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These moves are described as instant knock outs. Not sure if its a glitch or poor description, but I've been failing to knock out wild monsters 20 levels below my Yetee with super cold.

From a strategic standpoint, wouldn't you only use a 20 accuracy move on a highly defensive monster in order to score a knockout when defenses are otherwise too high to damage?
please describe more

also at the next version 2.0 and currently on test server

knock out moves are not always knocking out enemy monster

they only have 1000 base power. if your monster is a lot more stronger than the enemy, you can fairly easily survive
Actually you just answered it for me. However, you should change the description.

"If this move
successfully hits, it will knock out (KO) the opponent instantly unless
opponent has a KO preventing effect."

To me, that says targets hit points = 0. Not, high powered attack that might KO the opponent if it's defense isn't high.

I was viewing it as a counter to ultra high defenses, but failed to KO an offensive natured wild monster.

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