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Abilities in Battles
Hi, it has probably been suggested b4, but I think It would be cool if the monster's abilities where on display when there's a battle, PvP or not. I think it would be possible to put monster's 3 abilities without crowding the screen and additionally when somebody would hover over them with the mouse cursor, they would see what the abilities would do.
This would be also perfect with the attacks. With the massive number of future attacks it's gonna be impossible to remember them all.

And I had this idea for when the monster's abilities are reassigned, to individually change their names for each monster. It wouldn't do anything except for making the monsters more "real". e.g. expert regenerator would be nature power for Masagon and deep roots for Whivie. And if you hovered the names of both these abilities you would see: "recover 15% of max. live at end of turn."
changing the names would make it so much more confusing to keep track of though.

otherwise, guess im fine with the rest of it
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It wouldn't be necessary to keep tract, the names of the abilities on wikia could be the same, on the game they would have different names but anyone could check what they did easily. I Imagine each monster described beyond image in those 3 personalized abilities.
I think this would be a problem just if somebody added on monsterdex a way to check all monsters with a certain ability, which is also something that would be awesome. No more going to the forum to check which monsters have expert leader
Err.. On the battle screen, everything is kinda recorded throughout the turns. If an ability took affect during a move, then it would say so.

I disagree with re-naming them for each monster. If you can think of new names for 3 abilities for each monster once the abilities are all correctly assigned, I will praise you and I will like the suggestion. We basically have over 700 monsters and counting.

The game is being re-coded as well, which means new battle screen and everything. So, if I could suggest this to you, postpone this suggestion if you want to. Basically, all suggestions will be according to the new game that is coming in a few months.

All this anticipation makes it hard in planning >.<
And waiting just makes me want these changes even more XD. Monstermmorpg is awesome, with the new changes it will be even awesomer.
But your right Ill suggest this at the right time again later. btw im among those kind of people that likes to categorize everything, so writing over 2100 different names for abilities would be a nice brake from studies.
Monstersmmorpg FTW

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