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This happens with: Great Arcanum, Minor Arcanum, Ultimate Arcanum (not tested), Wide Arcanum(not tested).

Its only visual, because it does work, but in screen remaining MP doesnt change.

[Image: xa5w.jpg]

(I used great arcanum in chain slash move)

[Image: 0kzs.jpg]
Yeah, I've noticed this happen, but only during battles. Hopefully it gets fixed, shouldn't be too hard to do. Smile
[Image: 5nI4bBx.png?3]
Credits to Prysma 2 for the signature image!
Im using a lot of WIDE ARCANUMS... they do work...
I said they work, in fact I said its a visual minor glitch.
yes it is due to the poor design

hopefully in v3 it will be a lot better

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