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A wild ZaydenDaRoleplay appeared!ZaydenDaRoleplay used:RP 1(Full story in 1 thread!)
Ello!My host-RP name is ZaydenDaRoleplay.
I will release stories here :3
Play pokemonpets(Sister game)here if ur not familiar:
Thats to register,when logged in,go here:
Pkmn X and Y name:Zayden
If u need tips,just PM me on pokemon:
I'll have Wi-fi soon so here is my friend code:
2209 1370 2565
Mii name:Zayd Attack
Bye yall Shy
(2019-11-04, 02:14 AM)Monster King Wrote: Ello!My host-RP name is ZaydenDaRoleplay.
Welcome to the first RP in my season 1 and...the whole channel
You go in the world of pokemon and bump into Prof.Sycamore and he says"here,take this-"and then
Game freeze XD
Now past sillyness and on to the RP 1 of the channel.
This isnt YouTube so if u Liked this RP,click Like+Subscribe or the seperate options,id prefer the combo one(Its pretend XD)in the Poll,but dont forget,its pretend for fun.
If I get 51+ % likes option or SUB option,I may build a differing set or smtn,like with made-up pokemon.I may just do it,but eh who cares XD.
If u dont wanna read this possibly AMAZINGLY boring Intro,skip to the rules and terms of join[Can drastically affect storyline if u join or dont]and read those at least,so u know the deal here.
Hello,ur a Trainer that goes into the world of pokemon.XD so simple,u think,eh?Stop thinking that!XD
First off,lets get familiar
The Pokemon thingo's very existence of being a thing by far galaxy has the very effect of emotions in the Pokemon community with these creatures that can be super cute and cuddly,to monstrous and horrifyingly strong,slicing whole SKYSCRAPERS!*BReAAATH!*The pokemon community goes from Youtube all the way to the oldest to newest games for the DS kind,from Game Boy to Nintendo Switch!In the 1990's to 2010's were these games existent!MissingNo. is a known glitch to the pokecommunity. No one cares-uh!This is a RP!So we are all set,I guess?Lets go,Sally Joe!Oh,my goodness!Sry if u a boy :/
Player's "FORMS" they submit via comment will describe their character,but a format will be followed.If they may be replaced,I will put X next to them or just delete them.

Player Name:Example:Zayden@Aegislash
Player age(For fun XD)
Any backup Pokemon/WEapons.5 weapons and the allowable count for Pokemon,6.
Any backup Weapons/Monsters(If you are a know-not of pokemon,can make your whole story role about Pokemon,Monsters instead.Same count as for the other option.
Would you like any Mega/Giga items compatible for the real AND made-up Mega/Giga evos?Note:Only 2 megas/gigas allowed for use in team.For example,this would be a teamset to demenstrate limitations:Altaria,Mega Alakazam,Mega Mewtwo X/Y,Blaziken,Aegislash.OR:
AND you make your own typing(Note it can only be double typed if it naturally is Dual Typing and no duplicates).
Dont forget that made-up Mega evolutions from pokemonpets are allowed.
Play pokemonpets(Sister game)here if ur not familiar:
Thats to register,when logged in,go here:
U may already know this,playing MonsterMMORPG but forum specialists may need those.
Dont forget u must register on 1 of the games to do this.
ill start in a bit.
Use New Reply for this channel and other RP channels and click that"Subscribe without notification of new replies"or its Email/PM equilivant.if u dunno abt subscription,PM me ingame and ill explain.
Thanks,and dont forget:
If ur new to the RP,follow the part of the form NOT abt register and things.Im probly gna dlt most of it.
Use New Reply and click the Subscribe and recieve PM notify abt New Replies to stay tuned on updates,ideas of adds to the guide,and more!
Click the Like or Subscribe options if u liked this,preferably the combo one.
Mods can delete any added ideas,if I added to RP at said time.Im going to use Quote and Reply for replying,most likely so there is no confusion and people can scroll to said message and see the idea in the Quote when deleted bcuz of declining request or adding it to RP.
Each RP in EP 1 has a title,so it may give a hint to what u read abt.It may be just stories with characters,if it dont go here,u may move it,I apoligize.Grammar mistakes may be fixed by mods or me,if I can.ill maybe use sources,idk.
U may skip this part if uve read it already.
M-Diancie-Diamond-Storm,Recover,Ice Shard,Moonblast
M-Rayquaza-Dragon Ascent,Toxic,Giga Impact,Swift
Shiny-Volbeat-Bug Buzz,Tail Glow,Copycat,Quick Attack
Volcanion-Steam Eruption,Rain Dance,Weather Ball,Gyro Ball
WEapons(Considered items,must have at least some kind of Poke Ball):
Poke Ball x57
Master Ball x35
Great Ball x80
Full Restore x70
Poke Puffs xInfinite

Arceus and the Life Crystal
Vlon:Good morning,Mom...
Mom:Good morning,get ready for school :]
*Gets ready and is off to school*
Vlon:Got this Granola Bar for breakfast :]*Eats*
*School bell rings*
Teacher:We're going to Pokemon Park today and yall can train a little while :]
*Class goes to park*
*Diancie calls out w/ its cry as Mega*
Hmm...A Cyndaquil!
Diancie,weaken it!Ice Shard!
Nice,now to catch!
*Throws Poke Ball*
Nice!Now to add to team.And...there!:]
Teacher:Now we take a field trip to Crystal Cave,where the LIfe Crystal dwells!:]
*Class arrives at cave*
Voice in Vlon's mind(Is Arceus):Leave..Leave...Or the ruling pokemon of the Psychic type will make you regret you being here!
*Is sucked in cave*
> More coming soon! <
New pokemon:
Cyndaquil-Fire Spin,Tackle,Protect.
Long awaited continuing is NOW!
Vlon:What is this...Is it Great Crystal Palace?I must be inside the palace within the huge cave
Great Crystal Palace-2F
The 2nd floor...Ahh!A path ahead!
Great Crystal Palace-3F
Hmm....So I go this way?A glitter is this way!This must be 4F!
Great Cystal Palace-4F
Thepathahead is...AN EXIT!Yeah!I made it through!
Oh...Oh my goodness me....
???:What are u doing here
Vlon:I...Im sorry,I was sucked in the cave!
???:Very well.
Mewtwo:I am Mewtwo,the king of Psychic Pokemon.Now,the exit is east yonder if u wish to leave.
Vlon:But...The crystal...Hypnotizing...ZZzZZzzZzzZ
Mewtwo:ill throw him out :/ It wont hurt
Vlon:zZzz Wa...AHHHHHH!
*Lands on ground*
Vlon:Wha..I can make out a figure....
???:Yes.I am Arceus.
Arceus:The crystal you call Great Crystal..That Mewtwo actually the Life Crystal,supportig all life on the planet.
I need your help but there is no time to ask,so we shall report to the Ruins Of Matter.
Vlon:Ruins of...MATTER?
Arceus:Yes.It is the ruins that,in the world's even first SECOND of existence,started supporting matter from that day on to right now.But they are getting old and we need to fix them.NOW WE MUST GO TO THE TOP FLOOR!
*Transports Arceus and Vlon*
Arceus:There is the old,cracked part.Lets manage it.Here is the Ruin Tools.
Vlon:Thanks.ill manage it.I help repair things all the time.
Arceus:Im glad :)
Vlon:All done.
Arceus:Yes,lets depart.
???:Oh,u aint walkin out that easy X3
Arceus:Who are you?:/
???:I am Excadrill.
Arceus:I remember you!Grr....Ur not doing it again XC
Munna:Ha!Im Here,Excadrill
Gyarados:Here,Lord Excadrill :2
*Burning light*
Minions:AHHH....Our eyes!!!!!
Excadrill:Grr/....We shall battle in that case
*Battle music*
Arceus:Here comes Judgment!
Munna and Gyarados:AHHHHHHH!
Excadrill:You won but...hehe...It will be here soon.....HAHAHAHA
Excadrill:HAH!You shall see
Exca-Army OUT!
Arceus:Lets go outside.
Arceus:WHAT IS THAT THING?!Ultra Necrozma looks like D:
NecroZma:Yes.I shall make the Sun go...lets put it dis way...lights out.HAHAHA
Arceus:You cant be possibly thinking of//....//
Necrozma:Yes.Light That Burns The Sky.
Arceus:We will stop you!Bring it
Necrozma:If you can beat me on my turf,then I shall surrender.I am not as easy as Excadrill.Watch out or else.
Arceus:Very well.
Necrozma:I dwell in the Sunne and Moone Ultra Hole.Meet me there...or it shall happen.
>We will be right back after this word from this Anonymous<
Well,I like this RP simply because of the thrill of what may happen.
I hope to see what is in store from Necrozma in the Ultra Hole.^^
-Thank you :) Now onward-
Arceus:We are here,Vlon.The Ultra Hole.
Give it a Diamond Storm!
*Necrozma dodges*
Grr...Keep doing it!All directions now!
Necrozma:Not happening.
Ohh...I forgot...Diamonds every which way...
AHHH!Oh golly...
Arceus:Judgments in everywhere!
Necrozma:Ahh...Ow...Yowch...Golly....Im beat...You win....
BUT....I lied!HAHA
Necrozma:Light That Burns The-
Arceus:Not this time!
Necrozma:Photon Geyser!
Arceus:It will cost my life but....I must Mega by Life Crystal and demolish Necrozma...
Arceus:1...2.... ... ... .. 3!!!!!!
Mega Burst BEAM!
Vlon:Are you ok?!
Arceus:Yes...I must...die from seep
Arceus:I must...I shall watch from above...Be grateful for life...I have a BIT of energy...I will warp you to your travel group...
Arceus:It is done.My physical form may be destroyed but I am still in Earth right now so...I can use my spirit physical form to help...and I can use my moves as well...
Arceus:It is done.
Vlon:Yes...Thankfully,you can still be of assistance
Arceus:and I can not get hit by attacks as often :3 Slightly rare,I would say :3
The End...
The RP is done/./I may make more but for now...Enjoy this RP to read.
Vlon And The Legendary Hoarfrost Tower(Story Marathon!)
Vlon:Arceus,what do we do?Im bored...
Arceus:I dont know.We should MAYBE,if you wish,do a Legendary errand.
Arceus:It's fighting multiple legendaries 1 at a time in their dwelling place.First,off to Hoarfrost Tower for Kyurem.
Vlon:Aight.Lets go!
???:What are you doing here?
Arceus:Legendary errand.
???:Oh.Very well.Im Kyurem.
Kyurem:I can be fused with Reshiram or Zekrom to make my Black or White form.
Arceus:Yes yes.
Kyurem:Well?Lets go.
Arceus:Yes yes.
Arceus:Extreme Speed!
Ha-yah hai-yah phwoo chop-vlah!
Vlon:Diamond Storm,Diancie!
Kyurem:Im not being defeated.
Arceus;Im still Speeding ypou so that wont work /\V/\
and Mega Diancie floats soo....HAH!
Kyurem:Grr....SHEER COLD!
Stil nothing.OOF!
Arceus:We won,Vlon.Nice job.
Arceus:Lets go,Vlon.The other Legends await.
Vlon:Yes,Arceus :)
Its time for the 2nd story in the marathon,but what happened in the Turbulent Tor?To be lost.
Great Glacier And The Bittercold(GTI special #2)
Plans are no more.
To get a hook of these stories,tune to EP 2.
Im probly making MANY threads for my episodes
Pkmn X and Y name:Zayden
If u need tips,just PM me on pokemon:
I'll have Wi-fi soon so here is my friend code:
2209 1370 2565
Mii name:Zayd Attack
Bye yall Shy
Pokemon is funny

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