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Auto-redirect to homepage
So, I was about to fight an NPC and I was at the select monster page, and then I got redirected to the homepage. This has happened before, so I didnt really mind, but now when I click gamepage it keeps redirecting me before the page even until its fixed, I cant really play.
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i just press the stop load button when it's loaded far enough that i know where everything is. Works every timeCool.
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lol i thought this was fixed be4
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what is your username ?
also most of them caused by your browser
did another update for this issue

after you delete your whole cache it should get fixed
I've set my Firefox to clear my cache whenever I close the program, and the problem has only gotten worse for me. I personally don't think it's the cache.
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(2013-03-04, 10:12 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: what is your username ?
also most of them caused by your browser
sorry, didnt see this till now. My username is ChaoticBlizzard.
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