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Achievement System
The idea is simple: set milestones and objetives.
When you complete the objetive you get a shiny Badge/medal/achievement.
This could be implemented at users profile, this way:

[Image: c4lc.jpg]

Completed ones will be colored and not completed will be grey/dark

Im not very sure about what could unlock, im working on that. Im thinking in:
  • Special items
  • Leveling system based in achievements (wich will unlock special items in shop, etc)
  • Achievement points given per achievement based on difficulty and make a new variable when calculating User Score.
This spoiler hides all the badges I have "invented". Images are from google and could be changed Wink. Also objetives can be changed, name, everything. And maybe some cant be coded.


[Image: j6iv.jpg]

[Image: zfhx.jpg]
[Image: zmd1.jpg]
[Image: hs5r.jpg]
[Image: qh09.jpg]
[Image: d1qk.jpg]
[Image: hzq8.jpg]
[Image: r9ow.jpg]
[Image: hp17.jpg]

[Image: kf8c.jpg][/spoiler]
yes there will be great achievement and referral system Smile

and u have some great ideas

pm me in game i will gift you legendary

any nature and full uv
great idea Smile keep it coming
Nice work,
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(2013-08-31, 10:45 PM)blast Wrote: great idea Smile keep it coming

(2013-09-01, 12:12 AM)orboknown Wrote: Nice work,

Thanks Big Grin
Legolas vs Prysma 2.. Epic idea battle

~Good job btw
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[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
Ooh definitely looks interesting! Wink I like it a lot. It will also extend game play for those 'achievement hunters' Big Grin
[Image: attachment.php?aid=448]
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All I got to say is one thing: CHEEVOS!
I think this idea would make players try to work harder in the game. Gives them more to do and challenges them. Awesome!
well just to let you know i am thinking about extremely advanced achievement system
this would be great idea legolas
That's awesome, I would love achievements ^_^ one of my favorite parts about pokemon Black/White 2 was the achievement badges! And with a world as big as MonsterMMO and this many creatures, there are TONS of opportunities for long-and-short-term achievements!!

Perhaps ones like evolving pokemon with difficult requirements, catching all of a certain type in various areas, or incentives to explore the world more thoroughly!

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