS to drop Saber and get caught in the tomb. Logan smiled as he clapped his hands, detonating the tomb and sending MASS flying. MASS hovers for a second and got on its feet again. Basalt finds another presence and told Saber, "Another person's incoming!" Saber prepared himself but nothing happened. Logan began to bombard MASS with heavy punches. MASS makes his blade into a machine gun and fires at them. Everyone evades the barrage when suddenly; something blasted MASS on the head. "Eat lead!" Sylux shouted as he continuously shot MASS. "Sylux! You're back!" Saber said. Sylux grinned as he said, "I guess all it needs is a good beating, huh?" Saber laughed as they began to team up on MASS.

Crash jumped up in the air and crashed on Axel, even though Axel took no damage. Lynn went on to duel with Euphoria, where they fired blasts of energy at each other. Euphoria makes a flash of light followed by a barrage of light bolts, staggering Lynn. Crash turns his attentions to Keith, who was attacking him from behind. He makes a shield and focused on Keith until he got hit on the back by Axel. Axel grinned and slammed his palm on Crash. Crash flew towards the wall and was bruised. Blue and Bloom are teaming up against the ogres and trolls. Centaur-like warriors began to spawn and focused on Blue and Bloom. Bloom made an army of small plant soldiers, fighting back the enemies. Blue helped by shooting some of them down. Blue now readied special arrows Sky gave her. The arrows slowly paralyzed the enemies, causing them to fall down. An ogre hits Bloom and she was wounded. Blue fought the ogre back until it slowly got beaten up and died. Blue helped Bloom up and Bloom wrapped the wound with her bandages. "This is why I prefer my plant colossus mode." Bloom said. Blue was surprised as Bloom made an armor made of vines. She was inside, controlling it. She used a thorny vine to whip down enemies. Axel fought other enemies while Crash recovered and fought Keith. Keith suddenly dropped to his knees and became really dizzy. Keith's aura becomes intense and red as it formed the shape of a demon. "The true power of the crystal..." Axel murmured as Keith suddenly roared. His voice tone became demonic and evil. He clawed Crash, making an explosion. Crash falls down to his knees as Keith got furious and fired large blasts of energy at him. Crash got heavily beat up and he was surrendering. Axel saw that Keith was not in control anymore of his actions. Axel stood in front of Keith and tried to stop the intense blasts of energy. Keith continued to blast Axel while Axel took all the damage. Axel got tired and used his curse. Axel's blazing red aura formed the shape of a tongue of fire. Axel placed his hand on Keith's forehead and made a supersonic pulse. Keith's entire body shot down and he fainted. Axel deactivates his aura and woke Keith up. Keith saw Crash sunk into the wall and surrendering. Lynn eventually overpowered Euphoria and smiled. Lynn would then prepare to finish her off but an airborne troll slams into her, knocking her unconscious. "Whoops... my bad." Bloom said. She notices that the whole place is full of defeated enemies. Axel was surprised as he cuffed Lynn and Crash. They went to the next room, where Solyst was activating a machine in a room. She opened the roof and fired a ray up into the sky, making a horrible atmosphere. People that were in the area had headaches except for those inside the building. "Once my machine aligns with the moon, all people in the area will turn into my minions!" Solyst shouted. Axel grinned and replied, "Not if we can stop you!"

Logan crashes through a wall, beat up by MASS. MASS continued to dominate against them and had Logan and Shard on their knees. "Saber!!! I think I know what's going on..." Sky said. "Drozone made MASS to wear us down, so when we will face him, we will be weak and unable to battle!" Saber was surprised as he realized the fact. "We'll take care of MASS. Go inside now!" Logan said. Saber, Shard and Sylux went on to Drozone's room. Drozone grinned as he spread his arms out and out came pieces of armor which attached to him, making a suit of mechanical armor. Drozone laughs as he shut the mask and prepared to battle. Saber gets surprised at Drozone's power. "His alone gives me creeps." Shard said. "So the betrayer decided to show up... You made the wrong decision!" Drozone shouted as he fired a fast pulse to Shard, knocking him into the wall. Sylux fired a continuous barrage of bullets. Drozone's armor absorbs the attacks. Saber gets another headache and charged at Drozone. Drozone grabbed Saber's face and threw him to a desk. Sylux continues to fire at him but he slowly got nearer and blasted Sylux with high volts. Shard regains mobility and charged at him, but he gets swatted away. Saber spun around and hit Drozone with his katana. Drozone kicked Saber and fired missiles at him. Saber is seriously enraged and began to create an aura. Saber's blades come out and had Saber mad. Saber focuses on Drozone and fired an energy bolt followed by a stab. The armor resisted the attack, but Drozone was hit. "Well done! How about you try my fist!" Drozone shouted as he punched Saber. Saber was enraged and his aura was burning powerfully. He charged in a blinking speed, making a swift attack. It gets caught in Drozone's shield, the same one that withstood Saber's attack in Grand Flower City. Saber's attack slowly broke through and finally shattered the shield. Sylux shot Drozone's head, stunning him. Shard followed up with Dagger Flow. Saber was tossed away and Drozone went full focus on Shard. He carried Shard by the shoulders and slammed him on the ground. He charged an extremely high-voltage blast and fired it at Shard, making a large crater. Shard was motionless, lying down in the crater. "No...Shard! Wake up!!!" Saber shouted as he tried to wake Shard up. Saber roared loudly and charged at Drozone with all the power and rage he's got.

Axel and Solyst engaged in a duel, firing energy blasts at each other. Keith is weak after exerting all his power earlier, so he sat out in the match an rested in a corner. Blue tried to break the codes of the machine, although the machine was too complicated for her. Bloom and Euphoria finds Shadow Soldiers incoming. Blue attempted to shoot the console with arrows, but the console somehow shielded the arrows. "It's protected!" Blue said. She instead went on to fight back the soldiers incoming. Axel missed his attacks, and he got by an energy orb. Axel couldn't sense her force for some reason. "I am immune to your sensory enhancements!" Solyst said. She turned into a shadow-like beast that was eight-feet tall and dangerous. Axel was attacked fiercely but Solyst didn't stop and gave no mercy. Axel fended off some attacks then used his palms to push her back. The push was neglected, for she was made of shadows. Euphoria attacked Solyst with light orbs, distracting her and giving Axel an open attack. Solyst sees the moon incoming so she laughed and said, "Nothing can stop me now!" Axel saw her guard down and created a portal in front and behind Solyst. The two portals fired a laser beam, burning Solyst in the light. "You may have stopped me...but Damus will continue our mission!" Solyst said as she gave her last breath. The console's key was on Solyst's necklace, so Axel took it and tossed it to Blue. "Quickly! There's not much time left!" Axel commanded. Blue placed the keycard in the slot and pressed the button. The laser pointing to the sky faded out and the roof closed. The shadow warriors and soldiers faded out as well, leaving only their armors and weapons behind. "Damus... I cannot feel his power in here anymore!" Axel said. "Damus? Who is that?" Blue asked. Axel replied. "Damus... he was my companion back then in Biohazard. He was one of the greatest members, with great potential. He was the best one, he was better than me... but when the time came that Sentinel passed his leadership down, for some reason, he chose me, instead of Damus. Damus was angered by Sentinel's decision and decided to join up with the group of Trivoid. He was a good friend...but... why must he turn against us? One small disappointment isn't a reason to turn against everyone you know! But now...he made his choice. We must defeat him...before his plan succeeds..."

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
The showdown between Saber and Drozone, death of an important ally, Damus's plan unveiled, Chapter twenty two is here! *announcer mod off*
Chapter Twenty-Two: Showdown in Stormsurge Peak!

Saber's wounds are slowly healing with his aura while he holds back Drozone's attacks. Sylux fired missile barrages from his gauntlets, holding Drozone back and temporarily stuns him. Saber's aura began to swirl, forming a cyclone which soon formed the shape of floating blades. Saber's eyes became filled with rage as he ran towards Drozone. The blades spin faster and soon fused and connected to his hand. Saber growls in pain but continued to charge at Drozone until he finally lands the move, making a large explosion and launched the blades in different directions. Drozone's armor was cut and scratched, but he got up quickly and said, "That power... no... it can't be!" Drozone runs towards the fallen Saber and released a long blade from his armor's wrist. "What is this power?! I can't control myself!" Saber shouted, but his voice can no longer be heard for his aura made a large noise. "I'm losing!" Saber shouted in his mind when his energy skyrocketed. He growls while Sylux is shocked at Saber's transformation. His stance had become more feral, his movements are wild, like a wild dog growling at its enemy. "Saber! Get a hold of yourself!" Sylux shouted. Saber punches Drozone, sending him flying across the room. "What is this's off the charts!" Drozone exclaimed. Saber dashed again and punched him again, crushing the ground and heavily damaging Drozone. "Saber... What is happening to you?" Sylux murmured. He aimed his shotgun and fired at Saber. Saber gets hit, but he wasn't damaged and just growled at Sylux. The aura is swirling once again, and slowly forming the floating blades. Drozone took advantage and fired a massive ball of electricity at Saber while he was charging up for the move. Saber gets blasted to the wall while Sylux was caught in the explosion as well and was tossed up in the air. Drozone catches Sylux and charged another high-voltage blast. "I must regain control... I must!!!" Saber shouted inside is head when he dashed towards Drozone and kicked him into the wall. "Saber... are you alright?" Sylux asked. Saber's aura slowly calmed a bit and he nodded. Sylux smiled and stood up. "I might not get a hold of myself for long...I better make the best out of it." Saber said as he charged at Drozone. He lifts him up and throws him up. Drozone's armor began to fly and fired a barrage of missile. Saber blocked the attack and jumped out of the smoke. Saber roared and made a large pulse out of his hand. Drozone used his shield but it failed and collapsed almost instantly. Drozone comes out of the smoke but gets punched up by Saber. Drozone regains mobility and charged at Saber, taking him down to the ground. Saber's mask gets ruptured and crushed. He takes it off but gets hit instantly with Drozone's pulse barrage. Saber began to charge and kept moving from side to side, giving Drozone a hard time aiming. He gets hit by Blade Legend and took down. He got back up and pounded the floor. "This...this is impossible!" Drozone said as he gets mad.

He charges at Saber and calculated his attacks, consecutively hitting him with a flurry of punches and jabs. Saber's aura began to grow larger again as his legs began to weaken. "Saber... he's putting too much effort in beating Drozone... but he's pushed himself to his limits!" Sylux said as he swirled his arms in a circle. A circle of energy forms in front of him, which he then placed his hands on. "I got my teleportation traded for this new ability... Here it goes! Colossal Gate!" The energy swirls and made an illusion of a large cannon. The cannon fires, making a large explosion on Drozone and knocked him back. Drozone grinned and said, "So that's the power Damus gave you..." Sylux smiled and replied, "That's not all of it, he even taught me the forbidden curses." Drozone gets shocked as he turned around and got punched by Saber. Drozone sees Sylux's arms becoming surrounded by a dark energy. "No! Not The Jericho!" Drozone shouted as he charged at Sylux and smacked him hard into the wall. He fires another barrage of pulses, having Sylux heavily beaten. "Shard...Sylux... No.... NO!!!!" Saber shouted as he lost control of himself once again. He dashed even faster and charged his new found Final Strike, Blade Storm. The maelstroms of blades surround both hands this time and he charges towards Drozone. He thrusts both hands and slashes Drozone, knocking him down. Drozone is down on a knee and grabbed Saber in the blink of an eye. "Foolish person... you don't stand a chance! I--- " Drozone shouted as he was impaled by Saber's blades. "I guess they really do come out when I need them." Saber boasted as Drozone collapsed. "No..this can't be!" Drozone said as he coughed out blood. "Saber... you made the wrong decision killing me... Trivoid will continue...even if you stop won't stand a chance against Damus... urgh.." Drozone falls down on the ground when Saber rushed to Shard and Sylux. Sylux gets up and said, "You... you did it! Saber... you truly are strong!" Saber checks on Shard... "Shard... no..." Saber said as he held Shard's body. "We lost a great man today...but..the battle isn't over... Damus is still out there, and we need to stop him!" Sylux said. Saber puts Shard's body down as he stood up and said, "You're right... Shard fought valiantly and risked his life for us... let's not waste this!" They prepared to leave but suddenly, Drozone shouted, "YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!" He fired a death laser, but it gets caught by someone who jumped in the path of the beam. Shard lands, bleeding out and falls. "No... NO!!!" Drozone shouted as his life runs out. Sylux and Saber run to Shard, who is bleeding from the piercing wound left by the beam. "Shard... why did you do that?!" Saber shouted. "Saber... defeat... them." Shard said as he slowly died. "No... No!!!" Saber said as he tried to heal Shard's wound. Sylux pulls Saber away but Saber wouldn't stop trying to keep Shard alive. "It's no use! it's over, Saber. Shard's gone now. We need to get to Damus now!" Sylux shouted. Saber calms down and left the room. "You made me mad! Here's to you!" Logan shouted as he kept hitting Infinite Breaker on the broke MASS. MASS's armor is slowly being torn to pieces after every punch but Logan wouldn't stop. He punches one last time with Infinite Breaker, tear MASS's head off. "Let's get back to the group now." Sky said as he notices that Shard is not around. "Where's Shard?" Sky asked. Sylux and Saber look down as Sky understood and said, "I'm sorry for that... we better get going now." They all ran back to the meeting point, where Axel and the rest were waiting. "Where is Shard?" Bloom asked. Axel nodded and said, "We lost a great warrior in battle... but we'll head to the plains now. Damus isn't in the building anymore..." Everyone got outside to find a large swirling vortex of energy in the middle of the plains.

"Lord Garred! I call upon you!" Damus shouted as the vortex began to create lightning around the area. Damus turns around to see Logan and Torch charging towards him. He lifts one hand and flicks them off, launching them into a rock. "That power... How are we going to stop that?" Keith whispered. Saber looks up in the sky, where he finds a swirl of clouds above them, with a glowing red light behind them. Garred's body in the containment tank twitched, and his eyes opened. Damus swings his arm, sending off a wave of air that shook everyone. "His power is tremendous!" Sky exclaimed. Sky began to fire arrows but Damus dodged all of them, without even looking. "You mortals will regret messing with me!" Damus shouted as his body changed form and became a demon-like shape. "Witness the true power of the Stormsurge Peak's curse!" Damus roared as his arms became claws and his muscle mass grew enormous. Saber is astonished as Damus began to charge at them. Logan charges first but gets swatted away instantly. Saber was shocked and began to use his pulses to fight back. Bloom used a vine to heal Saber and Sylux's wounds, giving them power to continue fighting. The red lights from the clouds flash, blinding everyone for a second. Garred breaks free from the tank and walks around. He finds a dead soldier on the ground, so he took his clothes and wore them. He decided to hide for now and left the building, without being noticed. Axel fired a barrage of pulses at Damus, but Damus runs through them and smacks Axel hard, sending Axel knocked back. Axel stops but barely remained standing. "Damus... What have you become!?" Axel whispered as he summoned his Satellite Staff. He charges at Damus, while Torch covers Damus in flames and Sky and Blue fires arrows at him. Keith tried to control his ability but fails. "Foolish mortal! You cannot control your power! You already had powers, but you wanted more than that! Now you will have to pay the price, and lose control of yourself!" Damus shouted as he began to shoot spikes out of his arm. Keith focuses on the incoming spikes and clapped. His shield activated as he charged forward while shooting energy bolts. He slowly lost his energy and got hit by a spike. His aura flickered red once again and he fired a huge blast, knocking Damus far backwards. "Impressive power... but not enough to beat me!" Damus shouted as he breathed fire. Euphoria creates a shield, covering everyone so they could attack. Torch initiated and began to counterattack Damus. Torch's flames collided with the fire breath, but his flames were overpowered and he got burned. Sylux began to fire micro missiles while Sky and Blue runs around shooting Damus to keep him distracted. Saber tried to use his new found power but it failed. Sylux called Saber and said, " Come on! Let's make Damus regret facing Biohazard!" Damus laughed and replied, "Me? Regret? Maybe you will regret facing me!" Damus used his tail to grab Logan and throw him away once again, making Logan really mad. " Stop tossing me around!" Logan shouted as he pounded the ground. "Calamity Shock wouldn't work with an enemy this big..but I will try!" Logan shouted as he activated the tomb. Damus was trapped in the tomb, but Logan couldn't make the tomb explode. Damus overpowered the tomb and broke out easily. "That wouldn't work on me!" Damus roared as Axel closed his eyes and prepared his curse. He opens his eyes then grinned, and came charging at Damus as he prepares for the battle of his life.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
The end of the first huge arc, begins this chapter. The battle between Damus and Biohazard begins in 5...4...3...2...1...

Chapter Twenty-Three: Biohazard vs Trivoid, Part One

Axel charges off and spins in the air, making a powerful wind fume that cut Damus. Damus ignores the wound and slams Axel. Axel resisted the attack and continued to fire cosmic pulses. Saber and Sylux prepared for a combo and they grouped up together. Saber fires Fusion Burst while Sylux used Colossal Gate. The two laser fuse and make a large explosion, giving Axel an opportunity to strike. Damus took powerful hits but he managed to keep fighting and spin around, lashing everything with his tail. Damus's spins formed a gust, knocking everyone back. The machine began to glow, as if it were charging up. "That machine... it can't be!"Axel shouted. Damus laughed and replied, "When the gate to Horzen opens, you will witness the fall of Kains, and all other dimensions!" Axel focused his power and fired a quick cosmic bullet. Damus was hit, but the bullet didn't do anything. "Absolute Defeat..." Damus whispered as he saw cosmic rays beginning to fall from the sky, crashing towards him. The rays hit Damus, heavily damaging him and making a huge explosion. Saber is amazed as he got ready for another Fusion Burst. Euphoria began to fire light blots from her staff and at the same time shielded Keith as he goes offensive. Keith jumped up and used a sword he picked up earlier to stab Damus. Damus flings Keith off his shoulder and fired a dark sphere at him. The sphere destroys the shield and damaged Keith. Keith falls down due to the damage. "Keith!" Euphoria shouted as she rushed to help him up. Bloom formed another plant colossus and used it. She fired a rapid barrage of thorns at Damus, poisoning him. Damus is enraged and his arms began to be covered in dark energy. Axel's eyes widen as he shouted, "Everyone, run!" Everyone ran away as Sylux realized the move. "The forbidden curse! The Jericho!" Sylux said as he pulled Saber away. Sylux quickly charged his power and formed a much smaller version of the move. Damus fires the orb at Axel's area, although they dodged the move. Sylux fired his shot, which slowly flew up towards Damus. Damus's strike explodes, making a humongous explosion and large damage to the area. Axel and the group were knocked back in the force of the explosion while Sylux ran away. his attack lands, exploding at Damus and knocking him down. Damus got back up on a knee and said, "Sylux... I forgot I even taught you that move." Sylux grinned as he taunted Damus by feinting that he would charge another one. Damus focused on Sylux, giving everyone else an open shot at Damus. Sky fires exploding arrows while Blue used her Particle Alignment Arrow. The arrow barrage stuns Damus, but Damus was still able to continue. Euphoria and Bloom make a combo, where Euphoria makes a wall of light. Bloom fired thorns through the wall, making them light energy-coated. The thorns to larger damage compared to the original one, but once again Damus ignores the attack. Damus roared, making a wind gust in front of him and knocked large stones at the team. They dodge them but Bloom's colossus got hit on the arm. Bloom also felt the pain and said, "I can't feel my arm..." Blue rushed to help to discover that Bloom's arm was injured. Logan gets up from the crash and called Torch. Torch refuses to make the combo, for he knows Damus can counter it. "Wait a second... a Goran in your team? I see... let me put the Goran's limit to the test!" Damus shouted as he went full focus on Torch. Torch flies using his flames and dodges the fireballs. Torch made a large fireball and he threw it to Damus, causing it to explode and burn the entire area. The smoke clears as they find Damus still standing without signs of damage. Torch is amazed at the power as he began to back away. Logan growled as he made two Terror Disasters at the same time, making two stones sandwich Damus. Damus breaks the rocks into pieces and threw the rocks to Logan. Logan gets knocked down and remains motionless. Axel called out another barrage of cosmic rays but damus interferes and kicks him away. Axel becomes enraged, but tries to remain calm. Euphoria fired a barrage of light orbs but Damus absorbed some of the power and returned it to Euphoria, rupturing the ground and knocking her down. Sylux finds the time to charge another sphere and fired it. Damus swatted the attack, causing it to bounce back at Sylux. The explosion damaged both Sylux and Saber, putting the two of them down. Sky runs out of arrows and began to create light arrows. Damus shot a fireball at him, sending him flying and slamming into a rock. Axel looks around to find the entire team falling in front of him. Axel is frustrated as he tries to figure out how to defeat Damus.

Damus fired a barrage of fireballs but Axel dodges them all as he ran towards him. Axel jumps and slammed his staff, knocking Damus back slightly. Sylux got up and shook Saber's shoulders. "Can you... do that berserk thing again?" Sylux asked. Saber sighs and said, "I'll try." Saber goes in and charges at Damus. He took multiple hits from Damus's fireballs and he was stopped in his tracks. Saber gets up once again and kept taking hits. "Saber! What are you doing!?" Axel shouted as he distracted Damus. Damus fired a dark wave at Saber, brutally damaging him. Saber's aura still hasn't triggered, despite the huge amount of damage he took. "Why?" Saber wondered as he pounded the ground. Logan charges but gets beaten up instantly by a swipe. Saber sees the other members suffering as he tried to trigger his aura one more time. "I'm tired of beating you down! I need to eliminate you all one by one immediately!" Damus roared as he picked up Logan and made a spike emerge from the ground. He lifts Logan up in the air and prepared to drop his body on the spike, when suddenly, Saber fires a large pulse at Damus, causing him to drop Logan. Saber's aura still wouldn't activate so he charged furiously, vulnerable to attacks. Damus laughs at Saber and fired slow-moving energy orbs that exploded on Saber's path. Saber continued to charge despite the attacks and jumped, stabbing Damus with his katana. Damus throws Saber away into a mountain wall, knocking him unconscious. Axel growls and said, "I guess it's you and me, Damus." Damus clenched his fist and said, "This battle's outcome has already been decided before! I will have to prove it to you again!" Axel grips onto his staff as his aura began to surge, making a massive gust of air. Damus charges forward and strikes with his claws. Axel dodges them all and counters with a slash of his staff. He spins around and slashed the air, releasing a gust of energy towards Damus. Damus blocks the attack and laughed. Sylux wakes up and sees the two dueling. He charges up for The Jericho while Axel sees him and grinned. Axel jumps up and opened two portals around Damus. The two portals fire lasers, trapping Damus in a continuous burst of energy. Damus breaks free but Sylux's blast lands on him, sending him flying into a rock and to the ground. Damus gets up and growled. He fired a barrage of spikes to Sylux, wounding him and knocking him down. "I gave you the forbidden curse, and you repay me by doing this!?" Damus shouted as he charged up The Jericho and pointed it as Sylux's face. Saber's body weakens and his limbs began feeling numb. He gets out of the wall and fell on his knees. The atmosphere became warmer and his body stiffened. His aura began to form up but this time, it was more intense than before. He roared loudly, even heard all the way from Spiralwood. His power becomes amplified and his entire body grew larger and stronger. His skin becomes scaly like a demon and his spine grew larger, bulging out on his back. His teeth sharpened and his aura gave him wings. He roared loudly once again and charged at Damus. He punches Damus, sending him flying up into the air. Saber attacks the airborne Damus, slamming him downwards to the ground. Damus is in intense amounts of pain as he tried to get up but gets slammed back down by Saber. Damus covered himself with a shield of bone-like spikes but Saber breaks through and lifts him up. With half a ton on his shoulders, Saber threw Damus down to the ground. Saber's blade formation begins as it circulates around him. Damus shields himself again but Blade Storm tears through, slicing Damus. Damus's wounds are bleeding but he got up and grinned. "Your power... Sentinel's son..." Damus said as he spun around and shielded himself with larger spikes. Saber attempts to break through but these spikes are stronger than the previous ones. The spikes recede and Damus is fully healed, in a whole new form. His face became demonic, large spikes erupt from his back, which are made of bone. His arms became even larger and his size grew massive. His tail was covered with bone spikes and he said, "Witness the true power of the curse!" Saber roared at Damus as they clashed. The impact was so powerful, the energy shook the entire area. Damus grabbed Saber and threw him into the building. Saber gets out immediately and charged at Damus. Damus shields himself and stabs Saber, severely wounding him. His wound heals faster than light and he got back on fighting Damus. Damus claws Saber but Saber counters with a claw of his own. The two duel and both pushed each other back and the battle went back and forth. Axel went to the machine but got blown away by the massive power it contains. He sees a rift in the sky, which is the hole tearing up the barrier of Horzen. "We must stop that hole from growing bigger... or else!" Axel shouted as he looked at the battle. Saber strikes Damus but Damus instantly recovered and pushed Saber into the wall of the building. Damus keeps on pushing Saber back into the building and the battle is brought inside.

Damus threw Saber into a wall. They see the prisoners and guards escaping while some helped Damus fighting Saber. Saber absorbs the attacks and roared, releasing a burst of energy in a sphere. Everyone was shook in the impact and they all retreated. Saber and Damus are left alone once again and they continue their battle. Damus charges first and punches Saber. Saber blocks the attack and landed a counter kick, pushing Damus back. Damus fights back and spins around, hitting Saber with his tail. Most of the team's members get up and witness Saber's rampage. Saber fires a large ray of energy at Damus, causing Damus to block and get immobilized temporarily. Saber charges but Damus cleaved his head, staggering him and rendering him vulnerable. Damus pushes Saber back and threw him into the wall, which instantly collapsed. Saber finds himself in the reconstruction room, where Garred was being healed. Damus notices that Garred is gone and threw Saber through the tank. Drozone's last remaining droids assist Damus but Saber destroys them all quickly. Under the tank was a drill that absorbed energy from the planet's core to heal Garred. He realized that he could throw Saber in there, burning him to pieces. Damus grinned as he attempted to knock Saber out. Saber defended quickly and kicked Damus hard on the chest. Damus nearly fell into his own trap but he got back into balance and charged at Saber. Saber dodges and goes back outside. Damus gets angered at his failure but instead followed and continued the battle. Damus fought back Saber but Saber continued to overpower him and get the advantage. Saber attempts to finish him off but Damus was able to channel more power from his curse, flinging Saber away. The team members attempt to get near the machine but they all fail to get near. Damus laughs at them and said, "Nobody can stop it now! You will be dead when you reach the core!" Saber stabbed Damus from behind, causing Damus to fall down again. Damus got up and his wound healed. Saber notices the new healing power Damus possesses and grinned. "The battle continues!" Damus shouted. Saber growls and attempts to take Damus down. Damus stops Saber in his tracks and countered with a punch. Saber's power grew stronger once again and he attack Damus with a powerful Blade Legend. Damus falls down but he gets back up immediately and growled. Damus fires a barrage of spikes and dark waves but Saber runs through them and jumped. Saber fired a full power Fusion Burst, knocking Damus backwards and near the machine he built. Garred returned and watched from a rock up on the mountains. "I best not interfere. My meddling will surely cause mayhem in the battle... but if you lose, I bid you farewell Damus. You were a great warrior and I am glad I had you on my side." Garred whispered as he watched over the battle. Damus fought back as Saber took all the attacks. Logan attempts to join in but Axel stopped him and said, "You're hurt. You better rest now. Leave it to Saber and I." Logan sat down as Axel returned to battle. The rift in the sky grew larger and Sky sees the hole. "What in the world is that!?" Sky shouted as he stood up and watched the battle. Bloom's injury is still painful and she is still resting. Damus sees the team falling before him and he laughed. Axel attacked Damus but Damus dodges it, causing it to hit Saber. Saber goes into another frenzy and began to attack Axel. Axel get shocked and apologizes, but Saber's rage became even more intense. Saber attacked Axel while Axel just keeps dodging them. "I don't want to hurt you Saber..." Axel said as he tried to hold back his attacks. Damus interferes and hit Saber from behind. Saber turns his attention to Damus once again and they reengage in a duel. Axel aims well and fired a large bolt of energy, landing right on its mark on Damus. Damus gets knocked back and Saber followed up with a brutal strike. Saber kept on striking Damus until he fell down on the ground. Damus is defenseless and took all the attacks from Saber. Damus grips on the ground as he absorbed even more power from the cursed ground. Damus pushes Saber off him and covered himself with spikes once again. Saber tried to break through but this time his attack failed to do any damage at all. Axel stood away and said, "Not again... Another form!?" Saber sees the bone shield shaking as it receded back to the ground. Damus is floating in the air, appearing human-like once again but kept the appearance of his demon form. He grew demonic wings and his body was covered in scales. "Witness the true power of the Demons!" Damus shouted as he charged at Saber.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Twenty-Four : Biohazard vs Trivoid, Part Two

Saber's aura continues to rage on as he faces another form of Damus. Damus grinned as he fired three energy orbs at Saber. Saber dodges the mall but the impact and the explosion shook him. Saber got up and charged at Damus, causing him to move back, but merely inches. Damus catches Saber's attacks and kicked him at the stomach. Saber gets hurt and falls down. His aura's wings got him back in the air immediately after the fall. Damus's power increased massively and he grinned. Damus attacks Saber furiously and began to barrage Saber with punches. Axel watches and tried to help Saber but his attacks were absorbed by an invisible shield surrounding Damus. The rift in the sky grows larger and the first vessel arrives carrying Horzen warriors. Saber gets beaten up and Damus attacks furiously and sends Saber flying toward a wall. Saber tries to recover but gets kicked by Damus. Saber is beaten up and collapses as he tries to get up. Saber's power is slowly weakening and his aura calming down. Damus makes spikes appear from his and and charged at Saber, stabbing him on the abdomen and severely wounding him. Saber's body is bleeding as he coughed out blood. Axel fired a cosmic laser at Damus, causing him to go into a rage and direct his attention to Axel. Damus's attacks keep missing, tiring him down slowly. Saber's wounds continue to bleed and his body is collapsing. Saber's aura slowly fades out but suddenly, a large burst of energy emerges form his body, reviving the aura. The aura grew larger than ever and Saber's wounds healed in mere seconds. Saber slowly got up, still showing signs of weakness. Damus feels the eat behind him and turns around to see Saber's aura growing larger by the second. Saber's body glowed red and he charged at Damus, punching hit towards Axel who followed with a powerful pulse. Damus gets knocked up in the air and Saber dashes towards him. Saber grabs Damus's body and charged to the building, knocking Damus through multiple walls. Saber's energy seems to grow larger every time he gets hurt. Damus fights back and punches Saber's jaw. Saber growled at Damus and punched back. Damus catches Saber's fist and gets up. Damus's energy returned and his power increased as well. The two clash, sending back and forth energy explosions around the building. Saber gets another advantage and throws Damus through the wall and back outside. Saber attacks furiously and keeps Damus down on his knees until Damus kicks Saber down and blasts him away with a burst of energy. Damus followed up with a barrage of energy bursts but Saber pushes through and lands a powerful punch. Saber gets a grip on Damus and attempts to lift him above the ground but Damus punches Saber away. Damus smashed Saber to the ground and immobilized him. "I won't let Saber fight this alone!" Sky said. Logan raises a fist and said, "I'll help him no matter what!" Saber is about to get hit by a massive punch but Damus gets caught in Terror Disaster and Sky's explosive arrows. Damus breaks free but gets caught with an energy trap by Euphoria. Keith fires a barrage of small bolts at Damus while Sylux kept shooting Damus with a rifle. Damus roared as everyone continued to focus on him. Damus casts a spell on Saber and then roared, sending everyone flying away except for Saber. "I will focus on you, and nothing will stop me!" Damus shouted as he went full focus on Saber. Saber breaks free from Damus's grip and fought back with feral swipes. Damus pushed Saber back and kicks him away. Damus charges at Saber, with his legs growing larger with each step. His legs became root-like with bones spiking out of them. "Leg power will be massively increased! This is my first power transformation!" Damus shouted as his arms began to get covered in dark energy.

Even more energy covers Damus's arms as he grabbed on to Saber and threw him up in the air. Saber hovers and charges back towards Damus but collides with a punch to the face. Damus lifts up his arms as he began to charge up. His arms became larger and more muscular and spikes come out from his forearms. His fingers became claws and he said, "Power Transformation two! My hands will destroy you and tear you to pieces!" Damus raises his right hand and dashed to Saber, choking him and throwing him down to the ground. Saber gets up but gets thrust into the ground once again. Garred gets up from his seat and grinned as he stood up. He saw the rift in the Sky growing even larger and the vessel released Horzen warriors. The rest of the team began to fight the warriors back, despite injuries and wounds. Blue defends Bloom while Euphoria took down opponents with a runic sword she created using light energy. Saber fires Fusion Burst at Damus, sending him back. Damus's back began to release bone spikes and his tail became larger. "Final Power Transformation! My power is complete, face your demise!" Damus shouted as he charged in blinking speed and punches Saber, knocking him into a wall. Saber gets back into battle but receives another kick. Saber is beaten up as he tried to counter with his own punches. Damus dodges them all but got hit by the last attack. Saber's aura reenters a blazing state and gave him another burst of power. He sends Damus flying and into the Trivoid building, wrecking the entire building down. Saber lifts Damus up and threw him towards the ship, wrecking a hole through the vessel. Saber chases Damus and tossed him towards the machine, but the machine's power shielded itself and damaged Damus instead. The warriors are all eliminated by Biohazard's members as Axel landed an Arcane Portal on them. Axel opens another portal and burned Damus, causing him to fall on his knees. Garred growls as he said, "I guess Damus failed..." Garred finally decided to leave the area. Damus gets shocked as Saber brought him up into the air. Damus began to breathe fire again but Saber covers Damus's mouth and keeps it shut. Saber threw Damus down to the mountainside and fired two Fusion Bursts. Damus gets up one more time and charges but gets hit with twin Blade Storms, piercing him and causing him to crash down. He lands on the machine, electrifying him once again and causing him to fall down. Damus's impact on the machine made a large smoke explosion, removing the sight of everyone in the area. The smoke clears, revealing Damus back in his normal human form. Damus is crawling with his wounds bleeding as he said, "I failed you... Lord Garred!" Damus's arms bean to glow in intense light as Sylux notices the move and shouted, "Everyone get away from him!" Damus pounds the ground, sending a rune of light energy travelling across the ground. The rune aims for Saber, who is recovering from an energy overload as Axel blocks it, causing the move to land on him. Axel's entire body becomes weak and he fell down on the ground. "Entity Seal... causes the user and the target to suffer the same death... once both entities die, the bond is broken..." Sylux murmured as Axel slowly ran out of power. Damus growls and said, "I missed my mark... but taking Axel with me is good enough!" Damus dies on the ground due to hemorrhage while Axel is fading out. "Axel... why did you throw your life just to save me!?" Saber asked as Axel grows weaker. Everyone gather around as some began to weep. Euphoria notices the rift and said, "We must stop that machine now!" Axel dies in front of them as Saber shouted, "No... don't leave us! Axel!!!" Saber cries as everyone comforted him. "He risked his life... just for me." Saber said as he calmed down. Euphoria gets near the machine as everyone yelled, "Euphoria!" Euphoria looks at them with a sad face and said, "The sacrifice of one's life for the sake of the world..." Euphoria gives them a sad smile as she pushed through the machine's barrier. Euphoria places her hands on the power core as she slowly tore it off. "No! Euphoria!" Keith shouted as he saw the core releasing shocks that travelled around Euphoria's body. Euphoria takes the core of, dying in the process. Keith's eyes shrunk in shock as the rift quickly shuts close. They all gather to see Euphoria's body lying peacefully beside the machine. "Euphoria... she... she sacrificed her life for the entire world..." Sky said as Keith fixed her hair. "May our allies rest in peace after this battle... they gave up their lives in battle to fight with us, and they helped us in our victory...Shard...Axel...Euphoria... we will miss you all." Sylux said as the sky clears up. "We better get back to Spiralwood to tell the news. The camera droid somehow survived the battle and floated around the team. They travel back to Gretham City to find the citizens praising them. They all get through the crowd and gets back to Gavin. "Where... where is everyone?" Gavin asked as he noticed the missing members. "They... They're gone." Saber said as Gavin is shocked that Axel is gone. Gavin held back his emotions and drove everyone back to Spiralwood where they would celebrate for their victory.

The next day...
Saber is seated on the dining hall, alone and thinking of Axel. "Without a leader, who will command the facility?" Saber whispered to himself. He drinks a cup of coffee as he suddenly gets patted on the back by Basalt."Well, you can be the leader." Saber shook his head and laughed. "I can't handle such a large responsibility, sorry." Saber said. Basalt nods and said, "Well then, I better be going to my mission today. I'll be going on an urgent quest together with Logan and Torch. You should come." Saber declines and said, "I'll be doing something else today." Basalt understood as he left. Bloom's injury is still healing while Keith is still depressed about Euphoria's death. Saber comforts Keith as he said, "Euphoria... she helped me when I was unconscious back at Pelmet... she helped me out and made me feel happy all the time...but why must she leave us?" Saber patted Keith on the back and said, "Everyone has their time. She saved the whole world yesterday. Her death is nothing less than a heroic act that should be remembered." Keith smiles as he got up and walked outside. Saber finds Shard's things and remembers his old companion. Saber breathes out heavily as he walked outside, seeing Sky helping others out as usual. Sylux suddenly surprises Saber from behind, causing Saber to jump in shock. "Hey Saber, now that Trivoid's done, what will we do?" Sylux asked. Saber shrugged in reply and said, "Let's just keep helping others, like Sky." Sylux nods as they began to help the citizens. Blue awakens and notices that she's the only one left in the girl's room. "I miss them already." Blue sadly said as she got up and washes up. She gets dressed and prepares to practice when she sees Euphoria's training gear. She takes them and wears it for her training. Torch gets out with Logan as they prepare to get to Spiralwood. Illumina and Connie meet up with Jack at the stable, talking about Biohazard's victory. Saber and Sylux passes by and sees the trio. "Hey there, Saber!" Illumina said as she waved hi. Saber smiled as he had a small chat about the battle. "I don't know what was in me. I just went into overload and I couldn't stop." Saber explained. The trio understood as Saber bid farewell and he gets back to work. Sky rests at the high mountain as Sylux and Saber passed by. "This is where I meditated with Sky after our battle in Spiralwood. I was confused then about what was going on with you." Saber explained as Sylux laughed. They join Sky in his resting and they had a friendly conversation for a while. They got carried away chatting and noticed that it's already sunset. They headed back to the building where they were greeted with a feast. There was a lot of food prepared for them. "For Biohazard's victory!" Logan shouted as Saber gets greeted by many people. Helmsley was there, even Illumina, Connie and Jack. The feast was large and plenty of food was ready. Everyone enjoyed the party all night. Logan ate the most and got full. Saber laughed at him and they continued celebrating for their victory. Little did they know, Garred is still planning his nefarious schemes. "Damus may have failed, ,but my plans will definitely succeed. For Trivoid!" Garred said as he began to travel south, still planning on his return to battle Biohazard once again.

"Wake up!" a voice shouted. "Good. You're awake. Your rebirth was a success." he added. The man awakens and looked around. "You fought well back there, Damus got you, but now you're back. I think we should lay low for now. Besides, what's the fun if the others know we're alive, am I right, Axel?" Axel nods and said, "Sentinel... you're back."

Chapter End
End of the first major arc
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Twenty-Five: A New Chapter

Two years later...
The Biohazard members gather in the shrine on Stormsurge Peak, or as of its renaming, Airshawl Village. The gentle breeze passes by them in the bright morning. Shard and Euphoria's bodies are buried under the shrine. Axel's body was missing when they returned and even after hours of searching, his corpse was not found. "Alright then, Saber. What will we do today?" Blue asked. Saber smiles as he said, "We rest for today. Yesterday, we had a dangerous battle with that monster at Goldenbridge. We'll have to rest in order to fight crime." Blue nodded as Saber fixes is robes. "Being a leader is hard..." Saber murmured. Logan pats him on the back and said, "It was like yesterday, huh? We were all here battling for the sake of the planet. Time travels so fast..." Saber smiled as he remembered his rampage. "Alright guys! Let's head back to Spiralwood!" Saber shouted as called everyone's attention. "Let me see... Sylux, Blue, Keith, Torch, Logan... Droll? Where's Droll?" Saber asked. An explosion occurred at the village as they all rush to it. Droll was in the plaza, sitting down stunned after a gas bomb prank he set up backfired at him. His face was stiff as the stench of the gas scattered around the area. "Chaos Wind Gates!" Keith shouted as a large spiral of wind appeared from his pendant. The wind fume sapped the smell and Keith closed the gate. "Your wizardry has gotten better!" Blue exclaimed. Keith thanks her and they get Droll up. "Third time in the week... enough gas bombs, Droll! It's not funny anymore!" Saber yelled. Droll turned around laughed when another bomb exploded right behind Saber. Saber gets mad and had Logan carry Droll to the vehicle. Keith was going to use his wind spell again but Bloom comes out of her house and said, "I'll take care of it. Bloom makes the flowers absorb the stench. "So, will you return to Biohazard?" Keith asked. Bloom shrugged as she waved goodbye. Everyone arrives at the hiding area and climb aboard. The RUST leaves Airshawl Village and they return back to Spiralwood Village. They see a dragon flying above the village, flying in a circle. As they arrive, the dragon landed in front of them. The dragon shrank down and became a humanoid reptile. "Rathagon... what is it?" Saber asked. He replied, "Greetings, Biohazard. I just came here to thank you for your idea on helping our agricultural needs last week. It helped my village become better." Saber smiled and said, "No problem. It's in our code to help others." Rathagon returns to his dragon form and flew away, roaring in gratitude. Saber smiles softly as they went back in the building.

Cyclewind Temple
"Good morning, Axel." Sentinel said as he handed over a cup of tea to Axel. "I still wonder how the others are doing back in Spiralwood... It's been so long..." Axel said as he breathed in the mountain breeze. "Relax, Axel. You should calm down and rest for a little more. we can go back down soon, but not now." Sentinel said as he invited Axel to some meditation. They both sit down as the cold breeze pass by them in the sunny morning.

Somewhere in the Dimensional Barriers...
"Lord Garred, what is your plan?" Evo asked. Garred breathes in and replied, "Evoreth, we're going to the dimension of Karganz to defeat Heinside. His power will then be taken by our mahcine and will then be transferred to me." Evo growls and said, "I already said, I prefer being called Evo." Garred silences him and said, "It doesn't matter. With the Shinko Crystal's full power in me, Trivoid will rule all!" Evo growls but left and sat down as their ship travels through the dimension barriers.

Saber walks outside his room to find Droll laughing while Logan is running around with his mouth wide open. "Too hot! Too hot!" Logan shouted as he ran straight to the water fountain. He ripped the machine and drank the water. A repairman frowns at him and repaired the machine. "Droll... not again..." Saber sighed. Droll runs away and Saber chases him. Saber uses a shortcut and caught up with Droll. Droll grins as he used his ability. He multiplied and ran around Saber, confusing him. "Which one is the real Droll?" Saber wondered as the real Droll ran away. Sylux was drinking coffee when Droll runs by him. "What the?!" Sylux shouted as a whole army of fake Drolls are approaching. Saber was on top of them, unable to break free. Sylux ran away but the rampage caught up to him and he got pushed by the crowd. A line of energy suddenly appears in the way of the rampaging crowd. The line destroys all the clones and makes them vanish into air, leaving Saber and Sylux behind. Keith removes the energy line and shows said, "I got Droll." Saber smiles as he jumped off the railings to get to Keith. "Droll... you never change." Saber said. Droll continues to laugh and went to his room. "Why is Droll like that?" Keith asked. Saber shrugged and went back to checking around the building. Torch is playing with a fireball in the training room. Saber called him and asked, "I'm bored... Torch, you're updated with the current events, what could I do?" Torch made the fireball vanish and took out a poster from his bag. On the poster says: "The first ever: International Battle Tournaments" Saber looks at it and asked,"What is this?" Torch smiled and said, "It's a tournament where people battle each other to prove strength and skill. I'm entering, so I apologize if I will have to be gone for a while." Saber thought for a second and said, "I might want to join too... I'm interested, and I will do my best." Torch smiles and said, "Well, I'm going off to Gretham City to sign up. Be there if you want to join too." Torch leaves with his bag, leaving Saber alone sitting in the room. Saber picks up the poster and said, "I'll be joining alright." Saber runs out to follow Torch on their way to Gretham. Gavin assists them by giving them a ride on the RUST and as they arrive, they see a huge crowd in the plaza. Two men are in a brawl, punching each other in the middle of the city.

"That's enough!" A girl said. The girl approaches the two men and had them separated. "If you would like to brawl, bring yourselves to the tournament!" the girl commanded. The two men taunt at each other as they left. The girl looks like she's young. She doesn't look like a warrior, but just an innocent, ordinary girl. "Excuse us miss, where do we sign up for the tournament?" Saber asked. The girl gets shocked as she sees Saber. "Saber? Of Biohazard? It's a surprise to see you're entering. Well, the Battle Center is still taking up entrants. It's over there, the highest structure you'll see. Just remember though, if you get injured in the tournament, it's your responsibility to take care of yourself. And don't expect me to hold back on you guys, because I will win this tournament." the girl said. Saber was surprised and thanked her. "We'll be on our way then." Saber said. The two ran to the Battle center. "They're going to have a hard time beating me." the girl said as she left. "Welcome to the Battle Center... Saber?" the woman on the counter said. "It's an honor to meet you, Saber!" she remarked. Saber smiles and then said, "We would like to join the tournament." The woman gets shocked and said, "Alright then. I'll put you in the list. Just give me your names and hometowns and we'll be on our way." Saber and Torch filled in the information and gave it to the woman. "Alright then. Here is the list of match-ups." the woman said as she presented a picture on the screen above her. "You two took the last open slots. It's your lucky day." the woman added. Saber looks at the list and was shocked to see Droll in the match-ups. "Droll joined?" Torch asked. Saber gets surprised as he saw the girl from earlier in the listings as well. "All matches will begin in a week from now, so be ready. Here are some manuals for you to learn the basics of the rules." the woman said as she handed them over. Saber thanks the woman and they leave. "Droll will be in there, huh?" Scary thought. We'll have a larger chance to face an ally now..." Torch said. Saber laughed and they went back to the city. "You battle each other out in an elevated arena. If you fall out of the arena, you automatically lose a point. If the referee thinks that you have taken enough damage, you lose a point. You need 2 points to win in the first few matches, and 3 points in the quarter finals. Sounds simple to me." Saber said as he read the manual. "That girl from earlier, do you think she will really be able to win? She looks too innocent to be a fighter." Torch asked. Saber shrugged and they went back to Spiralwood Village. As they arrive, Logan is lugging a dead troll around. He leaves it by the building's entrance. "What is that?" Saber asked. Logan replied, "It attacked me earlier, so I killed it and brought it home with me. It will do good in my bone collection." Saber laughed as Torch enters the building. Keith arrives as well, holding his ancient spell tome. "Hey there Saber." Keith greeted. Saber waves at him and Keith notices the dead troll. "A perfect opportunity! I'll try my new spell! Reanimation!" Keith shouted as the troll went back to life. Logan is shocked and punched the troll softly, causing it to return to the dead. "It's a bit too easy to kill when it's reanimated." Saber states. Keith sighs and said, "I'll have to improve my power then." Saber pats him on the back as all three of them entered the building. Sylux meets them and invited them to dinner. They had a meal, but as usual, the food was extra spicy due to Droll's pranks. "I'm actually quite getting used to it." Saber said. Torch is eating normally, unaffected by the spiciness. "My power somehow game me immunity to spiciness. Logan is in the kitchen, getting his tongue soaked in water to get the spiciness out. Blue tries to eat it while Sylux is tearing up from the pain. Droll laughs and tastes his food, which isn't spicy. He gets shocked as he tastes the sauce on his food. Keith already swapped the food while he was laughing. "You can't fool me anymore." Keith said. Droll joins Logan in brushing the spice off their tongues while the rest tried to eat. They all finish, with Sylux crying in the pain. "Well, it was worth it." Sylux said as he sniffs and wipes the tears. They all prepared to sleep. Saber enters the leader's room and sat down. He sees a ball Axel used to play with and kicked it. The ball hits a cabinet, causing a secret door to open. He inspects it and found some secret files. "Who is the guardian of Kains?" Saber read. he took the file and placed it on his desk as he jumped to his bed. "I'll think of it in the morning... I'm too sleepy." Saber murmured as he went to sleep.

"The fall of Karganz... Witness my power!" Garred shouted as Heinside, The guardian of Karganz, is lying down defeated in front of him. Evo looks at Heinside and laughed. Evo pointed at a machine and said, "The power transfer is ready." Garred smiles as Evo attaches some wiring on Garred and on Heinside. The machine began to make a noise and absorbed all of Heinside's powers. The machine transfers them to Garred, making him even stronger. "You will not get away with this!" Heinside said as he collapsed. Garred laughed and said, "I'll let you live. Killing you wouldn't make any difference." Garred kicks Heinside and called Evoreth. "I said it's Evo." Evo said. Garred asks him to keep quiet as he commands him to get back on the ship. Heinside coughs as he said, "Trivoid... is back..."

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
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Chapter Twenty-Six: Conquest for the Frozen Hourglass

"Large power bursts....massive aura formations... all the guardians have these... so who is our guardian?" Saber murmured as he lay down on the floor on his pillow reading the documents Axel wrote. "I know this sounds crazy, but Saber, Sentinel's son... He may be the guardian. It's just a random thought, though." Saber read on the last page. "What the? Me? The guardian? No way." Saber said. He continued reading and saw pictures of the former guardian. "The previous guardian died of a sever sickness... the people who will become a guardian is randomly assigned by the person's fate... only one can survive for each dimension in a single generation..." Saber continued reading. He reached the end of all documents and placed them aside. He read another article about the Shinko Crystal. "I know this is prohibited... but, I have a shard of the crystal in my room. A large one at that. I hope I wouldn't cause trouble with this move I made." Saber read as he searched around the room. He didn't find the crystal so he continued reading. "The power given by the crystal is infinite... but one could contain only so much. Overdosing could lead to death, but if successful, one could become the most dangerous threat to all mankind." Saber is amazed as he saw a picture in the end of the document. "The Frozen Hourglass?" Saber read. He searched the drawers and found the document. "The Frozen Hourglass: A Fragment of Time" Saber read. "The Grand Library of Soronox has researched on this artifact and it is known that it can stop time in a small area surrounding it. Only the entity that it gave its control to will be able to move." Saber is amazed at the item and was interested in finding it. "Although we have no leads in where it is located, because it stops time around it, we can suspect large and dense forests." Saber returns all files to the drawers and sat down for a while. "Where is it located?" He mumbled as he heard a knock on the door. He clicks a button which opened the door, revealing Blue, waiting outside. "Breakfast is ready. Everyone's waiting for you." Blue said. Saber gets up and follows her to the table. Saber looks at the food closely and said, "No more tricks on this one, right Droll?" Droll makes a huge smile and scratched his head. Saber tasted the food and was surprised it was normal. "Very good." Saber complimented. They all ate and enjoyed the meal. Saber called Keith and asked, "May I borrow your maps?" Keith nodded and directed him to his room. His backpack full of maps was in a corner and he took out a couple of them. "How about forests? Large forests." Saber said. Keith looked for maps and found the two largest forests in Falrun. "It could be Sandstone Jungle, or Great Falrun Forest. Those are some huge forests." Keith said. Saber nodded and left to return to his room. He took out the document and took the picture. "The Frozen Hourglass..." Saber whispered as he prepared some things. He goes back outside to tell everyone the news. "I will be back in three to four days. See you soon!" Saber said. He waves goodbye and went to Biohazard's Transportation Services. "I'm going to Sandstone Jungle." Saber said. Gavin lead his to his own Levitator and asked him to get on. They took of swiftly and flew off to the forest.

As they arrive, Saber sees a nearby village and a humongous tree. It can be higher than buildings and as wide as a large water well. "No wonder this is one of the biggest forests. The forest is big and so are the trees." Saber mumbled as he went inside and searched for the hourglass. He scavenges through the bushes and got some wild animals attacks. He fends them off and meets a large bear. He tries to sneak past it but he gets caught by another bear. The jungle-dwelling bears are surrounding the entire area, leaving Saber outnumbered. He runs them through and got away, but attracted a whole sleuth to chase after him. He outwits them and got away. He searched for more and more hours but the day is ending quickly. He lights up a small fire using dry wood and rocks. He makes a torch and found his way to the top of a large rock. He sees the sky so dark and said, "I guess I'm trapped until sunrise, or risk to dive inside the forest night..." Saber thought. He heard noises and decided to go and continue looking for the artifact. He sees a pack of wolves along with some bears and snakes. He sighed and put the torch out and ran away. He removed his mask and wore a pair of goggles made by Basalt. He can see a bit clearer and escaped the bears and wolves. The snakes continue to hiss and follow him, rapidly catching up. He then kicks the snake as it jumped at him, giving him enough time to run away and make a large distance between them. He got far and hid one more time. "This place is too dark..." Saber said. He sat under a tree and thought, "If the Hourglass is in a forest, then the forest must be quite silent, huh? So far, this place is not. I guess Great Falrun Forest is the place to go..." He looks for the nearest exit and left as soon as possible. He ran to the village, wounded and sleepy. He went to the inn and rented a room. "Oh my, Saber, you don't look so good." the innkeeper said. Saber said that it's fine and went to his room. He slept, but due to his sleepiness, he woke up late and nearing afternoon. Saber sees himself being tended by medics. "I couldn't watch you suffering, so I had you taken care of overnight." the innkeeper said. Saber thanks them but notices the time. "I better keep moving now. I have to go to another forest." Saber said as he bid farewell. He went outside and called Gavin. Gavin came after a short delay and asked him to get in. "To Great Falrun Forest." Saber said. "Wait, are you sure? That place is huge, I'd get lost in there even if I lived there. Are you really sure?" Gavin insisted. Saber was straightforward and still wanted to go. They took off to travel to the largest forest on the dimension. They arrive on the destination within a few minutes. "Here's a tracking device. Plant it on the entrance and turn the device on before you enter. Be careful, boss." Gavin said. Saber waves goodbye as he faces the large forest.

Axel spars with other warriors around the temple. Sentinel watches and armed his cannon. "Alright then. We will go down the mountain today." Sentinel said. Axel stops and said, "So, where are we going?" Sentinel replied, "Back to Falrun. The time it will take us to get there will be enough for the rest of them in Biohazard to prepare." Axel grins and said, "Time to get back to where I am at my best!" They began to spiral down and reach the river. "Long Jump River..." Axel exclaimed as he stares at the longest river in the dimension. "This river runs through almost the whole country... we will just have to follow this river and we'll get to Falrun." Axel get surprised and asked, "Where do we sleep?" Sentinel replied, "We'll sleep at the villages we pass by. I'm sure there's a hotel or an inn somewhere." Axel breathes in as they walk down the road back to Spiralwood.

Saber gets knocked down by vines and logs blocking his in his way as a scrofilla chases him. He shoots his pulse blasts but they miss and enraged the beast. The ape runs faster, swinging on low branches to shorten the gap between them. The scrofilla catches up but it runs into Saber's sword, staggering it and making it flee. Saber runs forward and passes by more animals. He faced trolls, bears, lions, panthers but he runs away from all. He got to a tall stone pillar which seems to be a part of an ancient ruin. "The flow of time slowing down... time halts before the hourglass..." Saber said as he read the inscriptions on the stone. "It must be near, then." Saber said with a smile. He placed a tracking chip on the pillar and went on with his exploration. He made his way to another pillar, which had more writings. "Time's passage comes to a stop at the sands of the hourglass" Saber becomes intrigued and placed a tracking ship on the pillar. He then continues searching for the hourglass. Saber comes to the final ruins and sees the area covered in floating dewdrops and bright sunlight, still and calm. Saber sees a lake around the hourglass, with stagnant water surrounding it. He tries to get near but he hears whispers in the surrounding areas. "Who's there?" Saber asked. Sprites suddenly appeared from thin air and floated around the lake. They cast spells which fired blots of magic to him, although he dodges them. "Why so defensive!?" Saber shouted. The sprites group up and said, "Stranger, we will protect this hourglass with our lives! We will not allow anyone to take it for their purposes!" Saber tries to get through but they create a magical shield, blocking him from movement. Saber punches through and slowly went to the hourglass. His body is slowly slowing down and he feels his time going to a stop. He keeps pushing through and reached the hourglass, restoring his mobility. Saber gets the crystal and the floating dewdrops suddenly fall and the wind breezed by them. Saber notices a tremor all of a sudden and saw a bright light from underwater. "No! You have restored the time! The unstoppable evil has returned!" The sprites said. Saber panics and thought, "Will I put the time I spent looking for the hourglass in vain? Should I return it?" Saber groans and used the hourglass, stopping the growing force and all things around him. The sprites were able to break free from the hourglass's power and said, "Thank you, stranger. The hourglass was stopping the intense power from destroying the entire forest." Saber suddenly realized that if he hadn't returned the hourglass, the forest would be torn apart before his eyes. "I'm sorry... I was just so interested in the hourglass I nearly destroyed a large part of nature. I'm really sorry." Saber mumbled as he felt remorse. "Don't worry. The forest is saved, thanks to your decision. Please don't let others know that this is here." The sprites said as they flew to the peak of the pillars, where they vanished into thin air. Saber stares at the hourglass and leaves, failing to retrieve the artifact. He backtracks using the chips he planted and made it outside. "That over there... the Long Jump River..." Saber said as he went to the bank. He took his mask off and washed his face. He looks around and saw fish swimming in harmony. He sees two men walking far away on the other side, although the river stops him from getting there. He decides to leave and call Gavin. "Saber...Why can I feel his presence?" Axel mumbled. Sentinel laughed and said, "Must be your imagination. Saber gets an answer from Gavin, who was panicking. "Saber...I have bad news... the Levitator broke! It will take a day to get this fixed! Is it alright for you to wait a little longer?" Saber sighed and went off south to look for a city. He makes his way to Elftwig Village, the hometown of Euphoria. The villagers rush to Saber and welcome him. Saber rents a room in the inn and sleeps for the night.

Saber wakes up and gets ready to leave. "Saber, can I join Biohazard?" A small child said. Saber pats the little boy and replied, " Not yet, but if you get older and get stronger, I'm sure you will find your way in." Saber leaves the inn as the little boy smiled and lifted a heavy barrel of water up on his shoulder with only one hand. Saber sees a familiar man, practicing on his swordsmanship on a log. " Hey there, Krorik!" Saber greeted. Krorik remembers him and waved. "Back then, you were just going to beat Trivoid, now, you're the leader of Biohazard! Time flies so fast..." Krorik said. Saber smiled and asked, "How did you do it there? Beating those bandits all by yourself?" Krorik chops the log in half and said, "With this sword, and bravery. Keep fighting and see them driven before you, down begging for mercy!" Saber laughed and bid farewell. He called Gavin on his phone and Gavin replied, "We'll be there in a couple of hours..." Saber strolled around the town for 5 hours and saw the sun bright up in the sky. Saber decided to help others and do tasks for them. He helped in harvesting crops, feeding animals, woodcutting and even in the inn's cafeteria.By the time Gavin arrived, it was late and at evening. Gavin apologized for the delay but Saber got on calmly and they returned to Spiralwood. They arrive in a very late time, hours past midnight. Saber was so sleepy and walked down the empty halls of Biohazard, until he reached his room. He turns on the lights and got on his bed. He watched some television and relaxed on the bed. "The Gretham City Battle Tournament! Prove your strength in combat in the first battle tournament hosted by the city! Watch it live on this station, or buy tickets to watch it right here, in the stadium!" The reporter said in the commercial. Saber yawns and fell asleep, leaving everything open throughout the night. He oversleeps, getting up during lunchtime. He gets surprised and rushed to the dining table, where only Droll is left eating. "Droll, good luck in the tournament. But, remember, I will be there, and if we face off, well, good luck." Saber said. Droll looks intimidated but smiles at him. Saber got his meal and ate it quickly. He goes into the training room to practice for the tournament. Torch is already there, destroying a lot of test dummies. Logan is frowning and said, "If I went there earlier, I could have entered..." Saber laughed as he got a punching bag and began training for the battle. He punched it repeatedly and spun around, knocking it back. He took his newly forged sword and joined Torch in battling the dummies. "Good luck." Torch said. Saber smiled as they continued to battle the dummies.

"So...where are we headed next?" Evo asked. Garred grinned and replied, "Back to Kains. I have a very special plan." Evo wondered as he watched the ship travelling in the massive space of the Dimension Barriers. "Four days have passed and we still haven't arrived..." Evo moaned. "Only a day to go, be patient. When we arrive, our plans will become even stronger and even better than before!" Garred shouted. Evo gets bored and goes to the sparring room, where he fought DMOUR's old droids. "DMOUR... that company was a failure... but, I'll admit, Drozone did well when he was still alive." Evo said as he fired laser beams from his cannons. He powers up his machine armor and closed the helmet. He makes a sword appear and he spins around, cutting droids into pieces. He started breathing heavily and said, "These droids... they're better than before!" He continues to spar as their ship continues to travel to their destination: Kains.

Chapter End

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Grand Opening!

"I am going in the caverns. I cannot afford to have other people holding it for me." Garred commanded as he entered the Shinko Caverns. Evo stands outside, hiding behind a rock. Garred easily beats all the golems and got to the crystal room. "Its location changes every time... but, it cannot hide from me!" Garred shouted as he prepares to fight the guardian golem. The golem is instantly shattered by Garred's powerful punch and crumbled to pieces. Garred extracts the enormous crystal, all the way to the core. He uses his ability to scan the entire cavern and look for the main core. He arrives to the chamber and faces an army of golems. He easily beats them all and approached the core. He held it and took out a device from his bag. The small device suddenly enlarges and covers the whole core, wrecking the cave walls and tearing the crystal off the cave. The device shrinks the core down temporarily, causing Garred to make haste and run back outside. The cave begins to shake as he reaches the exit, rejoining Evoreth and riding the ship, which is hidden behind the mountains. They ride on and travel to their lair in the far south, in Wyvernstone Temple. They get to the back, rushing to contain the core in one piece. Garred commands everyone to leave the room as he places the core in a large glass tank. The device breaks, making the crystal return to its original size and its radiation surrounded Garred. Garred opens two holes on the glass tank, for him to touch the crystal and absorb more power. He is wearing a belt, which allows him to contain the limitless power of the crystal. He stops and grinned as he feels the surge of his new power. His body grows stronger and he looks a lot younger. His graying hair reverts to its natural brown color and his old posture vanishes. "The return of the great one! Biohazard will suffer as they face the new form of Trivoid!" Garred shouted as he laughed maniacally in the chamber.

"Two days left, huh?" Torch shouted. Saber smiles as he perfected two new Spirit Techniques. "Focus Strike!" Saber shouted as he spins around, hitting the dummy right on its weak spot. Droll is in a corner, practicing his speed by throwing a ball to the wall and catching it as quick as possible. Saber grins and tries his second Spirit Technique, Contrail Smite. He cleaves the dummy, crushing it and leaving a trail of energy. Torch claps as he called out to Droll. "Hey, Droll! Think fast!" Torch shouted as he fired a really fast fireball. Droll dodges it and smiled. He gave Torch a thumbs up before activating a tennis ball machine. He activates four more and dodged the barrage of tennis balls fired at him in great speeds. "Droll's quite impressive now..." Saber said. Droll is perfecting his speed and keeps up the pace. Torch throws a fireball at Droll, although he perfectly dodges it while still continuing to dodge the tennis balls. Saber stops the machine and said, "Take a rest first. Good job." Droll thanks Saber's compliments. saber drinks a bottle of water and hands one to both Torch and Droll. "Those guys are really practicing hard for the tournament..." Blue said as she smiled at the door which had a sign saying: "Only Gretham Tournament entrees allowed!" Logan practices outside while Sylux leans on a wall playing with a bullet. Torch grinned and said, "Why don't we spar?" Droll looks interested while Saber declined the offer. "Alright then, you and me." Torch said as Droll prepares for battle. Droll grinned as he disappeared. Torch searches as Droll reappears with a group of clones, ready for battle. "Here we go!" Droll shouted as he vanishes again and reappears behind Torch, with all clones kicking him on the back one by one. The clones disappear and regroup to Droll. Droll kicks again in a massive speed but Torch stops him by setting his foot on fire. Droll loses balance and tries to put the fire out. Torch removes it and helped Droll up. "You're good too, Torch." Droll complimented. Torch smiles and the trio left the room. "About time you got out." Logan said. Saber smiles as they get back into their rooms to get ready for the rest of the day. "Lunch goes first, then maybe some free time." Saber said as he gets into casual clothes. He goes outside and eats lunch early, before everyone else. He reads the manual while reading and got a little bit more prepared for the match-ups. Saber remembers the girl they met in Gretham City and thought, "Will she really be a threat?" Saber finishes eating but the others are just arriving. "You guys are late." Saber said as he cleaned up and left. Droll notices that his hot sauce bottle is empty and he sees a note attached to it. "No pranking today - Saber" Droll read as he laughed. He keeps the bottle and continues to eat normally with the others. "You guys are going to win in the tournament, right?" Blue asked. Torch gave her a thumbs up while Droll smiled and said, "Of course!" They all enjoyed their meals and got off to clean up.

Saber is alone in the gym, working on lifting heavy weights. Logan arrives and sees the manual beside Saber. "Four...teen...." Saber shakily said as he struggles to lift the barbell. Logan assists him and carried it all the way up with one hand. "You'll need my strength to do that." Logan exclaimed as he used much heavier weights. Saber is impressed and read the manual again. He saw a part which said: "Whoever wins will be able to win a 500,000 gold reward and a trip to a different dimension of their choice, if they accept it." Saber grins as he closed the book and left the gym. Logan easily lifts half a ton and thought, "Saber really struggled lifting these?" Keith crosses Torch down the hallway and they greeted each other. "I wish you luck on the tournament." Keith said as Torch thanks him. Torch continued to go outside and went to the hill where Sky and Saber used to meditate. He sits down and played with a fireball. "Droll is really good at his speed... He'll be a threat in the tournament for sure." Torch mumbled as Sylux comes up the hill as well and said, "Hey, Torch! What can I do for a hobby nowadays? People barely need help now, so what can I do?" Torch wondered and thought, "Why not make weapons?" Sylux grinned and said, "Alright then! I'll try that!" Sylux went downhill and met Saber. "Where are you heading?" Saber asked. "Making weapons with the guards at the back." Sylux replied. Saber stopped him and said, "Why not come with me? I'm headed to Fallaway to visit Basalt and the old city we used to love." Sylux looks interested and they go to the grand city of technology, Fallaway City. They took a ride on a Haliaiter from Jack's Stable and they went to Basalt's bigger, new restaurant. "Welcome to the Boiling Bowl!" A waitress greeted. Saber waved and saw Basalt inspecting the customers and if they are well satisfied. "Saber! Sylux! Welcome!" Basalt shouted as they went to him. "It's been a while." Saber said. Basalt laughed and Sylux said, "The business is going great!" Basalt thanks him and offers them a meal. "Even if we just had lunch, I always have space for a bowl!" saber said. They seated near the counter and watched Basalt cook his special noodles for them. When the meal arrived, they quickly ate it and they were amazed by the perfect taste. "This...This is amazing!" Sylux shouted. Saber smiled and said, "Wow, these noodles are the greatest I've ever had!" Basalt thanks them both and said, "Don't worry, it's free." They finished the meal and bid farewell to check on the new building. "Welcome to Cyber Bronze, the leading machinery company in Kains!" The receptionist said as she helped the duo in touring the building. "The leader of Biohazard, eh?" A man said as he saw Saber. "Welcome. I'm Zack, the founder of Cyber Bronze." The man said as he shook hands with the duo. "We offer a large array of machinery, from small engines to mechanical exoskeletons." Zack added. Saber seems interested and began to tour the building. "This is the vehicle section. A large array of vehicles, may it be land, water or air." Zack said while Saber is amazed. They get through the weapons factory, the large robotics and a lot more machines. They end the tour and bid farewell to Zack. "Cyber Bronze is amazing..." Sylux murmured. "It reminds me of DMOUR... I hope they don't turn out evil in the end." Saber replied. They go to the park and sat down for a while. "See that lighthouse?" Saber said as he pointed to the bay. Sylux nodded as Saber said, "That's where I met Shard... the memories..." Sylux smiled and thought, "We better head back. Tomorrow's your last day of practice." They went back to Spiralwood and waited until dinner time. They had a good meal and Droll did not play any tricks. "I'm not even sure this is the real Droll..." Keith said as he noticed Droll's behavior. They did their last chats for the day and they cleaned up the table. They went to their rooms and went to sleep, although Saber continued reading Axel's documents. "Biohazard vs Trivoid...the Battle of the Century... What is this?" Saber said as he began reading the long article about the battle between Garred and Sentinel.

"Somebody's tampering with the crystal..." Axel said as his body shook. "We better hurry then... and rush to Pelmet Town to check." Sentinel said as they were eating in the inn. "Don't worry, sirs. I will keep your visit a secret." The innkeeper said. They finish eating and went to their respective bedrooms. The two go to sleep but Axel couldn't sleep, due to the power disturbances. "What's going on!?"Axel thought as he feels more shaking in the core's power. Garred continues to take more power and his power went to its brim. "This power... Nothing can stop me!" Garred shouted as he fired a large bolt of lightning to the wall. He laughed as Evoreth watches from an area. "I know you're there." Garred said as he feinted a fireball at him. Evo panics but realized that the fireball never launched. "You scared me, sir." Evo said. Garred laughed as his power rapidly increased again. "The core's power is infinite! I can keep on absorbing more!" Garred said. Axel continues to have headaches while Garred roars in his intense power.

It is late the afternoon and Saber wrecks a punching bag with an intense punch. "Whoa... great job Saber!" Torch cheered as Saber smiled. Droll continues his speed training by running up a conveyor belt running in high speeds. Droll trips several times but he keeps trying and finally got the hang of it. "Droll... you're insanely fast!" Blue said. Logan helps Saber up a high area and he jumped down and tried to land perfectly on two feet. Saber trips as he lands and fell down. "One more!" Saber shouted. He goes on four more times and continued failing. "May I ask what this is for?" Logan said. "A new thing... You'll see." Saber replied. He did it perfectly on his fifth try and he left. "Where is he going?" Blue wondered. Saber goes to Axel's battle simulator and practiced on a rock. "Last night, it said that the move that finished Garred, is the legendary Final Strike! Biohazard!" Saber shouted as he stroke a pose. Energy waves began to form the legendary symbol of Biohazard and he dashed to the rock. Saber collides with the rock and gets blasted upwards. He used his newly practiced balance and landed perfectly. The rock wasn't damaged heavily and he began to wonder. He tried again and again but the rock wouldn't get broken. He reads the document again and was shocked to read: "Sentinel and Axel's combined wills to fight perfected the move and gave it its power." Saber sighs and thought, "I need two people to get it done... but the tournament is a singles match..." Saber gives up an got the simulation turned off. He left and joined the others having a snack. "We'll be having dinner soon." Blue said as they ended the snack time. The group had a long chat and they began dinner. "Tomorrow's the big day!" Saber shouted. They all cheered and got excited for the tournament. They began eating and had a small talk. "If we face each other, well, good luck!" Droll said as he laughed. "Well, as Euphoria used to say, let's all just have fun!" Keith said. They all ate their dinners and cleaned up. Blue drops her plate but Droll catches it with perfect reflexes. "Wow... Drol! That was amazing!" Blue remarked. Droll ran off swiftly and left. Saber remained silent and went back to his room. "I wonder how it will all go... I hope everyone has a good time." Saber murmured as he played a handheld. Sylux knocks and enters the room, greeting Saber. "Yo." Sylux greeted as he sat beside Saber, holding a large cannon. "This is the result of my day with the weapon specialists." Sylux said. Saber is impressed at the sheer size and appearance of the cannon. "It's too dangerous to fire here. Wait, what's that?" Sylux said as he pointed at the documents that Saber has been reading. Saber laughed and said, "I've been reading Axel's works lately..." Sylux laughed and said goodnight and left. Saber was going to add something but Sylux took off in a hurry. Saber smiled as he went to bed, psyched for the tournament.

The next day...
Saber rushingly woke up and ran to the breakfast table, where Droll and Torch are beginning to eat. Saber joins the two and notices that all three of them are still in their pajamas. "In a rush, huh?" Torch asked as he laughed. Saber laughed in reply and ate breakfast. Saber had no time to clean up and ate quickly to rush back to his room. Saber took a swift bath and changed into his battle gear. He went out and saw both Droll and Torch also prepared. Droll is wearing a silly costume while Torch is just in his casual jacket and pants. "Haha... not getting armor, huh?" Saber asked Torch, who shook his head. Saber sees Sylux coming towards them and he said, "I'll be joining you for today. Although how will I watch you guys all at the same time?" Saber shrugged and the quartet went to Gavin who will take them to Gretham. They arrive quickly, still early in the morning and they see a short line in the Battle Center. "Looks like we've made it early." Saber stated. Sylux had to leave for he is not a participant and he went to the audience section. Saber and the rest went in line and waited a few minutes until they signed their attendance. "To the back. The match-ups are there and you will be assisted to the stadium." The man on the desk said as the trio went to the back exit. They see a chart and Saber finds his enemy. "Farlene of Banded Sands City..." Saber said as he went to his stadium. Torch is matched with Nexus while Droll faces Freeze. They all prepared for their battles and went to aim for the victory.

Chapter End

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Preliminaries

Saber reaches a large plaza with four large coliseum spread around the four corners. Saber enters arena 4, where he was assigned. He sees sixteen battle areas and other combatants are warming up for the battles. Saber sees Farlene approaching the mat. "So, I'm faced with Biohazard's leader, huh?" Farlene said as she smiled. "Alright, no weapons in the preliminaries..." she added as Saber looks prepared.”Alright, Arena Four! Get ready!" The announcer said as he loads a gun. He fires and the battles began. Saber quickly got dropped to his knees by a lunge by Farlene. Saber kicks her away and launched a flurry of punches. Farlene dodges them all and spun around to hit Saber with an elbow, knocking him down and outside the mat. "One point!" The referee shouted as Farlene helped Saber up. "Stay inside the mat, remember?" Farlene said as the second match begins. Saber carefully dodges the attacks and landed a kick of his own, knocking her down. The referee stops the match and gave Saber a point. "Alright... a tiebreaker." Saber said as Farlene got up. Saber focuses as Farlene narrows her eyes. He dashed to perform a kick but Farlene dodges and spun around, hitting Saber on the face with her fist. Saber gets up quick and lands a perfect high kick, striking her on the jaw and knocking her down. The referee calls the victory as Saber helped Farlene up. "You have bested me... you truly are fitting to be the leader of the greatest organization!" Farlene said as she bowed to Saber. "Saber, you are moving on to the next round. The top 32 will be waiting." The referee said as Saber fist pumped and shook hands with Farlene. "Until next time, Saber." Farlene said as they parted ways. Torch begins his match with Nexus, who is an excellent mage. Nexus warps around Torch and got the first point after a sudden energy sphere landed behind Torch. Torch gets up and grinned he made a wall of flames around him, giving Nexus no place to warp to. He gets caught in the flames and got burned until the referee stopped the match. "Alright. The last round! Good luck!" The referee said as Nexus quickly fires a fast energy sphere. Torch was able to return it by striking it with his flames and it exploded on Nexus, dropping him on his back. The referee ends the battle and Torch moves to the next round. Nexus continued to be silent and stood up as he walked away. Meanwhile, Droll took the first point by kicking Freeze on the head. Freeze covers the ground in ice, giving Droll a hard time moving around. Droll makes a bridge using his clones, placing him high above Freeze. Droll jumps off and kicks, then remembered the same thing that happened in his match with Torch. "Freeze could freeze my foot like Torch did back then..." Droll thought as he modified his stance. Freeze's frost blasts were dodged by Droll and he lands a clean kick, ending the battle in 2-0. Freeze gets up and congratulates Droll. "One point is enough! I don't think he could continue in the match!" The referee shouted as he gave the victory to a girl. "Congratulations, Rylee!" the referee added as they assisted the defeated man. Rylee thanks them and walked out of the arena with an innocent smile on her face. Droll went out to find Sylux meeting up with Torch and Saber. "Hey, isn't that the girl who we met back then?" Saber asked Torch. Torch nodded and Droll gets surprised."What's the matter?" Torch asked. "That girl right there... She just launched her enemy into the wall and ended the match in one point..." Droll said as Saber drops his cup of juice in shock. "So she really is a big threat in the tournament..." Saber thought as suddenly the announcer shouted through a speaker, "The next round match-ups will be announced shortly! Get ready for the next match!" The top 32 groups in the plaza as Rylee approached the team.

"Hey, did you make it through the first round? Well, of course you did! You are members of Biohazard." Rylee said as Saber stared at er and thought, "What kind of power does she have?" Saber snaps out and smiled as Torch answered her questions. "The next match-ups are as follows!" The announcer said as a screen in front of them showed the listings. "Alright then, see you guys later." Rylee said as she went to Arena 1. Saber, Droll and Torch find themselves all in Arena 2 and they face their opponents. "Dart against Saber!" the referee shouted as the two men got ready.Droll faces Harriet and Torch faces Sear, another flame elemental. They all prepare and began to battle. Harriet fires wind fumes at Droll, slowing his movement and pushing him back. Droll's speed soon broke through and got him an easy shot at her, knocking her back as well. Saber jumps over Dart who tried to lunge at Saber and take him down. Saber launches down into a kick but Dart swiftly dodged them and did a perfect uppercut, staggering Saber. Torch and Sear's flames collide but Sear took advantage and fired a fireball while Torch was distracted. Torch gets hit and lowered his guards, causing the flames to strike him. Sear mercilessly continues to burn Torch but Torch was absorbing most of the attack and fired a counter fireball, blasting Sear out of the mat. Torch smiled as he prepared for the next round. Droll and Harriet are still dueling but Harriet swipes the ground with a gust of air, tripping Droll down. Harriet blasted a wind gust and launched Droll back. Droll barely stays inside the mat but Harriet charged and landed a palm strike, creating a large wind gust that pushed Droll outside the mat. "One point!" The referee shouted as Droll got back on the mat. Droll attacked furiously and landed a perfect leg sweep, knocking Harriet down. Saber kicks Dart straight on the head, knocking him down and getting a point. Dart stood up and complimented Saber as they continued the battle. Saber goes straight for a kick but it gets dodged and he charges straight outside the mat, placing the score on a tie. Torch and Sear collide once again but Sear makes a large blaze surround him, causing Torch to move back. Torch attacks with a fireball but the cloak of flames absorb it. Torch covered himself in flames and ran to Sear. He jumps and kicked him right on the chest, but he flies too far and lands outside the mat. Sear got up and Torch got back in the mat. The referee begins the final round and Torch immediately went on to do a high kick on the stunned Sear, knocking him down and retrieving the final point. Droll gets distracted when he saw Torch's victory and collided with a wind fume, nearly knocking him out of the tournament. He makes haste and used his clones to corner Harriet. They all attack her but she blasts them away with a wind explosion. The real Droll charges at her, pushing her out of the mat. "Tie!" the referee shouted as the battle gets intense.

Saber charges in for a kick but dart dodges it and fades into black smoke. "Nobody told me he had stealth!" Saber said as he gets attacked from behind. Saber uses a small chip and placed it on Dart, keeping him revealed. Saber finds dart by following the blinking light and kicked him, deactivating his stealth and knocking him back. Dart jumps high in the air and dives for a kick but Saber charged as well with a kick of his own, but Saber misses and falls outside the mat, giving Dart the point. Saber growled as he charged an punched Dart, colliding with his kick. Dart's leg is damage and Saber spun around to kick him on the jaw, ending the battle. Droll notices that he's the only one out of the three that is still in battle. He swiftly sweeps Harriet off her feet with a kick to the legs. Harriet gets back up using her wind cyclone and began to attack Droll. Harriet fires a cyclone at Droll, spinning him around and making him dizzy. Harriet attacks the stunned Droll, but Droll falls down due to his dizziness. Harriet notices that she just missed the perfect opportunity and becomes enraged. She makes a gigantic tornado, but Droll multiplies and the Droll copies began to fly around in the air. They all fall down and charge at Harriet, pushing her out of the mat. The clones return to Droll and Droll gets the victory. Harriet, Dart and Sear congratulate the winners as they left. The other five contestants win their battles and they all grouped up to the middle of the arena. "All winners may proceed to the Battle Center to attend the conference and hear the important announcement." The announcer said as they went outside the arena. The group sees Rylee skipping outside the arena, triumphant in the battle. "Let's go to the conference room then." Rylee said as she directs the team into the room. "Congratulations, warriors! Today, you have proven yourselves worthy of a shot at the grand reward! But remember, this is only the beginning! In three days, the next round begins, and the no weapons clause will be removed. Prepare yourselves for that!" The announcer said as everyone cheered in excitement. Rylee has a chat with Saber and the two sat on a bench in the corner of the room. "Hey Torch, look at those two." Droll said as he laughed. "That reminds me of when I used to date Bloom... things went great back then... I mean... pretty great." Torch replied and Droll is confused. "Who's Bloom?" Droll asked. Torch changes the topic and they listen to the announcements. "So, Spiralwood, right?" Rylee asked as Saber nodded. "I might have a visit sometime." Rylee added as Saber noticed that the conference is ending. "Hey, the two of you barely listened at all!" Torch said as Droll laughed. "Well then, I'll see you soon." Rylee said as she waved goodbye to Saber. "We better eat lunch. It's pretty late." saber said as they went to the nearest restaurant. They had a meal and Sylux fell for the spicy sauce trick again. They pay for their meals and get back outside. "Should we go home now?" Sylux asked. Saber nodded but Droll still wanted to stay and have fun. "Fine then, we'll leave you behind." Saber said as Droll panicked. They get back to the RUST and Gavin is having a chat with some Gretham Guards. "Let's get moving." Gavin said as he bid farewell to the guards. "That guy's fun. Why don't you try to be fun?" A guard said to the another guard. "I'm all about fun! Can't you see it? I'm fun!" The guard replied as the two laughed.

"We should keep moving. Our journey to Sine will begin soon." Garred said as Evoreth picked a recruit to join them in their battles. "You look promising." Evoreth said as he looks at an assassin in a corner. "Reminds me of Shard somehow... that failure of Damus..." Garred said as Evoreth chose him. "What is your name?" Garred asked. "The name's Reyl... and I'm ready to do some killing." he said as Garred seems interested. "A bloodthirsty assassin... you will be perfect for my plan on assassinating The Resistance..." Garred said as Reyl took out a knife made out of the bones of a demon. "We will get to the ship. Spire is next in line to be defeated. Sine will be useless without him." Garred added but Evoreth said, "What about that... Sky kid? That son of his proved to be a threat in the battle with Trivoid back then." Garred grinned as Reyl said, "More meat to feast on then." Evoreth looks shocked at the statement and said, "Aggressive... I like that. Just keep it low for now." Evo said as they rode on the ship. "Sine will fall to Trivoid!" Garred said as they took off to the Dimension Barriers once again.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Chapter 29: Test Server Blues humdeedumm lol

Gonna use a whole new style today. I call it: Serious business and formality
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Clash of Allies

Torch wakes up and sees Droll already awake, standing by Sylux's bed holding a marker. "What's that?" Torch asked as he rubbed his face. Torch sees his face covered in drawings, as well as Logan and Keith's faces. Torch shouts and woke up everyone in the room. "What's the matter?" Logan asked as he suddenly laughed as he saw Torch's face. "Your face has some too," Keith said as he laughed. Logan rubs his face and saw Droll laughing hard on the floor. Logan growls and was about to hit Droll when suddenly, Saber opened the door and everyone quickly settled down. "It's a little too early for those things," Saber said as he separated Droll. "Let Droll be Droll, I guess," Keith said as he went to the bathroom to get washed and prepared for the day. "Later in the afternoon, the match-ups will be posted. Let's go to Gretham today," Torch said as Sylux got up and slipped on the marker, which Droll dropped earlier. "Let's get going," Sylux said as he slowly got up in pain. They get to the dining hall where the guards eat. They find Gavin and schedule their trip to Gretham. Torch, Droll and Sylux went to the dining room, where they see Blue eating. "Hey Saber, aren't you eating?" Droll asked. Saber replied, "I already ate earlier." and went to his room. Sylux finishes eating and stood up to get to the room. Logan is back to sleep already and he sees Keith wearing mage robes. "Where are you headed?" Sylux asked as he got surprised at Keith's look. "I'm going to Coltross to take lessons in magic," Keith replied. "I will tell the others that I will be gone for a while," he added as he went outside. Sylux is surprised at Keith's eagerness to become a powerful wizard but he returned to focusing on finding hobbies. Sylux returns to get creating weapons with the guards while Blue begins on picking a mission. Torch and Droll finish preparing and meet with Saber in his room. "Are you ready?" Saber asked. Droll gave him a thumbs up and then went to the back with the rest to get to Gretham. "You guys are gonna check the match-ups, right?" Gavin asked as he started the engine. Saber replied with a yes and they began to go to Gretham City.

They arrive a little bit early and they went to the Battle Center. Saber sees that the matches aren't updated yet so they sat down outside the center to wait. "Who do you think you'll face?" Saber asked. Torch grinned and replied, "Anyone will be alright." Rylee gets out of her house and sees the trio. "Hey guys!" Rylee shouted as she skipped to them happily. "How are you doing?" Rylee asked as she sat with them. "We arrived too early, so we'll have to wait a little longer until the matches are posted." Saber replied as he looks up at the tall sign outside the Battle Center. Saber was going to go down to take a stroll around the town when suddenly, A girl shouted through a megaphone, "We are now posting the match-ups!" Saber ran back up the stairs and went inside with the rest of the group. "Where is my match..." Saber said. He suddenly gets shocked as his eyes enlarged at the sight of his enemy. "I'm facing... Torch?" Saber said as he felt fear inside him. Torch lowers his head and went outside. "Allies battling... I knew this was coming," Droll said as he saw the two, both sad and afraid. "It's alright guys, you should just try your best," Rylee said as she cheered Saber up. Saber got better but Torch remained depressed. "I hope Torch feels better soon," Rylee said as she looked at her match. "Seems easy. Well, I'll be seeing you guys then," Rylee said as she walked away. Droll finds his pair and went out to cheer Torch up. Torch looked at the arenas and thought, "I'm gonna have to lose this one..." A mage suddenly patted his shoulder and said, "Why would you want to forfeit? Is it because you will face a friend?" Torch is surprised as he asked, "You're a telepath?" The man nods and said, "I'm Acren. I'm also in the tournament, and I also had to face with friends, but, I didn't ever think of forfeiting. Just think of it as... a friendly battle. Remember that this tournament is a game, and win or lose, whoever you face, just have fun." He walks away and Torch is amazed at how Acren got all of the things right. "He read you mind like bam!" Droll said as he laughed. Torch smiled but still remmebered that he would have to face Saber. He returns ahead of time to Spiralwood to train. Saber stayed for a moment to chat with Rylee. Droll played in the park with other children. "Aren't you a bit too old to play in here?" a little girl asked Droll as he climbed up a ladder to the slide. "I'm just 14... I still have some youth in me," Droll replied as he enjoyed and slid down the slide. "So, I've been wondering... what is your power?" Saber asked as they walked around. "I... don't really have one. I am a pure fighter using weapons... but... I have this thing in me that I can't share with you," Rylee replied as she faced away, as if hiding something. "What is that?" Saber asked as he had a glimpse of Rylee's necklace. "It's something my sister gave me... but... she passed away when we were young," Rylee replied. Saber apologizes for forcing her to tell her secret but Rylee just smiled. Saber checks the time and said, "I have to go now. See you soon." Rylee waved goodbye as Saber ran away and looked for Droll. He finds Droll, along with some clones on the seesaw, using it as a surfboard. "Droll, we're heading home," Saber said as Droll jumped off and his clones vanish. They go back to find the RUST, parked by the guards lounge. "How did Torch get home?" Saber asked Gavin. "Oh... he walked all the way back. He said he didn't want to take a ride," Gavin replied. Saber sighs but gets on immediately and they went back home.

"In the matter of mere hours... we will lay our plots on Sine and destroy their guardian!" Garred shouted as Evoreth laughed. "Our new engine runs faster and we can travel across dimensions in a snap," Evoreth said as he grinned. Garred smiled and looked at the dense darkness in the Dimension Barriers. "Evo, it's time for your next set of fortifications," Garred said as Evoreth went off and smiled. Before he left, he grinned and said, "Evo! That's how you call me. Finally you get it right." He goes to a room with some machines and he laid down supine on the rack. The long syringes are placed with the fluid that would fortify his body and the scientists clean the tip. Evo grinned as two syringes are positioned behind his back, by the upper spine; two are placed on the lower spine; one is by his neck and skull; four are around the ribs; one is one each knee and each arm has two. He closes his eyes as the experiment began. The syringes sink into his bones and he resists the pain. He is slowly sunk downwards a tank full of fluid that would prevent bleeding. His body stiffens in the massive pain but he soon was able to stay steady and continue the process. The fluid flows through his bones and he was brought out of the tank. He wore some clothes and walked into the training room. "My new abilities...time to put in to the test," Evo said as he picked up his cannon. The cannon suddenly glowed blue and so did his arms. "What is this!?" Evo shouted as his hand became cube-like and the cannon was attaching itself to his arm. The cannon is fully absorbed and his hand returns to its normal form. He wonders and tried to fire again. His hand turned into a cannon and he fired a much stronger blast to the target. "Amazing... the true power of the Hexosphere..." Evo said as he flexed his muscles, slowly forming a metallic armor to cover his skin. His body gets covered in metallic plates and his body mass grew larger. He roared loudly and fired another blast and it nearly tore the walls off the ship. He laughed as he returned to his normal form and sat down to keep testing his new power.

Saber, Torch and Droll had a long training and two days later...
"Welcome to the Beginning of the main battles in the Gretham City tournament!" The announcer said as fireworks decorate the sky. Blue and the rest of the team are in the audience, watching the event. "Our first battle will be the match between Saber and Torch, both from Biohazard in Spiralwood Valley!" The announcer shouted as Torch goes on a stance and Saber readies his gloves. The gun is fired up in the sky and the battle began. "May the best man win," Saber said as they began to circle around the mat, looking for an opportunity. Saber swoops for a take down but Torch cloaks himself in flames. Saber gets away and fired bolts at him. Torch won't fight back and kept receiving hits until the referee ordered Saber to stop for a while and to talk to Torch. "Hey, this isn't a one-sided match. Fight back and try to win!" The referee said as he helped Torch up. Saber smiled and goes for a leg sweep, successfully tripping Torch off his feet. Saber jumps and lands a leg drop, severely hurting Torch's abdomen and giving saber the first point. Torch still wouldn't fight but Saber kept forcing him to do so. Saber gets mad and shouted, "Fight!" He kicks Torch at the side and kept continuing and continuously shouting fight. Torch snaps out and remembers Acren's words. Torch grabs Saber's foot and burned his shoe. Saber grinned as he shook off the flames and he said, "Let's do this!" Droll cheers with Rylee in the backstage, watching the match through television. Saber goes for a spin kick but Torch ducks and fired a fireball, landing on Saber's leg. Saber gets up but he collides with a flaming punch, placing the score on a tie at one. Saber cheered Torch and said, "That's what I'm talking about!" Keith watches through the televisions in an inn at Balkry and smiled. Torch spins around and forms a flame twister, sending it towards Saber. Saber couldn't escape but so he fired Fusion Burst into the twister. The twister's center trapped the energy and it exploded, scattering the flames around. Torch goes for a kick but Saber dodges and grabs his leg from behind. He performed a submission maneuver and had Torch tapping out from the hold. "That was unexpected," Torch said as he got up. Saber gets in for another solid attack but Torch covers his arm in flames and bashed Saber, hurting him and causing him to fall on his knees. Torch stepped back and charged straight towards Saber, doing a flaming slide kick. The kick collides with Saber's head, knocking him down to place the score on a tie once again. "This is the last round!" The referee shouted as the crowd went wild. Saber spins around and does a high kick, only to be caught and countered by Torch. Torch spins around and singed Saber's foot, causing him to drop it and rendering it unusable for the rest of the match. Droll observes Torch's hands and notices the formation for his final strike. "Whiplash... will he use it?" Droll wondered as he kept watching. Torch fires two flame cords, one from each hand. The lashes wrap Saber and squeeze him, at the same time burning him. "This is Whiplash, my newest move!" Torch shouted as Saber struggles to break free. Saber uses a small burst of energy to break free from the lash and was able to get a straight kick landed on Torch, knocking him down and ending the match. The crowd cheers for Saber and Torch got up and shook hands. "I knew this was coming..." Torch said as he laughed. "It's alright... It was hard for me too," Saber replied. Axel and Sentinel watch from an inn and Axel said, "Saber had to face an ally... He's getting really good." Sentinel smiled and replied, "Of course, that's my son." The two laughed and continued to drink their beverages and watch the tournament. Saber gave a thumbs up to Torch. The two laughed and the referee took Saber's hand and lifted it up in the air. Saber smiled as the members of Biohazard cheered. The two went to the backstage to get to the member's rooms. Rylee high-fived the two while Droll laughed and sat down. "I'm next, right?" Rylee asked humbly. Saber nodded as he huffs from exhaustion. Rylee peeped in the corridor and saw her enemy incoming. The man crosses with Rylee and stopped. "After you, lady." The opponent said as Rylee felt royal and went out first. The man follows and they get on the battle area. "Rylee from Gretham City, against Felix of Grand Flower City!" The announcer shouted as the two shook hands. Their battle began as the tournament continues.

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead
Who is Hayley? What kind of power does she possess? Chapter THIRTY begins.

Chapter Thirty: The Sister's Story

Felix lifts his hand a staff flew all the way from the skies to his hand. Rylee looks impressed and took out her trench knives. The match begins with Felix spinning his staff and slamming it on the ground, making a pulse burst and send shockwaves around the field. Rylee is able to resist the tremors and charges towards Felix. Felix perfectly dodges the attack and hit her with his staff, launching her in the air. She goes outside the mat, but she was launched far enough to be able to hang on the barricade that surrounds the audience. An announcer is amazed and shouted, "She has not fallen on the ground yet! She is still safe!" Rylee smiled as she got on top of the barricade and remained balanced. She runs and gains some speed before she jumped off, landing inside the mat and landing a kick on Felix. Rylee slashes her knives but Felix dodges and spun his staff around, making a wind push Rylee back. Rylee keeps getting pushed back until she fell off the mat. "One point!" The referee said as Rylee got back in. "This... this is the first point I've lost in the tournament!" Rylee said as an orange aura began to develop around her. "What is that!?" Saber wondered as Rylee seems to be struggling. "No sister... don't do this!" Rylee shouted as the aura continues to grow larger and stronger. "Hayley... don't do it..." Rylee murmured but the aura took control over her. Rylee's sister, Hayley, has taken control of her body and she grinned. Felix is surprised as Rylee disappeared. Felix suddenly gets shook by an earth-shattering punch to his stomach, sending him flying to the wall. "What the!?" Logan said as he saw the punch. Blue is astonished by the punch while Sylux is speechless. The walls couldn't withstand the power and he continued to wreck walls. He lands in the backstage, heavily wounded and unable to battle. "That's enough! That power..." The referee murmured as he declared Rylee the victor. Hayley wanted more so she got off the mat and walked towards Felix, with intentions of continuing her attack. Saber gets surprised and blocked the path. Hayley pushed Saber away but Saber grabbed her by the shoulders and said, "Rylee! Snap out of it!" Hayley slowly weakened and Rylee regained control over herself and she witnessed the damage she has done. "I'm... very sorry!" Rylee said as she wept and ran away, out of the arena. Saber follows her but she ran into the girl's comfort room. "Why Hayley!? Why are you doing this?" Rylee said as she washed her face. She looked at the mirror and saw her sister's reflection. "You are the weak one, the weaker half! I am the complement to your weakness! I need to do all the work! You can't win if you fight like that!" Hayley said as she frowned, then followed with a grin as she faded out and Rylee's reflection returned to normal. Rylee went outside and saw saber, waiting and leaning on the wall. "What happened?" Saber asked. Rylee couldn't answer and walked away. Saber stopped her and said, "Answer me. I know how you feel. I had an uncontrollable strength back then too. I can help you resolve this problem." Rylee turned around and said, "This isn't like you... it isn't rage that's making me go insane... it's... my sister." Saber gets shocked and asked, "But isn't she..." Rylee interrupted and said, "Yes. She's dead. But here soul continues to take control over me... like she was the better one and she had to be the dominant spirit." Saber gasps and was surprised. "But... can't you talk to her and get her to stop?" Saber asked. Rylee shook her head in reply. Saber held Rylee's hand and said, "We better get back to the stadium. Droll is up next." They walk down the road but Rylee suddenly stopped and hugged Saber. Saber blushes but remained calm and continued to go to the backstage.

"Droll falls out of the mat!" The referee shouted as Droll got back on and growled. Torch groups up with Saber and Rylee and they watched. Torch tried staying away from Rylee, after witnessing the rampage she recently done. Saber sees Droll's frustration in facing an illusionist. Droll's attacks keep hitting illusions and he gets backstabbed very often. "Well then, I'll fight fire with fire!" Droll shouted as he formed a wall of clones. The clones begin to pressure Fars and his clones, marking the real one until Droll lands a kick to the real Fars, knocking him out. "Well, he's fragile," Droll said as the most of the clones vanish. They check on Fars and he is knocked out cold. "Alright! That's enough!" The referee said as Droll kicked one of his remaining clones in the foot. "I wanted more," Droll said to the referee but Fars is out cold. Droll suddenly hears something and closes his eyes. "My spirit technique... Aura Breeze..." Droll said as he feels the movement of a force around him. He does a spinning side kick in the air, even though nothing was there. Droll hits Fars on the chest and he falls down. "I knew it," Droll said as the unconscious Fars vanished. "Alright... one point each!" The referee shouted, continuing the match. Fars used a new strategy and began to use his illusions to disorient Droll's mind. Droll's vision is blurred due to the illusions' slow and odd patterns of movement. Droll closed his eyes and tried reading the aura again. He fails to break through the illusion and he fully fell inside Fars's illusion. Fars began attacking from all sides and Droll keeps getting hit. "The illusion was formed through movement... so I must break it with movement!" Droll said as he began to do a handstand. He spins around fast, making a whirlwind from his legs. The winds lash around the illusional room. The illusion breaks apart and Droll finds Fars's aura. He focuses the whirlwind at Fars, knocking him outside the mat. Droll grinned as he took the second point. Fars pounds the ground and began to give up. He made an illusion of himself again and just stood there. Droll reads the auras and could not detect Fars anywhere. Saber notices Droll in an illusion and Rylee leaves to go to the medical group and plans to apologize to Felix. Droll wonders and asked the referee. "He's not here!" Droll said. The referee doesn't talk as well and everyone became still. He looked around and saw everyone still. Nobody responded to his questions even though he was shouting. "This is just like that lag I experience online..." Droll said as he laughed. Everyone in the arena laughed a Droll for he was talking to himself. "What is Droll doing?" Logan asked. Blue replied, "Well, I think he is under an illusion. But this is funny." Sylux couldn't stop laughing as he saw droll beginning to kick and punch the air for now reason. He fell under a master mind illusion by Fars and he is now in his own world inside his mind. Droll's mind was completely controlled and Fars prepares to fire an energy sphere. Droll reads the aura of his surrounding and only read his own aura. "If I can only see myself, then that must mean that I'm alone... Then that might mean... I'm in... an illusion!" Droll shouted as he read an incoming force. He dodged the energy sphere and used his other senses. He listened and focused only on Far's noises. He gets a perfect kick, slipping through Fars's block. Fars gets staggered and Droll followed with a punch, finishing the battle. Droll's mind cleared up and he saw Fars lying in front of him. He pats him repeatedly to make sure that it's not another illusion. "Your hallucinations were quite funny," the referee said as he laughed. Droll feels ashamed but he lifts up his hands in triumph. Droll is exhausted and he sits down first to take a rest. Acren passes by them and sees Torch. "It's him again," Torch said as he watched Acren get on the mat. He faces a brawler, big and muscular. He begins to crack his knuckles and Acren just breathed in and exhaled deeply. The match begins and Acren dodges all attacks with great ease. Acren goes into a butterfly kick followed by a spinning palm strike, instantly getting the first point. "Not only is he a telepath, but Acren is also a black belt martial artist!" The announcer said and everyone was impressed. The man gets back up and charges unrelentingly towards Acren. Acren read the move again and dodged it. He gets a knee to his stomach and does a front flip, doing a single leg drop to the man's spine area. He gets the second point and grinned. The man gets mad and tried to punch but Acren used his psychic powers and stopped the move. He put heavy amounts of pressure on his wrist, squeezing his blood circulation. He surrenders and Acren gets a clean 3-0 victory.

The crowd is amazed at his skill and they clapped and cheered for him. "That is...amazing!!!" The announcer shouted as he clapped as well. Acren bowed to the audience and smiled. He passes by Droll and Torch and he waved at them. Torch is stunned at Acren's battle skills. "I didn't expect him to be that good!" Droll said. Everyone is amazed as Acren walked down the hall and towards the exit. "The Top 4 has been decided! We will post the battles in a few seconds!" The announcer said. The battles are being generated on a screen above them. Logan takes a look and saw Acren facing Droll, and Saber facing Rylee! "Talk about bad luck..." Droll said as he remembered Acren's skill. Saber thought of Rylee and said, "I might just get her cured in our battle." Saber went to the medical room and saw Rylee. "We're gonna be battling in the next round..." Saber said with a sad smile. Rylee smiled and said, "It's okay. Let's do our best!" Saber smiled back and said, "About your thing with your sister... Why did she die? Why is she haunting you? How is she controlling you?" Rylee breathed in and said, "We were just little kids...
We were playing in the park. We were kicking around a ball when I accidentally kicked the ball too hard and it landed by the road. "You get it! You kicked it too hard." Hayley said with a mad voice. I sighed and went to get it, but Hayley suddenly noticed a truck incoming. "Rylee! Watch out!" Hayley said as she rushed to me and pushed me away from the road. The truck ran over Hayley, mortally wounding her. We had no parents... we just lived with the innkeeper, who acted like our mother. Hayley's life was ending right before my eyes, but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't do anything... but cry about it... I always disliked her attitude... How she would always say things like, "You're a crybaby!", "Stop complaining about everything!" and a lot of other things... she was arrogant and mean... but she was my sister... and she's the only thing I have left in the world. But, she... passed away soon after. Every day, I go to the park, and I hear her voice... "You can't live without me!" "I am the complement of your weak soul!"... those things would forever haunt me... and whenever I fail to do something... she would mock me and her soul and personality just takes over... She says that I am nothing, and that she should be the one who has the control over my body... forever... " Saber is saddened by the story and said, "Why didn't you tell me? I can help." Rylee smiled and asked, "Really?" Saber nodded and smiled and he added, "I will be there for you. To help you." Rylee blushed and felt infatuated. "Hayley should let you take control, and give her power to you.. besides..." Saber said but he was interrupted by a kiss on the lips from Rylee. "The Gretham Soldiers!" The announcer said as the soldiers bowed. "Those guys are amazing... a perfect blend of lightning and ice..." Torch said as Rylee came walking down the hallway, fixing her hair. "What happened?" Torch asked. "Nothing much," Rylee replied as she blushed again. "Where's Saber?" Droll asked. Saber comes down the hallway, wearing a leather jacket. "I came across this abandoned coat... It's too good to be ignored." Saber said as he fixed the collar. "Let's get back to the team," Saber said as they went to the outside arena. Rylee had to go to her house so she bid farewell to the guys. Saber said, "Let's get back home! Sunset is nearing!" Logan grinned and said, "Wow! You guys were awesome! So awesome, I didn't care if I skipped lunch!" They laughed and went to the RUST to get home.

"I won't give up!" Spire said as he blasted away with some mystic shards of magic. Garred blocks them all and he fired a massive burst of dark energy, taking Spire down once again. Sky tries to help but he finds Reyl and Evo guarding Garred. "I'm Sine's last hope... I couldn't jump in there and get killed... But I need to save dad!" Sky said as he began to panic. He takes out a very specialized arrow and began to arm it. Garred shouted, "Evo! The chains!" Evoreth gets the cords and attached them to Spire. Garred absorbed his powers like what happened to Heinside. "Why is it taking so long!" Sky mumbled. The arrow is fully armed and he took aim. Garred was just about to kill Spire when suddenly, Sky shouted, "Dad! Run away!" He fires the arrow, exploding on impact and scattering an electric charge to an area. Reyl and Evo get caught in the effect and Garred is temporarily stunned. Spire escapes and Sky directs him to a ship. They fly away very fast, escaping the area. "we couldn't just let them leave! They witnessed what we done!" Evo said. Reyl began to snarl and said, " When do I get to kill?" Evo moaned and said, "You just killed a hundred of soldiers. Isn't that enough?" Reyl shook his head and growled. Garred is really mad and he fired a huge projectile of mixed energy, destroying the temple they stand on. "Nobody escapes Garred..." Garred said as he looked up into the sky and growled

Chapter End
Constantly dying yet never dead

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