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A little game to pass the time?

you may proceed starting from g now Big Grin
[Image: SamurottGSig.png]
Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
g- goo goo dolls
  [Image: Untitled-1_zps54942308.png]
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
[Image: 2vkc4nq.gif]
Signature Shop
Jellycent Pokemon doll =3
[Image: 2vkani9.jpg]
Small words FTW 8D
lol.. were naming bands in alphabetical order...
  [Image: Untitled-1_zps54942308.png]

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