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Again not proper working life drain
I used life drain today for a monster, and i though when i used life drain it gives you 50% extra health on a health move, now i fight and this are the results:


As i see here it not adds 50% health to the move and it only heal 51%, this needs a fix?

Thanks to sim for fighting me btw:p
Tested on the one and only SimqL Smile
ı tested and ıt doesn't work Smile
Wait... Maybe this item only works on moves like: ''User recovers xx% of DAMAGE DEALT''

Mmmmmm that is possible:p

TestedSmile It gives 50% to attacking moves, but not to all healing movesWink I don't know if it should be that way, maybe can cef something say about that, because the discription say the the health gaining moves, so then it is shocking regen also as well the healing from a attackWink
what is the item name ?
Life drainSmile
(2013-08-21, 02:18 PM)freak500 Wrote: Life drainSmile

ok that items only effective for life draining not healing Big Grin
Yes but life draining is with healing attacks and not for 1000 accu moves that have heal effects?Smile

I used shocking regen so it is good that it not gives extra health? and i used Rocket Lightning that gived the 50%Smile So if that is the meaning of that item its cool, but i was kinda confused:p
Yes thats the meaning of the item... only works with attacking moves and move that recover x% of damage dealt.
hahah and i say also thank you to arlSmile
Is there any way to solve this?

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