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Welcome to the Auction House everyone this will serve as an introduction and some guidelines. Here in the Auction House, users may post monsters that they are getting rid of. I suggest everyone make 1 thread for themselves and continue to update it with new monsters they are giving away.

Do not argue with prices, do not argue with other members. Whoever bids the highest wins Smile

All forum rules apply. Please keep it PG 13 and very civilized. Do not argue with who gets what. It is very immature. There will always be another chance for someone to receive what they want.

If you are found arguing unnecessarily, your warning level will be raised. Please watch what you say.

Enjoy the Auction House everyone and I bid you good luck. Lol see what I did? I bid you good luck. Lol classic.

Auction House example :

-Bob is holding an auction for the monster level 98 Engiron. He will only accept prices larger than 100,000 gold.
-Steve offers 300,000 gold by skipping the other prices. Users will have to bid higher than 300k now.
-Chris offers 400,000 gold defeating Steve.
-Steve offers 450,000 gold defeating Chris.
-John offers 1 million gold defeating the others. He is now accepted by Bob to purchase Engiron.

Update :

We are going to have a system for Auction House. I will create a suggestion with it in-game inside the Monster Mart.
Hehe I didn't steal.. Maybe, inspired? Hehehehe..

Anyways.. Someone auctions a monster like.. a level 20 Fightengu.

So, by posting 1 at a time, the beginning bidder must place a bid of $3,000 gold. So, you can add :

$500 gold - $5,000 gold - $10,000 gold

The thing is, you have to add one of those amounts to the bidder's price above you.

Example :

Bob bids $2,000 gold.
Steve bids $7,000 gold by adding $5,000 to Bob's bid.
Chris bids $17,000 gold by adding $10,000 gold to Steve's bid.


The thing is.. the timing. That's a problem here in forum '-' So, we won't have a time Smile Whichever price the auctioneer wants is the price that he gets.
when will this be started?
this is just a suggestion. it was not decided if it will ever be implemented
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(2011-09-05, 11:22 PM)Kamidara Wrote: Enjoy the Auction House everyone and I bid you good luck. Lol see what I did? I bid you good luck. Lol classic.
Hah. Classic :3

Meh, part suggestion, part system. Never started, oh well. Pfffffft

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