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Ability booster stats aren't visible outside of the battle
All creatures that have ability boosters such as SpAttack or Defense master have incorrect stats displayed outside of the battle screen

Example: Decesile with SpAttack Master has 2934 Total power outside of the battle, but has 3111 in battle.

Haloudelou has 2403 total power outside battle, while in reality it has 2907 total power.
Not a glitch 
In battles stat change
Sometimes when catching monsters it doubles some hp to get the difficulty level on catching it^^
The Stats displayed are correct.
As explained by me on Chat already, abilities only get activated during battles.
The stat calculator just shows them, so that you know, how strong your Monster is in the end.

Therefore displayed Stats are correct, since only Natures and UVs effect stats outside of Battle, while abilities do it during Battle.

You could compare the effect to those of Serums. That effect only lasts during battle and only will be useable in such.
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