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Battle Planet Forum RPG
Battle Planet RPG.
This RPG takes place on a Distant planet in the year 4xxx with a variety of diffrent habits and cities. People come from from all over the universe come to either fight or watch or sale their wares.

As a Fighter you aim to become champion of Battle Planet which can get you anything. A Fighter can fight however they choose with bare hands, Magic, Esper Abilities, weapons, vehicles, and Supernatural abilities.

There is variety of diffrent arenas to fight in all fighters must register with the Arena Master and pay a small entry fee and follow the rules of that arena. There are also forbidden arenas which are all fights to death.

Fighters get free room and board at the nearby inn for that arena but if they lose a lot matches the inn keeper has the right charge them Battle Currency which is the currency on Battle Planet you get more by winning however everyone starts with 5000 BC.

Fighters get a Arena name from the starter Arena Masters after first match. Arena Names work like your reputation you get more reputation for a win but you lose reputation when you lose.

Now if you get enough reputation you may get a person that sales their wares to sponsor you which you can accept or decline their offer if you accept it can increase your reputation, but it requires you to use their wares in arenas but you get them for free however if you lose enough your sponsor will leave you which will decrease your reputation a lot if you do lose a sponsor. Now you can have more then one sponsor or none at all but it will be at random if you get one.

Another factor of reputation if you have a higher reputation you can get invited to special tournaments with prizes or social events to meet higher end fighters.

In your free time when your not fighting you can look around the city, go eat, hang out, rest, go buy stuff, go watch other people fight or do other things, but you can't leave the city until you win enough matches in the arena if you do you will be removed from the game.

Wares. Food,Houses,Books,Herbs,Cooking,Potions,Hire someone, Clothing, Armor, Weapons(Fist,Hand,Swords,Axes,Hammers,Clubs,Polearms, Spears, Javelins,Staffs,Sticks,Wands, daggers,Boomerang,Chakram,Shuriken,Throwing Knives,Throwing Darts,Bows&Arrows, Crossbows&Bolts,Whips,Chain Weapons,Shields) Vehicles (Cars,Bikes, Sky Bikes, Sky Cars, Planes, Personal Space Ships, Mechs)

Playable Races: Humans, Oni, Animal person, Minorian, Zombie, Reverse Vampire, Elf, Lunaian,Succubus, Werewolf, and Zalmian.

Race Notes:Oni: can be duel horn or single horn. Animal person: you must pick a specific animal and sometimes that animal will have to diffrent set ups which i will inform you off.

Home Planets: Humans are from Earth, Oni and Succubus are from Yggdrasil, Animal Person are from Kingdom Planet, Minorian are from Demoian, Zombies are from Zomborgian, Reverse Vampires are from Bluidian, Elfs are from Aina Menel, Lunaian are from Luna 1, Werewolf are from Mornsian, Zalmian are from Asoiamotobo.

Classes: Warrior: any race can be one.
Bounty Hunter: Human, Zombie, Werewolf,Animal Person, Minorian.
Magician: only Humans,Oni,Animal Person, Elfs, and Succubus.
Juggernaut: Oni, Minorian, and Zombie.
Combat Medic: Reverse Vampire, Lunaian, and Zalmian.
Berzerker: Humans, Oni, Werewolf, and Animal person.
Reaper: Zalmian, Succubus, and Lunaian.
Magical Knight: Elfs and Minorian.
Blood Gunners: Reverse vampires only.
Judges: Humans only
Snipers: Elfs only.
Shocker: Zombie only
Fallen Angel: Succubus only
Luna Paladin: Lunaian only
Half Beast: Werewolf only
Giantess: Female Oni only
Brute: Male Oni only.
Assassin: Zalmian only
Dancer: Minorian only
Pride Leader: Animal person only.
Maid: Female only.
Butler: Male only.

Class notes:
The single races classes are special cases and you must get special permission from me to be allowed to play them.
Gender Specific Classes Maid and Butler and just the two Jokes classes but can be very powerful if you have knowledge in the art of being Maid or Butler.
Duel Classes you can be more then one class however you must get special permission from me to be allowed to play 2 classes.
Starter Arenas: Draku hall, khul'Shalkrum, Jigoku dohyo, The Jungle, Sky Fortress, Carnival de Slime
Starter Cities: Battle City, Aina Alda Minas, Kazan no Kyuuden, Star Jungle, S.S. Flying Tornado, Castle de Sweets
Starter Arenas and Starter Cities note:
Each city is under the arena inside that city. Castle de Sweets and Carnival de slime only allow female and female looking Hermaphrodites competitors and Star Jungle and The Jungle only allow Male and boyish looking Hermaphrodites.
Character Set up.

Owner: Your Forum name here
Name: Character name here
Race: Pick your Race
Gender: Male Female or Hermaphrodite
Home Planet: only one of the planets listed
Starter Arena: Pick one:
Starter City:
Weapon: starter weapons varies per class (EX. Warrior gets a choice of Bare hands, Fist, Hand, spear, Polearm , Sword 1 or 2h, Axe 1h or 2h, Shield if you got a 1h weapon while a Magician gets Bare hands,Hand, a Staff or a wand)
Armor: None unless you are a Single race only class.
Clothing: you get clothing of your choice but no weird stuff and no nudity.
Natural Skills: are race specific skills
Npc Skills: these are for npcs only
Class Skills: are class specific skills

Note:Win and loses will be determined by me and how well you RP however i might be a bit prejudice against you in 3 cases i am angry about something, it is that time of the month for me, your on my bad side which is hard to get on.
Arena name: you won't have till a Arena master gives you one which will be after your first match
Appearance: Characters descriptive look you can use a picture also.
Backstory: the reason why your characters wanting to be champion. Ex. i want to be famous. it can be however complex you want it or it can be really simple.
Traveling Bag: This holds your other things you travel with. You have cell Phone, a map.
Battle Currency: 5000

Npc interaction i will control all except during certain interactions. Story Interaction a lot of it will be you after the beginning.
If you have a questions you may ask. You may not change Character Name,Race, Gender, Home Planet, Starter Arena and City, Class, Natural Skills, Class Skills, Wins & Lose, Arena Name, Backstory might change later if some event in game changes it. Appearance: Basics: Height, weight, 3 sizes if your character is female, Eye Color, Hair or fur color, Hair or fur Length, Skin color unless your covered in hair. Clothing and armor appearance on your character. Your Appearance can change for EX say you get a hair cut or become bald or you lose a eye or get a scar or get new Clothing or armor or get colored contacts.
Other rules: 1 character per person. no Controlling someone else character even with their permission. now if you only post once after i approve your character you have 1 week to post again unless i hear from you if i don't hear from you after 1 week your character will be removed from the game. you can opt out of the game at any time after joining however if you do so you won't be able to rejoin even with a new character until the next phase of the game. Now you might sometimes be matched up against another player in a Fight if you are in the same place now who ever RPs better from my view point wins. Now if i disappear i will let you know for how long and the game will be put on hold till i return.

holy wall.
thinking on it,
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.

Try retouching upon your grammar and capitalization. Had a bit of problem following along.

Anyhow, I'll join when you provide a better description of the races, because I'm not quite sure what are reverse vampires, Minorians, Lunalians, and Zalmians. Looks interesting though, so I'll probably join anyhow. ^^
I am putting this on hold till i get back from china for about 2 weeks if everything goes well. I will try to finish up the info when i get back because what Battle planet RPG is a board game RPG me and my friend and her older sister came up with when we were younger and we misplaced some of the information.

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