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Full Version: Reasons for deleting threads?
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Recently, one of the threads i posted was deleted and i don't know why, i checked the forum rules and even asked for permission to post in another language, even though it is not stated that it was against the rules, but it was still deleted, and i still don't know what was so wrong to ensure deletion, so i ask this

isn't it possible to send a pm or announcement or something similar to users when this happens, with the reasons behind it so we don't do again whatever was that we did?(if anything at all, may be a slip of the finger or whatever)
because you were talking bad about the game
well thanks, but i wasnt really asking the very exact reason to delete that very exact thread, i meant to ask if it is possible to implement an automatic PM warning or something similar with the reason whenever that happens(with the offending line if possible), just to know someone found it offensive or unapropiate and think of another way to say it that without "being rude" or whatever was deemed enough to ensure deletion
but why!Huh
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