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Baykun's Heart Pt : 1/2
No explanation. Just gonna write out of boredom.

A young boy named Baykun who was 11 years old, was currently traveling through Outshine Forest. Outshine Forest was an area inhabited by grass, bug, and poison typed pokemon. Baykun had no pokemon unfortunately but, he was happy to take a walk every day exploring new areas, even the most dangerous ones where the pokemon are at high levels with amazing strength.

"Boy, the sun really does shine brightly here." said Baykun, looking up into the sky past the trees. He was standing on one of the highest branches of a 32ft tree. There were pokemon surrounding him and enjoyed the sunlight. The pokemon were butterfree, caterpie, sewaddle, weedle, wurmple, beautifly, and beedrill. They were all so kind and happy, living friendly with each other. There were no fights at all until pokemon trainers came. Baykun hoped that this forest would never be disrupted by outsiders. He always came to play with the pokemon and the pokemon always invited him.

"Hey guys. Where's Scyther?" Baykun asked the pokemon. They all looked exchanged worried looks and bowed their heads. "What happened? We have to go look for him!" he said aghast. Beedrill and Beautifly levitated in the air. Baykun sat on Beedrill and let it take him through the forest by flying. Beautifly followed behind, leaving the other pokemon there. They flew for 10 minutes until Beedrill and Beautifly started to descend into the forest. There was a crowd of pokemon gathering around an injured Scyther. When Baykun got closer, he studied the Scyther's wounds. Scyther's wing had been cut, making it not possible to fly. It's left leg has been broken so it wasn't able to walk either. Scyther also looked poisoned, as well was paralyzed.

"Who did this.. This is just.. horrible!" Baykun started to cry in fear. Beedrill understood Baykun's feelings and decided to show him what else has been happening throughout the forest. "Scyther, I'll come back with someone to help you. Don't worry! Just stay and sleep here until I get back, alright? Sewaddle, Butterfree, Bulbasaur, Meganium, and the others. Please do whatever you can to help Scyther. I'll go with Beedrill to find out who is doing this!" Bakyun ordered bravely. A Scizor and Grovyle walked in holding a few berries and knelt down next to Scyther. Bakyun saw another pokemon emerge but he didn't know who it was. The sun wasn't shining brightly in this area and he wondered why.

A Virizion and Suicune had appeared! Baykun looked at them amazed. The other pokemon dropped what they had and stepped back respectfully. Suicune studied Scyther's wounds and roared angrily. Suicune jumped and disappeared into the tree tops. Virizon watched as Suicune left into the forest. He saw Baykun and walked up to him, observing what he looked like. It knelt down to let Baykun on it's back. "Do.. Do you want me to get on?" Baykun asked, hiding his excitement. Virizon nodded and Baykun climbed on. Beedrill and Scizor started to float in the air, ready to follow Virizion. Virizion acknowledged them and started to lead the way. Beedrill and Scizor followed with the same speed as Virizion but Virizion was a little faster than them. They managed to keep up though. Tongue

"Wow! This is awesome! Virizion you're really cool!" Baykun yelled happily. Virizion smiled and kept moving forward. Baykun's eyes wondered off to the side into an opening where the sun's sunshine covered the area. There was also a lake and a - "Who is that? What's she doing? Virizion go to the lake!" Baykun saw a lady and wanted to talk to her. Virizion sighed but smiled and ran off into that area. Beedrill and Scizor were already heading there stealthily. Virizion jumped into the area, landing 5 ft away from the woman. The woman jumped up in shock and fell on her butt, dropping what she was studying. Virizion bowed to let Baykun off and to apologize to the woman. Baykun slid off of Virizion and also apologized. "It's fine, it's fine." The woman told them while fixing her hair. She picked up her work and stored them neatly into her bag. She stood up proudly and dusted her lab coat off.

"Hey wait.. I know you. You're-!" "Yes I'm Professor Juniper. Nice to see you again Baykun" Professor Juniper interrupted. She nodded respectfully at Virizion and continued. "Baykun I was just here studying a new pokemon by finding it's droppings and taking a sample. I don't know what it is yet because it keeps disappearing. Oh! I almost forgot. I just sent a gift to you and it's also an apology for missing your 10th birthday. I was in another region looking at more pokemon and I got so caught up into my work that I forgot about your birthday. I'm terribly sorry Baykun." Professor Juniper said. "It's okay Professor. I actually had a lot of fun here in the forest." Baykun said happily. Virizion nudged Baykun and flicked it's head in the other direction, indicating that it's time to go. Scizor has already went ahead while Beedrill stayed behind. "Ahh I'm sorry Virizion. I'm sorry Professor but we have to go! There's something in the forest and we have to find it. It terribly injured a Scyther and we have to go!" Baykun said urgently, climbing onto Virizon. "Wait Baykun! I'll come with you." Professor said, throwing a pokeball into the air. A Braviary emerged. It was a huge bird. Professor Juniper climbed on and followed Virizion. Beedrill sat on Braviary's back, tired from travel.

Few minutes later ~~~

Suicune was battling a Tornadus and Landorus! Thunderus was in the sky, watching the battle. Virizion appeared next to Suicune, ready to battle. It let Baykun off it's back and jumped into battle. Suicune used Hydro Pump on Landorus while Virizion used Sacred Sword on Tornadus. They both took direct hits and staggered back but that didn't stop them. Something has angered them but what? Professor Juniper jumped off of Braviary and let it battle as well. Virizion and Suicune told Braviary to back out unless Thunderus was willing to battle. Braviary nodded and flew up towards Thunderus. Thunderus was sleeping instead of watching the battle. Apparently, the battle was boring. Virizion and Suicune combined their attacks against Landorus and Tornadus. Landorus and Tornadus were floating close together, forming a strategy. Virizion sent a Solarbeam towards them while Suicune sent a Hyperbeam. The 2 beams merged with each other and took out Tornadus. Tornadus has fainted, leaving Landorus in battle. Landorus was behind them though. Landorus hugged Suicune and Virizion but then used Explosion on all of them. They all fell injured.

Scizor appeared behind Thunderus and used X-Scissor. Thunderus was moved forward but was still sleeping. Braviary used Brave Bird and crash landed into Thunderus. Thunderus woke up and descended in the air. Scizor appeared in front of Thunderus this time, using Iron Head and hit Thunderus in the face! Thunderus fell down next to the 4 injured pokemon. Scizor and Braviary acknowledged each other's strength. Thunderus flew back up, using Thunder Punch on Scizor. Scizor smiled but still took damage. Scizor used Iron Head again but Thunderus countered it using Smack Down! Scizor hit the ground hard and fainted. Braviary watched as Scizor was struck. Braviary used Giga Impact and crashed into Thunderus but.. Thunderus caught Braviary instead and used Thunder. Braviary has also fainted. Thunderus laughed and flew away with electricity surrounded it.

"Braviary, return! Now's my chance.. Dusknoir, come on out! Use Trick Room on Landorus and Tornadus!" Professor Juniper yelled. Dusknoir appeared and surrounded itself with Landorus and Tornadus, exchanging it's speed with both of theirs. Professor Juniper threw 2 silver pokeballs at Landorus and Tornadus. The pokeballs shook at the same time. They moved 4 times and completed it's capture. Baykun fainted from all the excitement.

Professor Juniper rewared Baykun a silver pokeball that contained Tornadus. She placed it into his pocket and went to help Scizor, Virizion, and Suicune.

10 minutes later ~~~~

Baykun woke up, seeing Virizion, Suicune, Beedrill, and Scizor. They were all laying next to him to keep him company. Virizion was resting it's head on Baykun's lap and Baykun smiled. Baykun then felt something in his pocket when Virizion stood up. "Huh? What's this??" Baykun questioned as he pulled out the silver pokeball from his pocket. "Whoa! When did I get this?" Baykun was bewildered. Virizion sniffed it and jumped back, alerting the others. Suicune, Scizor, and Beedrill stood back from the pokeball. "What's wrong guys?" Baykun asked. Virizion pointed it's hove at the pokeball. "Oh.. Let me see who it is. If it's in a pokeball, it won't harm you." Baykun said, throwing the pokeball. The ball opened, releasing a Tornadus into the area. Tornadus looked at Baykun and crossed it's arms. Then it looked at Virizion and Suicune. Tornadus growled and moved next to Baykun. "Whoa.. Are you.. Are you my pokemon Tornadus?" Baykun asked it. Tornadus grumbled and nodded. Virizion moved forward next to Baykun, staring at Tornadus. It growled at Tornadus, giving it a warning. Tornadus shook it's head and ignored Virizion afterwards.

Baykun looked at the 2 and smiled. "Return, Tornadus. We need to get home." Baykun said. He hugged Virizion, Suicune, Beedrill, and Scizor. They all enjoyed his company and went home.

Woow.. I met a lot of legendary pokemon today! Suicune, Virizion, Tornadus, Landorus, and Thunderus. Who knew that they would be out here?! It's so awesome! I even have a Tornadus.. My first pokemon. I guess he'll be my awesome partner. I kinda wish that Virizion joined me though. He's so awesome and strong! Now, to start my journey with Tornadus. Baykun thought to himself. Baykun walked home on the path way that lead out of the forest.

Almost home, Baykun stopped by his best friend's house, Cheekun. Cheekun was 11 years old as well. She was born the day after Baykun was. He walked up to her door and rang the bell. Cheekun opened the door and tackle-hugged Baykun. Baykun fell over, hugging her. They both got up and dusted themselves off.

"H-hey Cheekun. I wanna show you something before I go home." Baykun said. "Uh.. Okay Bay" Cheekun blushed. "Are you okay?" asked Baykun. "Y-yes! I am! Anyways what do you want to show me?" Cheekun answered quickly. Baykun threw the pokeball in the air and Tornadus appeared. Tornadus descended next to Baykun and looked at Cheekun who was about to faint. Tornadus caught her and set her down gently on the ground. Baykun laughed and walked away with Tornadus. Cheekun got up and waved. "OMG! You caught a Tornadus! That's so awesome. Wait.. How did you catch a Tornadus?" Cheekun asked excitedly. "Cheekun! Time for you to go to bed!" Cheekun's mom called. "Aww.. I'll see you tomorrow Baykun." Cheekun said.

Baykun waved and walked away with Tornadus behind him. A howl came when they were about to enter the house. Tornadus smirked and looked the way it and Baykun came from. A green flash flew past them and into the air. Baykun and Tornadus looked up and saw Virizion standing proudly on the roof of his house. Baykun smiled and Tornadus withdrew into its pokeball, annoyed by Virizion's dramatic appearance. Virizion growled at the pokeball and jumped down next to Baykun. "Hey Virizion! What are you doing here? Is Scyther okay?" Baykun asked. Scyther appeared next to Virizion and hugged Baykun. It was in perfect condition. Virizion smiled and nudged Baykun. It walked into Baykun's house and ran up into it's room silently and quickly. Baykun smiled and hugged Scyther. Scyther flew back home with Scizor. Scizor was with them too and was there to escort Scyther back home. Baykun then walked into the house and up to his room with another partner.

Message from Deidara : How was it? I was bored. I was writing this for like.. 3 hours lol I was mostly interrupted though. There are only 2 parts to this. This is just number 1, the other one ends it. Well.. bla bla blab comment comment bla bla bla
only 2 parts? lame
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LOL Baykun( Bacon) Cheekun (chicken) xD but this is a REALLY good story you have, so much detail, i can imagine it perfectly :3
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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(2011-09-24, 02:45 PM)Guider456 Wrote: only 2 parts? lame
Shush. Be happy it's LONG.

(2011-09-24, 02:51 PM)Ghost Wrote: LOL Baykun( Bacon) Cheekun (chicken) xD but this is a REALLY good story you have, so much detail, i can imagine it perfectly :3
Yup. Baykun and Cheekun XD


Baykun = Luckier than Ash.

Baykun has a Tornadus and Virizion ^_^ He could have Scizor and Suicune but nah. Too much.

Neato, lovely story Dei. 5 starsh. ^_^
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(2011-09-24, 04:02 PM)Grey Wrote: Neato, lovely story Dei. 5 starsh. ^_^
Ok o-o Now make Chp. 3 XDDDDDD

Virizion = Epic. I love Virizion Big Grin

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