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I know this is probably already being thought of but i didn't see it so I think it would really improve the game thanks guys Shy
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while the title is self explanatory, you really should explain your ideas in the future.
I think this was mentioned before, but the coding necessary for it would take quite some time considering the massive move pool we have/will have.
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Our battling system will be improved but after we get all of the necessary factors in for the game such as NPCs, new maps, more monsters, correct stats, corrected move-sets, and so much more O.o

Animation would have to be divine and corrected. A simple animation would just be like the non-detailed Pokemon games where you click an attack and the monster's image just flashes several times at a fast speed for a short duration O.o

If we were to include the moves, that would take time O.o Having health animation would be good though.
I understand I just didn't see anything about it yet and sorry about not explaining it just animations like flame sprout would shoot flame out at the opponent I am also happy to hear you are adding NPC's I saw the forms but hadn't looked at them yet.
[Image: bleach0302-03.jpg_27062009]

Always watch your back, never look down on someone cause of who they used to be
The other problem (Beside coding and possible lag) would be getting someone to do the attack animations. And due to the fact that we don't use sprites for the battle scenes, it would have to be like flash animation for the attacks. though it would be nice
While it would be something different, I don't think this will ever happen the way we'd all like it to, and here's one reason why:

It takes a lot of talent and determination to animate well, but it takes even more to do it from scratch. A true animator has to work as hard as GK and I combined because not only must he draw the animations, but he must layer them frame by frame so that they look professional. I consider making my gifs to be tedious work, and I don't usually draw what's being animated myself. It's tricky and repetitive, and not a lot of people would be capable of doing it professionally for an actual game.

That's not taking into account the lag, server stress, coding, and whatever other factors that prevent us from having nice things. This falls outside what M3O is capable of, unfortunately.
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This Is not a bad Idea. there just needs to be a bit more...I still feel a bit lacking when I play. especially after playing a real Pokemon game.

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