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Averium Union Official Clan Lounge
This guild is dead.
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May the FORCE be with you!
Thats odd... Muy was force ops -- wha--???
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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*sigh* Alright, things seem to have gone amiss. fj, thank you for your enthusiasm in this guild while you were here. It was appreciated, even if it was a bit too enthusiastic, lol. I'll type up a team letter and message the current members, checking on their status. Ramza, Snor, I'll also be sending you guys a PM. Nothing serious, just makes sense to put everyone on the same page while the mess that was the seven million AU pages gets cleaned up.

...Thank heavens for "merge topic" powers! <3

Seeing as this post will theoretically be tacked onto the end of the original thread, anyone interested in joining this guild: go for it. *chuckle* It's been unstable as heck, but so long as I am around the guild won't *poof* into oblivion. I'm feeling stubborn. ;3

For our current members, this guild is lacking a bit of direction. You know, outside of "let's be awesome!" Any thoughts on focusing our purpose?
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As an original creater of the team.I feel like it is my dooty to shut down team till further notice.All members can go and join other guilds.I/we will not label you as traitors or team hoppers,but as young players who are looking for people tohelp you grow.

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