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There is an exploit (?) in pvp where if you don't move for awhile and the other person does, the AI moves for you at no mp cost. It was found in a match between sagebunny and Sasori
Noticed that there was no limit to the number of turns a person could let the computer make a move - this gets annoying in a PvP and unless you have the patience of a saint, usually means that you have to forfeit. Thought a viable solution would be to implement a certain number of turns you can have made by the computer before you automatically forfeit (I think this existed before?).

Post if you support!
-Crusader Rabbit
-Kai Sr
-Capt. Obvious
Agreed. You should have to forfeit.
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Ill support that rem
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Really I don't think that the computer should make a move at all for you. I think the 15 seconds should be 20 seconds or more (not by much) and if you miss your turn say, 5 times, you forfeit
Support Wink
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I support!
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I'll support it eventhough I never pvp.
I do get how annoying it should be for others
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Agreed! support
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so if enemy do not make 5 times in a row no move, he will loose automatically

good idea i should add
Success! Thanks CeFurkan Smile
yay finally i hated having to wait for so long!
Thanks Cf Smile
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i support cefurkan, go go go . . .

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