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Every time I play MonsterMMORPG I always seem to have the same playlist running. It's really motivational and gets me pumped to find a Zenith+. Here's some advice, not all people like the music I listen to, but keep an open mind :D
Raise your head up by pimp code
The shire theme song from The Lord of the rings
ALL of the Tron soundtrack
I'm the melody man by frontliner

Then 2 big mixes the pictures might not appeal to all audiences, viewer discretion is advised
Just type in YouTube "Hardstyle anthems" and click the first video.
And then "Best hardstyle 2011 part 7"
Resident noob
I just listen to Japanese music :p
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
(2013-07-22, 03:01 PM)uchiha clan Wrote: I just listen to Japanese music :p

Lol I tried listening to salsa music for a while lol
Resident noob
im a techno/ motivational/ awesome songs...oc that was when i still played.
This has already been suggested I believe. I think the answer is spending still as well

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