Forum Announcement: Updated Game Rules
MonsterMMORPG is rated PG, therefore all content must be child-friendly.
By creating an account at MonsterMMORPG, you agree to remain PG and follow any and all rules associated with the game.

General Game Rules:

  1. Using any sort of bot to farm monsters, gold, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  2. Buying or selling gold, monsters, and/or items for real money is strictly prohibited. Those found selling for real money will be permanently banned from the game immediately.

    Those caught buying will be required to donate an equal amount to the game in order to avoid being permanently banned as well.

  3. Usernames that contain curse words, inappropriate language, references to drugs and alcohol, and/or offensive slurs are prohibited. Users with such usernames will be warned and given 24 hours to either change their username or create a new account. If the user refuses to change their name, their account will be deleted.
  4. Ingame profile avatars should not contain sexual, violent, or otherwise inappropriate imagery.

General Chat Rules:

If you are unsure if something you are about to say is allowed, please PM a Chat Mod and ask before saying it, or do not say it at all.

One warning before ban violations:

No spamming.
The following is considered spamming:
  1. Posting more than five times in a row.
  2. Repeatedly posting comments that consist of one word, letter, number, or symbol.
  3. Repeatedly posting the same statement or question--advertisement is an exception
  • Wait a minimum of fifteen minutes between advertising monster sales, trades, teams, etc.
  • Do not share personal information (e.g. full name, phone number, address, IP address, email address, skype, etc).
  • Impersonation of another player or person is not allowed. Impersonation of Moderators is strictly prohibited.
  1. No roleplaying. There is a section in the forums dedicated to roleplay.
  2. Swearing or bypassing the filter in any way is against the rules. This includes censored swearing, misspelled swearing, and abbreviations that contain swearwords (e.g. “wtf!”).
  3. No linking offsite. This rule is in place to protect users against fishing websites and non-pg sites.
  4. Users with inappropriate usernames will be asked to change their username before continuing to use the chat.
  5. Trolling, harassing, and/or “baiting” Moderators is prohibited.
  6. No advertising or discussing other online games or mmorpgs. Talk of console games (e.g. Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc) is allowed.
  7. No discussion or mention of drugs and/or alcohol.
  8. No begging other users for monsters, items, or gold.
  9. No flaming, trolling, and/or harassing other users for the purpose of inciting anger, frustration, or argument.
  10. Speak the language assigned to each chat (do not go into German chat and speak Turkish, for example). World chat is the only chat where every language is allowed.
  11. Some topics of discussion are sensitive and prone to creating arguments. These topics are not to be discussed. An example of one such topic would be religion.
  12. If a Moderator advises that a topic of discussion be dropped, it must immediately be dropped.

No warning before ban violations:

  1. No sexual commentary or harassment.
  2. No talk or mention of the “Xat” website and/or chat network.
  3. No jokes or comments involving (but not limited to) sexism, racism, homophobia, and/or xenophobia.
  4. Do not circumvent a ban by logging into another account.
If you are banned three or more times due to violation of the rules, you may completely lose your chat privileges.

Moderator Rules:

  1. Moderators (GAs, SCMs, and CMS) are to follow the rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in loss of the GA/SCM/CM title. You are allowed only one warning.
  2. Moderators are asked to keep themselves updated on any and all changes in the rules.
  3. Abusing power in any way, even as a joke, is not allowed.
  4. A CM’s job is to ensure the chat rules are followed while they are online. Failure to do your job can result in a chat ban. Repeated failures may end in the loss of the CM title.
  5. A GA and SCM’s job is to ensure chat rules are followed by both regular users and the CMs themselves. SCMs and GAs are to monitor CM’s ability to mod the chat.

  1. If you lend gold, monsters, items, etc. to a player and they do not return them, Moderators are not responsible for your poor judgement. Use caution when lending to other users.
  2. Moderators are not responsible if your account is fished and hacked because you used a link posted in chat or by PM.
  3. You are responsible for your account’s activity. Blaming a friend, family member, etc, for misbehaving while using your account is not an acceptable excuse and you will be held accountable.

How to Contact a Moderator:

You can PM moderators at any time to ask questions or voice any sort of concern you have. When no moderators are in chat, users are encouraged to screenshot and/or report rule-breakers to help keep chat clean. If you disagree with how a moderator has been acting, you can PM another moderator to get a second opinion as well.

To PM a mod (via chat) click the first button under the mod’s name. You can also PM them by going to their profile page and clicking “Send a Private Message.”

For more serious matters, you can PM the game owner, CeFurkan, or send an email to