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ok guys so I've been looking at some monsters that I've recently took a liking to and i am willing to trade or buy them time spam is very short but i will buy by the abilities/nature/uv

the better the more i will be paying 

all transactions made with me will be going through cef and donation money no real world trades will be happening with me
ok first up this moth thing i want it trembling 
unless you can find one with useful abilities speed master accu master attack master beyond type any of those abilities in sets of 3 ill pay decent for
this monkey hallu nature or sp att master beyond type accu master speed master 

that is all i am interested in thank you for reading and thank you for participating in the hunt for these mons for me 

the abilities i wont worry to much for just mostly the natures
[Image: 149ay5s.png]
Monster Of The Hidden Mist
Your screwed lol
[Image: 2drew7m.jpg]
"the greatest victory is that which requires no battle"
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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