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BagBoy's Full Trainings
Hi everybody!Tongue
I'm glad to announce that I have good Internet conection at home now, so I can play more and better that in my mobile phone. Therefore I have free time to help peopleBig Grin

With affordable prices, of course... To do it, I always will have junk regulars on Trade, so you can offer your monsters and I'll train it. When I finish the training, I'll put your monster on Trade and you can offer my junk Regular again with the amount of gold for training it, so don't miss itTongue

First, the Leveling Up Service

The price for each type of monster is the next:

Regular: 500.000 gold
Superior: 625.000 gold
Emissary: 875.000 gold (Emissaries with three stages)
Starter: 875.000 gold
Emissary: 1.000.000 gold (Emissaries with four stages)
Zenith: 1.000.000 gold
Legendary: 1.500.000 gold
Ancient: 3.000.000 gold

You have to know that that's the price for EACH monster. I can level up 3 monsters per user max. So, if you want me to lvl up 3 Regulars, you have to pay 500.000x3=1.500.000 gold.
You pay when I finish the training

ExclamationVERY IMPORTANTExclamation
The price for each monster is the same whatever it's the current level of your monster. If you have a lvl 30 emissary, it's more profitable than lvl up a 70 or 80 lvl emissary. But that's your choice, I'll do it without complaints.
I'm not responsible for the gain of TP's during service.

Second... TP-ing Service

If you're familiar with the game, you know that there're three types of roles: Tank, Sweeper, and Wall.
Therefore, this is the price to train each type of monsters according to their role:

-Tank: 1.000.000 gold. 200 Defense 400 Attack/Special Attack 200 Special Defense
(I can train it as you want though, always being tank of course. I mean that isn't necessary train it with 200 in both defenses. I can train it so that both defenses has the same value if you want)
-Sweeper: 1.500.000 gold. 400 Attack/Special Attack 400 Speed
-Wall: 2.000.000 gold. 400 Defense 400 Special Defense
(Or if you want more HP in your wall, tell me the TP's you want for it, and I'll train it in HP too)
-Another type of training: 3.000.000 gold. A total of 800 TP's in the stats that you want.
(This is because I need more time to search for the monsters which drops the TP's you want in your monster)

These are the prices to train EACH monster. I can train 3 monsters at same time per user. So, if you want me to train 3 Tanks, you have to pay 1.000.000x3=3.000.000 gold.

But wait... DISCOUNTS!

If you let me train more of one of your monsters, I'll do a discount in the final price for you.
-For the second monster that you want me to train, 15% discount in his final price.
-For the third monster that you want me to train, 30% discount in his final price.

That means that if the price of the second monster to level it up is 1.000.000 for Zeniths, you only have to pay 850.000 gold, instead of another 1.000.000 gold. And for the third Zenith, 700.000 gold.
1.000.000+850.000+700.000=2.550.000, instead of 3 millions gold (that's an example).

And that's not all!
For the trust you put in me, every nine trainings, there will be a tenth totally free!

I hope to help you guys. Ask me, or PM me in game if you have any question.

Good luck hunting, and be well!Heart


Client list

1st.-Lorderich. TP-Training Service status= Finished
2nd.-QKiryu. Leveling Up Service status= Finished
3rd.-QKiryu. Leveling Up Service status=Finished
4th.-GearDevil. TP-Training & Leveling Up Services status= Finished
5th.-Freak_500. Leveling Up Services status= Finished
6th.-Freak_500. Leveling Up Services status= Finished
7th.-Freak_500. Leveling Up Services status= Finished
8th.- Killer.Bee. Leveling Up Services status= Finished
9th.-Lorderich. TP-Training Service status= Finished
10th.-Lorderich. TP-Training Service status= Finished
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