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Ancients are on the bazaar - Event
Utku can buy 5 of them if he wanted Tongue
That leaves one.
Constantly dying yet never dead
Why don't he ._.
He just has money to not spend money , reminds me of Guider and Kami , Cheapest In the game those 3 individuals
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Lol. Actually, I too am puzzled by the true purpose of money. Sure a donation shop comes once in a while but other than that, I can't think of any other purpose (This is not true to dms-ers)
Constantly dying yet never dead
put some full uv nice legends on bazaar
omg , i can't wait to get 80m!
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Hmm if you really want to fix the economy you need an ongoing fix.

Had a thought - how about being able to buy a oneuse item that doubles the chance of getting a zenith/legendary/ancient.

On sale for 10-50 mill, exact price would be hard to put.

A nice non game breaking, very attractive money hole. Idealy one that noone can afford, so that if someone can; they do.
How much are the starters gonna be?
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